10 best website builders

In the age of Web 1.0 in order to build a site, even a very simple one, you need to have considerable knowledge and skills. These days there are a lot of tools that allow you to create a decent modern website, even if you do not have the slightest idea what is HTML, PHP, Javascript, etc. One of the types of tools are online website builders. The best of them, which is the subject of today’s rating and review by Expertology, allow you to create a web resource of varying degrees of complexity – from a business card site to an entire online store.

What are the website builders

Let’s make sure to clarify the definition of constructor sites. In this review, we consider it is the designers “in their purest form,” which involves minimizing the knowledge and skills requirements in web development.

There is another class of software complexes that allows you to create serious sites, even for beginners – this is the so-called content management system (CMS). The most popular CMS in the world – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MODX and a number of others. These software systems also formally correspond to the term “site designer”, but are a completely separate topic for many reasons. Some of the presented designers based their functionality on those or other CMS, but, nevertheless, they are not that.

All services, listed by our experts, are paid. There are different tariff plans with different features. Some online designers also have free services, but they are very limited in capacity and poorly applicable.

If you take the global scale, there are countless English-language online website builders, including powerful and multifunctional. The aim of Expertology editors was to select the best Russian-language services, if possible. Therefore, all presented designers are either originally created in Russian, or have full localization.

And now, finally, let’s move on to the review of the best online website builders that are most in demand as of 2019.

Rating of the best website builders

NominationplaceSite Builderrating
The best website builders1uCoz5.0

The best website builders

We present you the most succinct nomination of our rating, which will present the best, according to our experts, website builders in Runet. Each such system has its own advantages and disadvantages, offers different features at different prices. In our reviews, we highlight the most important features of each designer that will help you decide on the most suitable for you personally.


Rating: 5.0


Let’s start with one of the most popular full-fledged website builders in runet with a deep history, which can even be called a kind of legend. Rich tools and very loyal pricing policy are important components of success and steadily growing popularity of uCoz.

The uCoz project started in the early 2000s with minimal investment and moved largely on the enthusiasm of the creators of. However, it quickly gained a wide audience due to the wide range of tools available at the time, most of them free of charge. Until now, developers do not stop improving the engine, adding more and more new tools, while maintaining a significant field of opportunities for free use. In the environment of the designer uCoz you can create sites of various directions and scales: simple business card sites, landing pages, blogs, forums, news portals, corporate sites, online stores, etc.

The uCoz environment provides the developer with a convenient WYSIWYG editor, where the lion’s share of all operations to create a website – the placement of modules, assigning attributes, layout, filling with content. All these operations are performed without the need to manually edit the HTML-code, but if you need to make subtle changes in the code and have the appropriate knowledge, the system provides full access to the code of each page of the site.

In fact, the presence of such an editor – a prerequisite full-fledged website builder, and each of those that were in the review, provides such an editor. The only difference in their functionality and certain nuances.

There are more than 20 ready-to-use functional modules in the uCoz environment, which can be implemented into a developed website literally “in two clicks”. These are modules such as Users, Photo Album, Page Editor, Article Catalog, News, Statistics and others. Some complex multifunctional modules are available on a paid basis, such as online store module. But they are few and far between.

uCoz allows you to work flexibly with the source code, which is important for advanced users who create sites with advanced requirements. Podderzhivaetsya source code by FTP and built-file manager, Javascript, PHP, shotcodes, API. Provided 300 free ready-made templates and more than 500 premium paid templates of high quality.

Advantages of

  • The widest functionality;
  • hundreds of free templates;
  • the possibility of completely free use, including joining their own second-level domain (conditional “fee” – the presence of banner ads);
  • rich SEO-tools;
  • a lot of training materials;
  • huge community;
  • responsive, skilled support around the clock;
  • Affordable prices compared to many other website builders.


  • In some places a complicated and not fully intuitive interface.


Rating: 4.9


The second number in our rating we will consider online website builder, which has some relation to the above-described “dinosaur” (in a good sense) Runet uCoz. This is uKit, developed by the Russian company with the same name. The fact that the system uCoz (owner – LLC “Yukoz Media”) in the early 2000s was developed by just uKit Group. 10 years later, it was probably decided at least in part to repeat the success of uCoz, and uKit Group has created the eponymous website builder. The project has turned out to be more than successful.

The creators are positioning their brainchild as a website builder for business, and the target audience is defined as individual entrepreneurs, self-employed, owners of small businesses, professionals. The main areas of uKit application – creating online business cards, landing pages, portfolios, online stores on a small scale.

The basis of the designer, like any other, is a visual editor that can be easily and simply make up the site, adding ready-made functional blocks and widgets to fill a resource with content. No programming knowledge or skills required. The uKit toolkit allows you to create a simple but fully completed and working website in literally half an hour.

The choice of the developer offers several hundred ready-made templates for websites, and at higher rates user gets access to an even more extensive range of templates and premium features. Each template has demo content, so that the designer user can immediately visually assess how his own site will look like.

Depending on the selected pricing plan, a user of uKit can get access to fine-tuning of the SEO component, tools to create an online store, a customer relationship management system (CRM), a wide range of marketing and social tools.

At the moment offers four tariff plans: Premium – satisfies most of the requests of users; Premium+ – access to premium templates, powerful statistics tools, chat with saport, Yandex promo code.Direct, you can disable copywriting uKit; Shop – all of the above plus access to online store creation tools; all of the above plus the creation of your own palettes and integration of your own code.


  • Hundreds of templates with high-quality demo content;
  • easy to learn, minimal entry threshold;
  • Professional round the clock technical support;
  • large knowledge base;
  • A wide range of marketing and social tools;
  • 14 days test period with fair manibecom;
  • democratic prices.


  • The structural uniformity of templates due to the rather strict block system.


Rating: 4.8


Number three in the ranking of the best online website builders consider a fairly young project, which quickly gained popularity due to the wide range of tools, interesting ideas and a very democratic pricing policy.

Nethouse for all its advantages is not so universal system, as the previous two, but it’s not a disadvantage, but rather a specialization. Main areas – creating landing pages, online business cards, small online stores. In addition to the standard service packages offered by the installed tariff plans, you can choose from a variety of additional useful services and options for a fee. Here lies a small “pitfall” Nethouse – tariff packages look very inexpensive, and there is even a completely free, but by connecting additional options (inexpensive separately) the total monthly fee may significantly increase.

Service offers four pricing plans. “Start” – completely free package, allows you to create a simple site with a domain of the third level, place up to 10 products in the catalog, up to 20 photos in the gallery, as well as unlimited hosting and SSL certificate.

The “First” tariff plan is also practically free – it costs 1 ruble per month. Here you can connect your own domain of any level, place up to 100 photos and up to 10 products. Provided a conditional 3000 rubles for advertising in Google. The Nethouse nameplate will hang on the site.

Plan “Master” – give the domain, remove the Nethouse logo from the site, you can put up to 50 products and up to 200 photos, to accept online payments.

Plan “Business” – placing photos without restrictions, up to 1000 items free, more – you need to pay extra. Provided access to CRM with the allocation of rights, the full functionality of the store. For a store turnover of more than 50 ths. rubles per month, which go through Yandex.Cash register, the plan is offered free of charge.

The process of creating the site is very simple, so the service is suitable for beginners, who have never had anything to do with web development. This simplicity has a downside – edit templates (interesting and pretty, but their number is rather limited) can be in a fairly narrow range of design features, so that deep customization – not the strongest side of Nethouse.

Despite some limitations, the advantages of Nethouse far outweigh the disadvantages, and the service steadily increases its user base.


  • Simple and straightforward interface, accessible to beginners;
  • nice templates;
  • logical and clear visual editor;
  • high granularity of the store settings;
  • access to CRM;
  • democratic tariff plans, there are free.


  • many additional options and services are available for a fee, which can significantly affect the final amount;
  • limited editing options for templates.


Rating: 4.7


Next in our ranking is another young website builder, launched in 2014. This is an author’s creation by our compatriot Nikita Obukhov, who is still the permanent manager of Tilda Pub

  • shing.

    Initially, the aim of the startup was to create a service that allows to create high-quality modern web pages and simple websites in a few days or even hours, with microscopic financial investments, without resorting to third-party developers. Despite the fact that, as of 2014, there were already a great many website builders on the web, Tilda Pub

  • In some elusive way we managed to implement some ideas that turned out to be unexpectedly in demand. In a short time this rather niche service gained great popularity, and now it is used not only for making landing pages, but also for blogs, information sites, and even online stores.

    The basis of the working toolkit here is the visual editor Zero Block. Its structure, as well as the model for adding templates is very unusual, but this is not a drawback, but an inevitable consequence of a serious advantage – the extensive customization capabilities. In addition to ready-made functional blocks, in the environment of Tilda you can create your own modules from scratch, as well as edit beyond recognition the existing ones. Strong emphasis is placed on working with fonts, which allows to carry out filigree working out of styles.

    Tilda also supports third-party integrations, provides access to a simple but sufficient CRM for small business, and allows you to integrate your own arbitrary code.

    Three pricing plans. Free – the name says it all, the package is completely free. You can create a fully functional website by using most of the existing ready-made modules. Your own domain can not be connected. The tariff plan Personal – also one site, but it is already possible to connect the domain, CRM, to insert any module, the code, etc. d. Business – all of the above, but not for a single site, and up to five, plus the ability to export the source code.

    Tilda has significantly higher prices than its three nearest competitors, but it does not drive its audience away.


    • Richest set of ready-made functional modules;
    • Extreme flexibility in terms of customization;
    • Out-of-the-box innovative ideas;
    • Connection to the CRM;
    • There is a free plan;
    • user-friendly, informative help;
    • affordable prices.


    • Single-page templates only – a multi-page site must literally be assembled by hand.


    Rating: 4.6


    Now let’s devote a part of our rating to one of the most popular website builders in the world Wix. This is a development of a team of Israeli specialists. The service was launched in 2006 and has gained unimaginable popularity worldwide in record time, the number of users is in the tens of millions.

    The most popular Wix constructor is used for creating websites, such as: winglets, small website, portfolio, blogs, and small online stores. Two methods of payment – PayPal and Yandex – are supported.Cash register.

    A wide variety of thematic templates are offered for large and small projects. You can change the design as you wish and achieve maximum adaptability quite easily. Interesting and innovative Wix ADI tool. Is an artificial intelligence, capable of self-create a site for you, including design and content, based on the data entered.

    A key tool in the Wix environment is the visual editor. Its functionality and flexibility will please even the most demanding user. You can implement virtually any idea and integrate with almost any third-party resources.

    You should also note the special feature of Wix website builder – creation of data bases and module behavior scripts, depending on conditions. This is essentially scripting, only it does not require the slightest knowledge of programming.

    Among other things, Wix allows you to use a large list of useful add-ons, most of which are free. Also you can easily add your own code, and not only HTML, but also JavaScript. There’s a built-in CRM and rich tools for marketing and communication with counterparties.

    Five pricing plans are offered, your own domain can be connected to the cheapest one. Advertising link is removed on the second. On VIP tariff plan besides the full access to all the tools you can organize mailing and get a professional audit of the site as a bonus.

    We should add that Wix is extremely generous with discounts. It is useful to follow the news, and you can successfully get up to a 50% discount on any plan.


    • flexibility and ease of use;
    • A lot of spectacular and varied thematic templates;
    • Creation of scripts-scripts without programming skills;
    • Advanced visual editor;
    • Many useful applications, most of them are free;
    • You can add your own code;
    • fairly reasonable rates for tariff plans;
    • frequent and generous discounts.


    • Not the lowest entry threshold – you need time to figure out the nuances.


    Rating: 4.5


    Once again, in the ranking of the best website builders, we return to the domestic development. This time it is a product of the legendary 1C Company. Designer can synchronize with databases of accounting and management software complexes 1C, and this is its main advantage.

    The most adequate sphere of application of 1C-UMI is creation of online business cards, simple landing pages, online stores without any pretensions to elaborate design. The main work is done in a visual editor. Its functionality is not as wide as the top designers in the current review.

    What is great about this product is that it includes SeoP

      t, and from the start it is fully operational and ready to be synchronized with your account. The package also provides tools for collecting and analyzing statistics, promotion through social networks and even making appointments directly on the site. There is also a CRM, though very basic.

      A huge number of templates to create a site in constructor mode – about half a thousand. Of course, some of them are clearly outdated, some do not have an adaptive design, but if you take a sample of the “most-most” templates, there are more than enough high-quality, spectacular and convenient. Any significant impact on the structure of the template is impossible, but you can change its appearance by adding your CSS-styles.

      This designer is quite significantly loses out to the top products in our review. However, it still had its place due to one key advantage – direct and direct integration with other 1C products. So, for example, you can create an online store, where the tasks of a regulator of stock balances would perform a software package “1C: Trade Management.

      Four tariff plans are available, the names speak for themselves: Website specialist, Landing, Company Website, Internet-shop. You can connect your domain already on the first, cheapest tariff plan.

      To test, “test-drive” and determine whether the website builder is suitable for your tasks, the developer gives 14 days with a clear condition of a full refund in case of failure.


      • Deep and direct integration with other 1C products;
      • ease of learning and use;
      • Quite affordable rates;
      • SeoP is integrated
        • There is a CRM;
        • half a thousand templates;
        • there is a mobile application


        • Limited functionality and outdated instruments in some places.


        Rating: 4.4


        And now in our rating we will make a sharp turn from a fairly simple and even partly limited website builder 1C-UMI to its almost complete opposite. In terms of functionality Webasyst leaves most of the solutions in the review far behind, and in absolute terms is comparable with a full-fledged content management system (CMS).

        This is a powerful modular platform with a user-friendly, logical, but peculiar interface, which will not be easy to understand for a newcomer. But it must be said that this software package is not designed for beginners. All work is organized through the addition and activation of necessary modules and plugins. You can connect a CRM and even without much difficulty to configure synchronization with 1C products. Also the system allows you to manually edit the code of the site, including FTP.

        There are many templates to develop the site in the system, and they are quite high quality, but free among them only a few dozen. The rest are available for an additional fee, and very high. Visual customization tools design is not too rich, but through manual editing code can change almost anything.

        In the basic sets of tariff plans there are fairly effective means of SEO. You can get much more, but for an additional fee, connecting the appropriate plug-ins. The plugins themselves do not cause complaints about the quality and effectiveness.

        This website builder is also distinguished by quality optimization, speed of the designed site, effective protection from external threats, good scalability. But, once again, to work fully in the environment the user must have a pretty decent experience in web-development.

        Advantages of

        • A wide range of functionality at the level of the top CMS;
        • About 400 plugins;
        • Quality templates;
        • effective means SEO;
        • there is a CRM;
        • The correct synchronization with 1C products;
        • You can make changes to the code manually;
        • Competent and professional technical support;


        • high threshold of entry;
        • high costs for full functionality.


        Rating: 4.3


        Continues the rating of the best website builders according to Expertology, which functionality is based on the content management system (CMS) of the same name. In fact, it is a full-fledged cloud version. The designer took the best of comfortable and functional CMS.

        The main and most suitable applications of this constructor are the creation of high-quality business websites, blogs, forums and online stores. The software package itself has a high performance, the presence of effective means SEO, a rich set of tools for electronic marketing.

        With Diafan.Cloud you can create a site with almost no significant limitation in scale and complexity. The system allows you to use the FTP protocol to work with files, supports the correct integration of 1C products, can effectively interact with Yandex.Market and similar services. Allows you to create your own functional modules for any task.

        Another big plus for Diafan.Cloud – a wide range of quality templates, which, moreover, is continuously supported and updated. Visual customization tools allow you to make quite substantial adjustments to the template, and provided the opportunity to edit the code allows you to make radical changes.

        The support service of Diafan deserves special praise.Cloud. In addition to professional advice and responsiveness, the support team also often takes on even fairly minor tasks – attaching a domain, setting up a redirect, etc. d. That is, using this website builder, you can greatly relieve yourself and free up time. This is also a huge plus for beginners. on a premium package you get a personal manager. True, the premium package itself costs a decent amount per month.


        • universality;
        • flexibility;
        • easy enough to master;
        • many important integrations;
        • Many high-quality templates that are regularly improved;
        • responsive and professional technical support, ready to take on even minor user tasks;
        • Full access to the source code;
        • developed ecosystem;
        • 21 day trial period.


        • expensive premium package.


        Rating: 4.2


        Now in our ranking we will consider an interesting website builder, which can be a real boon for a beginner or a small business owner, who has neither time nor desire to delve into web development, even at the amateur level. Ucraft is a project of a team of high-class specialists from Armenia. The default version of the site – English, but there is a full-fledged Russian localization.

        This designer features a simple and extremely clear interface. The main area of Ucraft’s application is creation of modern business websites with adaptive design, website portfolios, blogs, online stores. Stores on Ucraft are especially successful due to the effective and well-thought-out e-commerce functionalities of the service.

        The core of the environment is, of course, the visual editor. It is comfortable and flexible enough, allows you to customize a wide range of templates, provides a large selection of design tools. Also has a decent set of ready-to-use blocks, modules and widgets. According to user reviews, Ucraft has probably the most convenient tools for creating multilingual sites.

        To develop the site provides several dozen ready-made templates, and this set is steadily and regularly updated, older templates are improved. The user is also free to change layout settings, fonts, display of individual elements. There is even a separate logo builder. Teamwork is supported. Allowed to insert your own HTML, Javascript, and CSS styles into pages. Convenient and effective tools and SEO tools are concentrated in a separate section.


        • modern and progressive constructor;
        • user-friendly interface;
        • flexibility in terms of templates customization;
        • allows you to insert your own code;
        • the most convenient tools for creating multilingual sites;
        • 14 days trial period;
        • on the minimum plan allows you to create a website on your domain for free;
        • one of the most recommended website builders for beginners.


        • a very limited selection of templates (but the number is constantly growing).


        Rating: 4.1


        And in conclusion of this rating nomination, let’s pay attention to website builder with funny in its spontaneity name Setup. However, if you know who the “closest relatives” of Setup, unwillingly there is a sense of respect for the service. Setup developers are the creators of such legendary online services Runet as SeoP

          t and Sape.

          The origin of Setup could not but affect its integration capabilities. Tools SeoP

            T and Sape are integrated directly into the control panel of the website builder. The user receives a bonus promotion of the site for low-frequency queries.

            In terms of web development this builder is focused mainly on creating online business cards, blogs, and not too large-scale online stores. There is no clearly identified priority, but historically Setup is most often used for sales. At any rate, the marketing and “selling” part of the Setup functionality is the most detailed.

            The system provides a huge number of templates – several thousand. However, if we cut out obvious subquality, obvious clones and aesthetic trash, it will remain a few hundred, which is, however, also good. There is almost no visual customization, but by manually editing the code templates can be changed as you wish.

            The system also has a simple but fully functional built-in CRM, allows the integration with the trading platforms, social networks and other services.


            • a simple and easy control panel;
            • a huge number of templates (with the caveat – a lot of garbage);
            • full access to the source code of the templates;
            • tight integration with services SeoP
                t and Sape;
              • Effective promotion of the created sites;
              • affordable cost (except for the “Eternal” tariff plan).


              • almost no visual means to customize templates – only manual editing code.
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