10 best web hosting companies for websites in Russia

When creating a website one of the important tasks is the choice of hosting. In simple words, hosting is a remote server, which works round the clock and serves to place the client data. In other words, it is the physical location of the site. To date, the market for services in this area is so well developed that inexperienced users will be difficult to navigate among the abundance of hosting services with their different additional proposals and the wide dispersion of prices. As for the last point, there are free hosting, but the services of such providers differ in the presence of advertising, greatly reduced functionality and poor technical support. Therefore, for professional use is still preferable to paid hosting, because only in this way you can guarantee a stable and rapid operation of the site. Of course, even with the paid proposals do not choose the first you see. If you are looking for the best option to host your site, we advise you to read our selection of ten web hosting companies that lead in the ratings of users.

Best website hosting companies in Russia

Rating of the best web hosts for websites in Russia10Fornex4.1


Rating: 4.1


Hosting Fornex offers website hosting in data-centers in Russia or one of the four European countries. The cost depends on the type of services, VPS-servers and dedicated servers will cost many times more expensive than standard shared hosting, but on the other hand, the configuration of their equipment is much higher. Some special features are available for an extra fee, such as a fast VPN. Manage your hosting service is best done with a special panel. By default, as that is cPanel, and for a dedicated server or VPS is available free panel Vesta and paid ISPmanager. All tariff packages provide free protection from DDoS attacks, and you can also buy additional active protection from DDoS. Backup hosting system creates a copy not only of the site and databases, but also of the mailbox. There is a function of access control, allowing you to grant and customize access to an account or individual sections to third parties.

The company gives an opportunity to test virtual or VPS hosting for seven days, all you need is to fill out the order form. During test period will be available all basic hosting functions, except email. As for the technical support, the feedback from users, it is fast and useful enough, but only in chat or mail correspondence, because the office of Fornex located in Spain.


Rating: 4.2


The hosting has a user-friendly interface and good price-quality ratio. Free SSL certificate is included with every package. The most expensive virtual hosting plan includes unlimited traffic and 50 GB of volume. For VPS servers the maximum volume of disk space is 200 GB, also there is an opportunity to choose the storage on NVMe SSD disks, which are faster than conventional solid-state drives. Individual hardware configuration is available for those who need a dedicated server. You can rent a server in Russia or Germany.

As a hosting control panel ISPserver offers cPanel or ISPmanager. Of course, you can also work with dedicated servers without a control panel. Data safety is provided by protection from DDoS-attacks and automatic backups. But the last point is valid for shared hosting, in case of VPS and dedicated server the responsibility for backups is on the user. The test period, during which you have the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of hosting is a week. Twenty-four-hour technical support in ISPserver consults through chat and tickets, also an extensive Russian-language knowledge base is available.


Rating: 4.3


Reliable and rather budget hosting which servers are located in the Moscow data center of Tier 3 category. Registration on WebHOST1 requires not only an e-mail address, but also a phone test, which protects hosters from bots and untrustworthy clients. User administration is carried out with the help of the control panel, which is a product of the company’s own development. In addition to a user-friendly interface, it also has WebMail. VPS hosting offers a choice between paid ISP Manager and free Vesta. Basic security for shared hosting, protection against DDoS attacks of L4 level is available for VPS. Service includes free daily backups (a dedicated disk space for backups in case of VPS).

WebHOST1 offers its clients to test the quality of hosting services free of charge for the whole 30 days. And during this period there is only one restriction on the amount of letters that can be sent. Technical support has proven to be fast and competent. Since the company is located in Russia, customer support consultations can be provided not only free of charge via chat, but also by phone.


Rating: 4.4


The company offers hosting in Russia, as well as in Europe or the USA. Data centers are equipped with the new generation of drives, which provide fast loading of web pages. Free daily backups for all customers. The cost of tariff plans for VPS servers is high enough, but the cost of virtual hosting in AdminVPS is very affordable. ISPmanager is available to clients as a control panel, free of charge. It has a user-friendly interface with a search function and other useful tools. On a VPS server or dedicated server you can also put any other control panel.

Virtual hosting is equipped with protection from DDoS attacks, and as for the security of the account, it is possible to two-step authorization, advanced settings for the use of personal data and log visits. The test period in AdminVPS is seven days, and not only a virtual hosting is available for testing, but also VPS server (though only in Russia). In this case, all functions will work without any restrictions on sending mail, the availability of SSH and so on. Technical support is not arranged quite in a standard way: general questions can be addressed in the online chat or by phone to the sales department, but the consultations of a technical nature are only given through the ticket system in the personal cabinet.


Rating: 4.5


Fozzy is positioned as a very fast and convenient hosting service with a wide range of conditions and tariff offers. It is noteworthy that even the budget versions of the amount of RAM is 1 GB, which is quite a lot for virtual hosting. VPS servers can be in a “clean state,” as well as with pre-installed basic administration. Of the control panels available cPanel, ISPmanager, for Windows-hosting you can also install Plesk. Each of them has settings of restrictions for different accounts. To assess the quality is available for free seven days of use on the terms of tariff “Quick Start. Testing is limited by traffic and number of emails sent, moreover, connection of mirrors and subdomains is not available.

In hosting, there is an anti-virus and malware scanner, as well as a feature Hot

  • nk Protection, Additionally, you can activate DDoS attack protection. Site backups are performed daily. Tech support is voice-activated, but there is 24/7
  • ve-chat and a separate e-mail for customer complaints.


    Rating: 4.6


    Timeweb hosting uses fast disks in SSD format which allows not to worry about loading speed of web-pages. There are inexpensive CMS-hostings optimized for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, as well as powerful VPS servers with capacity of 200 GB. In addition to a wide choice of existing offers, there is a configurator that allows you to select the server individually. Virtual hosting customers can use a control panel created by the company, and VPS may have Vesta or ISPmanager installed on it

  • te. All plans have no restrictions in terms of website traffic.

    Among the security features are IP access control and two-factor authentication. Attack protection implemented in virtual hosting. In addition, the paid control panel ISPmanager

  • Built-in antivirus. When ordering hosting you can take advantage of the 10-day test offer, but in this mode access to the mail is closed. If you have any questions to the support staff, you can contact by phone (you can call or order a callback), to write in a chat, on e-mail or in social networks.

    Rating: 4.7

    – ISPmanager is not only a well-known domain registrar, but also a hosting provider that offers its clients placed web-sites in modern data-centers of Tier 3 standard in Russia. As a nice bonus for all customers of virtual hosting is free protection from DDoS attacks, SSL, and a double anti-virus check. Free domains are also available, but only for Russian versions of the site. You can choose the type of virtualization and drive format (SD or HDD + SSD) for VPS servers. In case of dedicated servers there is a configurator. Security is ensured by both standard means of protection and additional (e.g. anti-spam).

    The test period for virtual hosting in the company is 14 days. There is also a refund option for the unused period. All types of tariffs have the ISPmanager control panel for any servers

  • te, for an extra fee you can install a Business version with expanded functionality. Technical support in the ticketing is available around the clock, the chat works only in the daytime. For general hosting questions, there is a vast knowledge base in Russian and English.


    Rating: 4.8


    Hosting from Mchost is known for its low prices and a wide range of tariffs for all customer needs. Data centers are equipped with the most advanced hardware, data is stored on the high-speed SSD drives. Unlimited traffic is available for VPS servers. With regard to security besides the basic protection the principle of isolation is implemented here – even if the user’s sites are on the same hosting are placed separately from each other. Additionally you can order the option Site Protect, which guarantees comprehensive protection against viruses or vulnerabilities.

    You can buy virtual hosting service with a functional and intuitive control panel, developed by the company. A three-month test period at McHost is only available if you receive a promotional promo code (to do this, send a request to technical support). 24-hour hosting support available via chat and phone.


    Rating: 4.9


    The Beget company is one of the most popular hosts on the territory of the CIS countries. To host user data, they use six data centers owned by Selected. New hardware and automatic backups ensure fast, uninterrupted site operations. The domain and SSL certificate are offered to the clients for free. The control panel is available not only for shared hosting, but also for VPS and dedicated servers. According to customer reviews, it is superior to the popular cPanel in terms of convenience.

    The distinctive feature of a hosting Beget is the operative and qualitative technical support. You can get in touch with the company’s representatives 24 hours a day via the ticket system, chat rooms, or social networking services. Phone support available for residents of Russia and Ukraine. To estimate the quality level of hosting, the test period of 35 days is offered.


    Rating: 5.0


    The leader of many ratings earned its reputation by the high quality of services provided. It uses Xelent data center with the most advanced and powerful hardware, and is fully Tier III compliant. Use of new generation disks allows to achieve the maximum response speed of hosted sites. A panel designed by Sprinthost is used to manage virtual hosting. Vesta, ISPmanager and DirectAdmin are available for VPS server (the last two are paid). Account security settings allow you to enable IP verification and two-factor authentication. Protection against malicious code is provided by a special scanner HackScan and a number of other tools collected in the “Security” section of the control panel.

    Sprinthost offers a 15-day test period for virtual hosting. Just fill out the order form to use it. The test version has a limit on the number of e-mails sent per day and there is no SSH access. For VPS and dedicated servers such testing is not provided, but there is a refund for the unused period. 24/7 technical support includes

  • veChat, requests from a personal account and calls on a free phone number.
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