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Thailand and Dominican Republic are so different and so exciting. Both destinations are incredibly popular among tourists all over the world. Some speak of the natural beauty of Thailand and the intense rhythm of life there, while others recall with pleasure the paradisiacal views of the Dominican Republic and a measured, incredibly relaxing vacation. What’s better: Dominican Republic or Thailand?? Our experts have been looking for an answer to the question.

Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic has a tropical maritime climate – warm and comfortable. Precipitation is quite frequent (falling evenly throughout the year), but is particularly felt between May and October. The rains are short. Towards the end of the summer (in August) cyclones come to the country and bring with them the wind, but hurricanes are a rare phenomenon. The average annual temperature on the island is about +26 C, the humidity is high.

Since Thailand is much larger than the Dominican Republic, the climate is more varied. In general, the country has a tropical climate with high humidity and distinct seasonality caused by the prevailing winds. So, in the winter there is a trade wind, in the summer there is a monsoon. Thailand is considered suitable for a visit all year round, but, nevertheless, it is most comfortable to rest there during the “velvet season” (November-February). The average temperature during this period is +26 s. As spring arrives, the weather changes dramatically with the arrival of the sweltering heat (around +35 C) and the humidity goes up.


The quality of the beaches in the Dominican Republic and Thailand, in principle, can be considered identical. True, the first, all the same, wins on the appearance of the sand on the coast and the incredible beauty of turquoise water. Again, this is a comparison between the Dominican Republic and island Thailand, as mainland resorts have long been unable to compete with the islands in terms of cleanliness.

An important advantage of the Dominican beaches compared with Thai – the lack of plankton and jellyfish. In addition, there is no tide here, which, for example, is typical for the Thai island of Phuket, and the beaches are always equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable holiday (not all popular beaches in Thailand can boast of this).


Dominicans themselves people are friendly, helpful, very cheerful, but at the same time quite slow. As for their mentality, it is very similar to that of Europe (this is probably due to the fact that Dominicans are Catholics).

But the people of Thailand do not look like Europeans at all, which can be explained by the religion, culture and habits practiced in the country. Asians, Thais are incredibly helpful and smiling, but unlike the Dominicans, often their friendliness is insincere.


Most hotels in the Dominican Republic are not luxurious, but quite decent objects of hotel infrastructure. Each of them has its own impressive area and works on an “all inclusive” system. In addition, tourists are ready to please with all sorts of entertainment almost around the clock. Recreation is organized so that guests feel satisfied and leave the hotel only to visit the excursion sites.

Hotels in Thailand are of different categories and are often quite reasonably priced. But if we talk about island options (it is more appropriate to compare them), they are not so cheap. In addition, the country does not welcome the all-inclusive dining system. But outside the hotels you can always find a variety of dining establishments for all tastes. And another important point: the hotels do not have animation as such (for this you have to leave their territory).


Although the Dominican Republic is an island nation, fishing is not common. Predominant in the traditional cuisine are dishes from meat, rice, poultry (chicken) and vegetable bananas. A variety of fresh, delicious fruits are offered everywhere. Especially prized Dominican coffee and rum.

Thailand is known for its spicy cuisine. Although, of course, you can find food establishments here that offer European cuisine. But most of the dishes consist of rice with meat and spicy spices, sauces, all sorts of seafood are offered in abundance, as well as a variety of fruits.


Thailand is ideal for those who want a comfortable stay and at the same time planning a rich cultural program. The country is ready to please the many excursions, shows, extreme sports entertainments, etc. Special mention should be made of mainland resorts, especially Pattaya, known for its nightlife. The central street of the resort is closed to traffic in the evening: the nightlife begins for tourists.

In the Dominican Republic you can have fun directly in the hotels. Most of them offer such a rich and varied program of entertainment that you won’t get bored. It is show programs, sports activities, beach activities, disco, theme parties, etc.



The Dominican Republic is rich in natural treasures. Tourists are offered many exciting excursions to local waterfalls, islands, nature reserves, etc. Although the Dominican Republic is a “young” country with a history that has everything to do with the discovery of the American continent, for those who like it, only the capital city is worth seeing.

Thailand has a rich and ancient history. Those who decided to visit this country, be sure to see the incredible beauty of historical monuments, Buddhist temples, etc. What is important, most of them are located a short distance from the hotels.

Brief summary

The traditional summing up, which will help to decide on the choice of destination.

Evaluation criterion

Dominican Republic


Tourist season

All year round, but the best period from October to April


Hotel base

Developed infrastructure, prevalence of high class hotels (4* and 5*)

Developed infrastructure, hotels of different classes (3-5*)


Sandy beaches (white sand)

Sandy beaches


Variety of natural wonders

The variety of cultural, historical, and natural attractions


Medium to high

From medium to high

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