The 9 cheapest grocery stores in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Specialist consultation required before purchase.

Most of the budget is usually for grocery shopping. And this distribution of finances is the norm not only for most Russian residents, but also for Muscovites. A varied and balanced diet is quite expensive. To help save money, but without compromising on the quality of products will help inexpensive stores. The Expertology team has conducted its own research and is ready to present an overview of cheap grocery stores in the capital with good quality products on offer.

9 cheapest grocery stores in Moscow

9 cheapest grocery stores in Moscow1Auchan5.0
4Traffic Light4.7


Rating: 5.0


Auchan chain stores include more than 30 supermarkets and hypermarkets, which are visited by more than a thousand people in the capital every day. Numerous reviews have allowed us to mark this particular store for the first position in our review.

“Auchan Retail Russia” is a Russian subdivision belonging to the parent company Auchan Retail. The first outlet in the capital opened its doors to visitors in 2002. Muscovites like the store. Today there are 32 successfully operating stores in the capital, among which there are both hypermarkets and supermarkets. Daily sales volume makes it possible to keep prices of the products at an affordable price level. It should be noted that all offered goods are of high quality.

The range of goods that Auchan has to offer – especially if you choose to visit a hypermarket – is really huge. It has thousands of different items. You can find both budget and more expensive products.

In addition, Auchan offers grocery delivery services. The store has its own service, but the chain also works with third-party companies, in particular with Sbermarket.


  • Large, branched out network;
  • A huge selection of products and not only the food group;
  • The possibility of delivery is provided;
  • There are regular promotions, offering a variety of discounts.


  • Some of the products are still very expensive.


Rating: 4.9


A chain of French discount stores that specializes in selling a group of food items. The owner of the brand is the corporation Group Auchan SA.

The owners of the store carefully analyze customer requests and promptly supplement the catalogs, eliminating unclaimed goods from them. The shelves feature only the best brands with a proven reputation. There are also offers on their own production. The main part of the offered assortment – food: drinks, groceries, canned food, confectionery, dietary products.

Its prices are quite democratic, which is not in any way reflected in the quality of its products. The cost of own brand products is much lower than similar products offered by other brands. On the eve of major international holidays there are obligatory sales with discounts from 50 % and higher.

Promotions appear in the stores almost every day. The current offers can be found on the official website of the store, as well as in social networks.


  • Cashiers work fast;
  • Relatively low prices;
  • The products are of good quality;
  • Large selection of different groups of food products.


  • Not identified.


Rating: 4.8


A discount store that offers very favorable prices. But the cost reduction does not affect the quality of offered goods items. Stores of this brand in the capital not very long ago – in 2015. Market stalls quickly gained customers, as thrifty shoppers frequented them.

At present there are 20 stores of this brand in Moscow. The company works without intermediaries, concluding direct contracts for supplies from the manufacturer, which allows it to keep prices at a low level.

The range of products on offer is not as extensive as, for example, in that very same Ashan. But come to the store, you will find all the necessary products for everyday shopping. As for the brands offered, there are both well-known Russian manufacturers and private label goods.

Promotions are updated regularly – on average, every week. At the same time the offers can be very, very good. Discounts are offered on all product groups – dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits, household chemicals.

Customers note the convenient location of product groups, discounts offered. But there are also complaints, most often concerning confusion with product price tags.


  • Rather large assortment of products and household chemicals;
  • Weekly promotions, frequent discounts;
  • Proprietary products.


  • Sometimes the prices are higher than expected due to the sluggishness of the store employees.

Traffic Light

Rating: 4.7

Traffic Light

At the fourth position of the rating the network of stores “Svetofor” is located. The choice in the halls is sometimes not very large, and the quality of some products leaves much to be desired. But these disadvantages are more than compensated by the lowest prices. Some stores cooperate with Yandex delivery (not all of them).Cab.”.

Traffic Light is positioned as a network of low-price stores. The company came to Russia in 2009 and according to the results of 2020 enters the top 7 largest trade networks of the country.

The chain stores are quite different from the formats that Russians are accustomed to. The brand chooses places for retail outlets that are not attractive to other companies, such as industrial areas, urban suburbs, locations far from residential areas and residential houses in general. If we try to find something in common, it would be low rent.

Next feature is product placement. The manufacturer uses palletized layout: the offered items are located directly in the boxes dispersed throughout the sales area. Minimum staffing.

Thanks to thought-out optimization and contracts with little-known suppliers the chain has the ability to offer customers really inexpensive goods. The quality of products varies: you can find very decent products, but some items leave much to be desired. In order not to stumble on something like this, you must carefully read the label.

Assortment is quite limited and can vary quite a bit from store to store.


  • Merchandise is represented by more than just groceries;
  • You can take small batches in bulk.


  • Pallet drop-off;
  • Stores can be geographically inconveniently located;
  • The selection is not very big.

Rating: 4.6


Karusel is a federal retail chain that is part of X5 Retail Group. The latter is the biggest multi-format company in the retail market.

The chain of hypermarkets under the Karusel brand is one of the largest and includes more than a hundred and fifty points of sale. The first store opened in 2005 in St. Petersburg.

The original list of items represented in the outlets was limited to 6 thousand items. But later it gradually expanded and has long since passed this mark. The goods presented on the shelves of the hypermarket have all necessary certificates and fully comply with accepted international standards.

It’s worth noting that the range of products presented is very extensive. You can buy fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits. In addition to third-party brands, Karusel offers homemade goods. In particular, customers are offered freshly baked goods, handmade desserts and hot bakery products. Batch of bread baked every hour – no interruptions.

Thematic assortment deserves attention. These are new products on the grocery market, farm produce, products from the group of healthy foods.

Prices are quite comfortable and do not significantly harm the budget. The stores often have various promotions that allow you to save even more.


  • Large selection of products;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • The high quality of the products offered;
  • There are promotions and various discounts;
  • There is always freshly baked goods;
  • Home delivery.


  • Frequent queues at the cash register (according to reviews).


Rating: 4.5


O’KEY outlets belong to one of the country’s largest retail chains, specializing in groceries. The first store opened in St. Petersburg in 2002. Today O’KEY is one of the top 3 hypermarkets in Russia by quantity of hypermarkets: the chain owns 77 stores all over the country.

It should be noted right away that the prices at “OK” are not the lowest, but it’s justified by the high quality of the products. The owners of the deli carefully control the quality of the goods offered, so customers are offered only fresh products from trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

Customers can choose from more than two thousand well-known Russian and foreign companies. Suppliers that the brand cooperates with are thoroughly tested. So the choice of products on offer is not only varied, but also meets all quality standards.

Hypermarkets have their own bakeries and culinary. This is one of the advantages of the chain. Customers are offered hot and always fresh bread. If necessary – or if you want – you can buy ready-made meals from our own production. The latter are represented by a wide range, so there are no difficulties with what to feed the family for dinner.

It is not only the assortment that deserves attention. Customers are offered a variety of additional services designed to make life easier. In the stores you can place an order for specific dishes, order the meat you have just bought to be cut or fish to be cleaned, etc.d.

Hypermarkets are open 24 hours a day, which is very convenient. There is home delivery. If the order amount reaches 2700 rubles, then the courier will bring the purchase for free.


  • Large selection;
  • Proven suppliers;
  • Compliance of products with international quality standards;
  • Home delivery of products;
  • Twenty-four-hour schedule;
  • Discounts, promotions;
  • In-house bakeries and delicatessens.


  • Queues at cash desks.


Rating: 4.4


“Magnit” – Russia’s leading retail chain, offering a large selection of inexpensive, but quality food. Its stores can be found in many cities of the country and Moscow is not an exception. The attention of customers is attracted by the company’s pricing policy: the prices offered by Magnit on many items are much lower than market prices.

In addition to the fact that the network cooperates with trusted suppliers, the store has its own brand. Thanks to this chain you can find on the supermarket shelves products that are 10-15% cheaper than those of other manufacturers. Conditioned by such a good price reduction due to the presence of their own brand production of food products. The company is the owner of enterprises engaged in the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables, mushrooms, as well as the production of confectionery and groceries. Magnit brand goods are not inferior in quality to other suppliers.


  • Not a bad choice of goods;
  • There are products of own brand;
  • Good discounts, promotions.


  • Slow work of the employees in the hall – they don’t have time to change the price tags.


Rating: 4.3


Well-known chain of Russian grocery supermarkets, positioned by the company-owner as a “store at home. And this is really true, because you can find outlets of this brand in almost every courtyard.

The choice of items offered is pretty good. Has its own brand name, offering good discounts for its products. They are marked with special “red” price tags.

Single and ongoing promotions add value to the purchase. Special interest are discounts offered to customers of retirement age. The bottom line is that daily from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. shoppers – subject to the presentation of a pension certificate – can expect to receive a discount of 5 to 10%, depending on the day of the week.

The chain also offers discounts for customers with children under the age of 12. The action is permanent and runs on Wednesdays from 9 am to 5 pm. All non-stock items are included.


  • Located within walking distance;
  • There are promotions, discounts and sales;
  • Pretty good choice.


  • Sometimes there is confusion about prices (according to reviews).


Rating: 4.2


The supermarket chain “VILLA” closes our rating of inexpensive grocery stores of the capital. On the sales floor you’ll find a wide variety of products at very good discounts. Among the suppliers there are Russian and foreign brands. On average, one supermarket assortment includes about 8 thousand items.

Besides third-party brands, the shelves also feature the company’s own production of low-cost and premium brands. stm goods are characterized by high quality, which is confirmed by customers’ reviews.

The list of goods the chain sells is standard. Here you can buy meat, fish, dairy and dairy products, as well as fruit and vegetables. Regardless of the time of year customers are offered a wide range of horticultural products, including exotic and diverse greens. The grocery chain closely cooperates with large Russian farms, so there are no delivery failures.

The network boasts its own pastry shop, which bakes a new batch of bread every hour, as well as delicious desserts – croissants, puff pastry, muffins, etc.d.


  • There is no confusion with the price tags;
  • Good range of products;
  • Frequent promotions, discounts;
  • Loyalty card.


  • There are no storage rooms.
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