The 15 most expensive restaurants in Moscow

Moscow is not only the historical and cultural center of our country. There are more than 2,500 restaurants in the city, among which there are many haute cuisine establishments. In them you can get not only gastronomic but also aesthetic pleasure. Despite high prices, there are always many visitors who prefer European service and want to plunge into the world of luxury and wealth. We have collected 12 most expensive restaurants of Moscow that are the most popular among the citizens and guests of the capital in our rating.

Rating of the most expensive restaurants in Moscow

Rating of the most expensive restaurants in Moscow1La Marée5.0
3Cantinetta Antinori4.9
4Soluxe Club4.9


6El Gauchito4.8
10La Bella Societa4.7
11The Bridge4.6
12The Toy4.5

La Marée

Rating: 5.0

La Marée

La Marée gastronomic restaurants chain welcomes guests in St. Petersburg, Monaco, 4 restaurants are opened in Moscow. The main cuisine is sea food and in La Marée Russians can taste the freshest seafood delivered from the largest domestic supplier with the shortest period from catch to kitchen, and it doesn’t matter in what part of the world the fish, squid, sea urchin or shellfish were caught – in Italy, France, Tunisia or Morocco, the supplies are delivered regularly. The chain’s founder Medi Duss is a true connoisseur of sea food, so the concept of the restaurants has not changed over the years, but only improved. Freshly caught sea creatures, including rare ones like Australian barramundi, turbot, monkfish, Abalone shells, Saint-Pierre fish and others are available not only to order in the kitchen but you can buy them from the ice cabinet. Many of the delicacies in the capital can be tasted and bought only in La Maré restaurants.

Except seafood the cooks cook European dishes for the guests, but with an accent on fish menu. A good addition is a rich wine list. Relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere is created in the halls, interiors amaze with their luxury and at the same time refinement in details – mosaic panels, paintings of unusual fish, ship ropes and seashells. The restaurant’s guests are mostly high-class people, it is a place for romantic dates, business meetings and closed banquets.

The restaurant on Petrovka is a member of the French Gastronomers Guild “Chaine des Rotisseurs”, and each year the wine list is awarded by the American magazine Wine Spectator for the correspondence of the wine collection to the restaurant concept.

In Moscow the restaurants of La Marée are opened at 28 Petrovka Str., Petrovka street, Moscow. 1, at Malaya Gruzinskaya Street, 23 pp. 1, in der. Zhukovka, 201 on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway and in the flowing lane, 7. You can reserve a table by calling a toll-free number 8 (800) 555-04-35.


Rating: 4.9


The elite restaurant Gusyatnikoff is a part of the restaurant complex in the ancient manor of the XVIII century merchants Gusyatnikovs and fully occupies a three-storeyed mansion. Back in the XVIII century descendants of the merchant took a payoff to sell wines in the capital, and the “Drinking Company” was organized. “Business” gradually developed and today the institution is one of the best restaurants of Moscow preserving the concept of genuine Russian and merchant cuisine. Utris and geese top the menu. Chefs also cook freshwater fish, rabbit and beef. Favorites include hare pate on pumpkin marmalade in pistachio blizzard, sterlet in caviar sauce, flared veal cheeks with buckwheat, goose fillet cutlets in very tender battering.

Inside the restaurant the atmosphere of a city manor is maintained – in the main hall and dining rooms the furniture, mirrors, chandeliers are restored or specially aged, near the main staircase there is a gallery of portraits of famous Russian merchants. In Gusyatnikoff there is a restaurant and a karaoke, a banquet hall is one of the best in Moscow for sophisticated celebrations.

Gusyatnikoff restaurant is located at 4, 201, Rublyovo-Upennoe Highway, 7. a. 2a, Solzhenitsyn St., open every day from 12:00 to 23:00. Phone numbers for reservations: +7(495)632-75-58, +7(926)533-44-56.

Cantinetta Antinori

Rating: 4.9

Cantinetta Antinori

The joint project of Arkady Novikov and Antinori, the oldest Italian wine house, Cantinetta Antinori restaurant is a unique project even for Moscow. The emphasis is on Tuscany wines and delicious food. The main feature of the restaurant is an open kitchen as a symbol of the chef’s main action and openness for guests. The chef is Italian Mauro Panebianco who has been with the team since the restaurant’s opening, which means that the founders and guests fully trust his skills. Mauro has worked in Milan, partnered with a prominent Swiss hotel, opened a restaurant in Germany-he knows exactly what high-end restaurant guests love and how to surprise them. The menu at Cantinetta Antinori is authorial, but with an Italian flavor. Here you can try unique combinations of familiar products, like beet and orange, veal tongue with sage and capers, costolette with wine sauce and morels. Cooks make their own sausages and meat delicatessen, salt fish. Products for the kitchen come from private farmers in Russia, Italy and France. Beside the main menu the guests are also offered a dessert menu.

In the restaurant Cantinetta Antinori there is an atmosphere of luxury and comfort at the same time there is a wine cellar, veranda with wicker furniture, organic landscape, in the main hall plenty of light and dark wood furniture.

Cantinetta Antinori is located in the center of Moscow, 20 Denezhny pereulok. Tables are seldom empty here, so it’s better to reserve a place for a dinner or a party by calling +7 499 241 33 25. Open daily from 12:00 to 00:00.

Soluxe Club

Rating: 4.9

Soluxe Club

The Soluxe Club restaurant is an offbeat place, combining an unconventional, sophisticated and dynamic spirit with a motto “feel the moment”. The concept combines the cultures of metropolises such as NY, Hong Kong, Moscow, Dubai and London and serves as the basis for a unique authentic cuisine. Chef Yang Pei Wen, WACS member, winner of the international Katonou Cuisine Competition. The restaurant has managed to build a professional team, whose members support oriental culinary traditions, Chinese cuisine, but play them in a modern spirit. Menu includes Pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine: rolls, sushi, salads, meat, fish, vegetable appetizers. The chefs make their own specialty dumplings, skewer noodles and grilled items, and the pastry chefs create delicious desserts.

There are plenty of places to relax in Soluxe Club: it is a space in the open air on the terrace, a large banquet hall with an extravagant interior and a bar made of agate, and silk upholstered chairs. For business meetings the restaurant has a V.I.P. Rooms, tea room. Lots of light, free high speed WiFi, hookah available. At Soluxe Club you can book a takeaway.

Soluxe Club restaurant is located at 2/1-6 Kutuzovsky Prospekt, open daily from 12:00 till 16:00, phone for reservations +7 495 785 7770.


Rating: 4.9


In the first place – an elite fish restaurant, where the price for the visitors does not matter. Average bill comes out to 7000 rubles. This legendary place is popular with locals, Russian and foreign tourists alike. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that a guest chooses seafood from a glacier himself, from which magnificent delicacies will be cooked later.

No doubt in the freshness of oysters, octopuses, crayfish, fish of rare species. They are delivered twice a week from the Far East, Japan, New Zealand and Morocco. Wine list offers elite and exclusive samples from the best wineries of the world. The menu offers a wide range of children’s dishes, handmade cakes, desserts. Besides fine cuisine its Art-Deco interior and the breathtaking view of the Kremlin amaze its visitors.

Every guest is valued in Peshi and that’s why special privileges were developed to give you the opportunity to get great discounts. Also in the institution like to make compliments from the chef, which greatly increases the mood during the holidays. The restaurant opens at 12 a.m. and closes at midnight. It is easy to find it, it is situated in the Trade Gallery in Okhotny Ryad. 2.

El Gauchito

Rating: 4.8


Second in the ranking is a restaurant for wealthy Muscovites and guests of the capital. Average bill here is about 6,000 rubles. Visitors will be offered Argentine cuisine, famous for its meat dishes… The wide assortment of steaks will please gourmets, and the preparation belongs to the world’s high cuisine. The chef will take care both about vegetarians and people who prefer fish delicacies. On the summer veranda you often organize friendly gatherings and romantic meetings, in the banquet hall important events in life are celebrated.

Many people become regular guests of the restaurant because every time they are offered here something new and special… Everybody likes the open kitchen where you can watch how the traditional Argentine food is cooked. The wine list offers a good selection of elite drinks from the best world wineries. Sweet lovers will be treated to homemade pies and desserts based on ancient recipes of the wonderful country.

According to the reviews, this is one of the best places in Moscow, which is on the same level with the fashionable European restaurants. Everything from design to serving makes you come back here again and again. The restaurant is located on Arbat, 11/1 Povarskaya Street and is open every day from 12 till 00 o’clock.


Rating: 4.8


On the third line of the rating is an expensive place, which is located in the center of the capital. It impresses with its luxury, both outside and inside. Every guest can plunge into the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia. The restaurant is very popular with foreigners who want to try traditional Russian food. They admire the aristocratic interiors stylized as the era of the great Russian poet and learn a lot about the rich history of our country.

In June 1999 a restaurant was opened in an old mansion, amazing with its refinement. Tverskoi Boulevard played an important role for Pushkin. More than once you could see him strolling leisurely there. That’s why this great place was named after the poet and opened in his favorite Moscow place.

The menu offers authentic Russian dishes with original recipes and interesting names. Dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, kulebyaka, sterlet. The chef uses traditional old recipes but makes sure to add something of his own, which makes the old-fashioned dishes more sophisticated, tasty and appetizing. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day every day. Its address is Tverskaya Boulevard, 26A.


Rating: 4.7


Fourth place of the rating – the elite restaurant, which delights the guests with its exquisite interior. Not surprisingly, its visitors are not only regular people, but also world celebrities, and Robert De Niro is co-owner of the chain. Many people after a visit to a restaurant will not forget the design, service, and most importantly – the original and appetizing dishes.

In 1993 the first establishment was opened, giving rise to the whole art and brand of the restaurant in New York. Already in April 2009. Luxurious place opened its doors in Moscow. And after 6 years, in March 2015 a second restaurant was opened in the capital in Crocus City Hall. Nobu is located not only in the heart of Russia, but also in other cities such as London, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Tokyo, Beijing.

Brand chef and founder Matsuhisa has meticulously considered and anticipated the atmosphere and menu. Black cod and tataki have become everyone’s familiar, but at the same time unusual dishes, and the hallmark of the elegant restaurant. The menu is dominated by Japanese cuisine, but in spite of that the delicacies can be very different: from marbled beef to lobster. Opening hours: from 13:00 till midnight. Address: Moscow, Tverskaya Bulvar. Moscow, B. Dmitrovka, 20, building 1.


Rating: 4.7


On the fifth line of the rating is a luxurious place with 12 rooms with antiques, stucco and fireplaces, which gives the opportunity to feel like royalty. A popular movie “What Men Talk About” was shot in one of them. After wandering around the restaurant, you can take a real excursion that will be remembered for a lifetime. Renaissance, baroque and classicism styles are combined in this place.

The menu is based on European and Pan-Asian cuisine. The people who have played a huge role in the popularization of this place include culinary gurus Dmitry Yeremeev and Chiang Wai Chong. Guests love all dishes, both traditional and designer. The uniqueness of the menu is the combination of products. For example, the ripe cherry borscht and foie gras croissants are worth a visit. All the dishes are so well thought out that despite the strangeness, people come to admire all the chefs’ masterpieces.

Live music, a terrace and a fireplace are the restaurant’s visiting cards. It has an extensive menu for the youngest guests. Adults can enjoy free Wi-Fi and high-end drinks at the bar. The main hall is used for banquets for big companies. Open from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Address: Salzburg, New York. Moscow, Tverskoi Blvd. 26, building 3.

La Bella Societa

Rating: 4.7


The sixth in the rating is a popular fashionable place in Moscow. La bella societa is an Italian word that means “beautiful society. The interior has a huge wall of living plants. The Vertical Garden with water cascade is one of Europe’s largest. The open kitchen with a marble counters is a special pride. Every guest can watch the filigree work of the best culinary masters of the capital.

The menu includes not only Italian, but also pan-Asian cuisine. Mostly traditional recipes of northern Italy and Sicily prevail. Despite the commonness of all the presented dishes, they are still recognized by the visitors as one of the most appetizing and delicious in Moscow. Pan-Asian cuisine delights with refined dishes. Experts recommend trying the salmon tartar, avocado and Midori melon with red caviar.

Jay Miller, who worked in Michelin-rated places, creates chic recipes. He pays special attention to everything: the taste, the name and the serving. Many people noted that after the opening of La Bella Societa they stopped missing the European institutions and comfortably spend time in their favorite restaurant in the capital. Opening hours: from 11 a.m. until the last guest. Address: 2, Okhotny Ryad Street.

asserie bridge

Rating: 4.6

</div><p>ASSERIE MOST” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/33516666193921-9315.jpg” title=”<br />ASSERIE MOST”></p><p>The seventh place is given to the expensive restaurant, which offers to appreciate all the charm of French life and taste the dishes of this European country. A chef with thirty years of experience boldly mixes products and combines various recipes of the world cuisine. Romantic corner in the center of Moscow with appropriate interior leaves no one indifferent. Here, men often declare their love for their ladies and propose marriage. The ambiance matches the mood.</p><p>The menu is created in such a way that all dishes preserve the taste of the main ingredients as much as possible. Delicacies of meat, fish and seafood are on offer here. Vegetarians and vegans won’t go hungry either. The menu offers a range of gluten-free dishes.</p><p>As the guests put it, <br />ASSERIE Most – it’s “delicious and beautiful. And the average bill is not exorbitant, but about 3000 rubles. Every guest receives a traditional compliment from the house. It’s nice to not only get a discount on your birthday, but also to try a sweet present made by author’s recipe from the chef. Mode of operation: Weekdays from 8 am to 00.On weekends the restaurant is open from 9 a.m. to midnight. Location. Moscow, Kuznetsky most, 6/3.</p><h3>The Toy</h3><p>Rating: 4.5</p><div style=THE TOY

On the ninth line of the rating is an expensive Italian restaurant that meets the world quality standards. Here guests are offered a Mediterranean cuisine, which abounds in fresh seafood delicacies. The most often ordered dishes are tuna roll with Kamchatka crab, sea bass ceviche, spaghetti with mussels, beef tartare, Genoa-style minestrone, cannoli with cheese cream. But other hot dishes, salads and desserts are not to be neglected either.

The menu is very clear and, at first glance, simple. But the original recipes and presentation make these dishes real delicacies that you want to try again and again. Guests can take in the solitude of the summer terrace or join in theatrical performances, live music, and dancing.

Visitors noted the excellent location in the center of the capital, a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, author’s cuisine, and a wide range of elite drinks. Many choose The Toy for weddings, anniversaries, business meetings with foreign partners. You can visit the institution every day from 12 o’clock. It’s open until 00.00. Closes Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6 a.m. Address:Moscow. Moscow, Rochdelskaya street, 15, building 44.


Rating: 4.5


Tenth in the rating – an expensive upscale restaurant where everything is thought out to the smallest detail and the guest from the threshold gets into the wonderful and mysterious world of Japan. Soft couches and chairs contribute to relaxation. There are no bright spots in the interior, so nothing distracts from gastronomic enjoyment. Magnificent result came out thanks to the cooperation of three chefs: two Russian and one from Japan. Each of them has its own vision and made an invaluable contribution to the menu.

Choosing dishes, you can learn a lot of informative, because there is full information on each delicacy, right down to the origin of the product added to the recipe. Interesting fact: the serving dishes are made according to ancient technology by famous Japanese craftsmen. Regular customers recommend trying the yellowtail carpaccio, spicy eel, seabass, coconut cake. The refined taste of fish and seafood will be accentuated by high-class wine which the manager will advise to the chosen dish.

MEGUmi is located at: rue Sirena. Moscow, Novinsky Boulevard, 8. On weekdays the restaurant opens at 12 o’clock, and on Saturdays and Sundays it is two hours later. It closes every day at 11 p.m.


Rating: 4.5


The eleventh place of the rating is given to an expensive place that is known to every gourmet in the capital. This is one of the oldest restaurants that perfectly match the menu and the interior. It specializes in Mediterranean and author’s cuisine. Arkady Novikov’s brainchild has been open nonstop since the summer of 1992. There are several aquariums in one hall, and the guests can watch the life of sea inhabitants. And in the second, more compact room, visitors get to the submarine, where under their feet – a transparent floor of glass and a lot of passing by exotic and rare fish.

The restaurant offers the freshest oysters of the highest quality, seafood snacks and salads, delicious low-calorie desserts and pastries. The guests like the extensive alcohol list, where everyone can find a drink of their choice, a picturesque open veranda, compliments and loyalty programs.

Many people traditionally have banquets and celebrate holidays in Sirena, and consider it a family place. On-site parking and Wi-Fi access. A cozy trendy restaurant welcomes its guests every day from 12:00 p.m. until midnight.00 at 15 Bolshaya Spasskaya Street.


Rating: 4.4


On Petrovka Street there is a fashionable restaurant, which is visited by both Russian and foreign guests with great pleasure. Another Arkady Novikov design institution is at the bottom of our top 12. The restaurateur tried to design the interior in such a way that every wealthy person would feel comfortable. The furniture is designed by Ralph Lauren, and the walls are decorated with works by famous artists.

The restaurant is visited before visiting the Bolshoi Theatre. It has already become a tradition for many people. The institution provides a 10% discount on tickets to the Big. Here you can try dishes of traditional Russian and French cuisine and their combination, as well as delicacies created by the chef’s author’s recipes. There are plenty of meals for vegans and vegetarians.

The loyalty program includes interesting beneficial offers. So, from Monday to Friday from 12 to 18 hours discount on all menu and wine list – 20%. The facility operates on a very convenient schedule. It is open on weekdays from 8 a.m., on Saturday and Sunday from 12 o’clock. Closes every day at midnight. If a customer is lingering, the restaurant will continue to operate until they leave. Address: Moscow. Moscow, st. Petrovka, 3/6, building 2.

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