The 12 best life insurance companies

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Life and death insurance product gaining in popularity. Many people think that for ordinary people it is not relevant, because it seems that in everyday life nothing can happen, unless you are a stuntman, a conqueror of peaks or have a dangerous profession. But in practice this statement has long ago ceased to be correct. Each of us is at risk every day. Not only on the street, but at home we are not guaranteed 100% safety.

Life insurance is compulsory or voluntary insurance, which can have different purposes. This is an accumulation of money for retirement, financial support in case of disability or loss of the breadwinner, payment of funeral services, or receiving a certain amount by the successors in case of death of the insured person. In our country, employers are required to enter into contracts for each employee. Payments are made to the Pension Insurance Fund. Today everyone begins to think about voluntarily entering into this type of contract. Statistically it is the fastest growing segment on the insurance market.

The companies offer a variety of programs. This is death or survivorship insurance, contracts with lump-sum payments or periodic premiums. It is also possible to choose the term: either for life or for a certain period.

Our rating presents 12 largest companies which in the previous year collected the biggest amount of premiums and are still holding their positions.

Rating of the best life insurance companies

Rating of the best life insurance companies1Sberbank Insurance5.0
4VTB Life Insurance4.7
5Renaissance Life4.6
9Raiffeisen Life4.2
10SOCIETE GENERALE Life insurance4.1
11Alliance Life4.0
12Russian Standard Insurance3.9

Sberbank Insurance

Rating: 5.0

Sberbank Insurance

The leader in our list is the company that annually far outperforms other organizations in terms of the number of premiums collected. Competently designed programs allow customers to be insured against any accidents, get qualified medical care in the best institutions of the country and abroad, accumulate capital for retirement or other major life events, provide for loved ones in case of disability or loss of life.

The largest percentage of clients are borrowers of Sberbank loans. This service has long been appreciated because it allows you to avoid passing on the financial burden to your family members. Other popular programs include: “Head of the Family”, “Accident and Illness Insurance”. Also of interest are investment products. The contract allows to get unlimited income. At the same time, the company provides 100% protection from risks arising on the stock market.

According to reviews, insurance programs are suitable for both private customers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large concerns. Free calls from all regions of the country are accepted by phone: 880055 55 95.

Alfastrakhovanie Life

Rating: 4.9

Alfa Life Insurance

On the second line of the rating is a company which has earned a reputation of a stable partner during 15 years of work; every year it enters TOP 5 of the largest insurers in the country and has the highest reliability rating. It completely secures the fulfillment of its obligations. The company is a member of the Association of Life Insurers. Safety and security is backed by reinsurance contracts with the largest companies in the world.

All programs are designed for maximum client benefit. The investment company provides for profit with a 100% guarantee of return on invested money. Credit insurance will protect the borrower’s family in case of death or disability. The accumulative program gives an opportunity to receive funds by a certain date. It may be a retirement or another important event. There is an option with a medical component. The borrower is guaranteed assistance in advanced medical centers of the country.

The company repeatedly becomes a winner of prestigious awards, thereby proving the quality of its services. Individuals, commercial and state structures cooperate with it. Consultations on the choice of programs can be made online through the website or by calling the hotline: 8800333 84 48.


Rating: 4.8


The bronze prize-winner of the rating is the company which in 2021 will celebrate its centenary. More than 1500 offices are located all over the country, where over 50 000 competent and professional employees work. Due to well-coordinated work, contracts conclusion and losses settlement are prompt, without stress and queues. Employees render not only legal but also psychological aid in case of unpredictable situations.

When insuring your life and health, you can choose many parameters of the contract yourself. This is the sum insured that will be paid at the end of it, the type and amount of the premium, additional options. Among the most popular policies are: “Classic”, “Protection+”, “Ritual Program”, “Lethal Disease Insurance. All of them have their own features and advantages and provide financial support in a difficult time.

Stability of the company is confirmed not only by international associations. Over 17 mln. The clients who use its services are also a kind of guarantor of reliability of Russia’s largest insurer. The major advantages highlighted: attractiveness and diversity of pricing programs, absolute transparency of operations. 24/7 help line: 8800200 09 00.

VTB Life Insurance

Rating: 4.7

VTB Life Insurance

The fourth on the list is the company, which is a member of the All-Russian Union of Insurers and has the highest reliability rating according to international standards. Active development and promotion of new products contribute to the annual increase in private and corporate clients. Regular policyholders include: coal, oil refining, chemical industry, water and air transport, finance, trade, energy.

The programs are of interest to various categories of citizens. Among investors the most popular policy “Maximum”, which gives confidence in the future and financial protection of the family in any unforeseen circumstances. Accumulation programs help accumulate a certain capital, which not only helps the insured person, but also his/her loved ones in treatment and rehabilitation. In case of disability or loss of life, the rightholders receive money in full and just in time.

The official website provides all the information. This is a legal and insurance documentation, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you need further consultations, they are available by phone: 8800550 12 21.

Renaissance Life

Rating: 4.6

Renaissance Life

The company, ranked fifth in the rating, has been active on the life insurance market for over 15 years. Over this time it has achieved success in this area and has not lost ground to this day. All developed programs are up to date and in demand. Risk-based life insurance helps to mitigate financial burdens in case of unforeseen circumstances, provides funds for treatment and recovery in case of injuries, disabilities and serious illnesses.

Accumulation and investment insurance are also popular with the population. The first program is aimed at creation of capital for financial protection of the family in the future. It is distinguished by a large volume of insurance coverage of risks. Investment program provides for two types of investments: index and trust. The client himself chooses the degree of risk and the underlying asset forming the yield.

The site is very convenient for customers. There you can take full control of your finances, monitor the status of the application in case of an insured event, extend the policy, add options. In addition, it contains many useful informational articles to help citizens understand the many nuances of financial products. Competent operators will answer any questions by phone: 8495981 2981.


Rating: 4.5


The sixth is the company which is in the list of the oldest insurers of the country. International rating confirms high level of reliability and stability. Many of its clients have been able to appreciate the global level of service and the many added advantages of cooperation. “Ingosstrakh” offers one of the most expanded line of programs, among which everyone finds the most optimal and profitable.

“Health and Life” includes protection against accidents, illness, injury, loss of life, voluntary and compulsory health insurance. The premiums are paid by any convenient way. In case of insured event the customer may apply to the company online and follow the handling status at the web-site.

The organization offers promotional offers, which are beneficial for both new and regular customers. VIP policyholders are provided with exclusive protection conditions and a permanent personal manager, who is on call 24 hours a day and promptly resolves all the arising problems. Policies can be purchased through the online service or at any branch of the organization. Free of charge reference phone number: 8800100 77 55.


Rating: 4.4


The seventh position in the rating is occupied by a company with rich experience. For 25 years of its existence millions of citizens became its clients, and their number is growing every year. The solvency indicators are always higher than the norms. Over 1000 subdivisions are active throughout the country. The company enters major associations and unions of insurers not only in our country, but also international unions.

“Sogaz-Life” became an independent organization in 2004. The management decided to establish a specialized company that would develop life insurance and supplementary pension insurance business, thus providing protection to various categories of citizens.

The organization’s clients are both individuals and legal entities. Many major Russian companies have become participants of the mandatory life and health insurance program for their employees. The company regularly develops new tariffs and improves the existing ones and refers to an exceptionally high level of reliability. According to reviews, it has a very convenient website interface, where you can conduct many transactions without visiting the office. Operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 8800333 08 88.


Rating: 4.3


The eighth nominee is the company with high international stability rating. For more than a quarter of a century the company has been developing its business, taking it to a higher level. This is confirmed by numerous wins in competitions, as well as the gratitude of the President of Russia for the invaluable contribution. “VSK is a member of many Russian and European associations and unions. At present there are over 500000 state and commercial organizations among its partners. 30 mln. Citizens are under protection of one of the most reliable companies in the country.

“VSK” offers a large list of insurance programs, providing financial support for any life risks. These are both savings and investment plans. Payments are made in a lump sum or by annuity payments. After the conclusion of the contract, which requires a passport of the Russian Federation and a medical certificate of health, all transactions can be performed online.

The service is very clear and accessible even for inactive users. Here one can extend the policy, check the status of the case, apply in case of insured events, and make an appointment with a doctor. Some programs can be purchased without going to the company office. You can find out about all the offers by calling our toll-free number: 8800100 00 50.

Raiffeisen Life

Rating: 4.2

Raiffeisen Life

The company, whose services are used by a large number of Russians, ranks ninth in the rating. Its undoubted advantage is the constant improvement of insurance programs with additional convenient services. Employees of the organization adhere to three basic principles: to put themselves in the customer’s shoes, to inform the management about possible improvements in the process, and to respond promptly, and most importantly, understandably to all citizens who contact them.

Among programs there are standard and premium ones. They provide financial support when you decide to increase your retirement savings or if an accident happens. Extended list of risks allows not to worry about the future of the family in case of various situations: injuries, trauma, disability, loss of life.

The client himself determines the amount of regular payments, their frequency and the term of the program. At the end of the contract he receives the sum insured and additional investment income. According to the reviews, cooperation with the company is clear and accessible. No claims arise. Interesting offers attract more and more life and health insurers, who then recommend Raiffeisen Life as a reliable and stable financial partner. Info phone: 8800505 71 19.


Rating: 4.1


The largest international company ranks tenth in our ranking. More than 33 mln. person in many countries around the world. Its success is the result of many factors. It is aimed at long-term cooperation, constant risk monitoring, wide range of services, competent personnel management. The financial conglomerate has been working in Russia since 2006 and is represented by several companies specializing in different types of insurance.

“SOCIETE GENERALE is one of the twenty best life insurers, occupying a worthy position among the largest organizations of this type. Financial offers are designed to satisfy different categories of citizens. The most popular product is life and health insurance for bank borrowers. This can be consumer, automobile, commodity loans. The service is also available to cardholders with overdraft limit. The cost of protection varies within the range 0.2-20% of the sum insured per year.

According to reviews, the registration of the contract is fast. No irregularities have been detected in the accrual and payment of insurance claims. Round-the-clock customer service: 8800700 7333.

Alliance Life

Rating: 4.0

Alliance Life

At number eleven in the ranking is a company which provides services in many countries of the world. It emerged on the Russian insurance market in 1990 and immediately took the leading position. An impeccable reputation has been built up over decades. Today all clients are 100% sure in its reliability and financial stability. This has been confirmed by international analytical agencies.

Policies are very quick to arrange. It is possible either at the offices or online. The agreement requires only a passport of the Russian Federation and medical certificates in case of disease. The most popular program is the long-term risk insurance “ABC of Life. Payments are made as a result of injury, disability or death. The advantage is the choice of currency, 27 critical illnesses covered, and the social tax deduction. Contract term – from 1 to 30 years. Payment can be made as a lump sum or in installments. The possibility of obtaining it for several years in advance is provided.

The company offers many more interesting insurance programs. According to reviews, it always fulfills all contractual obligations. All questions will be answered by the manager by phone: 8800100 88 00.

Russian Standard Insurance

Rating: 3.9

Russian Standard Insurance

On the twelfth place of our rating is the company, which, having celebrated its 15th anniversary, can be proud of the indicators of the collected premiums. The company was the first to develop a voluntary life insurance program for consumer loan borrowers. Over the years, the company has signed more than 20,000,000 contracts, and its client portfolio is 2 million. individuals. Today citizens have access to a wide range of insurance programs which solve many pressing problems and help financially when the going gets tough.

Life insurance is divided into two types: perpetual life, death or other events and with a condition of periodic payments with the client’s participation in the company’s investment income. You can also buy a policy against diseases and accidents and conclude a contract of health insurance.

Voluntary life and health insurance of credit card holders accounts for the major share of premiums. This service has recently become increasingly popular among borrowers. Another popular product is life insurance against unemployment. Learn more about the programs by calling the toll-free number: 8800700 77 60. Operators are available 24 hours a day.

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