The 10 best cab services in Saratov

*Review of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

In the past, the cab service could not be afforded by everyone. Today it is an affordable service, because of which many people even refuse to buy their own car, as its maintenance sometimes exceeds the cost of daily trips in hired cars. Customers go to work, vacation, nature, in other cities. Optimal conditions for a comfortable trip are created for them. Disabled vehicles with large wheelchair trunks are provided, cars are equipped with child seats, a female driver or a certain brand of car will come if desired. There are also vehicles for smokers and non-smokers, luxury and rarity brands, guide and interpreter services are included, transportation of animals or delivery of medicines and food is organized.

People use cab services all the time. As a result of this popularity, more and more companies providing transportation services began to appear. Our experts, based on feedback from real customers, compiled a rating of the best cab services in Saratov, which combine several conditions: the availability of comfortable cars, efficiency, courtesy and competence of managers, the ability to travel to remote areas, reasonable prices, favorable conditions for regular customers, the minimum of dangerous situations and getting into accidents.

Rating of the best cab services in Saratov

Nominationseatcab service in Saratovrating
Rating of the best cab services in Saratov1Yandex Taxi5.0
2Cab Veset4.9
4Cab Renault4.7
5Cab Metro4.6
6Saratov TAXI4.5
7Cab for women Lastochka4.4
8Cab Salute4.3

Yandex Taxi

Rating: 5.0

Yandex Taxi

Golden Prize – the best cab service according to the opinion of Saratov passengers and professional experts. Online service is recognized as the most understandable for customers. The service is available both on the official website and in the mobile app. At the same time there is no need to call any operators. The cost of transportation is the lowest in the city. The quality is one of the highest. For “comfort” fare the sum is calculated on the basis of 5 rubles./km.

Serve up a car within 3-5 minutes on average, even in busy periods, as the service combines more than 30 cab services of Saratov and the region. Any additional options are available to the customer, including a child’s seat, non-smoking cabin, transportation of bulky luggage. If necessary, you will be given a receipt for payment of the service. The app displays full information about the vehicle and its driver. You can follow the movement of the car there.

Payment can be made by any convenient ways. To start cooperation you need to download the Yandex application.Cab. According to the customers, it is the most convenient service to manage their own trips. You can choose a freight and passenger cab, courier delivery and much more necessary in daily life.

Cab Veset

Rating: 4.9

Cab Veset

Second place of the rating – the popular service, which renders services not for the first year, and to the quality of service there never arises any complaints. Even in conditions of fierce competition it does not give up its position. Low fares attract more new customers. So, when ordering online the discount on the trip is 25%. The app will accurately build a route with possible traffic jams and travel time. When booking you can specify the purpose of the trip and choose a standard or premium class car.

Passengers’ comfort comes first. For non-smokers a smokeless car will be provided. When transporting parents with babies you will be provided with child safety seats. For delivery of bulky cargo a vehicle with a large luggage compartment will drive up. If necessary, a meeting of guests at the train station with an identifying sign is arranged. All the necessary conditions will also be created for transportation of pets.

Availability of club cards for regular customers is an undoubted advantage. They participate in the lottery and get additional discounts for the service. The services are performed at the official website, via a mobile app, or by sending a text message. Phone number of the cab service in Saratov: 8 8452 57 57.


Rating: 4.8


Next, our rating includes a company that has long been a regular partner with many private and corporate clients in Saratov. Its popularity lies in the development of various additional programs, which are now in high demand. This is a service of cargo cab (gazelles, minibuses) and special equipment (excavators, cranes, loaders), call for a wrecker, car towing to the service station. The company also offers several fares for passengers: standard, comfort, VIP and urgent.

For wedding motorcades there are premium brands of cars in one color. Foreign guests and business partners from other cities will be met at the train station and brought to the address of negotiations or conferences. Special control service provides examination of the drivers before their work. Own car wash with modern equipment allows to keep cars in perfect cleanliness.

The service has developed a very handy mobile application through which you can order a car, check the rates and the cost of a particular trip, keep track of the accumulated discount points. Operators are on twenty-four-hour duty and accept requests by phone: 8 8452 777777.

Cab Renault

Rating: 4.7

Renault cab

The fourth nominee of the rating is a service whose name speaks for itself. The fleet only consists of new Rena vehicles

    t. Prompt response to requests is the main advantage of the company. This is achieved due to a large number of cars and experienced drivers who quickly deliver passengers to the specified address and go to a new order. At the same time there have been no accidents caused by cab drivers.

    The company provides a service for delivery of flowers, gifts, mail, valuable parcels. Freight arrives to the addressee in perfect safety and just in time. You can also take advantage of the service “personal driver. The service cooperates with many city organizations, developing individual complex programs. Clear partnership schemes include round-the-clock delivery of vehicles to any location. A driver with a nameplate will meet you at the airport, railway or bus station and take you to a conference or to the hotel.

    Many respondents use this service only because they believe in the competence of the drivers and the good condition of the vehicles. Prices are also not overpriced, and quite moderate compared to other carriers. Operators take requests around the clock on a multi-channel number in Saratov: 8 8452 233333.

    Cab Metro

    Rating: 4.6

    Cab Metro

    The fifth place of the rating is occupied by the company, which offers transportation services in Saratov, Engels and Balakovo. Fleet is equipped with 180 new Skoda cars. There are 10 cars of one model in white color, which are ordered for weddings, graduations and other celebrations. Corporate programs allow a significant reduction of costs on the delivery of employees to and from the office, taking guests to conferences and negotiations.

    Travelers can be met at the train station and the airport with a sign, they can help to bring the luggage, if necessary, arrange a city tour and help to get around Saratov. The main advantages of Metro: instant response to order day and night, politeness and great experience of drivers, minimal statistics of accidents, payment in cash and noncash methods.

    According to passenger reviews the good-natured attitude of the drivers on all trips. They are responsive to any request. Cars salons are always clean, no unpleasant foreign smells. Prices are moderate, there are cumulative discounts for regular customers. Cab phone number is remembered from the first time: 8 8452 55 55.

    Saratov TAXI

    Rating: 4.5

    Saratov TAXI

    The sixth in a rating is the service of passenger transportation which has deserved reputation of the reliable, fast, safe and inexpensive cab, positioning itself as “the Taxi of a native city. To calculate the cost of travel you can use the online calculator. If this action is impossible, the operator will name the exact sum, and at the end of the trip the driver will ask for exactly the same. The company has not developed a flat rate for all trips. Daytime, nighttime and intercity fares will be paid differently.

    Interesting offer – the tariff “Lady”. According to him the cost of services is significantly reduced. It is possible to go with men, but the main thing is that the order must be made by a lady. The service provides services to government and commercial organizations: delivers employees after work, delivers flowers and courier mail around the clock with full material responsibility, leases cars.

    All vehicles used undergo regular technical inspections. They are modern, comfortable cars no older than 10 years. Careful selection of applicants for employment. The drivers are competent, punctual, non-drinking, with excellent knowledge of the city and region. Phone: 8 8452 48 00 00.

    Cab Lady Swallow

    Rating: 4.4

    Women's cab Lastochka

    At the seventh place of the rating is a cab, where all the drivers are exclusively women. The demand for such a service has recently increased. Many have experienced the boorishness of male cab drivers and would like to fully secure their trips. Proved fact – the fairer sex drive the car more accurately and have fewer accidents.

    Women are tactful and attentive, do not use foul language, do not smoke, keep a perfect cleanliness in the cabin. There are child seats in all the cars. Unaccompanied minors can be delivered to the right address. A female driver will take the utmost care during the trip. The services include transportation of pets, transportation to the train station and airport, corporate programs.

    Fleet includes cars of different brands. For meetings of foreign guests you can order VIP service. For wedding motorcades there are cars of the same make and color. If necessary, the driver will pick up the client from the celebration and drive his vehicle to the parking lot. According to the reviews there were no problems during the trips. The drivers are highly qualified and have extensive experience. Operator phone: 8 8452 44 33 33.

    Cab Salute

    Rating: 4.3

    Cab Salyut

    Cab service “Salute”, which is popular among the residents of Saratov and Engels, takes the eighth place in our rating. It provides communication between two cities, and the company’s pricing policy is designed so that services are not counted as intercity, but as trips within the community. There are always available cars of standard and prestigious brands. For VIP-clients there are premium class cars and service.

    The cost of a ride starts at 14 rubles./km. The organization actively cooperates with corporate clients: delivers employees to home and work, meets with business partners, organizes mass exits to rest out of town. Developed programs attract more and more companies which find it more profitable to cooperate with cab “Salute”, than to keep their own fleet of cars.

    After calling the operator quickly processes the request and within a few minutes the cab will be at the address. The service provides a “sober driver”, transportation of adult passengers with children in a car seat, animals, and courier service. Feedback suggests that the quality of services deserves the highest rating. To order a trip you can call by phone: 8 8452 44 44.


    Rating: 4.2


    On the ninth line of the rating is a federal cab service that provides services of high quality standards. Its history began in 2003 in a small town in the Urals. Young entrepreneurs wanted to improve the service by automating it as much as possible. The company began to include separate divisions, each dealing with its own direction. Some of them developed new technological solutions for the service, others were responsible for selecting the drivers.

    Today thousands of people not only in Russian cities, but in CIS countries and European countries can use cab order service. Saratov has its own fleet of cars and trucks for any distance at reasonable prices. Boarding is paid by the economy rate in the amount of 70 rubles, for comfort – 100 rubles. The cost of the trip depends on the brand of car and starts at 10 p. per 1 kilometer.

    Every trip is secured. Charity organization “Garant” helps drivers and passengers psychologically and physically recover from accidents, as well as avoid illegal actions. The service can be ordered on the website, via a free app or by 24-hour phone number: 8 8452 999999.


    Rating: 4.1


    The service, which is an official partner of Yandex Taxi and provides services through its own operators as well as through a mobile application, is among the TOP-10 of our ranking. Flat rate – 15 rubles/km. Continuous cooperation accumulates points and provides lucrative discounts. Our car fleet includes cars of different brands of domestic and foreign production. All of them undergo obligatory technical inspections. If even small problems are detected, they are removed from the routes.

    Passengers can book a vehicle in advance for a specific time. This is a definite plus, as not all cab services offer this service. For weddings we organize tuples of the most preferred brands. Corporate VIP-clients are provided with business-class cars, including armored. In case of complex service – the rates are calculated individually. For visitors we offer transfer from the railway station to the hotel, moving throughout the business trip and delivery to the departure point.

    Interviewed passengers noted that the company accurately fulfills their wishes: provides child seats or a car with a larger trunk, a car with a non-smoking driver and more. Operators accept orders 24 hours a day by phone: 8 8452 44 44 45.

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