Saratov’s 10 most reliable builders

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not intended as an advertisement, and is not intended as a shopping guide. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Many people dream of settling into a big, spacious apartment with enough room for everyone. Construction is going on all the time, and new homes are growing like mushrooms after the rain. But not everyone was lucky enough to get legal housing. Due to the unreliability of the builder many have lost this opportunity, getting bogged down in years of litigation.

In order that the expensive purchase will not bring disappointment, you need to choose a stable company with an impeccable reputation. We have included in our rating the 10 most reliable builders of Saratov, who helped thousands of citizens to move into new comfortable housing.

Rating of the most trustworthy builders of Saratov

Rating of the most reliable builders of Saratov1Kronverk5.0
3SK ZHBK-34.8


Rating: 5.0


The undoubted leader is the largest company, which for 20 years has been the best construction company in Saratov and the region. It puts into operation residential and commercial objects of economy, middle and business class in different districts of the city. The closed cycle is the main secret of success and popularity of “Kronverk. Production of raw materials, materials, delivery – all performed in-house. The company owns cement and reinforced concrete factories, and has its own fleet of cars. The sales department sells real estate, bypassing intermediaries and eliminating a surcharge on it.

The company’s specialists improve existing technologies and develop innovative materials, which are used only by this developer. It allows to achieve high quality of constructions and create unique architecture that fits well into the city image and becomes its decorations. The undoubted advantage is also the speed of construction. Apartment buildings are completed in 1.5-2 years. 2015 marked a new record – a 10-story building was built in 4 months.

The company takes part in national projects on providing housing to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, orphans, military men, resettlers from emergency houses. Sales offices are located in all districts of the city. Central is located at 107 Michurina Street. Contact phone number: 8 8452 227070.


Rating: 4.9

Random House

The second place is given to the company, which is one of the oldest on the housing market in Saratov. It has been in successful operation for more than 80 years, and its name is firmly associated with reliability and stability. The organization is at the same time a general contractor, developer and investor. She was the first in Saratov to begin construction of 5 and 10-story buildings and during her work has built more than 2000000 square meters. Today a quarter of all commissioned urban real estate per year accounts for “Sheldom.

Efficiency at all stages, highly skilled human resources, modern equipment and the use of innovative materials allow us to work at the highest level of complexity on the most challenging projects and offer customers high-quality housing in the most comfortable areas of the city.

The company has long ago switched from infill developments to integrated ones. Nearby residential buildings are business, entertainment and shopping centers, clinics, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, etc. It offers a variety of settlement options. These are both standard layouts for mass customers, and elite – for the wealthy. Location of the company’s head office: 5 Kiseleva str. 64/66. Phone: 8 8452 27 55 66.


Rating: 4.8


The third in our rating is a builder with a rich history. Known not only in Saratov, but in the whole country the factory “ZhBK-3” was opened in 1952 and produced reinforced concrete constructions for building objects of the city. In 1995. It was decided to start its own activities in the construction of multi-storey buildings.

Today the company sets an example to other organizations by creating projects of comfortable housing, using modern methods of construction, allowing all categories of citizens to become the happy owners of their own square meters. Affordability is due to the use of basic materials of own production, which significantly reduces costs and production costs.

The company carries out an integrated development, including residential 9-, 14-, 16-, 20-, 27-storey buildings and infrastructure. In addition the asphalting of roads and pedestrian areas is performed, areas are planted with trees and shrubs, playgrounds are equipped. Participation in the project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing – to all citizens of Russia” brought the organization in the list of the best Russian companies. Address of the developer: 37, Komsomolskaya street. Sales Phone: 8 8452 77 64 64.


Rating: 4.7


On the fourth line of the rating is the company, which completed its first project in 1995. The company was established on the basis of a construction organization with 40 years of experience – SMU-2. “Saratovoblzhilstroy” is a holding company that unites many companies, each of which is responsible for a specific stage of work. Closed cycle allows to reduce construction time and significantly reduce the cost of housing.

The company produces sand-lime bricks and plastic windows, performs finishing works on a turnkey basis. The main feature is a block building. Not only apartment buildings are built in a single architectural style, but also clinics, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, entertainment centers. That is why the new settlers get to the area, where the ready-made infrastructure is immediately presented.

The organization can be proud of its achievements, which were evaluated by professional experts. In 2005 it was included in the “100 Best Enterprises of Russia. In subsequent years, the company also became a winner of many prestigious competitions and exhibitions. Address: ul. b. Gornaya, 231/241. Contact phone: 88452 52 42 96.


Rating: 4.6


The company which performs the whole cycle of construction and delivers residential and commercial buildings of any complexity is in the top five of the rating. It cooperates with the largest and most reliable banks, which offer various mortgage lending options. She also developed her own installment plan. Buyers can buy an apartment under the best conditions of their choice. The prices per square meter are not higher than the average for Saratov.

The developer pays special attention to the external design of buildings. Stained-glass windows and bay windows are used. That is why its constructions stand out and are an ornament of Saratov and Engels. The internal layout also takes into account all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay in comfortable apartments. All objects are located close to the urban infrastructure, which increases the interest of many potential new settlers.

According to many respondents the company maintains its reputation. There are no disputable issues during the commissioning of objects. The head office is situated on Nekrasova Str., Vlasova str. 33/35. To learn about all proposals for residential and commercial real estate you can call: 8 8452 90 50 05.


Rating: 4.5


The sixth place in our rating is given to the company, which celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. It deals with all types of construction, and each of them is the responsibility of a separate subdivision. All stages are monitored centrally, be it high-rise residential buildings, commercial properties, buildings in which reconstruction.

Company’s track record includes the commissioned objects of federal significance. These are new buildings of the Saratov State University and sanatorium “Cheremshany-1”, sports and recreation centers for the Saratov State Agricultural University, renovated Art School, Ministry of Justice. In addition to these there are many other illustrative examples of how “Arcada” refers to its work.

Apartments in apartment blocks have different layouts, among which customers can choose the most convenient for them. The company leases facilities and builds new ones in promising neighborhoods Yubileiny and Solnechny. Commercial real estate is also widely represented for sale, including both small and spacious premises. The main office is located in the center of the city on Yablochkova Street, 13. Phone for consultation: 8 8452 30 47 36.


Rating: 4.4

The Union

The included in the rating builder for 26 years of work has proved its reliability and stability. “Soyuz is seventh on our list. During this time, 20 apartment buildings and more than 1200 townhouses and cottages have been put into operation. Individual construction is given special attention due to the increased popularity of out-of-town housing in picturesque places in Saratov on the bank of Volga river. Among the commissioned objects are houses in luxury estates “Sosenki”, “Novoguselsky”, “Ust-Kurdyum”, “Rodnye Prostory”. The location, perfect ecological condition, infrastructure, competent management and security are ideally combined here.

High-rise residential buildings are built in young and promising neighborhoods, as well as in the city center. The company strictly adheres to quality standards, using modern technology and equipment. Newcomers receive comfortable apartments of improved layouts without flaws just in time.

The company pays special attention to development of flexible payment system. It can be a mortgage, installment payment, discounts, etc. The construction company is the largest manufacturer in the field of metal-plastic and wooden windows and doors. Central office address: 10, Peschano-Umetskaya str. Phone: 8 8452 45 85 15.


Rating: 4.3


The eighth in the ranking – the developer, which since its existence has adhered to the main principle: “deliver housing just in time. Despite the unstable economic situation in the country in the past years, it was always. For 21 years of work the company has earned a reputation of a reliable developer, which carries out the allocation of the site for construction, design, construction of the building and commissioning of the building.

The company offers housing in all areas of Saratov, so its customers are people who buy both economy and luxury real estate. It participates in many federal programs, including the resettlement from dilapidated housing, construction of apartments for the military. New settlers were miners from Komi ASSR, frontier guards, employees of the Federal Security Service of Russia. Today we are working on the development of new sites for construction in young neighborhoods of the city. The Sports and Recreation Center in Solnechnoye village is also an object of Volgozhilstroy.

According to reviews, the company offers an expanded mortgage program, from which each newcomer will choose the best option for themselves. The office of the organization is located on Ul. 27/35. Phone number: 8 8452 43 49 30.


Rating: 4.2


The ninth place of the rating belongs to the company, which started its activity in 2002. Today it is one of the most reliable developers in Saratov. The secret of success is cooperation with proven construction companies, banks, real estate agencies. In 2013, a subsidiary was registered, which performs control after the completion of the facility. Thus, the new settlers are guaranteed comfortable living in the complexes built by “Resettlement”.

The company offers apartments of different sizes without finishing and turnkey solutions. When decorating takes into account all the latest trends and uses high quality materials. A lot of proposals for commercial real estate. These are both small offices, and premises for stores and banks. The installment payment is available up to six months in case 70% of the price is paid. Mortgage programs are represented by 5 major banks of Saratov.

The company develops a lot of interesting promotional offers beneficial for the potential buyers. For example, it is possible to buy an apartment on the first floor with a discount of 7%. The office of the developer is located at: 10 tup. Number 8 Pugachev Street, 8. On this site you can order a callback or dial a telephone number: 8 8452 243000.


Rating: 4.1


We complete our rating of the organization, which is on the construction market in Saratov since 2012. It has commissioned many residential and commercial units in the city and region. Prices are moderate, which attracts a lot of attention from customers with a low income. Apartments can afford young and large families (using the maternity capital). At the same time the quality of housing is not reduced.

Construction is taking place in promising new neighborhoods that are becoming more and more popular, thanks to affordable housing costs and expanded infrastructure. For sale: one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in 9-storey buildings, as well as non-residential premises attached. Taking advantage of promotions, you can save money and use them to repair your home. The company participates in a mortgage program and offers interest-free installments.

According to the feedback, the organization clearly performs its contractual obligations. Objects are delivered on time, there are no problems with receiving documents and moving in. Legal and physical address of PovolzhieStroyInvest: 8 Ul. 72 Zarubina Street. All questions may be asked by phone: 8 8452 37 71 01.

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