9 cheapest districts in Moscow for buying an apartment

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to buying. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before buying.

Today it is very responsible to make up your mind to buy real estate. Especially if you look for an apartment in Moscow and the Moscow region. Housing here is one of the most expensive. The cost is constantly rising, due to the rapid rise in prices of construction and industrial materials. For example, at the beginning of 2021, one of the cheapest one-room apartments in Old Moscow was worth 6 million rubles. And the cheapest cost of primary housing in the districts of New Moscow is about 100 thousand rubles per square meter. rubles per square meter.

The most accessible old districts of Moscow for buying a home

The most affordable old districts of Moscow for buying homes1Biriulevo Vostochnoye5.0
The most accessible new districts of Moscow for buying homes1Novofedorovskoe5.0

Alvesgaspar, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Biriulevo Eastern

Rating: 5.0

Industrial area. It covers 14.8 square kilometers. Population – 157 thousand people. Location – between Paveletskiy railroad lines and Biryulevo Forest Park. A unique dendrological park is a remarkable feature of this area. The district belongs to the Southern Administrative District. In East Biryulevo the price for 1 square meter makes approximately 164,5 thousand rubles. Quite a bargain in the housing market in Old Moscow.

The area has no particularly developed transport infrastructure, in particular subway stations. And one of the most significant disadvantages of living can be called two adjacent thermal power plants. But in general the area is favorable for housing. In addition, it is rapidly updating – new complexes and houses appear. Although, the market is mostly filled with offers of secondary housing.


Rating: 4.9

This is an area in the Old Moscow, located in the South-Western Administrative District. Occupied area 3,9 square kilometers. Population number is 66 thousand people. Despite the fact that it is a bedroom community, there are several industrial organizations. On its territory there is quite developed transport infrastructure and entertainment facilities. A significant disadvantage is the lack of subway. But close to the train stations – the area begins just behind the county railroad.

At the beginning of March 2021 in Kotlovka the minimum price per square meter of housing was 220.6 thousand rubles. In the market there are more offers to buy secondary housing, as well as commercial real estate. These are brick houses built in the 50s-70s, as well as Khrushchevki and panel apartment buildings of the 70s. Neighborhood is getting a lot of new construction.


Rating: 4.8

It is one of 12 administrative districts of Moscow. Includes 5 districts. Population 250.4 thousand citizens. The area covers 37.3 square kilometers. As of 2020 is the smallest in terms of territory metropolitan area. And although it has everything necessary for comfortable living – sports fields, cinemas, parks, squares, entertainment centers – but the transport infrastructure is very mediocrely developed. There are no metro stations, and to get to the nearest ones is quite a long way.

The basic transport load is taken by electric trains and buses. The power plants are almost always overcrowded, and there are constant traffic jams in the direction of the center of Moscow. This is one of the main reasons why the prices of housing in the area are pretty low. The cost of one square meter at the beginning of 2021 was 145.8 thousand rubles. This is a very budget-friendly option by Moscow standards.


Rating: 4.7

One more south-eastern district of Moscow with the area of 11,5 square kilometers. Population 83.5 thousand people. Although the area is actively being built with new residential buildings, but the prices here are always low. The main reason for that is the huge, albeit enclosed, landfill in the vicinity. Because of the landfill there is often unpleasant odors in the air, which displeases local residents.

Nevertheless, in Nekrasovka with transport situation is better than in the above districts – there are several metro stations, which significantly reduces the distance to the center of the capital. Also there is a railroad transport and buses.

The cost of one square meter in Nekrasovka is 155.3 thousand people. RUB. Mostly they are new buildings (this also applies to the secondary market), since there is very little of the old housing stock. Active construction of educational infrastructure, like schools and kindergartens, started not long ago. Before that there were problems with free places in the district.

Earlier here was not even infrastructure for recreation and leisure activities. But the situation has started to change, and there is a small park and two youth squares. In the short term there will be another parkland.

Most affordable new districts of Moscow for buying housing


Rating: 5.0

A separate settlement in Troitskiy administrative district of Moscow. It was formed only 15 years ago, and only in 2012 became part of Moscow. It consists of 25 settlements, with a total area of 150.8 square kilometers. The population is just over 7 thousand people. The cost per meter in Novofedorovskoye in January 2021 was the lowest – 99.3 thousand rubles, which is significantly lower than in other districts of Moscow.

The settlement is actively developing. In the near future, the construction of several schools, apartment buildings, sports facilities is planned. But generally speaking, there is an ordinary suburban life here. Large forested area, several reservoirs and rivers – a great time for recreation from the polluted city. Several companies are operating. There are gyms, cafes, restaurants and stores. To get to central and other areas is possible only by road – on Kiev highway.


Rating: 4.9

A settlement in the Troitskiy administrative district of Moscow. It consists of 28 settlements. The total area of the settlement is 118.9 square meters.km. Population of Pervomaisky is 9,215 people. Public transportation is represented by several intercity and internal bus routes. To get by road directly to the capital and from it allows the presence of two major highways – Small Moscow Ring Road and a section of the Kiev highway. Both highways pass through the suburbs, so locals don’t feel any discomfort from them.

In this area there are quite a lot of major industries, including chemical plants and pharmaceutical companies. Nevertheless there are a lot of forests, ponds, parks and squares in the area. The sphere of service and sports and cultural infrastructure is also quite developed. But with the transport component is not so good – highway Kievskoe highway provides access to Moscow. Buses and shuttles to subway stations. The current price of 1 sq. meter of housing in Pervomaiskoye starts from 108.7 thousand rubles. RUB.


Rating: 4.8

Not so long ago a small town that became part of Moscow, with a total area of 7.5 square kilometers. There are quite a lot of people living in it – 54 thousand people. Shcherbinka is part of the Novomoskovsk administrative district of Moscow. The settlement is located on the Warsaw highway. It takes about 70 minutes by car to get to Garden Ring and 50 minutes by public transport

In the town there is a railway station Shcherbinka Moscow railroad. Nearby is the airport Ostafievo. City buses run to the metro stations. An industrial town with many plants for the production of electronics and other industrial areas. The educational and social infrastructure is wanting the best, but it is still acceptable to the current number of urban residents. Very few parks and sports facilities.

Scherbinka is in the top five districts with the cheapest new buildings at the beginning of 2021. The cost of one square meter in the city is fixed at a minimum of 121 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.7

A small town in Podolsk area, 17 kilometers from Moscow. It covers a total area of 16.3 square kilometers. It is home to 61.3 thousand people. Troitsk is located on the Kaluga road. Very picturesque place on the bank of the Desna river. There is a very beautiful park with ancient trees. Transportation is good. You can get to Moscow in just half an hour by bus, train, or car. Here there are no large industrial enterprises, but a lot of research institutes. City of intellectuals.

In Troitsk is very well developed sports infrastructure and education. Here are some of the best hospitals in the capital. The small town is constantly evolving. There are many new constructions, including housing estates. In February 2021 the prices in Troitsk for the purchase of a square meter of housing starts from 145.6 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.6

Settlement that recently received the status of an administrative unit in the Novomoskovsk administrative district of Moscow. It includes 14 settlements. The total area is 53 square kilometers. It has a population of 23.5 thousand people. This is a distinctly rural area.

Desenovskoe is connected to other districts by the Kaluga highway. At the moment the population only use motor transport. But the subway is under construction. Scheduled to open after 2023. There are three multi-storey residential complexes in the area. The beginning of construction not earlier than 2013. They can well be attributed to the new.

Social infrastructure is represented by parks, schools, kindergartens. Recently, this area in the city has started to rapidly develop. But still here is perfectly developed agricultural sector, and indirectly its enterprises, which employs almost the entire population Desenovskoe. Its territory is recognized as environmentally friendly, which attracts the citizens to buy housing.

The minimum price for one square meter in Desenovsky 148.2 thousand rubles at the beginning of 2021.

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