9 best pet stores in St. Petersburg

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying you need to consult with a specialist.

Today in St. Petersburg there are many pet stores of various formats – from the whole networks to small “shops at home” where the goods for pets are presented – food, hygiene products, veterinary medicines, clothing, cages and much more.

  1. Assortment.In large pet stores there are no problems with supply of products, there are always available such consumables as food, litter fillers, shampoos and other pet care products.
  2. Staff. In the professional departments sales assistants have a veterinary education, are well-versed in their products and can competently select the necessary items, even without the presence of the animal.
  3. Specialty.There are a lot of multi-brand stores in St. Petersburg offering a wide range of products for pets, but there are also highly specialized departments, selling, for example, only food or hygiene products.
  4. Cost.In some pet stores there are too cheap items, in others, on the contrary, the prices are many times overpriced, ideally, the pet store should offer products of different price categories at the average cost of the market.

Location. St. Petersburg pet stores are most often located in large shopping malls or within walking distance from home or metro stations.

Rating of best pet stores in St. Petersburg

Nominationplacestore namerating
Rating of the best pet stores in St. Petersburg15.0

Rating: 5.0


One of the most popular networks of pet products, which was created in 2008, takes the first place in our rating. The Internet store works all over Russia, also there are many retail departments in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan. The assortment is represented by products for pets – cats, dogs, ferrets, rodents, fish and birds. A wide range of medicines, food, hygienic goods, accessories and clothes are available in St. Petersburg. Professional magazines with tips from veterinarians are also for sale.

Call-center of the online store works 24 hours a day, orders are delivered all over Russia. Delivery in St. Petersburg by courier free of charge, with an order amount of 749r and above. It is also possible to pick up the order from pickup points located in different parts of St. Petersburg or visit off-line stores. On quite a lot of reviews, the pet store is definitely popular with customers. There are more than 40 branches in St. Petersburg, which are conveniently located near metro stations. For a complete list please visit the official website.

Of the disadvantages, customers note mainly the problems of courier delivery. There are complaints about the inconsistency of the quality of goods declared, as well as the unprofessionalism of some employees. From the advantages customers note the low prices, as well as an excellent bonus system, constant lotteries and promotions.

  1. Phone: +7 (812) 313-01-01
  2. Website:


Rating: 4.9


The first “Le’Murr” store was opened in 1997. In the Leningrad region (mr. Kolpino). Initially, the brand worked in the format of small counters “by the house”, up to 50 sq. m. In 2005. All outlets were merged into one retail chain called “Le’Murr” and the first supermarket appeared. In 2017. chain celebrated its 20th anniversary. At the moment there are more than 200 stores in 43 Russian cities. Our experts gave the chain “Le’Murrr” the second place in the rating.

“Le’Murrr” is a supplier of retail goods for animals. It cooperates only with proven manufacturers from Canada, Italy, USA, Belgium. The pet store sells products for pets – dogs, cats, rodents, fish, and terrarium amphibians. Buyers can find here toys, feed, aviaries, cages, aquariums of different price category, as well as animals – fish, parrots, etc.d.

As a rule, stores are conveniently located close to the subway station. In total there are more than 50 “Le’Murr” departments in St. Petersburg. Buyers say that the range is wide enough, the choice is great, for each purchase are given small gifts. There are complaints about the inconsistency of prices, incompetence of some employees.

  1. Phone: 8(812)448-70-90
  2. Website:


Rating: 4.8


The “Beethoven” store, along with the previous representatives of our rating, is in the top three and takes the third position. The first branch of the chain was opened back in 1993. At the moment TM “Beethoven” includes more than 100 stores, located in different cities of the country. All the departments of the chain work according to the same standard, starting from the assortment and ending with the concept of the sales area design.

The assortment of the pet store offers all necessary goods for the care of pets – cats, dogs, rodents, birds. Here you can find food, toys, leashes, harnesses and other pet supplies. You can also buy animals at the chain – fish, birds, rodents and other pets. On the site of online store “Beethoven” presented more than 27 thousand animals, pet toys, cages, parrots, etc. items.

Every store has a department with veterinary and antiparasitic preparations. However, many people say in reviews that often there are expired products, so they should be carefully checked. Of the advantages, customers of the chain highlight a large assortment, reasonable prices and convenient location.

  1. Phone: +7 800 555-22-11
  2. Website:


Rating: 4.7


On the fourth step of our rating is a network of pet stores ZoooptTorg. In the chain stores you can find products for the care of animals, medicines, scratching post, the necessary ammunition, food, couches and pet houses. At the moment there are more than 40 pet stores all over Russia – in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg. Zooopttorg constantly holds actions, participates in various city events and children’s competitions. When you visit the store pets are treated with treats, and children are given a coloring book.

Stores of the network are literally within walking distance from the subway, in residential areas of the city and in shopping centers with high traffic. In reviews, customers point out that the pet stores have a large enough selection of food, even for rare animals. Salespeople are friendly and professional. Of the disadvantages mention the malfunction of the website.

  1. Phone: 8 800 511-04-30
  2. Website:


Rating: 4.6


The first VAKA store was opened in 1993 in Saint-Petersburg by Biosphere Company. At this point, the network has grown to 42 pet stores – from small departments to whole pet supermarkets. There is an online store where you can order delivery all over Russia. In our rating “VAKA” takes the fifth position.

The assortment of the pet store is designed for dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, birds, fish, reptiles and even horses. Veterinary pharmacy works, in some stores in the city are receiving vets, although consultations are conducted without examination of sick animals.

VAKA carries a large selection of Hurtta dog clothing. Also offers dog grooming services. There are 37 branches in St. Petersburg in different parts of the city. In reviews, customers note that in the pet store you can buy everything you need, highlight the convenient location, as well as all sorts of discounts and promotional offers. There are complaints about the unprofessionalism of salespeople and high prices of the food.

  1. Phone: +7 (812) 33-66-324
  2. Website: /vakashops

Golden Fish

Rating: 4.5


Pet store “Golden Fish”, established in 1991, today is a major supplier of pet products, feed, cosmetics and accessories, toys for animals. “Zolotaya rybka” has well-equipped warehouses, an established delivery system and their own transportation. At the moment more than 30 pet stores of “Zolotaya Rybka” brand work in Saint-Petersburg. Our experts put the brand on the sixth position.

The network includes multivitamin food, bio-collars, food from Europe, Canada, such brands as Nutram, Ka

  • The shop offers a wide range of chemicals for pets and pets, including hygiene products, cosmetics, and cosmetics for pets. Other. The company has a whole network of retail outlets, operates an online store, also offers special terms for wholesale customers. Buyers say that the budget brands are widely represented here, there are almost no premium lines.
    1. Phone: 8 (812) 327-83-53
    2. Website:


    Rating: 4.4


    LAPETS” pet store, which sells products for dogs, cats, rodents, fish and reptiles, gets seventh place in the rating. The brand name in English sounds like “to love pets”. Pet Market offers products for pets – food, both conventional and therapeutic, shampoos, flea collars, carriers, fillers, aviaries.

    Customers note that “LAVPETS” has a fairly wide range of food that is not available in conventional stores. But a lot of people are not satisfied with the delivery service which you have to wait for weeks. There are no complaints about the work of SPb departments.

    1. Phone: +7 (812) 603-45-86
    2. Website:


    Rating: 4.3


    To the eighth step of a rating the supermarket for pets under the name “Filya” gets. It sells all kinds of food for pets, made from natural ingredients with the inclusion of vitamins and minerals. Also in this pet store in St. Petersburg you can buy veterinary medicines.

    “Filya” has a retail trade network, as well as an online store with delivery across St. Petersburg. From the advantages of these pet stores customers highlight affordable prices and a good range of disadvantages – not marketable order. “Filya” is involved in a charity event and offers to help homeless animals by buying goods for them and paying on the website.

    1. Phone: +7 (812) 363-47-17
    2. Site: zootovar-


    Rating: 4.2


    Zooexpress is a group of companies that works in the market of pet products in St. Petersburg since 2001, the company’s main brand is Pet Pet Pet Food. The company has its own manufacturing facility and offers customers pet products – clothing, food, terrariums, toilets, ammunition, etc.d. Zooexpress is also engaged in the wholesale delivery of products in Russia and St. Petersburg.

    Zooexpress stores are self-service, there are also sales assistants who can advise and help with the choice. You can also buy in the online store, which offers more than 7000 kinds of products. Among the advantages fans of the brand allocate a wide range, quality products of own production.

    1. Phone: +7(812) 628-34-56
    2. Website:
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