9 best anti-cafes St. Petersburg

*Review of the best in the opinion of the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In anti-cafes or as they are also called, time clubs, hold poetry or music evenings, play entertainment (board games), organize developmental (master classes, trainings) or work events. Often, the anti-café has one large hall and several rooms where visitors can freely move around. Many time clubs allow you to bring your own treats and drinks. These places often have free Wi-Fi and other free services.

Due to the huge popularity of free spaces in St. Petersburg, experts have compiled a rating of the best anti-cafes.

Rating of the best Anticafes in St. Petersburg

Nominationplaceproduct nameRating
Rating of the best anti-cafes in St. Petersburg112 rooms5.0
2The Cocoon4.9


5Na Vysote4.6
6Kazanskaya, 74.5

12 rooms

Rating: 5.0

12 room

Anticafe “12 rooms” occupies the first place in our rating, because it’s one of the most famous and comfortable establishments in St. Petersburg. The highlight of the salon – each of the rooms has a copyright design. Large and small rooms with different thematic functions are located on the area of 350 meters. In addition, “12 Rooms” offers its visitors a recreation area, free Wi-Fi, comfortable furniture, and a spacious lounge.

There is a game space in the anticafe “12 rooms”. Here you can play puzzles, x-box, kicker, strategy, ping-pong. There is also a mini-cinema in a time cafe. In a separate room installed a projector on which you can watch movies from flash drives and other media. There is also a co-working room in the time club, where you can work in a relaxed atmosphere.

Book lovers can spend time in the spacious library, which is regularly replenished. And for those who like tasty food, besides snacks and sweets, Ant-café offers a full-fledged cuisine: homemade burgers with meat or lentil patties from different kinds of fish, seasoned with author sauces.

There are sushi-days in “12 rooms” when a sushi-master comes to the restaurant to perform a cooking show or master-class. Also in the free club you can treat yourself to natural tea or coffee made by an experienced barista, and take part in a drink tasting or tea ceremony. You can bring your own food or even cook it yourself in the kitchen. No alcohol can be brought. Administrators can refuse to visit the cafe without giving any reason.

In “12 Rooms” quite democratic prices. The average cost of the check is 200 rubles, and the maximum is 700 rubles. Anticafe tariffs are “Single”, “Basic”, “Coffee” and “Tea”.

  1. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 19
  2. Phone: 923-70-96
  3. Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  4. Website:


Rating: 4.9


Second place is taken by the anticafe near the metro “Lesnaya. The design of the place is made in the Loft style. Tsokol has 2 chillout rooms where you can watch movies or play x-boxing. There is also a spacious room that can accommodate up to 5 companies (maximum 25 people). In the spacious room you can play Sony PlayStation or use virtual reality glasses.

Time club offers its own menu with burgers, nuggets or snacks. There is also a bar list with classic cocktails and a variety of spirits. Here you can get a non-smoked hookah and tea for a fixed price. It is possible to bring own alcohol, but on condition of a cork fee: for a bottle of wine it is necessary to pay 200 rubles, for beer – 50, and for cognac – 300 rubles.

Cafe rates: the first 60 minutes – 300 rubles, and then 3.5 rubles per minute. In “Tsokol” they do a 100% discount for the birthday boy, and for his guests – 15%.

  1. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Kantemirovskaya str. 27
  2. Phone: 910-23-59
  3. Opening hours: weekdays from 16:00 to 2:00, weekends from 16:00 to 4:00
  4. Site: /tsokolhookah


Rating: 4.8

Playloft GaGa

The third position of the rating is given to the anticafe “Playloft GaGa”. Time-club belongs to the network of game stores with the same name and here the visitors can play more than 1000 kinds of board games or pati-games. There are master-classes where everyone can learn any game.

Those who have visited “Playloft GaGa” note that there is a beautiful view from the roof. Also, the cafe has earned many positive reviews, because the price includes unlimited soft drinks (cocoa, tea, coffee) and snacks (cookies, corn flakes). It is not forbidden to take any alcohol with you. But with the condition that its strength will not exceed 17 degrees.

From time to time “Playloft GaGa” holds game championships, concerts and other events. For example, every year the anticafe takes part in an educational event of an international format “Total Dictant”. Thanks to it everyone can take a Russian language class and write a test dictation.

Rates vary from 2 to 2 depending on time of day.5 rubles per minute. There are discounts for large companies, birthday boys and students.

  1. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. 15/7 Malaya Morskaya Street
  2. Phone: 924-83-61
  3. Schedule: weekdays – 12:00-23:00, Fridays and weekends – 12:00-6:00.
  4. Website:


Rating: 4.7


Time Cafe Ziferburg occupies the fourth place in the rating. The interior resembles an old Leningrad apartment, with rarities, high ceilings and moldings. The creator of this anticfe is Ivan Mitin, who recently opened a similar institution in London.

In “Ziferburg” space is divided into 8 “houses. Boundaries marked on the floor with chalk. Each area is special. For example, next to the “lighthouse” those who want to enjoy solitude can place themselves, and near the “church” more often gather large companies. There is also a “river pier” and a cozy balcony with a beautiful view over the Summer Garden and the Fontanka.

Galician Hall plays relaxing background music and visitors are treated to free coffee or tea and cookies. The anti-café has its own library. You can take the unread book with you. For reciting Pushkin’s, Mayakovsky’s, Tsvetaeva’s, or Yesenin’s poems by heart, visitors get free minutes.

At the reception desk write down the time of arrival and for entourage give out the alarm clock. Price for 1 minute – 3 rubles. Children under 5 years are allowed to stay free of charge, and a child under 10 years of age gets a 50% discount. After 4 hours spent in the Anticafe the visitor can stay in the institution till the close of the doors for free.

  1. Address: St. Petersburg, Nab. 20, Fontanka River
  2. Phone: +7 (981) 180-70-22
  3. Opening hours: every day from 11:00 to 00:00
  4. Website: ziferburg.


Rating: 4.6


The fifth place in the rating is given to hookah club with a panoramic view over St. Petersburg. This is a bright spacious room with soft couches, panoramic windows, high ceilings, a beautiful fireplace. There’s always a friendly atmosphere and relaxing music.

Responsive and cheerful staff makes hookah for free and treats you to elite kinds of Chinese tea with sweets. For an extra price in the time club you can try a steam cocktail with a pleasant aroma that makes the atmosphere of anticafé even more cozy.

“There is a separate zone PS 4, where you can spend time with friends playing table games. The first hour of the visit costs 300 rubles. Follow-up fee – 3 rubles per minute per person.

  1. Address: St. Petersburg, l. 4/39v Kotovsky St. (5th floor)
  2. Phone: +7 812 967-70-65
  3. Opening hours: weekdays from 12:00 to 2:00, weekends from 12:00 to 6:00

Kazanskaya, 7

Rating: 4.5

Kazanskaya Street, 7

The sixth position of the rating is given to the art-space with the lounge zone in the style of the student’s building, game section and two-floor library. The salon is built according to the project of Giacomo Quarenghi, one of the best architects of Russian classicism of the end of XVII and the beginning of XIX centuries. So the art zone is located in a palace building with beautiful arches, columns and ceiling vaults.

The area of the institution is 1500 square meters. The salon is divided into 6 thematic zones. There is a fireplace lounge at 7 Kazanskaya Street where you can sit on a soft chair and taste over 20 kinds of tea or 22 kinds of coffee in three blends. There is a self-cost bar in the anticafe, where you can buy any item from the menu at cost price.

In the free space there are rooms for exhibitions, musical evenings or photo shoots. In the antique cafe is an antique grand piano, on which anyone can play. Also there are “lying cinema”, VR-attraction, areas with board games or Xbox, lounge-rooms and rooms for business meetings or work.

Visitors note that the rates at Kazanskaya, 7 are the cheapest. One minute of staying at the art spot costs 2 rubles. There is also a system of discounts and administrators you can buy a season ticket starting from 750 rubles for 1000 minutes.

  1. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Kazanskaya, 7A
  2. Phone: 941-73-53
  3. Opening hours: every day from 12:00 till 0:00, weekends from 12:00 till 6:00
  4. Website: k7.su


Rating: 4.4


The seventh place in our rating is located in the Northern part of St. Petersburg. The area of the place is 222 square meters. Capacity of the club – up to 100 people. In the collection of the institution there are a lot of topical board games. For fans of video battles there are consoles Sega, Xbox+kinect, Dendi, Sony Playstation One. There is also a cafe, library, co-working room, lecture hall and cinema hall.

For admirers of active games “Mechta Tut” has a separate room with a professional table equipped for tennis. And for visitors who can beat the star of the free club – the administrator So

    – make surprises.

    The rate for a minute of stay at the anticafe is 2 rubles per person. The price of a minimum check – 100 rubles, the maximum – 500 rubles, except for people who play Xbox. “DreamTout” gives its visitors the opportunity to take drinks and food with them. In the free zone you can rent equipment, halls, and book tables.

    1. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. There are a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants in Yesseniny st.1, k.1, pom. 87-n
    2. Phone: +7-911-755-64-78/
    3. Schedule: Tuesday through Thursday, including Sunday – from 14:00 to 23:00, Friday and Saturday – from 14:00 to 01:00
    4. Website:


    Rating: 4.3


    The eighth line of the rating is given to Freedom Anticafe, where you can drink unlimited amounts of cocoa, coffee or tea with fruit and cookies. And, you can bring your own food and drinks or order delivery.

    Advantages of “Freedom” – attentive staff, great hookah. Here you can watch movies, play a lot of board games such as chess or poker. And gamers can play more than 15 kinds of Sony Playstation.

    In art-space there is a hookah or a reading room, and also a photo wall. Freedom gives a special card to “Mafia” game lovers. In the salon there is pleasant music, air conditioning, soft poufs, a large plasma screen.

    There is a cork charge in the time cafe. So, for a bottle of low alcohol drink you have to pay 25 – rubles, medium alcohol – 100 rubles and strong alcohol – 150 rubles.

    1. Payment for 1 hour is 350 rubles. Then the minute costs 3 rubles.
    2. Address: St. Petersburg, prospect Energetikov, v. 26, 1st floor
    3. Phone: +7 (991) 487-42-62
    4. Working schedule: every day from 14:00 till 2:00


    Rating: 4.2


    The ninth place in our rating is taken by the art-cluster “Snyt”, created by Alexey Sergienko, an artist from St. Petersburg. The anti-café is located near the Palace Square. A special feature of the time-café – the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery of the “Holy places. The paintings depict monasteries and picturesque corners of Russia. The darling of the majority of visitors of the anticafe became the “daisy” photozone against which you get beautiful and lively photos. Also visitors often admire the “Abandoned paintings” project thanks to which old paintings get a second life.

    In Snity you can play a variety of musical instruments: harmonica, guitar, bjemba, piano, ukulele, balalaika… To create a cozy atmosphere the friendly staff of the antique cafe treats all the guests with snacks and hot tea.

    In the Snynth often conducts chamber concerts, fascinating lectures. Cyclists on Thursdays have the opportunity to have their vehicles repaired for free. The guests, dreaming to open their own cafe, try their own forces and for one day open their own establishment on the restaurant-veranda.

    1. Address: Moshkov per., 4,
    2. Phone: +7 812 570-13-14
    3. Opening hours: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
    4. Website: cafe-19658.business.site
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