8 best private kindergartens in Kazan

*Review of the best according to the opinion of the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before purchase it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Adaptation for a child is the most important task, on the successful solution of which depends the future of a little person. Kindergarten is the first step to socialization: there the baby gets socialization skills, learns to be friends and get out of conflict situations. That’s why parents approach the choice of preschool with the utmost seriousness, choosing the best option for their children.

Moms and dads usually rate a daycare center on several important criteria:

  1. safety and equipment of the premises;
  2. balance of power;
  3. variety of classes;
  4. development methods;
  5. The competence of the teaching staff.

Alas, public institutions often do not meet many of these criteria, and large lines, which make it difficult to get there, discourage many. Private kindergartens are a great alternative.

The Expertology editorial staff has prepared a rating and review, which includes 8 private kindergartens in Kazan worth looking at when deciding where to send your child to ensure his or her well-rounded and holistic development.

Rating of the best private kindergartens in Kazan

Rating of the best private kindergartens in Kazan1“Bala City.”5.0
  • c”
  • 4.9
    3“Ecosad Hi-gora”4.8
    5Nanny Marie Montessori Garden4.6
    8“Kangaroo School4.3

    “Bala City.”

    Rating: 5.0


    Popular multilingual education was the first to be offered through this network. Today, at each of the four campuses, children are taught, in addition to Tatar, Chinese, which is included in the compulsory program, English and Spanish as supplements. If parents wish, they may in the future send their children to the educational center and Cambridge International School of the same name.

    Besides foreign specialists, some of the best teachers, psychologists and speech therapists work here, many of them are winners of prestigious competitions.

    The developmental program includes in its entirety the subjects of the federal state educational standard. The day care center has only strengthened it by adding additional subjects and foreign languages. The learning process in groups is based on an integrated Russian-Cambridge program.

    Houses are worth to mention separately:

    Dubrava opened in 2015 and has fourteen groups for children ages two to seven. Infrastructure includes a sports and assembly hall, sand therapy room, sensomotor development room, as well as a salt room for halotherapy; art and music class. Children eat in groups. Each has its own bathroom, a walkway with a gazebo, and a bedroom.

    Prospect also operates since 2015, but includes only five groups for children from two to seven. Of distinction – fencing and cheerleading. Gym, auditorium, music room, and sensory-motor development room are available.

    Yeniki opened in 2013. Takes children from five to six years old. It is notable for spacious transformable rooms. Foreign languages are taught exclusively by native speakers.

    Bulak has been in operation since 2014. Includes five groups for children from two to seven. Fencing, kurai, additional classes such as hip-hop, etc. An assembly hall, gymnasium, classrooms, and canteen are available.

    Green City is the newest building, as it opened in 2020. Includes only three groups for children from two to five. Of infrastructure, a sports and assembly hall, well-appointed playgrounds, classrooms.

    Polingival groups cost 24k. rubles per month, plus catering costs of 5 thous.Cambridgeshire – 41,000. monthly, including meals.

    1. Address: Abubekira Teregulova, 18 (other addresses can be seen on the official website).
    2. Phone: +7 (843) 255-50-50; +7 (843) 225-70-75.
    3. Website: .

  • c”
  • Rating: 4.9

    mozaika-repub<li></div><p>c” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/62616666197201-158-.jpg” height=”439″ title=”Mosaic-repub</p><li>c”><p>Located in a private garden in the Emerald City apartment complex. In addition to children’s groups, workshops for parents and consultations by qualified psychologists are available. Two in the state – family and neuropsychologist. All kids are under their supervision, and parents can count on qualified help and support.</p><p>The facility has a fenced-in area, its own kitchen, and a video surveillance system. Here is a balanced five meals a day, allergostole, daily medical check-up. Groups contain no more than sixteen children. The staff includes professional teachers.</p><p>The first experience of learning the world allows the program “Razvitashki”, available for children from eight months. Here mom acts as an assistant, helping the child master such activities as music, sensory, motor, and others. The program consists of a complex of thematic classes: learning numbers and letters, logorhythmics, development of motor skills and speech. Classes are held once or twice a week.</p><p>A “mini-garden” format is available for kids who find it hard to stay without their moms, where gradual adaptation takes place. A pedagogue and psychologist will help you learn the first basic skills of self-care and independent work. Classes are held three times a week: children are left for just three hours. The cost ranges from 2 to 6 thousand dollars. rubles depending on the number of lessons.</p><p>Innovative educational programs like “Istoki”, “Inspiration” are implemented in nursery and kindergarten for children from 1.5 to 3 years old. Here they use author’s methods of upbringing and education: creative workshops, integrated activities, Montessori groups. The fee is 20 thousand Euros. monthly.</p><p>For older children, a primary Montessori school is available, which teaches according to the FSES with the obligatory inclusion of English and no homework. A short day will cost 15k. monthly, and a full tuition of 23,000. rubles.</p><ol><li>Address: 3 Salikh Batyeva Street.</li><li>Phone: +7 (843) 2-909-502; +7 (987) 296-01-42.</li><li>Website: mozaika-.</li></ol><h3>“Hi-Mountain Ecogarden</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Hi-Mountain Ecogarden

    One of the most popular private kindergartens in Kazan. The building has a room for toddlers on the first floor, and on the second floor – for kids from three. In addition, there are a variety of themed corners for independent learning (a laundry corner with an iron) and intellectual development: libraries, math and space areas. Special simulators are provided for children to learn how to tie shoelaces, zipper ties, weave pigtails, tighten nuts, and the like. In the cafe kids can make their own toast, pancakes, smoothies and squeeze juices.

    Montessori groups for children from three to six develop sensory and self-care skills, as well as reading, handwriting, physics, geography, anatomy, botany, astronomy, and other sciences. One of the features is that all items are available in one piece, which teaches the child patience. The previous baby has to clean up after himself, showing respect for the waiting.

    Children learn three languages: Russian, Tatar and English, music making, musical literacy, design, fine art. Much attention is paid to physical education: a half-hour yoga class in the morning, as well as volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, paddle, squash, for which all conditions are created in the fresh air in the courtyard. There children can also participate in quests, expeditions, and treasure hunts.

    The institution has a swimming pool, sports and music hall, workshop, cafe, medical office with a massage bed and UHF machine, bedrooms, classrooms.

    A premium private kindergarten, located a thirty-minute drive from the city, in a green area. True, it is one of the most expensive. To be in a regular group would have to pay about 40 thousand. For the VIPs it is 50,000 rubles.

    1. Address: 2, Zelenaya Street, 4.
    2. Phone: 8 (917) 397-93-93.
    3. Website: hi-.


    Rating: 4.7


    The founders of a private kindergarten have studied foreign and Russian examples to embody only the best in a preschool institution. Therefore, children feel at ease here, do not feel uncomfortable in anything, learn to communicate and develop.

    There are the following rooms in the building:

    1. Gymnasium, equipped with a choreographic and gymnastic wall, as well as soft modules;
    2. A cozy playroom with warm floors and lots of interesting games;
    3. A landscaped outdoor area with verandas and slides;
    4. own kitchen with necessary equipment;
    5. Comfortable restroom for children of all ages.

    Great attention is paid to the health of babies, so there are medics on staff, there is the necessary equipment, and there is know-how:

    1. massage room;
    2. a salt grotto for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases;
    3. phyto-bar, where vitamin oxygen cocktails are prepared.
    4. The methodology is based on the general education program “From birth to school” by Nikolai Veraksa, Doctor of Psychology. It is time-tested and used in many kindergartens across the country. Teachers finalized it to be suitable for all children, taking into account their skills and talents.

    When attending this preschool, the child will learn to:

    1. to read and write correctly, as well as speak beautifully;
    2. Tatar and English;
    3. solve simple math problems;
    4. dance, sing, or draw, depending on their interest in the particular activity.
    5. He or she will also be in good physical shape through physical education and will learn to be flexible and limber through choreography lessons.

    The kindergarten will also offer additional activities:

    1. Conducting experiments and experiments;
    2. logic;
    3. chess;
    4. climbing;
    5. “Skilful Hands” club.

    The price includes child care from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., including babysitting if the parents are late; territory protection and video surveillance system; five meals a day, daily medical examinations and disease prevention; visiting the playground during the walk; modern educational aids and equipment; educational games, as well as a creative workshop, gymnasium and music room.

    1. Address: Baki Urmanche, 1 A.
    2. Phone: +7(962) 558-08-17.
    3. Website: solnechniy-.

    Nanny Marie Montessori Garden

    Rating: 4.6

    Montessori kindergarten Nanny Marie

    Developmental activities in the kindergarten are based on the method of Maria Montessori, which is popular throughout the world, as it has proved its effectiveness.

    Groups are divided by age: the first group is designed for children from one to three years, and the second one for the older children – from three to seven years.

    Children in older groups have access to project activities that serve as a foundation for their child’s development. He acquires emotional intelligence, through it builds strong bonds with people and understands his own needs; learns to manage his freedom, take responsibility; begins to use a creative approach to problem solving and becomes goal-oriented. Project activities allow you to look at one topic from different angles. In addition to it, children are engaged in cooking, learning English, observing the nature in the park “Black Lake”, visiting exhibitions and museums.

    Babies find themselves in a comfortable space where all conditions are created for their development. The furniture and materials are appropriately chosen, which teaches independence and autonomy. In addition to individual games, they participate in common activities, acquire knowledge of how to act within the established rules and respect the work.

    The cost of classes varies:

    1. The short day lasts from eight to one hour. Price – from 15 to 18 thousand. rubles;
    2. Full, from eight in the morning to seven in the evening, will cost 20 to 24 thousand. rubles;
    3. Montessori classes cost from 5 to 6 thousand. rubles;
    4. groups with mom (“Nido”) for children from five months to one year will cost 6 thousand. rubles;
    5. Children’s workshop for children from three to six costs 6 thousand. rubles.
    6. Address: Dzerzhinskogo, 5 and Aydarova, 6.
    7. Phone: +7 (903) 305-47-47; +7 (843) 253-47-47.
    8. Website: nanny-mari.rf.


    Rating: 4.5


    Private kindergarten opened in 2013. Over the years we have gained tremendous experience and formed a professional, friendly team of professionals who love children and understand the responsibility of their work.

    Tiny” is preferred for the following reasons:

    1. small groups that allow the teachers to give every child the attention he or she deserves;
    2. Experienced staff of qualified professionals;
    3. Holding group and individual classes that allow everyone to maximize their mental and creative potential;
    4. Five meals a day and a carefully designed menu, including a separate table for allergies;
    5. security ensured by the closed format, modern fire safety system and round-the-clock security of the premises;
    6. Children are examined daily by a paediatrician to check their condition and to ensure that they are on sick leave;
    7. Air purification, quarts, ionization, and ventilation modes to prevent colds and respiratory diseases.

    Children from two to four years old are welcome. There are several stay modes, so each family will find something for themselves:

    1. full day;
    2. short day;
    3. day groups;
    4. hourly stay.

    Each class is taught according to a special program designed for children from two to four. They take place in the form of play and alternate with the main activities.

    The basic package includes care and supervision of the child from seven in the morning until seven in the evening, daily examination by the pediatrician, a nap during the day, walks, five meals a day, supervised activities and music lessons.

    A full-day group will cost 13 thousand. monthly. The amount may be recalculated, but only the cost of meals will be excluded if the child was absent for a valid reason, such as illness, but this requires a doctor’s note.

    1. Address: Kasimov Brothers 6A.
    2. Phone: +7 (987) 290-90-67; +7 (909) 308-15-21.
    3. Website: kpoxa-.


    Rating: 4.4

    The Globe

    Private preschool creates the conditions for physical, moral and emotional development of children, taking into account individual characteristics. It accepts kids of different ages, so the learning station includes:

    1. Montessori kindergarten for children from the age of one and a half;
    2. Classes during the seasonal vacations for children from six to twelve;
    3. “Stages of a Happy Childhood”, consisting of three programs: classes for toddlers from one to three, developmental techniques for children from three to five;
    4. Pre-school classes for children ages five and up:
    5. Online course “At home with the globe;
    6. Consultations with a speech therapist and a psychologist.

    Of the advantages we will note:

    1. Membership in the Interregional Montessori Association
    2. availability of state licenses;
    3. Compliance with the requirements of SanPin;
    4. Conformity with the FSES;
    5. area in 3 thousand. squares;
    6. availability of a medical office;
    7. Psychological counseling for children and their parents;
    8. downtown location;
    9. Daily reports on educational results;
    10. the individual trajectory of the child’s development;
    11. up-to-date personalized information about each child;
    12. Balanced five meals a day;
    13. consultations and lessons with a speech therapist;
    14. additional education studios are already included in the cost of kindergarten.

    The kindergarten divides children according to their age: the younger groups accept kids from three and a half to three years, the older ones – from three to six. Classes are held in a specially equipped environment, divided into zones.

    The facility teaches English twice a week, math, science, and sensory and speech development, art classes, fitness classes twice a week, and choreography once a week. In addition, free play activities take place under the supervision of a psychologist. Literature Club and Cooking Classes are also available. There are developmental areas for practical exercises, where children learn to tie their shoelaces, clean up after themselves, dress themselves, etc. d. The price for the class is 25 thousand rubles. rubles per month.

    1. Address: Baumana 7/10.
    2. Phone: +7 (965) 589-11-27; +7 (843) 249-00-53.
    3. Website: .

    “Kangaroo School

    Rating: 4.3

    Kangaroo School

    Over the years, the agency has proven its ability to be a socially responsible business in the field of further education. Teachers and specialists train every year with the authors of the programs and pass on their experience to others. In addition, specialists study and integrate the experience of foreign colleagues into the educational process, in contact with teachers from Greece, Switzerland, Germany, and Finland.

    Graduates of the day care center graduate from prestigious schools, showing themselves as confident and creative individuals. According to the teachers, they are distinguished by openness in communication, independent thinking, willingness to learn. The facility also caters for children with intellectual disabilities, which helps them socialize with regular children, feel that they are a part of society and not just a black sheep.

    One of the advantages is education based on the best Russian methods. There is a compulsory author’s control. In-person and extramural teacher consultations, analysis of video lessons, introductory and in-depth seminars, school-based master classes, development and testing of diagnostic materials are held.

    Private kindergarten is designed for children from one and a half to seven years old. One of the buildings is located in a pine forest, where children can breathe the fresh air, away from roads and cars. The indoor microclimate is comfortable, the temperature ranges from 22 to 24 degrees, playrooms are spacious and equipped with warm floors, as well as bactericidal lamps and humidifiers.

    Five meals a day. Nutritionists write the program. Food is natural, fresh, and diverse. There is a separate table for people with allergies.

    Infrastructure includes educational classrooms, sports and music room, sensory room, art studio. All this is necessary for playful developmental activities.

    Thanks to professional psychologists, the kindergarten has created a favorable atmosphere, the atmosphere of trust, love and understanding. Help is provided not only for the baby, but also for the parents, helping them to make contact and solve problems if necessary.

    A medical worker on a daily basis monitors the health and condition of the children, the observance of the humidity regime and airing, and the quality of prepared meals.

    1. Address: 1A, Verbnaia Street.
    2. Phone: 8 (843) 245-67-95.
    3. Website: .
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