8 best neighborhoods to live in Tyumen

*Editor’s Choice Rating. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. You should consult with a specialist before buying.

Choosing a place to live, Tyumen citizens pay attention not only to apartment arrangement and its cost. Of particular importance is the neighborhood where you plan to live. Our rating will help to decide where to move. Here we share expert advice and the latest data on real estate in Tyumen.

The best districts of Tyumen for living

Tyumen is divided into 4 administrative districts. We will talk about them in the first category of the rating.

The best neighborhoods in Tyumen for living1Leninsky5.0
The best neighborhoods to live in Tyumen1Defense House5.0
2Tyumenskaya Sloboda4.9


Rating: 5.0

We gave the first place of the rating to the Leninsky district of Tyumen. Its main advantage is the availability of new residential complexes with original design projects for an adequate price. There is an apartment for every family budget. The area is considered calm and safe. In terms of criminogenic it is quite favorable.

Young families prefer to settle in new brick buildings with monolithic structure. These include Residential Complexes “Prostorny”, “Respublika”, “Slavutich”. The houses are very warm and comfortable for living. It is a pity that there are not enough park places in the yards, and not all road accesses are equally convenient. As for the old 5-story buildings, a large family will be cramped in the apartment. The reason is a small kitchen and a combined bathroom.

Among the advantages of the Leninsky district of Tyumen we mentioned a developed network of medical and educational institutions, a good condition of yards, parks and squares, an abundance of green areas. The cost of 1 sq. m. – 77064 rub.


Rating: 4.9

Listening to the opinion of the residents of Tyuleni we gave Central district an honorable second place in the rating. It is suitable for comfortable living and is the cultural center of the city. It’s better to settle here for someone who is definitely ready for noise and turmoil, loud music during mass parties. Excellent infrastructure in the Central district. On its territory there are office buildings, business centers.

The area is characterized by a high density of buildings. The historical center is famous for elite apartments and business class new buildings. Among the new buildings are popular complexes “Newton”, “River Port”, “European Quarter”, “Aristocrat”, “Tikhaya Pristan”, “Aria. One has to take into account that there are traffic jams in the area, and the large number of cars badly spoils the ecology.

Prices for secondary and new construction is not affordable to everyone. The cost per 1 sq. m. Leaves 82365 rubles.


Rating: 4.8

The next participant of the rating was announced the most developed in respect of infrastructure. Everything necessary for comfortable living is available here. The Kalininsky district is famous for a large proportion of new buildings with a modern layout. Excellent transport system. True, buses don’t always run on time. The area is a major transportation hub – 2 airports, Tyumen Railway Station.

Kalininsky district is chosen for its acceptable quality of roads, yards with fenced playgrounds for children and sports activities. The environment in the area is favorable. Within the area of Kalininsky District there is a park “Zatyumensky”, well maintained public gardens “Juristov”, “Aviatorov”, “Yunosti”.

Judging by the reviews the charges for public utilities are very high, and the work of the housing and utilities services leaves much to be desired. On the whole the area is quiet and comfortable. The price of 1 sq. m. The Central District apartment rent amounts to 76378 rubles.


Rating: 4.7

New buildings with modern facades and original interior design make the Vostochnyi district attractive for living. Apartments feature all communications and even security systems. The real estate market offers different housing options, including apartments-studios. Availability of free parking spaces, absence of traffic jams on the roads.

East district has well developed social infrastructure. Over 30 entertainment centers, 3 cinemas, 2 libraries.

The main disadvantage – the bad ecological situation. There are industrial zones on the territory of the district, which emit unpleasant smell. The wind carries the stench from the working enterprises. In our opinion, the East district has good potential for housing development and deserves to be on the top list. The price of housing for 1 sq.m. – 790134 rub.

The best neighborhoods to live in Tyumen

Residential areas are divided into neighborhoods. The best of them are presented in the second nomination.

House of Defense

Rating: 5.0

Defense House is a neighborhood bordering the historic part and adjacent to the bank of the Tura River. Earlier it was called a military settlement because of the presence of military infantry schools during World War II. Today there are modern housing estates, low-rise buildings from the Soviet times, the private sector.

This is one of the few neighborhoods of Tyumen, where there is practically no traffic jams. To the center of the city, the airport and the railway station it takes 5 minutes. That is why the House of Defense is comfortable for permanent residence.

The atmosphere here is calm and quiet. There are many green areas, including the popular “Zatyumensky” park, where people relax and do sports.

The choice of new buildings here is not as great as, for example, in the city center. Neighborhoods under construction include “Zhukov”, “Olympia”, “Champion”, and “Watercolor”. Pros – well developed infrastructure, accessibility of transport, reasonable cost of living.

Tyumenskaya Sloboda

Rating: 4.9

The young and actively developing microdistrict of Tyumen, located between Moskovskiy trakt, Zakaluzhskaya Street and Komarovo settlements, continues the rating. Competent plan allowed the successful design of the territory and to provide maximum comfort for living. Tyumenskaya Sloboda is one of the leaders in terms of the number of apartment complexes that are under construction.

One can get to any point of the city from here. Though there are not many route buses, but the way by car takes not more than 20 minutes.

There is a kindergarten, a municipal polyclinic, a gymnasium, a large shopping center in Tyumenskaya Sloboda. We found information that the city administration jointly with developers plans to provide residents of the neighborhood with all necessary infrastructure. According to the program of Tyumenskaya Sloboda development by 2025 over 35000 people will live here.

The strength of the neighborhood is its favorable environment. The area is a wooded area, as well as walking paths. Everything is available here for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. In our opinion, the neighborhood is quite promising. If now there aren’t enough schools and kindergartens, in a couple of years this question will be solved.


Rating: 4.8

The next participant of the rating is a modern complex of residential developments located within the boundaries of Permyakov, Shirotnaya, Fedyuninskogo streets. There are almost no administrative buildings. The social-cultural and welfare facilities are located mainly on the first floors of the houses. There are plenty of stores with food and industrial goods in Tyumen district.

The area is actively being built. In the neighborhood opened Polyclinic № 17, fee-based medical facilities, several dental centers, opticians, pharmacies. There are gyms and recreation centers.

There is a comfortable climate in Tyumen district. Here you can feel comfortable and free. It takes 10 minutes by car to get to the city center, and 30 minutes by bus.


Rating: 4.7

The last place in the rating is Plekhanovo neighborhood. It is located on Moskovsky Trakt and has recently grown significantly. This place is known for its good ecology and affordable housing. It is known for colorful houses painted in the colors of the Russian flag. There are several shopping centers and grocery stores concentrated in the neighborhood. In close proximity are kindergartens and schools, a clinic.

Residents of Plekhanovo residential complex are satisfied with cozy and large apartments with a successful layout, availability of free parking spaces, well-maintained territory. They complain about poor noise isolation and high utility bills.

In the evening and during rush hour it is quite difficult to get away from here by public transport. We think Plekhanovo is clearly lacking in public gardens and a recreation park. We hope that in the near future there will be new landscaped and landscaped areas.

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