7 the best self-service car washes in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Ask a specialist before buying.

In recent years there has been an active displacement of conventional carwash complexes by more economical options, which involve the use of high-tech equipment. These are self-service centers where car owners foam, high-pressure water wash, rinse and dry without the help of employees.

There are several hundred such complexes in Moscow. Some offer bargain prices, others lure customers with nightly discounts and free additional services. Our rating includes the best self-service car washes in the capital. There are 7 of them in total.

The best self-service car washes in Moscow

The best self-service car washes in Moscow15 minutes5.0
2Wash for yourself in comfort4.9
3My Sam4.8
5Aqua Alliance4.6
7Wash Yourself with Moustache4.4

5 minutes

Rating: 5.0

5 minutes

The first company in the rating offers Moscow residents the perfect combination of price and quality of service. A car can be washed here for 100 rubles. Price for 1 minute – 20 rubles. No problems with self-service. The water pressure is always powerful and the foam is thick. There is plenty of room to work in the spacious cubicles.

There are lines in the center, but not very long. You will not have to wait long. You can pay in cash or by bank card. The procedure can be stopped at any moment.

The reviews are positive. The car wash complex has a lot of regular customers. Convenient guns and hand basins are praised. Pleased to have a wipe-down area with a vacuum cleaner. Address: Moscow, ul. Tashkentskaya str. 28, 7.

Wash for yourself in comfort

Rating: 4.9

On the second position is a self-service car wash, which has a heated box. Our experts appreciate the comfortable and spacious area. Additional pluses – handy gun, free use of vacuum cleaner, active foam. The complex has a total of three boxes.

You can’t avoid lines here. In general, the wait will not take long. Prices in the complex are not high. The employees are polite and friendly. Self-service car wash is easy to use. The car wash is conveniently located near the Third Transport Ring Road. According to the reviews the foam cleans any dirt. Address: Moscow, Ermakova Roscha, d. 7Ac1.

My Self

Rating: 4.8

My Self

The self-service touchless car wash Wash Yourself is equipped with modern, functional equipment. You can effectively remove dust and dirt from the car by applying professional liquids. Special wax allows you to achieve a mirror shine on the surface of the body. The salon can be cleaned with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

There are several “My Sam” centers in Moscow. Their addresses are listed on the company’s website. On the Internet portal you can also calculate the exact cost of the service, indicating the type of car, intensity and functions of washing.

In the center of “Moi Sam” there are guns with a pump that supplies liquid under pressure up to 150 bar. Demineralizer is used for water filtration. You can pay in cash and tokens. Bank cards are not accepted. We have special promotions for our customers. Free hot line. The average price is 150-200 rubles. Address: Moscow, 1st Dorozhny Prospect., 1b.


Rating: 4.7

One of the most popular self-service car washes in Moscow is a complex MoyAvtoSam.There are almost always queues. Car owners choose this place for the ability to pay by card, the availability of vacuum cleaner and hand-washing sink, easy access, good quality foam and excellent water pressure. The detergent is great at dissolving the dirt, and the car looks great.

You can wash your car for 100-200 rubles. If you spend more time, you have to pay about 250-300 rubles. There is a special button that stops the process. The only drawback is the poor lighting.

The complex has friendly and helpful staff. They are always ready to help and advise customers. We advise you to visit “MoyAVTOSAM” in the daytime not to wait your turn. Address: Moscow, Avtodor Ave. 607, 20s3.

Aqua Alliance

Rating: 4.6

Aqua Alliance

Aqua Alliance self-service car wash continues the rating, offering good service for quite reasonable money. Complex with a standard set of services is equipped with high-quality equipment. Among the advantages note the large indoor boxes, good guns. Ten minutes of use of a vacuum cleaner costs 50 rubles. During this time, you can clean up well in a car showroom.

Some customers complain about the poor quality of the foam. It leaves streaks after use. Using your own chemicals in self-service center is forbidden. Because of the weak water pressure the speed of washing is reduced, and this increases the final price for the procedure. Tokens are used here instead of money. It is not always convenient. Address: Moscow, “Auto alliance” gas station, vl2.


Rating: 4.5


The main difference with the MagiClean is that the driver pays 50 % of the fee at night. The self-service car wash network is a favourite of many customers. There is always cold and hot water, wax, handy machine with clear controls, where you set the rhythm of the wash and pay for it. Price for 5 minutes is 100 rubles. Dry cleaning is open in summer. Operators are always helpful to visitors who come to MagiClean for the first time.

Feedback suggests that shampoo sometimes leaves a messy buildup after use. The power of the vacuum cleaner is comparable to a car cigarette lighter. We recommend MagiClean self-service center to the owners of crossovers and SUVs. Washing large cars in Moscow costs about 500 rubles. You can save a lot of money with this package. Address: Moscow region, Podrezkovo, ul. Schoolnaya, uch. 3a.

Wash with your own mustache

Rating: 4.4

Wash with your whiskers

In last place is a complex “Wash yourselves with moustaches”.It is chosen for thick shampoo, good water pressure, reasonable prices. Foam removes dirt beautifully. Pleasant staff will always help you to change cash for payment and advise how to use the equipment properly. The pressure in the gun is so high that it is difficult to hold it with one hand.

Clients usually make it up to 150-170 rubles. Owners of big cars don’t benefit from the service here. The total amount reaches up to 450 rubles. In the next complex transport will be washed by specialists for 500 rubles. The disadvantages are the inability to pay by card and the unfortunate exit-entry into the box. Only sensors and cameras will save the drivers of large cars. Address: Moscow, Michurinskiy pr., at. 22a.

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