7 best online battery stores

*Review of the best ones, according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, and is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult with a specialist before purchase.

Batteries in cars are recommended to be replaced every 3-5 years. Because of chemical reactions this part will wear out and by the end of its life may give less current than the machine needs. And extremely worn batteries can even have an internal short circuit.

But sometimes a new battery is even lower quality than an old and worn out one. There are fakes on the market of such components. To protect yourself from them we recommend to buy batteries from trusted online stores.

So we have compiled the top 7 best online battery stores, each of which is tested and reliable.

Rating of the best online battery stores

Ranking the best online battery stores1Akbmag5.0
2“Wheels for Free4.9


Rating: 5.0


Akbmag is a network of Russian battery stores, which specializes in such components. Assortment includes more than 750 models, including rare and unusual. The store has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 according to Yandex.Market” and adequate pricing policy.

The main advantage of Akbmag is not only a wide range of products, but also a convenient system for choosing the right battery. For example, simply specify the make and configuration of your car on the site – and the online store will show compatible models. The segment of inexpensive and Russian batteries deserves a separate mention – especially for those who want to save money when replacing components.

Also in the online store there are battery chargers and battery chargers, terminals and adapters, motor oil, “antifreeze,” motorcycle batteries and boat engines. And thanks to the loyalty program you can save when buying spare parts.

Akbmag has pickup points and offline stores in nine major Russian cities. If you live in the region you can have your battery shipped by transport company PEC. However, the installation service is only available to people in cities with offline stores. If you order with delivery by “PEC”, the battery has to be assembled by yourself.

“Kolesa Darom

Rating: 4.9

“Kolesa Darom, as the name suggests, is an online store of tires. Nevertheless, in its range of batteries. The catalog is not as extensive as at the previous Internet store in a rating, and includes only about 250 models, but “Kolesa Darom” has a very important advantage.

It lies in the fact that there are Kolesa Darom offline stores in almost all major Russian cities. Only a few dozen tire centers. The battery ordered in the Internet-shop can be received at the nearest online store, where it is delivered faster than by transport companies.

The battery can be selected by parameters. You can specify the required capacity, voltage, starting current, polarity, and other characteristics. The range includes batteries from Russia and foreign representatives, and some of the best. For example, a considerable part of the catalog is occupied by Inci Aku, Exide, Energizer, and Bosch models.

Store “Wheels for free” disadvantage is a small range of batteries with discounts. Promotions are not held very often. So you can periodically check the site in anticipation of a sale.

But the online store “Wheels for free” has the ability to make an individual order – if in the catalog will not be presented model of the battery you are interested.

Rating: 4.8

– it is an Internet-shop of car spare parts, accessories and components. It also has a range of batteries. The catalog includes about 500 models of parts. Most of it is occupied by batteries for cars, but there are also models for motorcycles, scooters, trucks and special equipment.

We have a convenient system for choosing the right accessories. You will need to specify car brand, model and configuration, and then the site will show you what batteries for this vehicle are available. It will help first-time owners.

We also have a feature selection. You can specify the desired capacity, voltage, starting current, terminal type, and other parameters (for example, the presence of an indicator). Most of the catalog is occupied by foreign-made batteries, but Russian batteries are also available.

Offers a wide range of delivery options. The battery can be delivered by transport companies “PEC”, “SDEK”, Boxberry and Pickpoint. Nevertheless, delivery is always paid, and its cost depends on the remoteness of the region and the size of the order. There are also pickup points, but they are located in Moscow and Moscow region.

Qualified consulting service is an important advantage. Contact a specialist who will help you choose a battery for the car, you can directly via WhatsApp.


Rating: 4.7


“AvtoRus” is also an online store of spare parts, the range of which includes batteries. Most of the catalog is represented by components for passenger cars. Also a considerable part of the assortment are the batteries made in Russia – they are cheaper than their imported analogues, but have similar technical and operational features.

There are two ways to select the right battery. The first – automatic. It is enough to specify the brand, model and modification of the car, and the site “AvtoRus” will independently demonstrate, which accumulators will be suitable for your vehicle. The second method of selection is manual, by characteristics. The options available include rated voltage, battery type, starting current value, dimensions, and parameters unique to this online store:

  1. The presence or absence of Start-Stop;
  2. Service option;
  3. Whether the battery is dry-charged or not.

Orders are delivered by transportation companies. If the cost of the battery is less than 1000 rubles, you have to pay 299 rubles plus shipping company services to bring it to the terminal. If your order is more than 1 thousand rubles, the delivery to the terminal will be at AvtoRus’ expense. However, the services of a transportation company will also need to pay. Self-delivery is free, but there are offline stores only in Moscow.


Rating: 4.6


AKB is one of the largest online stores of rechargeable batteries: its catalog includes several dozens of producers and series. In this case, there are both Russian and foreign companies, including – directly to the car.

However, AKB specializes not only in selling batteries. In the offline stores provide services for batteries. For example, professional charging, installation, testing of the generator, installation of a substitute battery and so on. Unfortunately, there are offline stores only in Moscow and some cities of Moscow region.

AKB website boasts a convenient technology for choosing the right battery. Here are four interactive wizards:

  1. According to the make and modification of the car;
  2. According to the required characteristics;
  3. By brand and modification of the motorcycle or other two-wheeled equipment;
  4. By type of UPS (yes, there are batteries for uninterruptible power systems.

You can also order a call to a specialist and he will pick up the battery on the phone.

The delivery of accumulators across Russia is made by the transport company “PEC”. However, if you do not have it in your city – you can order the delivery of the other. However, the service of sending an individually selected transportation company is paid.


Rating: 4.5


There are about thousand models of accumulators in AKBAVTO’s assortment, including such, that are not found or represented in very limited quantity in other e-shops. For example, the stock batteries directly from the manufacturer of the car or gel configuration, which are characterized by an incredibly long service life (up to 7-10 years).

Just like the majority of competitors AKBAvto has a convenient system for choosing batteries – by characteristics, make of car or motorcycle. Also, the online store often conducts promotions – such as free delivery in Moscow and the region on the day of the order or gifts when you buy.

AKBAvto” delivers in Moscow and Moscow region by its own courier service. And in Russia – by transport companies. Unfortunately, their selection is quite limited. So, delivery in regions is made by transport companies “PEC” and “Zheldorexpeditsiya”.


Rating: 4.4

“Cathode is not just an online battery store. It is also one of the oldest distributors of batteries in the Russian market. In addition, it has its own brand – the company produces batteries under the brand name “Katod Extra Start.

The range of products in the online store includes several hundred items, but quite a small number of brands. Most of the catalog is the products of foreign manufacturers. Moreover “Katod” offers more models of Bosch, Energizer, Atlas and Varta batteries than other online stores in the rating. The prices are adequate and market oriented.

However, “Katod” has a disadvantage. The discount for old batteries is much lower than that of competitors. If the majority of online stores in the rating buy batteries at a price of 500 to 2500 rubles, the “Katod” – from 200 to 1000 rubles.

In addition, a significant disadvantage is that the delivery to the regions of Russia (and offline stores “Katod” are in Moscow and St. Petersburg) is by prior arrangement. It is not as convenient as competitors. But “Katod” offers a lot of unique models.

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