7 best neighborhoods for living in Stavropol

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to buying. Consultation with an expert is necessary before buying.

Stavropol is a big city with an unusual administrative division. It is divided into three districts with a large number of neighborhoods. Our experts figured out which of them are the most comfortable in terms of living.

The best districts of Stavropol

The best neighborhoods in Stavropol1Industrial5.0
The best neighborhoods of Stavropol1Southwest5.0

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Rating: 5.0

The neighborhood is divided into 15 neighborhoods. From the disadvantages residents allocate unfavorable environmental conditions, in particular polluted air, which is explained by the large number of industrial enterprises located nearby.

However, many people believe that the Industrial area is one of the best places to live. The reason for this is the large amount of greenery and developed infrastructure. In the area there are many kindergartens, educational institutions, stores and medical centers. For this reason we recommend it for families with children. In addition, the Industrial area will be convenient for those who want to find a job close to home.

But the cost of housing is also worth considering. It is high here in spite of the environmental problems. The cost per square meter can vary around 54,000 rubles. The apartment district has a lot of new buildings, it is still actively built up, and therefore the choice of living space here is huge.


Rating: 4.9

Oktyabrsky is subdivided into 6 neighborhoods covering the center and the northeast of Stavropol. Most people prefer this place because of the low housing prices. The cost per square meter ranges from 45500 rubles. The amount applies not only to apartment buildings, but also to the private sector.

Local residents praise the infrastructure: the area has universities, schools, kindergartens, stores, medical facilities, and entertainment venues such as museums and cinemas. At the same time in the area there are forest areas, the streets are fairly clean and well lit at night.

Among the disadvantages of Oktyabrsky is the lack of public transportation in some neighborhoods and the location of industrial enterprises on its territory. But the last disadvantage is made up for with lots of greenery, which provides clean air.


Rating: 4.8

The district is considered the greenest in the city, it is divided into 11 neighborhoods and is located in the southeast part of Stavropol. It is on its territory that the authorities and federal institutions are located. The public transport infrastructure here is good, with everything necessary nearby, including a variety of stores and theaters. This is especially true for children’s education: the district has a large number of educational institutions that are suitable for both preschoolers and students.

There are no large industrial enterprises in Leninsky district, which provides a good environmental situation, which is reinforced by a large number of green spaces, alleys and parks. On the plus side is good transport accessibility and the private sector, which is located near the forest.

But there are disadvantages. For example, there is poor road conditions at a distance from the central area, and most of the older homes need major repairs. The housing price here is also high: 53,000 rubles per square meter.

Best neighborhoods of Stavropol

There are a lot of neighborhoods in the city. Some of them are not popular at all in terms of housing, in others, on the contrary, locals are particularly eager to move into. Here are the most comfortable neighborhoods to live in, taking into account all relevant criteria.


Rating: 5.0

At first the area was considered unsightly, but it is rapidly expanding, making it the second largest center of the city. There is an active construction that allows you to buy housing at an affordable price – an average of 50,000 rubles per square meter. The private sector is also developed here, there is even a prestigious cottage settlement.

Together with newly built buildings in the South-Western district there is a developed infrastructure: there are private and public kindergartens, schools, a lot of shopping centers, sport clubs, private medical institutions.

If we talk about the environmental situation, it is not bad, which can be explained by the proximity of the forest. However, traffic congestion somewhat spoils it.


Rating: 4.9

It is a popular residential neighborhood, where one can find both luxurious apartments situated in a wooded area and business-class brick houses, as well as affordable new buildings – on average, a square meter costs around 55000 rubles. There are also modern complexes, equipped with a system of smart home.

Despite the small size of the area Botanika has a well developed infrastructure: there is a shopping center, cafes, parking, a summer swimming pool, a skaladrom and hairdressing salons. At the same time there are schools and kindergartens within walking distance of the house. This area is especially suitable for people who lead an active life, because in the neighborhood there are biking trails and sports centers.

Besides there is a favorable ecological situation, caused by the presence of forests on the territory of Botanica.


Rating: 4.8

The Center is the most prestigious district of Stavropol, because all the best that the city has is located here. There are a lot of markets, stores, medical, cultural and entertainment facilities, and educational institutions for children of different ages, including high schools and colleges. The administrative buildings, the railway station and the bus station are also located here.

At the same time, residents note the good environmental situation. There are a lot of parks around the Center. Not far is located Taman forest, Komsomolsky pond, suitable for recreation in the summer, as well as there is a large amount of green space.

However, the cost of housing here is quite high, especially compared to the cost in other areas of the city. So, a square meter costs on average about 65000 rubles.


Rating: 4.7

The North-Western neighborhood can be categorized as relatively young and comfortable to live in. The cost of housing is not high, in comparison with other participants in our rating – on average, 45000 rubles per square meter. The choice of apartments is huge – this applies to both new construction and older homes.

Despite the fact that this is a bedroom community, the infrastructure is well developed. In the courtyards there are schools, nearby you can find stores, supermarkets, medical facilities and child development centers – everything you need is literally within walking distance. At the same time the environmental situation is also not behind, which can be explained by the absence of large-scale industrial enterprises in the North-West microdistrict.

But it will be difficult to find a job close to home, as it is a residential neighborhood. Nevertheless, these difficulties are compensated by low housing prices.


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