7 best law schools in Moscow

One of the most in-demand professions in our country is a lawyer. To get a degree in this specialty in Moscow, it is necessary to choose a good university with experienced teachers and high-quality educational programs. We ranked the best law universities in the capital, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose a law school

There are more than 70 law institutes and faculties in the capital. Not all give the same quality of education. When choosing a higher education institution, it is worth considering the following nuances:

Law specialty includes forensics, jurisprudence, law enforcement, and national security.

Budgetary places in higher educational institutions are not so much.

To start working in this specialty, it is enough to get a bachelor’s degree. Postgraduate and doctoral studies are necessary for students who plan to find themselves in teaching and research fields. The Master degree gives the opportunity to apply for a good position in the public service.

There are several forms of training:

  1. full-time (the most popular and complete);
  2. Correspondence (suitable for those who work, the period of study increases by 1 or 1.5 years);
  3. Distance (lectures are conducted through the Internet).

If in doubt, you should consult your friends, read the reviews on the Internet, or discuss the quality of education of universities with someone who works in the field of law. It is important to learn about all the pitfalls, upcoming exams, the presence of a military department and creative circles.

The main parameters of selection remain the money possibilities of students and the desired field in which they plan to make a career. The rating of the best law schools will help to save time on searching.

Rating of the best law schools in Moscow

Rating of the best law schools in Moscow1Faculty of Law at Lomonosov Moscow State University5.0
2Moscow State Law Academy named after O.e. Kutafin University4.9
3Russian Academy of Justice4.8
4All-Russian State University of Justice4.7
5Russian Peoples’ Friendship University4.6
7Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation4.4

Faculty of Law, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Rating of Higher Education Institution (Moscow): 5.0

On the first place of the rating is the most prestigious university of Moscow, which allows to get a good education and work immediately after graduation. MSU actively cooperates with many employers, including crime committees and private companies. The university offers various areas of study: administrative, environmental, and civil law.

There is an interethnic program taking place in Western Europe. Disciplines are taught in three languages (Russian, French, English). All applicants can be accommodated in the dormitory, but you have to wait for a few months. Average price for 12 months is 330000 rubles.


  • A prestigious, world-renowned university;
  • well-developed infrastructure;
  • A solid diploma at the end of the program;
  • Highly qualified faculty;
  • active cooperation with labor contracting organizations.


  • Few places available.

Moscow State Law Academy named after O. V. Lomonosov.e. Kutafin University

Rating of Higher Education Institution (Moscow): 4.9


In second place in the ranking is the largest university, with a history of about 80 years. The academy employs experienced teachers and lawyers practicing in various fields. It is possible to continue training even after the bachelor’s degree. seminars and conferences are constantly held here for all students.

The Moscow State Academy of Justice cooperates with foreign institutions of higher education in Europe. Law Academy diplomas are highly valued by all employers. The institution prides itself on a rich curriculum, modern equipment. It is possible to get a scholarship. Sometimes there is not enough space in the dormitory. A year of full-time education costs about 200000 roubles. Address: Sadovo-Kudrinskaya, 9. Phone: 7800-555-79-17.


  • A solid reputation;
  • Demand for the diploma;
  • frequent seminars and conferences;
  • a busy program of study;
  • The latest equipment in the classrooms;
  • reasonable prices (in comparison with other participants of the rating).


  • Not enough places in the dormitory;
  • few opportunities for creativity and sports.

The Russian Academy of Justice

Rating of the university (Moscow): 4.8


Strong training programs and internships in other countries – all this is the Russian Academy of Justice. The university graduates the best specialists in the field of judiciary. There are such programs as copyright protection, administrative litigation, and corporate law. The RAP is famous for its faculty, most of whom are prosecutors, lawyers, and retired judges.

There is a military department at the Academy, which has a complicated selection process. Every student is entitled to up-to-date study sources, electronic library. I am pleased with a tasty canteen with reasonable prices and the convenient location of the university. It is situated in five minutes from the station “Novie Cheremushki”. Address: 69 Novocheremushkinskaya Street. Phone: 7495-332-53-33.

Advantages of

  • Easy to get to from any point of the city;
  • international internships;
  • Solid experience of the teachers;
  • Excellent training programs;
  • Military department.


  • The building and the auditorium need renovation.

All-Russian State University of Justice

University Rating (Moscow): 4.7


The next participant of the rating is the university that has over 40 thousand students in different forms of education, including distance learning. You can get a law degree here at any age. The main distinction of the university is its research center and three dissertation councils.

A legal clinic has been created at the institution to provide assistance to ordinary citizens. Students work there under the guidance of teachers. The reviews of the All-Union State University of Justice are ambiguous, as of any other university. A big plus of the school is a strong criminal law specialization. Civil law is inferior in quality to MSU. Address: 10A, Bolshoy Karetny pereulok. Phone: 7495-650-77-44.


  • There is a scientific research center;
  • Three dissertation councils;
  • strong criminal specialization;
  • Law clinic.


  • weakness – civil law.

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Rating of Higher Education Institution (Moscow): 4.6


Russia’s most multidisciplinary and international university continues to rank. Several legal specializations, programs in English and Russian are available here. People from all over the country come here to receive an education in “International Protection of Rights”, “Prosecutor’s Supervision”, “Judicial Power” and other areas. The university is chosen by those who, along with their studies, want to be involved in sports and creative sections. In PFUR there are many clubs and hobby groups, which are free of charge.

Peoples’ Friendship University is a leader in the number of double degrees. If you wish you can take part in an open Olympiad which allows you to enter the budget without a single exam. Dormitory is available to foreigners. Average annual tuition fee: 310000 rubles. Address: ul. Miklukho-Maklaya Street, 6. Phone: 7495-434-5300.


  • Opportunity to get an additional foreign degree;
  • Opportunity to enter the budget after participation in the Olympiad;
  • many clubs and sections;
  • internship;
  • good language teaching.


  • dormitory for foreigners only.


Rating of Higher Education Institution (Moscow): 4.5


the programs in the university have a certain specificity. The main emphasis is on studying foreign languages. MGIMO allocates few hours to training specialists in criminal law, the emphasis is on public and private law. On certain directions training is possible only on a paid basis.

The strength of the university is the training of students in European law. Lawyers with bachelor’s degree can get into this field. Today training at this university is considered the most expensive in the capital. For one year a student will have to pay more than 450000 rubles. MGIMO MFA is located at 76, Vernadskogo avenue, Moscow. Phone: 7495-434-92-15.


  • A strong teaching staff;
  • prestigious diploma;
  • Strongest language training;
  • function halls.


  • Few hours on criminal law;
  • Paid seats in some areas;
  • The most expensive education.

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Rating: 4.4

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

The seventh place is occupied by one of the oldest higher educational institutions in Russia, the graduates of which include scientific, political and business elite of Russia. It has 27 branches that offer programs of higher and secondary education. the university consistently ranks high in international ratings. In terms of demand among employers, graduates with a degree in law occupy 6th place in the country.

Continuous training takes place using advanced systems. Development of active forms in the form of cases, business and role-playing games, situational tasks facilitates the learning of subjects. Location of the educational institution: 53/1 Leningradsky Prospect. Phone: 8495-249-52-57.


  • new educational technologies;
  • student victories in international Olympiads;
  • opportunity to study a second language for free;
  • recreation programs in Russia and abroad;
  • library and information complex.


  • High prices for paid departments.
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