7 best laboratories for analysis in Saint-Petersburg

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Every modern man tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain their condition in excellent vigor. But even with a lot of effort, you can’t do without visiting a doctor and getting analyzed. Not everyone wants to come to a city hospital and languish in line in front of the treatment room. Private laboratories are enormously popular and offer a wider range of services and a much higher level of service. We pay for comfort, and in some cases the price is justified. Our rating includes 7 best laboratories for medical tests in Saint-Petersburg.

The best labs in St. Petersburg

Each laboratory in the rating has up-to-date equipment, qualified personnel and has its branches all over St. Petersburg. Applying to any of the above-listed medical institutions, we can say with confidence that the service will be held at the highest level. The results will be accurate and in a short time.

The best laboratories of tests in St. Petersburg1Invitro5.0
  • x
  • 4.9
    4North-West Center for Evidence Based Medicine4.7


    Rating: 5.0


    More than 20 years the largest network of laboratories all over the country. Invitro offers its clients a wide range of services that are performed at the highest level. Professional staff and modern equipment of new generation allows to get the most accurate result. In addition to traditional methods of research, the clinic uses innovative technological developments, which have high accuracy.

    Customers note the cozy atmosphere, pleasant communication with the staff and clean rooms. The Laboratory has received the Quality Award of the Government and two times was the winner of the People’s Trust Award “Brand №1”. Numerous positive customer reviews and high ratings on the Internet testify to the professionalism of the employees.

    Taking into consideration the fact that examination of samples requires expensive equipment, the price of services is quite justified. Invitro Laboratory has a cashback program that allows you to accumulate bonuses. They can pay up to 50% of the cost of services.

    Customers can find out the results of tests in a personal office or via a mobile app. The official site of Invitro provides detailed information. If you have any additional questions, please call us at: 8(800) 200-363-0.

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  • Rating: 4.9

    He<li></div><p>x” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/56316666197571-407-.jpg” height=”204″ title=”He</p><li>x”><p>The company was the first in the world to be certified for compliance with international quality standards. Speed and accuracy are the main advantages of the laboratory He</p><li>x. Modern equipment and high professionalism of staff, a wide range of services – all this, undoubtedly, distinguishes the laboratory among its competitors.<p>The clinic uses the latest generation analyzers, consumables from world leaders of quality and original reagents. Laboratory management is in step with the time and constantly updates the equipment and examination methods. The final result is an automatic, technical and clinical stages. The laboratory provides complete confidentiality and all information is protected by encryption algorithms.</p><p>Readiness of tests can be found in a private office, and through SMS-notification on your cell phone. Customers are provided with a visit of a specialist at home and the collection of tests in the usual conditions. This service is relevant to the elderly, disabled and seriously ill patients. For additional information, please refer to our contact phone number: +7(800)700-03-03.</p><h3>Hemotest</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Hemotest

    For those who have to often pass the tests, this laboratory will be a great option. Management gives solid discounts for loyal customers, which allow you to save a significant amount of money. After the first appointment, the patient becomes a member of the bonus program and is able to accumulate points. They can be used to pay up to 25% of the service cost. In addition, visitors under 25 and over 55 years receive a 5% discount on laboratory tests. Caring for our clients and creation of maximum comfort conditions are the main objectives that the organizers of the clinic set for themselves.

    As the previous participants of the rating, the laboratory has a wide range of services. Specialist house call is completely free of charge. Sampling is charged according to the price list. In addition, the client at home can make ultrasound and ECG. Only qualified personnel work in the laboratory. The clinic is equipped with the latest equipment, which gives high-precision results. The cost of services is justified by the quality. For more information, please call: 8(800) 550-13-13.

    North-West Center of Evidence-based Medicine

    Rating: 4.7

    North-West Center for Evidence Based Medicine

    For more than 15 years our company has been dynamically developing and successfully functioning in St. Petersburg. The staff includes doctors of the highest category, candidates of medical sciences and professors. Clinical diagnostic laboratory staff is highly qualified. We use only foreign high-precision equipment, which meets European quality and safety standards. Attentive and strict control of laboratory activities ensures high accuracy of results and a decent level of service.

    The Northwest Center for Evidence-based Medicine offers a wide range of services. Patients note pleasant clean offices, polite personnel and attentive service. As with other parties in the rating, the customer has the ability to take advantage of services without leaving home. On the official website you can find out more information and make an appointment. Customers can ask questions by phone: 8(800) 234-42-00.

    A large number of branches of the Northwestern Center for Evidence-based Medicine have been opened in St. Petersburg, some of which are located at the address:


    Rating: 4.6


    Get an accurate result in a short time and at a reasonable price is possible in this laboratory. For over 17 years, the clinic has been working for the benefit of its clients. Medlab provides a wide range of services that are performed to the highest standard. Qualified specialists and modern equipment allows to get the most accurate data on the state of health of each visitor.

    Patients note the friendliness of staff, attentive care, clean, spacious treatment rooms, and welcoming atmosphere. On weekdays, the reception of patients is from 7:30 to 20:00. In addition, you can pass tests on Saturday and Sunday, but only in the morning. This schedule is great for busy people who don’t have the opportunity to take time off from work.

    Medlab management provides a bonus program for regular customers, using which you can save up to 10% of the cost of services. For more detailed information please call on the contact phone number: +7(812) 600-22-10.


    Rating: 4.5


    The main objective that the clinic’s management has set for itself is to provide people with services that meet European quality standards. For this purpose, high-tech foreign equipment of the new generation is purchased. Qualified staff have advanced degrees. The laboratory keeps up to date, keeping up with the leaders of its field, is constantly modernized and adjusted to modern standards. A wide range of services allows each client to take all necessary tests in one place.

    Visitors note the cozy atmosphere, clean rooms and compliance with sanitary norms by the staff. Continuous air ionization prevents the spread of viruses and makes treatment rooms still sterile.

    Despite the fact that the prices in the price list are far from budgetary, the high cost of services is justified by their quality and accuracy. The official website periodically offers promotions and good deals that allow you to save a lot of money. For more information please call our contact phone number: 8(800) 100-363-0.


    Rating: 4.4


    The laboratory has considerably increased during the period of its existence and has numerous points of reception all over St. Petersburg. Despite the fact that the clinic has a large flow of customers and the transcription of tests is very routine, each case is considered individually. Highly qualified staff precisely captures the results. Candidates, doctors of medical and biochemical sciences perform their work at the highest level. Modern equipment, which meets the world standards of safety and quality, makes the process of diagnosis much more effective.

    Laboratory management is actively involved in charity, constantly improving research methods, making them more accessible to ordinary citizens. Good discounts for medical professionals. In addition, a fixed discount of 10% is given to eligible patients. They include pensioners, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, liquidators of the Chernobyl NPP consequences, disabled people, Heroes of Russia and the USSR. The site periodically offers bargains and discounts for all customers.

    To learn about the current prices and to ask questions please call our unified information phone number: 8(812) 385-00-55.

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