7 best chebureti in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

Cheburetnye in Moscow are the places where you can not only have a tasty and nourishing snack, but also indulge in nostalgic memories of Soviet times. After all most cheburets shops have preserved the entourage of a bygone era in the smallest details and thus attract both Muscovites and guests of the city. In these institutions over the past 60 years almost nothing has changed. Here you can eat real, steaming, freshly made chebureks with meat, potatoes, and even strawberries.

We have collected the most popular chebureks in Moscow, which have gathered the greatest number of positive reviews.

Rating of the best chebureti in Moscow

Nominationplacethe namerating
Rating of the best cheburets in Moscow1Cheburetsaya “Druzhba”5.0
2Soviet cheburechaya on Krasin4.9
3Cheburechnaya USSR4.8
4Cheburechaya in “Kitay-gorod”4.7
5Cheburechaya №14.6
6Chebureki on Yaroslavskaya4.5

Cheburetsaya Druzhba

Rating: 5.0


The legendary Moscow chebureka shop on Sukharevka, which has been working since the 60s., tops our rating. Clients like it for its authenticity and faithfulness to the Soviet traditions: discreet and simple interior in the style of a canteen, the same colorful staff, high tables without chairs and disposable tableware. But most of all chebureks “Druzhba” is famous for its chebureks – delicious, always fresh and almost homemade, because they are made according to a recipe right in front of the buyer.

In the institution you can eat on the spot or take chebureks with you, there are always a lot of people here. There is a restroom where you can wash your hands. The interior is very simple – plastic paneled walls, small tables, a counter.

In the shop you can buy 3 kinds of chebureks – with beef, chicken and cheese. Customers say stuffing and dough for chebureks is made on the spot. The dough is thin enough but soft because of the broth inside, which customers especially like and call a kind of calling card of the chebureks in “Druzhba. Chebureks are accompanied by drinks – beer, tea juices, lemonade. Cash payment only.

  1. Address: Moscow, Pankratievsky per. 2
  2. Phone: +7 495 207-26-86
  3. Opening hours: daily from 9.00 to 21.00

Soviet Cheburechaya on Krasin

Rating: 4.9


The Soviet cheburechka shop on Krasin is in the second place of the rating. This place also refers to the Soviet past of Moscow – the interior and the menu completely correspond to the chosen style. On the whole, a cheburechka shop looks like a Soviet-style bistro. It works for many years, preserving the flavor and recipe of a bygone era. Here you can not only have a snack, but also a full meal, sitting at a table. Chebureks have thin, crispy dough, indicating proper cooking, but you can feel the oil residue.

The cafeteria is decorated slightly theatrically, with additions of Stalinist Empire. Pompous crystal chandeliers, gilded moldings, scarlet pennants. Wooden tables and upholstered chairs. Soviet-era posters, banners and paintings depicting Soviet-era scenes hang on the walls. The menu offers six kinds of chebureks: with lamb, chicken, beef, potatoes, cheese, which are cooked right in front of the customers, which is especially popular with visitors. Also here you can try dumplings, simple salads, soups and hot dishes – mashed potatoes and cutlets. The drinks include juices, beer, morses and tea.

  1. Address: Moscow, Krasina Street, 27, building 1
  2. Phone: +7 499 766-29-64
  3. Open: every day, from 9.00 to 23.00

Cheburechnaya USSR

Rating: 4.8


Cheburechnaya USSR, bordering with McDonald’s and making a good competition to it, becomes the third position in our rating. Bistro is a “modern” copy of Soviet gastronomy. Unlike previous cheburets shops, the interior has been recreated here, so it is not so organic. There are several rooms in “Cheburechaya” – for smokers and non-smokers. This Cheburechka shop has been open for a little over 10 years and is aimed mainly at regular customers.

The chebureti is usually self-service, first the receipt is paid for and then the ordered portions are given to the customers, which is not to their liking since they have to go to the counter several times. Also, reviews say that the dough in chebureks is not always well rolled and fried, and the meat filling is not enough. Chebureks are served here with beef, lamb, potatoes, and even cherries. The menu also offers soups, appetizers, side dishes, pastries and drinks.

The cafe plays music from the Soviet era and has a TV with broadcasts of soccer matches. Also here you can order a banquet, spend an evening with friends or just have lunch, because the institution is more designed for a single visit.

  1. Address: 27/4 Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, Moscow
  2. Phone: +7 495 694-54-76
  3. Site:
  4. Open: Monday.-Fri. 8.00-23.00, Sat.-al. 11.00-23.00

Cheburechaya on “Kitay-gorod”

Rating: 4.7

Cheburechaya at Kitay-gorod

Cheburechka shop on “Kitay-gorod” has been working for more than 80 years and takes the fourth place in our rating. The cheburetsaya on Kitay-gorod is always crowded, and visitors come here to have a quick snack and go about their business. The audience is very diverse, because cheburechka is located in the heart of Moscow. In addition to chebureks there is a vast menu.

The interior design of this cheburechka shop is simple and laconic. Walls clad in plastic, a simple counter and standing tables where you can have a snack on the spot. Serves food and drinks in plastic dishes. You can order here grilled chicken, herring, salads and appetizers, pork ribs in addition to chebureks with meat, cheese and potatoes. Chebureks, according to customers, not too juicy and without crispy crust.

Visitors call the Cheburechka on Kitay-gorod cultural, because nearby there are several departments of the Ministry of Culture whose employees often visit this place.

  1. Address: Solyansky tupik, 1/4, pp. 1
  2. Phone: +7 495 623-28-68
  3. Opening Hours: from 06:00 to 00:00

Cheburechnaya №1

Rating: 4.6

Cheburetskaya No.1

One of the oldest chebureks in Moscow, offering its visitors traditional chebureks with a variety of fillings – from salmon to lamb. Our experts have placed Cheburetskaya No. 1 on the fifth line of the rating. Convenient location in the center of Moscow makes this place one of the most popular and attended, both among Muscovites and guests of the city.

The interior of Cheburetskaya No.1 is decorated in the traditional Soviet style that conveys the atmosphere of the past. By the way, there is no self-service system – the waiters bring the orders to the table. And they bring quickly enough. The guests can taste chebureks with broth, chicken noodle soup, cottage cheese casserole, herring under a fur coat…

In general, the institution has more positive reviews, although you can also meet some negative ones. Among the flaws customers note – the lack of opportunities to pay by card, the need to ask the key to the toilet from the waiters. But the main thing is chebureks, which are just as they should be – thin dough and a lot of broth and stuffing inside.

  1. Address: 14, Mukhtarova str. Studenkaya 17
  2. Open: Monday to Friday: 8:00-22:00; Saturday to Sunday: 9:00-21:00
  3. Site:cheburek-

Chebureki on Yaroslavskaya Street

Rating: 4.5

Chebureki on Yaroslavskaya.webp

Another cheburechka place from the Soviet times, working since the 60s. Chebureks is the sixth in our rating. This place unites fans of the real chebureks. The pavilion is a relic of its past, and the atmosphere inside is also very last century. The room is small, just 15 square meters. m., But takes a large number of visitors. They are served here only hot chebureks with meat and nothing else.

Inside there are 6 standing tables for a snack on the spot, but more often the chebureks are just bought and taken away with you. Sale is carried out in a small window where, by the way, you can watch how chebureks are made. Chebureks became more expensive, so there are less customers, but the line is still present. There is no toilet and no facilities for washing hands, which is not liked by many customers who come here for a bite.

  1. Address: Yaroslavskaya ul., 9B, Moscow, Russia
  2. Opening time: from 8 a.m.00 to 20.00


Rating: 4.4


On the last, seventh step of our rating, there is a cafe “Cheburekas”, in which you can have lunch or hold a meeting. Among the guests of the institution there are mostly those who live or work in the area, because “Cheburekas” offers guests breakfasts and favorable lunch offers.

Cheburekas offers 14 kinds of chebureks, including those with meat – with pork, lamb, beef, turkey and chicken. You can also taste the original chebureks with red fish, spinach, julienne and even strawberries and cherries.

Cheburekas has a cozy European interior with upholstered furniture, music, WiFi and DVD. The administration offers to organize banquets for up to 30 people – birthdays, corporate parties, anniversaries. On weekends, the institution operates around the clock.

  1. Address: Moscow, Solyansky tup., 1/4, stroen. 1
  2. Phone: +7 495 623-28-68
  3. Working time: Monday.-Wed. – 6.00-1.00; read. – 6.00-2.00; Fri.-Sat. 6.00-5.00.
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