7 best cakes to order in St. Petersburg

*Review of the best in the opinion of the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and is not a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before purchase.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about a party or a celebration?? – Of course, the cake! It usually becomes the main décor of any event. Modern confectioners invent more and more new recipes every day, decorate cakes with icing, various shiny elements and so on. Fancy cake always looks attractive, and guests try to find out where the birthday boy ordered such beauty. However, every host of the feast always wants to distinguish themselves and be remembered by their guests, so few people share the place to buy a delicious cake. Knowing this feature, our experts have prepared for you a rating of the best places to order a fancy cake for any celebration.

This time we’re going to meet confectioners and studios from St. Petersburg. In this city there are really experienced masters of their craft, who have managed to prove themselves to customers. Many of them have repeatedly appeared in the press and have several years of experience under their belt. Our experts will tell you where to find them, as well as what to look for when choosing a birthday cake. We also tell you what questions to ask the pastry chef to make sure he is competent. In the meantime, let’s get acquainted with the types of cakes.

The 7 best cakes to order in St. Petersburg

NominationThe placeNameRating
7 BEST CAKES TO ORDER IN SPB4Anna Krasovskaya’s Pastry Shop4.7
5Genius of Cake4.6
6Andersen Fa
8Cakeburg Confectionery4.3

Types of cakes

The confectionery industry does not stand still and today it offers a huge variety of cakes. Edible decor elements, worked out to the smallest detail, impress more and more. A beautiful cake can cheer up your guests at parties, weddings, birthdays, or just to brighten up your tea party. But all this is only possible if you have chosen the right pastry shop. Our experts advise to give preference to already proven institutions. Most of them have already established production, have all the permits to work, as well as passed all sanitary and hygienic inspections. In addition, the works of functioning pastry shops are most often presented on their websites or pages in social networks. On the site you can also read customer reviews, sometimes even with pictures. This will help avoid trouble after receiving the order. Usually it is clear from customer reviews whether the confectioner uses chemical cream, harmful additives, and what his cakes taste like in general. Since many confectioners deliver their products by themselves, you can also find out in what condition the cake arrives at the party (crumpled, whole, with a leaky cream or deformed figures, and so on).

So, usually cakes are divided into such categories:

  1. Holiday. This includes any event, including birthdays, parties, and other. Such a cake can be absolutely anything. It all depends on the customer’s taste.
  2. “Find out the sex of the baby.”. The “find out the sex of the baby” cake is especially in high demand. It becomes the main highlight of the celebration for the parents-to-be. The cake is baked when parents have not yet seen the results of the ultrasound, and then at the party with all the guests one of the parents cuts in the center. If the filling is pink, then a girl is expected, if blue, then a boy. It looks very impressive and gives warm memories of such an unforgettable event. Of course, here it is important to choose a responsible confectioner, who will make a very beautiful and delicious cake without confusing the gender of the child.
  3. Cakes with a photo.Such products are loved by both adults and children. Children usually ask for a cake with a favorite cartoon character, while adults prefer the image of real photographs of friends and acquaintances, loved ones, and so on. If it’s a corporate cake, it is often ordered by companies. Then a logo is placed on the product, maybe even some kind of wish. However, it is worth remembering that special equipment, with the help of which such a picture is applied, is not in all pastry shops. Also cakes with a photo are made much longer than any other types of cakes. So if you decide to order such a cake, take care in advance to find a suitable confectionery.
  4. Cakes for people on PP.This category became especially popular as soon as the fashion for proper nutrition came to us. Very many women adhere to various diets and a certain diet. Even if the hero of the occasion is not an adherent of PP, such cakes are ordered taking into account the guests present. Otherwise, you can order the most luxurious and expensive cake, but if the guests with dietary restrictions will not eat it, the holiday will be quite unsuccessful. PP-cakes are considered low-calorie. The flour used in the making is often replaced by whole wheat or added bran. The point is that white flour is treated too aggressively, so it loses some of its nutrients. When confectioners substitute white flour for any other healthy flour, the cake is no less delicious, and the gastrointestinal tract is not affected. Also in such desserts only yolks are taken instead of whole eggs, in order to reduce the caloric content of products. Despite many substitutions, PP cakes turn out just as colorful as regular holiday items. For their decor use more natural decorations – fruit or fruit mousse, as well as pre-prepared jelly figures.
  5. Children’s cakes. Most of all in such products children adore tiered castles. Of course, most often they choose images with their favorite cartoon characters. But most of all, they are impressed by the 3D volume of the cake itself. To enhance the festive effect, sometimes a fortune is also placed in the cake. Then it becomes as if magic, and the children will share impressions from the bright holiday for another month.
  6. Wedding cakes.Experts have put them in a separate category for a reason. These are not just birthday cakes, but true culinary masterpieces. Sometimes a wedding cake can reach the size of a huge table. Lavish sizes and bright decorations should impress all the guests and become a highlight of the occasion. Such a cake always consists of several tiers of different diameters. Recently, cakes with watercolor prints or edible gold are gaining popularity. The play of colors and smooth transitions make such a cake even more voluminous and interesting, like a work of art in an art gallery. Among the popular ingredients of wedding cakes: marzipan, buttercream or chocolate, gum paste and so on. Wedding cake decorations are given special attention, as they are some kind of symbolism. Now you can not only put the figures of the bride and groom on the cake, but also introduce every element in it, the meaning of which is clear only to the couple in love.
  7. Cakes for vegans. Although such cakes are ordered less often than others, we still gave them a separate category. They are made without eggs, vegetable cream, butter, or even gelatin. People jokingly call them “raw”. Vegan cakes don’t even add flour, cow’s milk, or any other animal fats. Do not use products that have been cooked above 40 degrees Celsius.

What are the toppings

With the basic classification of cakes we have become familiar with, now let’s learn the main types of cakes used in modern cakes. Most often they are divided into:

  1. Biscuit– Cakes are considered to be some of the most popular. A good sponge cake will please you with softness and rich flavor, unless it is made with egg powder. Natural sponge cake is made with real eggs. To keep the cake dry, it can be soaked in different syrups. If the sponge cake is soaked in cream, it will have a rich, creamy taste.
  2. Shortcrust.The crumbly flavor of puff pastry usually gives off a fruity or creamy filling. Such cakes are considered the cheapest to prepare, which is why they are so popular.
  3. Waffle. This cake is called a lazy cake, so its preparation is as simple as possible. When there is no time to cook, this is ideal. The cake consists of waffle cakes, thickly greased with different fillings: chocolate paste, condensed milk, thick cream with different flavors.
  4. Cheesecake.This cake is made entirely of cottage cheese and flour mass. It is considered healthy and also very nutritious. They often add nuts, pieces of fruit, cinnamon and so on. Cheesecake cakes most often contain a creamy filling. It makes them taste even more delicate and soft.
  5. Puff pastry.Puff pastry cakes are usually made to order, as it is quite difficult to make them yourself. More often than not, layer cakes are distinguished by the cream with which they impregnate the dough. Here’s where you can exercise your imagination in many ways.

How to choose a pastry chef or studio

Our experts have selected for you some tips on what to look out for when meeting with a pastry chef. Here are the main ones:

Stylistics of all accounts. Monitoring this important trick will save you from the fraud of some unscrupulous confectioners. Usually each of the present pastry chef has his own style. This applies to everything: photos, presets and Photoshop processing, certain dishes that the pastry chef constantly use for photo shoots, backgrounds, and so on. If the pastry cheater is a fraud and he simply stole photos from other pastry chefs’ websites, it becomes apparent after looking at various social media outlets. Fraudsters usually have a bad memory of where and what they added, they just don’t pay much attention to it, which means they have different information in different social networks. In a real confectioner’s website and social media are all conducted in the same style, and all the pictures posted are about the same. In general, the more professional photos and different jobs a pastry chef has, the more in demand he is.

Experts recommend looking at reviews not only on the official website, the confectioner, but also in other popular sources. Then you can be sure that the reviews on the site is not made to order. Also, when there are bad reviews, the site can always be removed by a moderator. But it has a hard time keeping track of all the resources on the Internet. The most ideal option is to find a pastry chef based on the reviews of people you know. Here you will surely know that they are real.

Pay attention to how carefully the confectioner listens to your wishes. There are professionals who have a really unique talent for creating cakes, but do not listen to the client. Because of this, you may end up with something other than what you expected. Therefore, even at the first meeting it is important to determine how much the confectioner understands you.

Find out what products the confectioner makes his cakes,Pastries and more. Some give preference to farm products, ordering them directly from farmers. This is especially true for allergy sufferers. If your body is prone to any reactions, you better know in advance the composition of each filling that the confectioner offers. At a good confectioner’s website is always approximately clear, from what he prepares his products. But if you do not find a description, it does not always mean that the confectioner himself is bad. Maybe the site is being finalized, so ask the manager about the characteristics of a particular cake.

In addition to the portfolio, it is also worth asking specifically about experience. Sometimes it’s even more important than all the training certificates displayed on the site. For example, if you are planning to order a cake for a wedding, it is important that the pastry chef prepares this type of cake. If he has 2 pictures of gorgeous wedding cakes of his making on his website, it does not mean that he has enough experience to make your celebration special.

Some pastry shops provideTasting the fillings for free. It’s a great way to try different fillings, to see if the cakes are dry or not.

Study in detail the entire range that the pastry chef offers. Usually they can do a lot more products than their main specialty. So, for example, the same pastry chef can make more than 100 varieties of cakes and cupcakes, but his main specialty may be in wedding cakes and cheesecakes.

If the pastry chef has a social network, study it for animals. This is important only for those who are allergic to animals. Often the pastry chef will set up mini productions right at home. Accordingly, if there are animals at home, and you are allergic to them – you can get not only a delicious cake, but also unwanted reactions. Of course, most of the time their production is protected and the confectioners cook in sanitary conditions. But if you’re getting ready to make your first order with a pastry chef, you probably shouldn’t take the risk, especially if you have an important event coming up.

Learn more about timing.For ordinary birthday cakes it does not matter much, but if you want to order a wedding cake, it is desirable that it was prepared on the wedding day and was fresh. Ask the pastry chef if he has any orders for your date and how many.

If you ordered a cake with pickup, be sure to ask how and in what conditions to deliver the cake to the event. But if you can order delivery from the confectioner, you may want to pay extra and arrange it. Then you will be 100% sure that the cake to the place of the banquet will be a professional who has done it more than once.

To see how well the confectioner can embody your wishes,Take a picture of what you like during your meeting with him. If you want to decorate a cake with a complex colored pattern or watercolor composition, ask if the confectioner will be able to implement your particular idea.

When you have decided to decorate your cake with flowers, but the price is “biting”, do not hurry to think that the confectioner is trying to take advantage of you. On the contrary, high-quality decorations cost a lot and are worth the splurge. Decorations are the most prominent part of the cake and if the confectioner uses only quality ones, it shows his professionalism.

Using these tips, you can easily identify a worthy confectioner for your celebration. Below we have also selected for you the 7 best pastry shops in St. Petersburg, where you can order a delicious and luxurious cake. According to customer reviews, each of these studios attracts visitors with coziness, as well as the quality of different kinds of pastries.

Anna Krasovskaya’s Confectionery

Rating: 5.0

Anna Krasovskaya's Pastry Shop


Anna Krasovskaya makes desserts with home delivery. She pleases her fans by releasing a new collection of desserts every 3 months. She uses an English technique in her work with cakes, due to which magnificent multi-tiered 3D cakes are received. She has combined the confectionary art with fashion trends so effectively that she has even caught the eye of the stars. For example, Antonio Banderas came to admire her products.

You can try Anna’s cakes and other pastries in her own little café. The website presents examples of pastries completed. This allows you to assess the quality of printing and execution. This is usually the beginning of the love for her confectionery. Here you will receive cakes from a certified specialist and a successful graduate of the international school “Le Cordon Bleu”. Customers admit that after trying her desserts once, they return to her again and again. Anna’s cakes are called a gastronomic paradise, and that’s why they got into our rating.

Tortoevsky Genius

Rating: 4.9

Tortoevsky Genius

In this confectioner you can find cakes for every taste: wedding, for children’s parties, to determine the gender of the child, corporate, birthday party. The studio has been baking cakes for clients since 2011 and has proved to be a great success ever since. Baking studio is considered the best in beauty and freshness, and the communication with a pleasant manager when ordering only improves the impression of her.

In “Genius Tortoevsky” the cake is delivered at a rather budgetary price – only 250 rubles. Often the studio gives customers gifts such as a cold fountain when ordering a cake. From a comment by an experienced customer: “Thank you for the most beautiful cake at my brother’s wedding. They tasted the cakes in many places – they chose. But we stopped at the most delicious toppings. Flawless execution, what can I say!”. Most importantly, at this studio, all cakes are delivered on time. For a high level of punctuality and delicious products she got in our rating of the best.

Andersen Fa

Rating: 4.8

Andersen Fa</div><p>ique” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/21816666196501-767-.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Andersen Fa<br />ique”></p><p>Cake-106/</p><p>Cakes of different categories are made here – from sweet miniatures to grandiose high-rise products. The team of pastry chefs completes orders in 1 to 5 days. The composition of each cake is minutely detailed, some people prefer light yoghurt and fruit mousse, others prefer light Bavarian or chocolate cream, some only go for rich creamy milkshakes. Whatever you choose, you’ll be pleased with the result.</p><p>Mainly the confectioners at “Andersen Fa<br />ique” adheres to gluten-free diet. Local cakes are never sugary. In the catalog you can find a variety of products: holiday, corporate, birthday, children’s or wedding. If you also decide to complement the festive table cupcakes – here you’ll find the most elegant design. According to customers, this place can embody your most daring ideas. From an experienced customer’s comment : “I’ve never had a tastier cake than this. It’s just unrealistically beautiful and insanely delicious. Quality at the top. A piece of your soul is put into every cake. The confectionery was included in the rating for the great amount of rave reviews from customers.</p><h3>Troika</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Three

This brand has long been a highlight of St. Petersburg. The production was launched back in 1978, and since then its products have been loved by customers in different cities. Cakes, sweets and desserts have been made here for years. Confectionery is appreciated, first of all, for the natural production. For example, for making different fillings they deliver the cream directly from the farm which is located near the city.

The confectionery is located near Zvenigorodskaya subway station. If you want to enjoy a delicious buns with cream or eat everyone’s favorite “ant” – you’re right here. One of the most popular cakes from this manufacturer is the Three Ants sponge cake. The delicate flavor of sour cream combined with cream and poppy seed encourage fans to order it again and again. From an experienced customer’s comment : “Have long been fans of the pastry shop for always having something uniquely beautiful. And this time we had a pleasant surprise: unusual New Year’s Eve mini-cakes and New Year’s Eve muffins. The excellent decoration of the holiday table”. Troika made it to our rating of the best for its constantly updated assortment.

Cakeburg Confectionery

Rating: 4.6

Cakeburg Confectionery

The pastry shop was founded by Victoria Shupik. Her team uses a thirsty approach to creating a masterpiece confectionery. Only natural products are used to make sweets here. In a small in-house production, “Cakeburg” makes cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. If you want to try portioned desserts or other sweets in the confectionery itself, you can find it near Udelnaya metro.

Those who wish to get a luxurious cake in one day can choose the following: curd, combined, shaped or with whipped cream, honey, sponge or yogurt. They also make beautiful cakes with a photo, but their production takes longer. The maximum cost of house delivery – 500 rubles. Most customers speak very highly of the local cakes. From an experienced Yandex customer.Market: “Ordering a cake for the second time) Both for anniversaries. Great cakes”. Our experts also paid attention to another nice bonus of the patisserie – they do rush orders without any additional charge. For that it got in our rating.


Rating: 4.5


The pastry chef of this place Ruslan Lyutov – for a long time lived in Germany and managed to work in the oldest confectionery house. In his works, he always seeks a balance between perfect taste and unsurpassed beauty. Ruslan makes colorful sponge cakes, mousse cakes, children’s and wedding cakes. Its desserts also pleasantly surprise visitors with a balanced taste of filling – not a single product can be called sugary or with little sweetener. The filling deserves special attention. One of the most popular was the unusual filling “Lavender-based Mousse” (made of blueberry compote and hazelnut-poppy sponge “Joconde”).

They always make cakes with love and awe, so they bring joy to the customers. The confectionery itself is located near the metro station Vasideostrovskaya. There’s parking. It’s convenient, that’s why entire companies often come here for lunch. In summer the bakery pleases its customers with a special summer menu. Refreshing drinks and gourmet pastries – just what you need for an atmospheric summer evening. Tarta” got into our rating for its value for money.

Rating: 4.4

SweetMarin” confectionery entered the market in 2010 and became famous for its extraordinary creativity in creating. Here they bake magnificent corporate cakes of any complexity, as well as children’s cakes, cakes for the holidays February 23 and March 8, and, of course, for birthdays. Decorators of the studio have an artistic education, due to which the cakes are real masterpieces. No margarine or vegetable cream is used in production.

The studio has many positive reviews. From the comments of an experienced buyer: “Not a bad decorated place. Crazy happy with the quality of cream and dough. Doesn’t fall in your stomach as a lump, but melts on your tongue”. A noteworthy feature of the confectionery is the opportunity to try six free pastry fillings to choose from: sour cream, wild berries, chocolate with raspberries, and others. The studio also has its own logistics service, so the delivery of cakes is always on time. Confectioners SweetMarin” always take on any orders, even for cakes with a very large weight. For the most well-thought-out work and comfort for customers, the studio was included in our rating.

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