6 The best Chinese restaurants in St. Petersburg

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Chinese cuisine has won the hearts of many people around the world. But even the most experienced gourmets can’t fully appreciate the diversity of varieties of this culinary trend. Soups, noodles, bamboo dishes – all this and more you can taste in themed restaurants in St. Petersburg. In our rating we have collected only the worthiest establishments, which are definitely worth visiting. Only the best and delicious food, a pleasant atmosphere and, of course, positive feedback influenced the selection.

Best Chinese restaurants in St. Petersburg

The best Chinese restaurants in St. Petersburg1Made in China5.0
4Tan Zhen4.7
5Mi Fan4.6
6Sichuan Restaurant4.5

Made in China

Rating: 5.0

Made in China

Unlike traditional Chinese restaurants, Made in China chefs do not strive to follow precise centuries-old recipes. Thanks to experiments, new culinary works of authorship appear on the basis of standard dishes. Steamed buns, beef cheek stew, and duck tacos are on the menu. Light, spicy and sour-sweet soups can be tasted right here. The management of the institution does not draw clear boundaries in the preparation of delicacies. Thanks to this approach, the customers have a wide range of menu, where you can find even Hawaiian tuna dish.

Customers admire the atmosphere of the restaurant. The interior is not overloaded with Asian exotics. The main attention takes over the design of the bar. It’s warm and cozy inside. Clients particularly appreciate ideal portion sizes that make it possible to have a good dinner without going overboard. In addition, customers enjoy the friendliness of the staff and the range of alcoholic beverages.

The restaurant is very popular, so it is very crowded on holidays and weekends. To have a good time, you should book a table in advance. To check prices and ask questions: 8(812) 905-51-35. In St. Petersburg you can find Made in China restaurant at 35 Bolshaya Morskaya Street.


Rating: 4.9



Asian cuisine lovers will appreciate the restaurant “Ogohogo. Here you can taste dishes of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Pan-Asian, European, vegetarian cuisine. A wide range of treats will allow each visitor to stay full and satisfied. In addition to the main menu, there are also business lunches.

The customers note the high quality of prepared dishes, the friendliness of the staff and the cozy atmosphere of the institution. The only disadvantage, which is quite often emphasized, is the cramped. But such an arrangement allows to accommodate all comers. Among the large selection it is worth paying attention to such dishes as:

  1. Beef with mushrooms;
  2. qidan-tan (traditional soup with tomato, egg, garlic and noodles);
  3. Pork in sweet and sour sauce;
  4. shrimp teriyaki;
  5. Fried rice with seafood.

The place is perfect for a pleasant evening in the circle of friends. There is a constant flow of visitors here, so you should take care about the table in advance. The prices are not overpriced and correspond to the quality of the dishes prepared. Birthdays, corporate parties, anniversaries, weddings and many other festive events can be celebrated exactly in the restaurant “Ogohogo.

You can ask any questions, reserve a place and know actual prices on the contact phone number: +7(812) 963-54-44. In St. Petersburg the institution is located at: 32, 1st line of Vasilyevsky Island.


Rating: 4.8


Those who seek peace and quiet can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of restaurant “Ditai”. The entire space resembles an Asian patio decorated with thematic traditional elements. Decorative arbors and bridges, pleasant unobtrusive music, a small waterfall in the center of the hall – all this is in harmony with each other.

The restaurant is divided into two floors. The upper floor is intended for the clients with a special status. There are cozy booths where important business meetings are often held. For everyone else the lower floor is comfortably decorated. This place can be rightly considered a family dinner. There is a special menu for children according to their age requirements. There is also a separate room and workshop for creativity.

Professional chefs prepare juicy, delicious dishes based on traditional and author’s recipes. Great attention is paid to decoration and serving. Seafood and poultry dishes are highly praised by patrons. In addition to the main menu, you should also try the pastries and desserts. They will delight you with their airiness.

The interior is favorable for spending the evening with family or friends. Anniversaries, banquets, weddings, and other celebrations are often booked here. Demand is quite high, so tables should be reserved in advance. You can get additional information by the phone number: +7(812) 504-88-64. In St. Petersburg, the restaurant is located at Lesnoy Prospekt, 4.

Tan Zhen

Rating: 4.7

Tan Gen

For over 20 years, restaurants “Tan Zhen” delight their customers with delicious and high-quality food. Cozy rooms that are decorated in a traditional design, complemented by Asian paintings, figurines, vases and lanterns. Only the best Chinese cooks work in the kitchen and that’s why you don’t need to worry about the precise execution of dishes.

The menu is varied enough to satisfy the taste preferences of every customer. Here you can order both rice noodles and Peking duck. There is a separate menu for vegetarians. Each dish is served on a common plate, without division into portions. The restaurant boasts a wide range of alcoholic drinks, including a variety of Chinese wines.

Customers give high marks to the restaurant interior and food taste. And they are also satisfied with communication with the staff. Welcoming waiters and their readiness to help in every situation are praised. The restaurant is perfectly suitable for carrying out solemn events. Here it is pleasant to relax with friends or to spend a romantic evening. The flow of visitors is quite large and therefore you should reserve a table in advance. To check prices please call: +7(812) 310-77-03.

Mi Fan

Rating: 4.6

Mi Fan

Very close to the subway station “Primorskaya” you can find a cozy place. Its interior is competently designed according to all traditions. The walls are decorated with paintings, small shining lanterns on the windows. The entire design of the room is made in austere aristocratic forms with the use of dark wood and red shades. Unobtrusive modern Chinese music plays in the hall. Here you can spend a good evening with friends or stop in for lunch in the middle of the work day.

The cooks try to adapt the recipes according to the taste preferences of the visitors. If the customers want some of the ingredients can be removed from the dish or it can be cooked less spicy. There is a separate menu especially for children. Customers can try something new on holidays that wasn’t in the assortment before.

The restaurant can rightly be called a family restaurant. Kids are provided with high chairs. For older kids the staff offers coloring books and pencils. This place is quite popular and on weekends you should reserve a table in advance. Capacious hall allows to organize various celebrations with the number of guests not exceeding 60 people.

To get necessary information about prices and also to ask questions please call by the phone number: +7(812) 922-55-18. In St. Petersburg the restaurant can be found at: Beringa Street, 27, building 1.

Sichuan Restaurant

Rating: 4.5

Sichuan Restaurant

Here you can find a wide range of traditional dishes from poultry, meat, fish and vegetables. Over 100 choices on the menu. Unlike its competitors, the “Restaurant of Sichuan cuisine” offers spicier dishes to its visitors. The use of combination of hot and Sichuan peppers in preparation is considered the main zest. Each dish is unique in its own way and has a special and unique taste.

The restaurant cooks always consider clients’ taste preferences and are ready to make concessions. The staff is always welcoming and happy to recommend menu items or answer questions. The room itself is decorated in the traditional Asian style. National motifs, dark wooden furniture, golden and beige shades in the interior – all this creates a unique atmosphere of peace and quiet.

From the large assortment of menus, it is definitely worth trying:

  1. Assorted pork brisket;
  2. Ribs in the flavor of 5 spices;
  3. Roe deer stew;
  4. Duck slices with pickled ginger;
  5. Steamed scallop with garlic and crystal noodles.

Visitors highly evaluate the quality of dishes, as well as their unusual presentation. Great for a fun evening out with a pleasant company of friends. The establishment enjoys considerable popularity and therefore on holidays or weekends, a table should be reserved in advance. For up-to-date prices please call: +7 (812) 467-43-47. In St. Petersburg, “Restaurant Sichuan cuisine” is located at: Nakhimova Street, 20.

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