6 best veterinary clinics in Rostov-on-Don

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Specialist consultation required before purchase.

Veterinary clinics are opened not only in large cities. Today they are also available in smaller settlements. Pets need help all the time. Specialists perform routine vaccinations, treat illnesses and injuries. Many owners who treat their pets responsibly do not spare energy, time and money to keep their pets healthy, happy and active.

Veterinary clinics today are modern, well-equipped help points. Many have operating rooms and rehabilitation units. They are equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment and have their own veterinary pharmacy and stores with medicines and care products, as well as food and toys. Some provide over-keeping and grooming services.

Our experts from many organizations have selected a ranking of 6 clinics that are recognized as the best in Rostov-on-Don. We took into consideration the feedback from the owners who have chosen them.

Rating of the best veterinary clinics in Rostov-on-Don

Nominationplaceveterinary clinicrating
Rating of the best veterinary clinics in Rostov-on-Don1Zoodrug5.0
2Vet Service4.9
5South Pole4.6
6Akuna Matata4.5

Zo friend

Rating: 5.0

Animal Friend

Golden prizewinner is a veterinary clinic known to many pet owners in Rostov-on-Don. They provide around-the-clock care for any situation, even the most difficult. Professional doctors on the spot to identify the causes of anxiety of the animal. We have everything you need: imported ultrasound equipment, disposable instruments, in-house laboratory. Veterinarians find an approach to any animal. These are dogs, cats, birds, rodents, exotic animals.

The clinic provides post-surgical manipulations for a full recovery after surgery. Services include: vaccinations, neutering, spaying, getting rid of parasites, adoption, washing, ultrasonic brushing, claw trimming, rehoming and more. Here you can also get a veterinary passport.

Specialists visit the clinic and if necessary, they can also make house calls. The animal is euthanized if the disease cannot be cured and cremated at the owner’s request. Regular promotions allow you to save on services. For regular customers has developed a loyalty program. The facility is located at: Rostov-on-Don, Khalturinskiy lane, 156. Info Phone: 8863303 38 63.

Vet Service

Rating: 4.9

Vet Service

The second nominee of the rating is a young veterinary clinic, which in 5 years has earned an impeccable reputation. The main emphasis is placed on effective diagnostics to detect even hidden symptoms of the disease. This is provided with modern equipment and has its own laboratory. The doctors, while highly qualified, regularly upgrade their qualifications, making their work even more efficient and better.

The list of services includes surgery, therapy, dentistry, gynecology, ophthalmology, hygienic care. The facility has a comfortable post-operative block, as well as a hotel for the animals. Much attention is paid to preventive measures to avoid the development of many serious diseases. Prices are quite affordable. Thus, the initial reception will cost 350 rubles., ear cleaning 200 p., cat neutering – 800 p.

An undoubted advantage is discounts for stray animals. The veterinary clinic cooperates with animal shelters and, if necessary, after the treatment they give the dog or cat to the volunteers. According to reviews, this place is very attentive to patients, and owners clearly communicate all the information about the treatment and follow-up care. The veterinary center is located on Line 18, 76. You can make an appointment by phone: +7863221 04 39.


Rating: 4.8


The third place in the rating is occupied by the clinic, which has complete facilities for the supervision of the pet during its life. Here they perform routine preventive examinations and vaccinations, help with injuries, remove neoplasms, and use only certified techniques and take into account the physical and age specifics of their patients.

The veterinary clinic has ultrasound investigation rooms, its own laboratory, an operating room and an in-patient department. Thanks to the quality medicines and attentive care, the animal quickly recovers from surgery and is handed over to the happy owner. Services include grooming, rehoming, and cremation after euthanasia. Doctors will help in the choice of a dog or cat, advise about the nature and behavior of the breed.

All employees have extensive experience and always find an approach to the animal, even in times of severe stress due to painful symptoms or fear of visiting the doctor. All clients leave positive feedback and recommend this clinic to pet owners as one of the best in Rostov-on-Don. “Amigo” is located at: Rostov-on-Don, Metallurgicheskaya Street, 36/19. 24-hour phone number: 8863310 31 83.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth in the rating – the veterinary clinic, which uses the most modern methods and materials to maintain the health of pets and keep them in excellent physical shape. Experienced veterinarians at any time will come to help. Many pet owners, once visited the clinic, become regular customers, convinced of the competence of the professionals and their friendliness. The price includes a full list of services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases.

Here you can get comprehensive hygienic care, have your cat, dog or other animal spayed, neutered, vaccinated. Our 15-year experience has enabled us to use unique technologies that are easy on the eye, with no need for post-operation rehabilitation or removal of stitches. In hopeless cases, euthanasia is performed, which provides calm and painless care for the pet.

If necessary, the veterinarian can visit you at home. Maximum time – 40 minutes. The service costs 500 rubles. The clinic has a well-thought-out pricing policy. During promotional campaigns you can significantly reduce the cost of treatment. The organization is located at: 3, Seppo str. The pets can buy hygiene products and medicines at the dental clinic in St. Socialistheskaya street, bldg. 216. You can make an appointment by phone: +7863270 35 32.

South Pole

Rating: 4.6

South Pole

Fifth place in our rating is given to the clinic, where pets get expert help from doctors of the highest category. It offers a full range of care and treatment for dogs, cats, birds, rodents. Visitors get advice on the choice of breed, and after the acquisition of the animal here it is monitored for life. Diagnostic equipment – one of the best in Rostov-on-Don.

The initial examination and test results will help you to quickly find the cause of your pet’s ailments and develop treatment methods according to individual patient. The clinic has its own laboratory, a sterile surgical unit, a department of regenerative medicine, pharmacy. Specialization wide. These are therapy, surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology, traumatology, neurology and gastrointestinal tract. The experienced groomer will perform a full range of grooming services at affordable prices.

According to the reviews, South Pole fully meets the needs of pets. The cost of services – not high. Promotional programs are advantageous to customers. If desired, you can buy here the necessary medicine, care products, feed. Veterinary clinic is located at: Rostov-on-Don, Zavodskaya street, 2, Zavodskaya str. 1/38. Contact phone: 8863241 16 02.

Akuna Matata

Rating: 4.5

Akuna Matata

The sixth in our rating is a veterinary clinic, where the prevention and detection of diseases at an early stage is considered the first priority. High-precision specialized equipment is provided, which diagnoses even asymptomatic causes. When taking a test, the pet feels comfortable, as all staff are skilled in dealing with all types of patients, including aggressive or overly fearful ones.

The clinic has a pharmacy, which offers a wide range of drugs, including those issued by prescription. All of them are strictly certified. There you can also buy hygiene products, food, decorative little things. The price of the vet center includes all kinds of services. These are vaccination, castration and spaying by a gentle method, disposal of parasites, trauma recovery, counseling.

Reviews about the veterinary clinic – only positive. Grooming was highlighted, which takes into account all the wishes of the dog owner, including exclusive haircuts. Reasonable prices and discounts for regular visitors were also noted. The institution is located on Baturinskaya street in the house 20 A. Working hours are non-stop, so please call us at any time: +7863226 96 94.

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