6 best providers of Yekaterinburg

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

The basic part of the Ekaterinburg market in the sphere of Internet access is divided between several large providers. Because of the high competition, it is difficult for ordinary users to decide on a company. We decided to find out more about popular operators and carefully studied reviews of the city inhabitants on different forums. How it turned out, you can find out in the rating of the best organizations that provide Internet access services.

When selecting participants we took into account:

  1. reliability of the connection;
  2. price for the rates;
  3. Availability of promotions and special offers;
  4. The quality of technical support;
  5. connection interruption frequency.

One of the main roles played by subscribers’ reviews.

Rating of the best providers in Yekaterinburg

Nominationplaceproduct namerating
Rating of the best providers in Ekaterinburg1Insis5.0
5Rostelecom (Utel)4.6


Provider rating in Yekaterinburg: 5.0


The main advantages of Incis operator are excellent connection quality and a lot of additional options. The company offers customers tariffs on favorable terms. One of them includes speeds of 50 Mbit per second for 579 rubles, the other – 100 Mbit per second for 679 rubles. You have to pay 1650 rubles for a wi-fi router. Subscribers control access via mobile app.

Each customer can count on one month of a gift connection. Pay for tariffs in different ways – via e-wallet, online bank, terminal and cash register. Negative reviews about the provider are few. That’s why we gave him first place in the rating.


  • fast connection;
  • 4 weeks of free use;
  • convenient payment;
  • Management of the account through an easy-to-understand application on the gadget.


  • expensive equipment.


ISP rating in Yekaterinburg: 4.9


Second place in the rating belongs to a major Internet provider, which has offices throughout Russia. It is distinguished by the availability of wi-fi points in every city. You only need to enter your login name and password to use the free Internet. The operator offers three tariffs to choose from: “Second Space” (450 rubles, 60 Mbit per second), “Speed of Light” (550 rubles, 100 Mbit per second), “Gaming League of Legends” (550 rubles, 100 Mbit for the first three months, then – 60 Mbit per second).

Customers praise prompt technical support Dom.The main advantages of the Insis operator are excellent connection quality and a lot of extra options. The company holds unique promotions and discounts. It is possible to track the account in the Personal Cabinet of the user.


  • prompt resolution of problems;
  • Connection is interrupted seldom;
  • Moderate price;
  • reliable connection;
  • a lot of complimentary reviews.


  • No serious disadvantages.


ISP rating in Yekaterinburg: 4.8


All Ekaterinburg residents are familiar with the provider Convex, which provides services in almost all areas of the city. Employees are ready to check the quality of communication around the clock and fix problems instantly. For 800 rubles, customers can use a router from the company.

The tariff catalog includes several advantageous packages for TV and Internet connection. Pinta 349 and Barrel 649 are popular. Connection speed – 100 Mbit per second. Subscribers take part in various promotions. For example, if you connect a friend, both clients get 500 rubles for two.


  • Adequate price for equipment;
  • regular promotions;
  • Many good reviews;
  • acceptable speed;
  • round-the-clock customer support.


  • no serious disadvantages.


ISP rating in Yekaterinburg: 4.7


The “Cabinet” brand is included in National Cable Networks. It was created in 1997 and has become the absolute leader in providing broadband Internet to individuals. The company’s market share exceeds 33%. The company provides a decent range of services, including individual channel organization, hosting, mail service. More than 10 years ago the core of a multiservice network was built to strict international standards.

Judging by reviews, specialists respond quickly to users’ problems. The quality is completely satisfactory to the customers. The price of tariffs here is slightly higher than in other operators. There are reviews about the rudeness of the staff of technical support.


  • a solid reputation of the company;
  • Fast solution to problems;
  • The provider serves over 100 thousand subscribers.


  • Prices are higher than those of other operators;
  • mixed reviews about the attitude of the staff to the customers.

Rostelecom (Utel)

Provider rating in Yekaterinburg: 4.6


Next in the rating is Internet service provider Utel of the telecommunications operator OJSC “Uralsvyazinform. The company works on the basis of ip tv, home networking and fixed telephony technologies. It was registered in 1992 and purchased by the future provider Rostelecom. The organization provides local telephone services, broadband Internet access, TV connection and video surveillance.

The company has over 50 thousand clients. Price rates are quite acceptable. Judging by customer reviews, there are frequent failures in the network, the speed jumps, and it is difficult to reach the technical service.


  • Modern interactive TV;
  • A lot of sales departments;
  • reasonable prices.


  • Permanent communication problems;
  • speed bumps.


ISP rating in Yekaterinburg: 4.5


Ultra-modern operator Planeta provides Internet access services at super speeds. If you want it’s possible to get an annual service at a price of 6619 rubles. The offer includes speeds of 100 Mbit per second and a variety of high quality TV channels. Often the company operates promotions relating to free connection.

Enjoy the possibility to use deferred payment. Pay for services on the site, through the hardware and software complex and in the office of the provider. There is a system of bonuses. It involves a gift of 300 rubles for each brought friend. The disadvantages include a small selection of tariff plans and complicated connection terms.


  • Constant promotions, bonus system;
  • not bad quality of connection;
  • technical support 24 hours;
  • high speeds.


  • Not everyone understands the terms of connection;
  • few tariffs.
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