6 best providers of Krasnodar

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Many Russians, including the Krasnodar, can no longer imagine their life without the Internet. The World Wide Web allows listening to any music, watching movies, quickly obtaining necessary information, and with the help of a number of applications it is possible to communicate with relatives, friends at a distance by video communication. In order to get access to the network, a person needs to apply to a provider, of which there are about 40 in Krasnodar. Experts have analyzed the quality and cost of services of these organizations, which allowed to make a rating of the best companies in the city.

Rating of the best providers of Krasnodar

Rating of the best providers of Krasnodar15.0

Rating: 5.0

One of the fastest-growing providers in Russia, operating in 567 population centers. For 11 years of work the company has covered 11 % of the market of broadband access to the Internet and 12 % of pay TV. By choosing the digital TV service, customers can watch 226 channels, 87 of which broadcast in HD, and 5 – in UHD. The first operator to launch its own app for virtual reality glasses. In this variant 20 channels are available.

If technically possible, customers can choose the Internet at the speed of 300 and 600 Mbit / s. Connection is provided within 2 days from the moment of application. In this case, the customer chooses the convenient time for him. The technicians choose the location of the Wi-Fi router so that the Internet with equal power on any device was in every corner of the apartment. They conduct the cable without damaging the interior of the room. You can choose from 4 tariffs of unlimited Internet. The minimum speed is 75 Mbit/s and the maximum speed is 500 Mbit/s. Price varies from 500 to 900 rubles./mes.

You can leave an application for connection on a site or contact the operator by phone. For lovers of digital TV there are also 4 tariffs, differing by the quantity of channels (154 and 189) and speed of Internet (100, 250, 500 Mbit/s). The price of the service varies from 1000 to 1390 rubles. The most expensive plan includes Movix Pro Voice set-top box. Thanks to ongoing promotions, customers save up to 40% on service fees. The pluses of the company include round-the-clock customer support, stable connection speed, the ability to choose a tariff to suit their preferences (for gamers, movie buffs, fans of social networks). If the user goes on vacation, the service will be suspended.


Rating: 4.9


The main advantage of the company singles out the connection of the Internet within 1 day from the moment of application (on the website or by phone). For owners of apartments there are 6 rate plans with speeds of 50-100 Mbit / sec. The price varies from 150 to 650 rubles.2 min /month. Gamers are recommended to choose the “In the Game” plan, which is a combination of “Home Internet” and “TTC Play!”(access to the remote game server). There is also an option of connecting to the network for residents of the private sector for 799 rubles./month. Customers note the stability of the connection and the rapid resolution of any problems.

Combined connection of Internet and interactive TV is considered more advantageous. There are 4 tariffs with the same connection speed (100 Mbit/s) and 130 or 163 channels. The price difference between the first and the second option is 100 rubles. An important advantage of the TTC is that the equipment is not leased to the client, but become the full property of the client after he pays for it by installments. In addition to conventional Wi-Fi routers and conventional set-top boxes to customers streaming media players with Smart/Apple TV technology, which allows you to integrate a variety of online services into the TV.

Bonus program helps to save on payments. The customers noted the variety of forms of payment in a private office (e-money, bank cards), quality service, the affordable cost of tariffs. Through the use of fiber-optic cable the line capacity is more than 3.4 Tbit / s, which guarantees a fast and stable Internet connection.


Rating: 4.8


The provider provides residents of Krasnodar with home and mobile Internet and interactive TV. The website provides the possibility of connection check at the indicated address. The company attracts a wide variety of rate plans (17) for owners of apartments and private houses at the speed of 5, 100 and 500 Mbit / s. In contrast to the previous provider of installments for Wi-Fi router is not provided. It can be rented for 60 rubles./month. Out of 184 channels, 44 of them broadcast in HD. The cost of tariffs varies from 500 to 900 rubles./mes.

Customers are attracted by a large number of promotional offers, the terms of which can be viewed in a special section or on the main page of the site. If you choose Autopay there is a 10% discount on the monthly fee for 6 months., and 5% will be returned to the bonus account. Online consultant helps to solve any questions. Any problems are quickly eliminated by the technical support service. Choosing a package with mobile connection customers get 1200 or 2500 free minutes, unlimited internet.

You can leave a request for connection by dialing a hot line or filling out a callback form. A specialist will call you back in 2 min. Users note that the Internet works well, there are no failures, installers work carefully. Some people complain about abrupt speed drops, but usually everything returns to normal after 20-30 minutes.


Rating: 4.7


The provider offers customers comprehensive telecommunications services based on the most modern technology. Now the company operates only in a few districts of Krasnodar, but guarantees a stable connection and high download speeds. The list of tariffs at the provider is small. Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbit / s can be connected for 500 rubles./mes. The router is installed free of charge, but you have to pay 300 rubles for setting up a static IP-address. If the connection is carried out in the private sector, the subscription fee is increased by 390 rubles./mes.

For interactive TV fans a basic basic package with 150 channels for 189 rubles is available./mes. and 4 extra (Setup movie, megogo, Match! Premier and Match! Soccer). And the customers will be able to watch their favorite movies or TV programs on any device. They note the user-friendly interface of the application and the ease of navigation. Possibility of simultaneous use of 3 devices is included in any tariff. With additional payment (89 rbl./mes.) the service is expanding to 2 more devices.

Employees can connect to the Internet even on the day of application. The pluses include a variety of forms of payment (bank cards, electronic purses, a cell phone), rapid resolution of problems, the politeness of staff, round the clock technical support. The analysis of user reviews has allowed the company to take 3rd place in the ranking of the best providers of Krasnodar.


Rating: 4.6


Federal operator has been connected since 2005. Company not only provides separate Internet connection with speed of 50-100 Mbit/s or TV, but also joint package offers. The site provides help in choosing the most favorable option for an apartment, private house or office, which takes into account the possible price of payment, free provision of Wi-Fi router. The cost of Internet tariffs varies from 300 to 600 rubles./ month., On TV – from 147 to 380 rubles./mes.

The most profitable conditions are package offers at a price from 345 to 690 rubles./ month. Each tariff includes Internet with 100 Mbit/sec speed and 159 interactive TV channels. Connection and setup of a router and a set-top box are free of charge. Fee of 105 rubles. are charged only if a static IP-address is necessary. The application form for connection is filled out on a site or by phone. The customer can get prior consultation on any tariff at this number.

The main pluses of the provider include 24/7 tech support, stable speed, high quality service, low cost of services. More than 95% of users left positive feedback on the company’s work.


Rating: 4.5


The provider attracts customers with a wide variety of promotional offers and low prices for provided services, a list of which includes home internet, mobile communications and interactive TV. There are 9 tariffs at the site. Their price varies from 450 to 1600 rubles./month. Some plans periodically offer a 50% discount for 1 or 2 months. When connecting. If you need only Internet, then there are 3 rates with different speed – 50, 100 and 300 Mb/sec.

Lovers of online movie theaters can choose one of 6 tariffs. The price will depend on the speed of the Internet (from 100 to 500 Mbit/s), the number of channels (120, 162 and 183). Packages with mobile service provides 1300, 2000 or 3000 minutes./mes., Unlimited mobile Internet, as well as 300 or 500 sms. The cost of the most expensive options includes a rent of Wi-Fi router, for other tariffs it is 150 rubles./month.

If you have any questions you can order a free consultation manager. The pluses of the provider include the ability to set up auto-payment in a private office, the choice of installation time, Internet blocking for 90 days, high speed distribution. Payment is accepted by a bank card or from a mobile account.

The leading positions of the above listed providers in ratings are due to good quality of service, a combination of affordable pricing and high speed internet. Lowest cost of services distinguishes TTK and Sumtel. MTS and beat other providers by speed of Internet and variety of tariff plans.

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