6 best providers of Irkutsk

*Overview of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before you make a purchase you need to consult with a specialist.

It’s hard to imagine modern life without the Internet. Work and leisure are directly related to it. Choosing a provider, you should pay attention to cost and speed. Large companies offer a wide range of tariff lines for different needs. We’ve selected the 6 best providers in Irkutsk based on personal experience and user reviews.

The best providers in Irkutsk

When thinking about changing or connecting a new Internet service provider, it is important to review information about it online, read user reviews, and learn about possible promotions and programs to attract. You have to carefully read the contract for the provision of services.

The best providers in Irkutsk1RegionTelecom5.0


Rating: 5.0


“RegionTelecom” quickly conquered the Irkutsk market due to its extensive coverage area, more than 200 settlements. The company has been operating in the region since 2013, and developed as a subsidiary of Irkuskenergosvyaz. Strong technical base allows to maintain high speed uninterrupted Internet. The coverage is suitable for both home and office use. In addition to broadband access (broadband), you can choose a package of tariffs and home TV.

But there are also disadvantages of working with a provider. Many customers complain about inappropriate customer service behavior. Often the ineffective solution to technical problems that arise on the lines, and more loyal terms for new subscribers, while the issue of retaining old subscribers is given less attention.


Rating: 4.9


Founded in Irkutsk in the late 90s, Orient-Telecom quickly became one of the top three providers in the city and region. The company provides its clients with stable and high speed internet. A plus to packages is free TV, and 24/7, quality technical support. Rates are more than affordable, and payment is based on usage, with upfront payment, which allows you to take into account the frequency of use, speed bumps at different times, and much more.

Users note that “Orient-Telecom” does not cover all the residential part of Irkutsk, and not all districts are able to connect to this provider.


Rating: 4.8


TTC offers its clients high-speed connection thanks to branching main network all over Russia. The company started its way in 1997, and at the moment is among the leaders of the all-Russian list of Internet service providers. TTC offers not only broadband access, but also TV and mobile services to its subscribers. Such complete packages allow to optimize expenses on communication services and entertainment.

For those who are starting to develop business and need fast Internet connection, TTC offers connection in installments. The company also often holds special offers for both regular and new subscribers. Among the disadvantages, users point out not quite fast reaction to customer requests and, occasionally, interruptions in service.


Rating: 4.7


Beeline is well known to everyone as a mobile operator. With the development of high-speed home Internet, it gradually began to conquer this market. Now the provider offers the opportunity to connect home Internet in Irkutsk in just a couple of clicks. After registering an application, a technician will connect your home or office to the network for free and help you understand the settings. “Beeline offers the ability to rent routers and other devices for uninterrupted use of services.

Rate plans can be combined depending on your needs. In addition to Internet, it is possible to connect the TV up to 180 channels. In addition, the company offers the possibility of deferred payment.


Rating: 4.6


This is a relatively young provider, which has spread to 36 regions of Russia. Residents of Irkutsk give it preference for the opportunity to choose optimal speed mode within a tariff plan. “Dom.ru” connects Internet not only in apartment buildings, but also in private houses. A special feature of the provider is that you can limit the number of connected devices.

Most packages include free mobile TV. The company offers different bonuses to their customers in the form of speed increases, antivirus software and much more. Most complaints about the provider’s work are related to customer support service. But the company develops and listens to its users in order to make itself better.


Rating: 4.5


Leader on the market of providers throughout Russia. Not only private customers, but also large public organizations trust the company. “Rostelecom offers high-speed Internet, modern developments and a high level of cyber security. In addition, Rostelecom offers modern interactive TV in a package with Internet. Each customer can rent modern routers or TV set-top boxes. The operator develops personalized offers for each of its customers based on their requests. The price policy of Rostelecom is more than affordable for any user, and various promotional offers will help to save money.

The bulk of the resentment from Irkutsk subscribers lies in the lack of personnel. Very difficult to reach, the answer to requests must wait longer than with other providers. All these points are associated with a large influx of new customers and quality service to existing customers. The company is working in this direction, and correcting deficiencies.

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