6 best plastic clinics in Saint-Petersburg

*Editor’s review of the best ones. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before you buy the product you should consult with a specialist.

More and more people are turning to plastic surgeons lately. It is not only women but also men. Only several decades ago aesthetic services were unavailable because of low qualification of physicians, insufficient equipment. And the clinics could be counted on the fingers, and they were located only in the capital. Plastic surgery became a separate field of medicine 10 years ago, and since then universities have begun to train specialists in this particular field.

Plastic surgeries are of two types. Aesthetic ones are used to improve appearance. These include plastic surgery for the neck, intimate parts of the body, arms, buttocks, ears, eyebrows, forehead. The most common manipulations are nose jobs, facelifts, breast augmentation, hair transplants, liposuction. The reconstructive type helps people to feel like full members of society, makes them feel confident and greatly improves the quality of life. Operations eliminate latent and obvious deformities, restore physical capacities of the body.

Currently, the science is so advanced that non-surgical methods of intervention have been applied. Laser and radio waves do not cause scars and scars, and there is no need to undergo rehabilitation after the procedure.

Plastic surgery has become very popular, so new institutions are opening up, not only in large metropolitan areas, but also in small towns. St. Petersburg is on a par with Moscow as a center of aesthetic science. Thousands of patients from all over the country come here to get really qualified help. Our rating presents 6 clinics in St. Petersburg, where according to statistics and reviews the operations are performed with 100% efficiency, they have the most modern equipment, doctors of the highest category, and all patients feel comfortable during and after treatment.

Rating of the best plastic clinics in Saint-Petersburg

Rating of the best plastic clinics in St. Petersburg1Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the North-West State Medical University n.a. R.E. Evdokimov. i.i. Mechnikova5.0
6Its own clinic4.5

Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of North-West State Medical University n.a. N.E. Bauman. i.i. Mechnikov Medical Center

Rating: 5.0

Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of I.I. Mechnikov North State Medical University

First place goes to the center, which is located at the I.I. Mechnikov North State Medical University. i.i. Mechnikova. The best specialists of the university are involved in the work, who provide reconstructive and aesthetic surgery services. Operations are performed in blocks with advanced equipment. The most modern techniques are used, including author’s methods, developed in one of the oldest medical schools in the country.

An undeniable advantage is that if necessary, doctors of other specializations are involved in operations, and the equipment of the whole clinical base is used. The Center has outpatient and inpatient departments with European level of service. Free parking on site. The building has separate comfortable waiting areas.

According to reviews, you can get exactly the services you expect here. The center performs operations that are not yet performed in other institutions of the country, which attracts people from all over Russia. For example, allografting, which helps in the most difficult situations to return a person to a normal life and adapt in society. The clinic is conveniently located near the subway station and public stops. Its address is 41 Kirochnaya St. Info Phone: 8812303 50.


Rating: 4.9


The second place in the rating is occupied by the center, which is on the same level as European and American clinics of plastic medicine. Operations of various complexity are performed there. Services include cosmetology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, phlebology. All specialists are doctors with proven qualifications and extensive experience in the most difficult manipulations. Innovative methods are developed here and the technologies of the world’s practices are applied.

Equipment is the pride of “Medici”. The Diagnostic Center has everything you need to perform all the tests in one place, without having to go to other medical institutions. Rehabilitation takes place in comfortable conditions. It takes into account not only physical amenities: air conditioning, modern furniture, well-equipped bathrooms. The interior in the hospital is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to make the recovery period quicker and the results even more enjoyable.

Visitors can park their cars for free. Many have highlighted the presence of phlebology department, which helps to cope with vein diseases. The building is located next to a park, where you can breathe the fresh air, socialize, or retreat for relaxation. It is located at: 3, Segovaya str. Kemskaya St., 1. Phone for consultation: +7812244 07 07.


Rating: 4.8


The third place in our rating is occupied by the center that is a part of the international network. Branches are located not only throughout Russia, but also abroad. Rich experience allows us to keep on developing and opening new medical centers to help in even the most difficult cases. In 20 years of work more than 800000 operations of different complexity levels have been performed. Author’s methods created on the basis of the clinic are successfully applied in all branches of MedieAesthetic.

Team consists of competent specialists of different profiles. They are surgeons, cosmetologists, gynecologists, dentists, trichologists. The clinic owes its success to the president of the company, the famous doctor Mchelidze G.V., who was born in 1984. sh., which is one of the top 100 aesthetic medicine center managers. The institution is not only perfectly equipped with professional equipment. It is distinguished by the exclusive design of interiors, where the patient feels comfortable both in the in-patient and out-patient departments.

Installment payment for services is available if desired. We regularly organize lucrative campaigns. According to reviews, each patient is treated here individually, and expectations are always confirmed by real results. Out-of-towners are assisted with reservations and accommodations at special rates. The institution is located at 90-92 Nevsky Prospect. You can ask your questions by calling: 8812210 33 29.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth nominee of our rating is a multidisciplinary clinic located in the heart of St. Petersburg. For more than 20 years, our physicians are members of the ISAPS, a prestigious international community. All kinds of services in plastic surgery, cosmetology, intimate cosmetology, trichology, aesthetic phlebology, dentistry are provided here. The methods used are strictly licensed and have already proved their effectiveness.

All the conditions have been created here for the visitors, who do not feel like at a medical institution, but like at an expensive European hotel. Every detail has been thought out, from ventilation to key and code system. Staff has been expanded to provide the highest level of service to all visitors. “GrandMed” is the creator of the unique cosmeceuticals, aimed at reduction of the rehabilitation period after surgeries. Their production is performed at a factory in Switzerland.

Many noted the convenient location, a large parking lot and recreational and waiting areas, where you can not only drink tea or coffee, but also to eat. Not only local residents, but also visitors from other cities of Russia and CIS countries come here. Address: Sadovaya street, 35. Contact number: +7812327 50 00.


Rating: 4.6


In fifth place in our ranking is a branch of a well-known network in Russia. People with the most difficult aesthetic problems come to Galaktika, where they always get help to restore their beauty and youth. The clinic is not once in the top list of the best plastic surgery centers in St. Petersburg. Unique proprietary methods in combination with innovative foreign equipment allowed to improve the quality and increase the results of procedures.

The specialists regularly attend international conferences where they gain new knowledge and share their experience. Every effort is made to make patients feel comfortable everywhere and anytime. The hospital has deluxe class wards with a great view of the Neva River and the cruiser “Aurora”. Everybody gets meals according to author’s recipes of CITYTEL Group leading brand-chef. In the waiting areas you can relax, have a drink and a snack, read the latest newspapers, watch TV.

Out-of-town patients can take advantage of online counseling. The Beauty Institute develops various promotional offers that significantly reduce the cost of services. You can also buy gift certificates for any unlimited amount. Many pointed out the large free guarded parking lot. The Center is located at Pirogovskaya Embankment, 5/2. Manager’s phone: 8812403 02 01.

Private clinic

Rating: 4.5

Private Clinic

The center that has earned an impeccable reputation over the 5 years of its existence is included in the top 6 best clinics of our rating. Despite its relatively young age, it has loyal patients who recommend it to their friends and acquaintances. All medical personnel are doctors with extensive experience. Equipment and materials are purchased from the best manufacturers, allowing you to reduce trauma during surgery to zero and significantly reduce the recovery period. There are comfortable rest areas in the hospital. The rehabilitation department has comfortable rooms.

Services include all types of plastic surgery, cosmetology procedures, trichology, phlebology. We provide individual approach to each client, starting from consultation to selection of the necessary manipulations. There is public parking on site.

Satisfied clients leave only positive reviews. During the promotional period you can save significantly on procedures, and if you want to use the installment plan. Non-resident residents can get remote consultation, also for them provided a shuttle from the station or airport, provided a discount on a 3-day stay in the hospital. Its location: 5/2 Pirohovskaya Str. Address: Matrosa Zheleznyak St. 57, Literature A. Info Phone: 8812659 88 88.

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