6 best children’s rooms SPb

*Editor’s review of the best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Unfortunately, not all children’s rooms in St. Petersburg meet the established standards of GOST and safety standards. Our rating includes the best places where kids can have a great time and parents won’t have to worry about the little ones.

The top list includes children’s rooms with unique toys, master classes, a large entertainment area, and fun animators. It remains to choose the best option in terms of price.

Best children rooms for kids SPb

The best children’s rooms in St. Petersburg1SHURPA5.0
6Marcellis Primorskaya4.5


Rating: 5.0


At the top of the list is a stylized wooden town with a huge selection of toys. The room is located in the restaurant “Shurma” and equipped with everything you need. There is a hammock inside, ladders, a house with a balcony, and a slide. Usually parents come to the restaurant for dinner or lunch. There’s a babysitter to look after the kids at this time.

The area is notable for its spaciousness. It is visible from the common hall, so adults can watch their child. There is a separate children’s menu. All dishes are amusingly decorated and look appetizing. Hedgehog in the Mist” soup, “Myshkin House” second course. The little guests will definitely like “Sausages of a fairy tale” – sausages in dough, milkshake and Nutella rolls.

Average check – 1000 rubles. You don’t have to pay for entertainment in the room. This is a great place to celebrate a kid’s birthday. Kids don’t want to go home and always ask to play in the town for a while longer. Address: SPb, Ave. Engels St., 27. Phone: +78122453210. Open daily from 12-00 to 23-00.


Rating: 4.9



The biggest number of master-classes and performances can be seen in the children’s room of the restaurant “Buckwheat”. There are puppet shows, music lessons, and different shows every month. Area covers 30 sq. m. It is located on the second floor.

While parents enjoy the restaurant food, the baby can play, do creative work. You don’t have to worry about his safety. A qualified nanny will take care of your child and is able to find an approach to everyone. There are a lot of educational toys in the room. Children have fun playing with an animator. Even the littlest kids will find it interesting. They watch cartoons, color.

Prices in the restaurant are not trivial. On weekends, the kids’ room is crowded. When booking a table it is better to clarify at once about the desire to sit opposite the play area. The main function of this restaurant is to keep the little ones busy while their parents are relaxing. Address: SPb, ul. Dolgozernaya 14, korp. 2. Phone: +78129510571.


Rating: 4.8



In third place is ITALY YUG. Located on the second floor of the restaurant in the Moskovski district. There is so much space that you can safely play catch up. The kids love to come here and watch cartoons on the huge screen. For children looks after a tender and kind nanny, she plays with them and reads fairy tales.

According to parents, there aren’t many toys here, but that’s even better. The kids do more drawing and talking to each other. Visitors with children are advised to choose a table on the second floor so that the child can easily find his parents. Otherwise you have to walk up and down the stairs, and for kids it is not safe.

Convenient is that close to Victory Park. After the walk you can go to the restaurant with the whole family and have something to eat. The atmosphere, food, and service are top-notch. Babysitting is not available every day, so you need to clarify this point in advance. Prices for children’s menu are reasonable for St. Petersburg. The fruit salad costs 350 rubles, cheese pizza – 330 rubles, children’s chicken soup – 250 rubles. Address: SPb, pl. Chernyshevsky, 11. Phone: +78129006444.


Rating: 4.7



On Hare Island, there is a restaurant “Koryushka”. This is a great place for family celebrations. From here you can enjoy a great view of the sights of St. Petersburg. Enjoy a delicious menu, optimal price-quality ratio and a wonderful children’s room. Bright playground with swings, slide and dry pool will not leave anyone indifferent.

Usually there are a lot of kids in the children’s room, so it is crowded, despite the spaciousness of the room. An animator works every day from 12-00 to 23-00. There are a lot of toys here. Regular shows and workshops take place inside. They are paid separately. No other children are allowed in during events.

You can combine a visit to the restaurant and a walk through the Peter and Paul Fortress. The disadvantages are too steep and slippery slide, a queue on the swings and a lot of people playing in the dry pool. Phone: +78126401616. Address: St. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, 3.


Rating: 4.6



The next participant of a rating – one of the best children’s rooms in the Krasnogvardeysky area of St. Petersburg. The area is equipped with a spacious dry pool, there is a climbing maze, lots of toys, coloring books and other things. Very bright and colorful inside.

This place has a home-like atmosphere, special educational toys. The children’s area is completely safe.

The room is more suitable for kids over 4 years old. The little ones are better off playing with their parents, after all there are dangerous stairs. Sometimes there are a lot of children, and you can’t keep track of them all. The location of the nursery was not ideal. It is located on the ground floor opposite the restroom. There are two stairs leading up to it.

On weekdays the room is open from 18-00 to 23-00, on weekends from 12-00 to 23-00. At unspecified hours you can use the area for 1000 rubles per hour. Periodically, master classes by a chef are held, who teaches the young guests recipes. Phone: +78122444448. Address: St. Petersburg, Prospekt 11, Pyatnitskaya str. Industrial, 40, Bldg. 1.

Marcellis Primorskaya

Rating: 4.5

Marcellis Primorskaya

Closes the rating two-level children’s room with two TVs. Secluded, but bright area is clearly visible to parents who will be sitting at the table. Inside, you can see a children’s kitchen, a drawing board and a soft sofa. There are fewer toys here than in LyubimREST. Usually children are separated by age and everyone plays on their own floor.

Many visitors come here specifically for the children’s area. The kids really like it. The institution itself is average in quality of service. Portions of dishes are small and the price is overpriced.

There are several Marcellis children’s rooms in St. Petersburg. They differ from each other in appearance but the rules are the same. The area is designed for children from three to ten years. Babysitters work during certain hours, namely until 10 p.m., from 6 p.m. on weekdays, and from 12 a.m. on weekends. Address: SPb, ul. 34 Odoevsky St. Phone: 88002010001.

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