5 best schools eyelash extensions in St. Petersburg

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Please consult with a professional before buying.

Today, more and more girls want to become specialists in eyelash extensions. There are those who wish to train future masters. But where to go to study to become a lashmaker?

We compared conditions and prices in schools in St. Petersburg and selected 5 best schools with a proven reputation. Do not spare time for the choice of courses, because it affects the success of the career.

The best eyelash schools in St. Petersburg

The best eyelash extension schools in St. Petersburg1


2St. Petersburg Beauty School Ecole4.9

aris Nail

4Fashion Kings Academy4.7


Rating: 5.0


In our opinion, the best school is the PRO VZGLYAD studio. The center occupies an area of 800 square meters.m. There are spacious lecture-halls, separate lecture-rooms, a studio and a rest-zone. The training rooms are fully equipped. All necessary tools can be bought in the center even after the end of classes. PRO VZGLYAD is formerly known as the Institute of Eyelash Extensions.

Here they offer courses on lamination and eyelash extensions. Newcomers enjoy mastering new sphere of activity, and experienced specialists improve their skills and learn new techniques. The cost of services is not the lowest in St. Petersburg. However, the price absolutely corresponds to the quality and service.

The opinions on PRO VZglyad are only positive. You can find a lot of grateful and sincere feedback about the teachers on the Internet. Teachers present information in an accessible way. It is nice that the groups are small, and the master pays attention to everyone. Basic course “Laminating and Botox eyelashes” costs 9900 rubles. Address: Saint-Petersburg, Moskovsky prospect, 111. Phone: 8800-200-52-74.

St. Petersburg school of beauty Ekol

Rating: 4.9

St. Petersburg Beauty School Ekol

The St.-Petersburg beauty academy Ecole continues to be rated. The school offers courses in make-up, manicure, hairdressing, cosmetology, style and fashion. The company motto – modern education, maximum practice and reasonable price. At the end of classes, each student receives a portfolio and personal certificate.

During the training, they study the nuances of lashmaker work, learn to perform different types of lash extensions, and master the basic procedures. The program includes eye shaping, beam forming, lamination and Botox. Certified graduates are entered into the database of specialists, where beauty salons select applicants.

For 28 academic hours you have to pay 14800 rubles. You can choose to pay in installments and make 1300 rubles per month (current conditions of the action). At school they constantly face with a lack of models, so the practical lessons can be postponed… The location of the center is not the best. Ecole beauty school is far from the subway, there are few eating places nearby. Otherwise there are no minuses. Address: St. Petersburg, Nab. 96 Kanal Griboedova Street, St. Petersburg. Phone: +78126480083.

aris Nail

Rating: 4.8

Paris Nail

Licensed school of nail art and modeling of eyes offers courses of basic level, online training and advanced training for experienced professionals. At the school you can learn the basics of volume extensions, learn about the criteria for error-free selection of tools and lashes. Here you will learn how to compare manual and tape techniques, to identify their advantages and disadvantages.

Duration of online webinar is 120 days. After passing the course, participants are given an electronic diploma, which can be ordered in a hardcover.

Reviews about Paris Nail contradictory. Strengths: experienced faculty, programs adapted for students of different levels, well-equipped facilities, full support during training. Mass of negative comments are related to specific teachers. There is information about the boorish behavior of staff in relation to the models. There are several branches of Paris Nail School in St. Petersburg. Phone: 8800-550-98-50.

Fashion Kings Academy

Rating: 4.7

Fashion Kings Academy

The basic course of classic eyelash extension school Fashion Kings Academy includes introduction to the future profession, instruction on tools disinfection, the basic steps of the procedure, the study of contraindications, the main aspects for the selection of the desired effect, recommendations on care. Experienced professionals will be interested to learn about modeling and correction of eye shape, smarthacks, work with gaps and their elimination.

Practice includes volume extensions on models and practicing the formation of bunches on sponges. After training a personal certificate is issued. Discounts are available for enrollment in 2 courses.

Reviews about the teachers are mostly positive. There are unflattering comments about the masters of other directions. Any course includes all consumables and tools. Individual training costs 15000 rubles. You can invite your own model to practice.

The price for students with zero training – 6900 rubles. Training is carried out in a group of up to 4 persons. It takes 1 day from 10-30 to 19-30. Online support available for students after receiving name certificate. Phone: +78129451429. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Ropshinskaya, 22.


Rating: 4.6


School “Caprice” offers residents of St. Petersburg a wide range of courses at affordable prices. Here you can master various areas of the beauty-sphere, including manicure, makeup, hairdressing. In the direction of eyelash extensions offer classes for professionals and beginners. Unique programs give you the opportunity to master eyelash extensions in just one day. Professionals will be interested in advanced training, which includes error detection programs, schemes of extensions, lash production, elimination of allowable pasting and study on the model.

There are a lot of reasons for the positive reviews. It is an affordable price, experienced and attentive teachers, licensed professional training, individual schedule, the ability to pay in installments, modern equipment and spacious halls. Students can count on the help of teachers even after graduation.

Despite the large number of high ratings, many people think the price tag is overpriced. Often the school offers discounts. The program “Master Eyelash Extensions” costs 8000 rubles. A three-hour express course will cost 2999 rubles. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Goncharnaya, 25. Phone number: +78129006051.

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