5 best pawnshops in St. Petersburg

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before purchase necessary to consult with a specialist.

At first glance, surrendering things in a pawnshop and get the money is very simple. However, there are many pitfalls. To avoid losing money and jewelry, it is worth finding out more information about the salon in advance.

We have prepared a rating of the best pawnshops in St. Petersburg. We hope it will help you to choose.

The best pawnshops in St. Petersburg

The best pawn shops in St. Petersburg1First Gold Salon5.0
2Gold of Russia4.9
5Pawnshop 5854.6

First Golden Salon

Rating: 5.0

The first Golden Salon

The leader of a rating became the pawnshop “First Golden”. The salon is buying up silver, gold, antiques, precious stones, icons. If a thing is in excellent condition, the client can expect the maximum estimate. As for antiques, their value depends on the integrity of the thing, the origin, the presence of restored traces.

Wholesale sellers of gold offer special terms. If you fill out the form on the site, the manager will evaluate online. If necessary, it is possible to have a specialist come to the house. “First Golden” guarantees the anonymity of transactions and complete security.

Price of 1g gold of 585 hallmarks is 2550-2750 rubles. It varies with the dollar exchange rate. Items of 750 and 999 proof are more expensive. All the jewelry that is for sale goes to the remelting. Therefore, the evaluation depends on the weight of the item and its hallmark, not the number of scratches. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. 7 Titanova. Working schedule: from 11-00 to 20-00.

Gold of Russia

Rating: 4.9

Gold of Russia

Pawnshop St. Petersburg “Gold of Russia” offers free online assessment and guarantees the redemption of the proposed item. You can send photos of items on WhatsApp, Viber. Call the appraiser at home.

The salon accepts paintings, gold, silver, platinum, icons, diamonds, elite watches, coins. Precious metals are taken at a reasonable price. 1g gold of 750 tests costs from 4100 to 4300 rubles. Jewels take in any form and volume. Carat, color, weight and color of the metal do not matter. The company buys up broken items and wrecks, dental gold.

Judging by the reviews, the pawnshop “Gold of Russia” often offer the best prices compared with other companies in St. Petersburg. Clients appreciate the company for its fast and courteous service. The shop is conveniently located near the subway. Address: St. Petersburg, Bolshoy pr. p.s., 35B, lit. a. Opening Hours: every day from 11-00 to 20-00.


Rating: 4.8


Fast execution of the loan and honest terms guarantees the pawnshop “Omega”. In pledge take household and electronic appliances, antiques, gold jewelry, fur coats, etc. All items are returned in complete safety. If the client will not redeem the thing in time, it will be offered for sale. The registration procedure takes 5-10 minutes. Evaluation of jewelry is made instantly, using special equipment.

If you need a large sum of money, you can leave an apartment or house as collateral. Loan term can be extended an unlimited number of times. Online interest payment function is available. The company provides complete confidentiality to its customers

Judging by the reviews, things in “Omega” are evaluated fairly. Electronic goods for sale are often faulty. That is why we do not recommend buying phones and other equipment. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Utochkina, d. 2. Opening Hours: from 09-00 to 20-00 daily.


Rating: 4.7


On the fourth line of the rating is the pawnshop of St. Petersburg “Doverie”, which accepts a variety of valuable items. In the pledge take not only jewelry, but also furs, watches, collectible coins, machinery and electronics. The salon buys up gold products, offering a good price for them.

Car deposit is available. The entire period of the loan the car will be in the parking lot. Vehicles are guarded around the clock. Up to 80% of the car market value may be approved. Under the terms of the company’s maximum loan amount is 20 million rubles.

Diamonds and silver can be put at a rate of 0.2% per month for up to 60 days. The money will be in hand in just 7-10 minutes. In 1 day you can get a loan secured by real estate. You may upload photos of the car and get a preliminary assessment.

The clients are often faced with an illiterate assessment. In the branded and exclusive things employees are poorly versed. There is information about the rude behavior of some appraisers. From the advantages it is worth noting the rapid clearance, convenient location. Address: St. Petersburg, ul. 42 Babushkina Street. Opening Hours: from 08-00 to 21-00 every day.

Pawnshop 585

Rating: 4.6

Pawnshop 585

The main advantages of the last participant in the rating – quickly arrange a loan on presentation of one passport. Cash withdrawal in the office will take 10-15 minutes. You can get money on the security of gold and platinum jewelry, home appliances and electronics. Accept tooth gold, coins, broken items. Silver jewelry is not accepted here.

The loan is given for the term up to 60 days. The pawnshop has its own mobile app, which is very convenient for regular customers. For people of retirement age there are favorable conditions (reduced rate of interest and payment once every 2 months). The client has the right to buy gold jewelry, paying part of the purchase certificate “Swap the old for the new. Each visitor of the salon becomes a member of the loyalty program.

There are reviews of low-quality jewelry for sale. Before you buy a ring or earrings at a pawnshop 585, you should examine them carefully. Return the product back will be very problematic. Address: Kondratyevsky Prospekt, St.Petersburg., 49. Working hours: from 10-00 to 20-00, seven days a week.

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