5 Best Maternity Clinics in Perm

The most important and unforgettable event in every woman’s life is the birth of her child. An expectant mother carefully selects a maternity hospital, gets acquainted with the reviews of the girls online. We decided to help the residents of Perm and chose the best hospitals in the city, reflecting their advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose a maternity hospital

The main selection criterion is the location of the institution. The closer the birth center is, the better. Choosing the right option, you should get acquainted with the closing schedule of maternity hospitals. The closest place may not be open due to scheduled washing at the time the birth is supposed to take place. Then you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Availability of repairs in the premises;
  2. Types of services provided;
  3. Opinions of women who have already given birth;
  4. Availability of an intensive care unit;
  5. Opportunity to have a partner delivery.

There are negative reviews of every maternity hospital. Therefore it is important to understand that the opinions of a woman are quite subjective and depend a lot on the mood and character of the woman in labor. In any case, complaints about old beds are not the main argument for rejecting a maternity hospital.

Rating of the best maternity hospitals in Perm

Nominationlocationproduct namerating
Rating of the best maternity hospitals in Perm1Perm Krai Perinatal Center5.0
2Perm Maternity Hospital at MSCh 74.9
3Medical Unit No. 9 named after M.V. Lomonosov. m.a. Tver4.8
4City Clinical Hospital 214.7
5Maternity hospital of MBIH Municipal Clinical Hospital № 2 named after F. Akhmetov.h. Gralya4.6

Perm Krai Perinatal Center

Rating: 5.0

Perm Krai Perinatal Center

The facility’s physicians delivered their first child in 2011. The Perinatal Center is the best place for women who are about to have a difficult delivery. In case of serious abnormalities, girls go to the preservation. Every Thursday at 13-00, an Open Doors Day is held here.

On forums, you can meet many favorable reviews of women in labor, who praise the staff of the clinic, large rooms with comfortable furniture. Hotel rooms are hard to rent because they are usually occupied. Many women strive to give birth in this very center. The state budget institution is located at: 3, Mil. Perm, Zhukova 33. Phone: 239-86-00.


  • normal feeding;
  • Nursing premature infants;
  • All types of obstetric care;
  • Good conditions of stay;
  • comfortable and large delivery rooms.


  • overcrowding (many women in labor).

Perm Maternity Hospital of MSCh 7

Rating: 4.9

Perm Maternity House at MSCh #7

Continues the rating known to all residents of Perm maternity hospital under the Ministry of Emergency Situations № 7. It has no particular narrow specialization and is considered a multidisciplinary. They do partner delivery and promote the natural method of expulsion.

Doctors can constantly monitor the condition of the mother and baby thanks to modern technology in the delivery room. Feedback from women in labour shows that they were explained the rules of baby care and helped with lactation. If you want you can stay in a single room which costs about 540 rubles per day. We consider the pediatric intensive care unit to be a big plus. There is some feedback about the boorish attitude of the staff. Address: Gorno-Kamchatsky Hospital № 1, Vladimirskaya oblast, Krasnodar Krai. 56, Pisareva St. phone: 284-86-10.


  • The latest equipment;
  • Availability of pediatric intensive care unit;
  • Help for young mothers;
  • Natural births are promoted;
  • The father is allowed to be present during childbirth;
  • Single room for a fee;
  • Highly trained staff.


  • Boorish staff has been reported.

Medchast No. 9 in the hospital;. m.a. Tver

Rating: 4.8

The department is located in the medical unit of the hospital. m. a. Tver. A few years ago it was renovated and equipped with nine individual delivery rooms. The institution conducts normal physiological and premature births, accepts expectant mothers with multiple pregnancies and various pathologies.

MES Hospital No. 9 is staffed by highly qualified obstetricians and gynecologists, with modern equipment – fetal monitors, devices for artificial lung ventilation. Doctors have had experience nurturing babies weighing more than 500 grams. Address: Dosmukhamedov Vladimir; Address: Minsk. Perm, st. Brothers Ignatov, 2. Phone number: 221-78-04.


  • was overhauled;
  • modern devices;
  • Comfortable beds;
  • Extensive experience of highly qualified doctors.


  • There is some feedback about the negligent attitude of the doctors;
  • Not everyone likes the menu.

City Clinical Hospital 21

Rating: 4.7

The maternity hospital in Zakamsk has a good reputation. Assistance at all stages of pregnancy, partner delivery is provided here. Serves women in labor both for a fee and free of charge. There is an intensive care ward where experienced doctors help women in case of complicated pregnancy.

Mother and baby stay in the room together. Nutrition in the maternity hospital leaves much to be desired. The maternity hospital is located at the following address. 20 Shishkina Street, Perm. Phone number: 828-75-96. We recommend you to visit the Doors Open Day and talk to the obstetrician-gynecologist.


  • Individual delivery room;
  • There is an open door day;
  • Competent specialists;
  • pleasant comfortable atmosphere.


  • Negative reviews about nutrition.

Maternity hospital MBUZ Municipal Clinical Hospital № 2.h. Gralia

Rating: 4.4

The maternity hospital No. 2 offers free care and fee-for-service services. Maternity boxes are equipped with special equipment. Spouse may be present during childbirth if wished. There is an intensive care unit for premature babies in the institution.

Judging by the reviews, most of the staff has a friendly attitude towards women in labor. However, it was not without negative opinions. Not everyone liked the conditions and the atmosphere in the institution. Address: d.o.b. Perm, Yekaterininskaya St., 224. Phone: 236-78-39.


  • availability of resuscitation;
  • qualified medical care;
  • opportunity to give birth together with your husband.


  • old repairs;
  • There are strict doctors and boorish nurses.
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