5 best cakes to order in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before purchase, please consult with an expert.

Most holidays are associated primarily with cake. Fortunately, modern confectioners adapt this delicacy for any occasion: except for birthdays, you can now order a unique cake for corporate parties, professional day, New Year, wedding anniversary, etc. d. The décor of cakes need not be typical. Unique cakes with photos, sweet figurines, and caramel decorations are in fashion.

How to choose the right confectionery company to buy delicious and aesthetic sweet treats for family or company? To meet expectations, experts recommend paying attention to 3 aspects:

  1. Confectioners Reputation.This can be a mention in the media, the degree of promotion of the site, accounts in social networks.
  2. Photos.Ideally, if the company’s portfolio is not just images, but signed with unique watermarks, which are simply done in a photo editor.Check the authenticity of photos by uploading the image to your browser. If the image is unique, the online service will point to the original source of the company website or group in social networks.
  3. Reviews.Any self-respecting store or pastry shop keeps customer opinions in the public domain. Pay attention to the subjectivity of reviews, bad reviews can also be useful – masters take into account the comments when accepting the order.

EXPERTOLOGY presents the top 5 best cakes to order in Moscow. With these companies confectionery products your celebration will be unforgettable!

Rating of the best cakes to order in Moscow

Nominationplaceproduct namerating
Rating of the best cakes to order in Moscow1Agzamov4.9
2Italian Garden4.8
3Best Cake4.7
5Sweet Mary4.6


Rating: 4.9

Cakes to order Agzamov

Famous Russian confectioner Renat Agzamov needs no introduction: his cakes decorate celebrities’ parties, politicians, actors, singers, national and honored artists are regular clients of Agzamov company.

Team Renat Agzamov – a powerful confectionery company, which produces thousands of cakes daily in three areas: Luxury – large complex designs to individual order for pompous celebrations worth several thousand rubles, Premium – large and very beautiful cakes for special celebrations, children’s parties, corporate parties, for men and women; Classic – celebration, wedding and children’s cakes available to all. Of course, the more complex the product, the more expensive it is. But the quality is worth it – confectioners use fresh products, proprietary technologies of edible decor. Artists create figurines-copies of customers and celebrants, assemble spherical and tiered cakes, imitate glass, textile, metal, plants, etc. d.

By the way, the cakes Agzamov in the Classic category are quite affordable. Of course, it depends on the complexity of the project, a typical cake of 3.5 kg can be purchased from 4,500 rubles (from 1,285 rubles./kg).

Production address: Moscow, Odintsovsky district, Proletarsky village, Pervomaisky district, Oktyabrskaya str. Novoivanovskoe, ul. Kalinina, d.6, k.1.


  • A huge choice of cake design;
  • There is a self-delivery;
  • Delivery in Moscow and Moscow region;
  • Impeccable reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Execution of any customer requests;
  • The confectioners also work with large orders.


  • Preferentially high price products;
  • Cake making on prepayment 100%.

Italian Garden

Rating: 4.8

Italian Garden

In second place is a confectionery company “Italian Garden”, the winner of various city awards and winner of competitions. The peculiarity of the products is an exceptionally high quality, like a homemade cake made with taste. Confectioners skillfully assemble carriages, soccer fields, multilevel wedding pedestals, sweet compositions, make logos and print edible photos.

You can order products in a confectionery “Italian Garden” in several categories: celebratory, wedding, children’s, fruit, ready-made or individual recipe and design.

The cost of a kilogram of cake starts at 2000 rubles, for wedding cakes the company gives a 10% discount as a compliment. Such a price explains the use of traditional Italian confectionery and individual approach, intricate decor. Free delivery within Moscow Ring Road.

Address of production: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 37.


  • Unique designs for birthday, children’s and wedding cakes;
  • Using the Italian original recipe;
  • Using fresh products;
  • Free delivery within MKAD.


  • Overpriced products (from 2000 rubles per kilo);
  • The use of inedible decor, which is important to remember and remove in advance.

Best Cake

Rating: 4.7

Best Cake

In third place is a confectionery company producing unique cakes to order “Best Cake”. They have a wide range of categories: children, birthday, corporate, gift, portion, wedding, with photos, vip, and even a high! But the peculiarity of Best Cake is the realization of the cakes drawn by the customer into life. This is a unique opportunity to create your own design or bring to life a child’s drawing.

Nothing is impossible for the company’s confectioners: they bake cakes to any taste, assemble multilevel and complex designs, use caramel, fondant, fruit, edible flowers and other culinary products for decoration. Candles and balloons will be added at the customer’s request.

Of course, the cost of products is determined by its complexity, the starting price of cute products – 990 rubles./kg, medium – 1490 rubles./kg.

In addition to cakes in the order to the confectionery Best Cake can include ice cream, gingerbread, cookies, cupcakes, even ready-made flower bouquets.

Address of production: Moscow, m. Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, ul. Pryanishnikov st.23a.


  • Reasonable prices;
  • The possibility of implementing a cake to your own design or sketch;
  • Additional holiday paraphernalia available for ordering;
  • Delivery time 1-3 days;
  • Wide range of decorations and flavors;
  • Prepayment of only 10%.


  • No free delivery, only with an order of a certain amount.

By Palych

Rating: 4.7

At Palych's

In fourth place is the network company “U Palych” with offices throughout Russia. Here you can order cakes and pies to order for any occasion, choosing from ready-made solutions in a catalog or make your own layout, but only in a company store or office. You have to make an order 5-7 days before the celebration; 100% prepayment is charged from the client, and for cakes with pedestals and tiered structures – also a deposit for the equipment, which is returned after the handover of products back to the performer.

Celebratory cakes can be any, the minimum weight – 2.5 kg, the price per kilogram starts at around 1,250 rubles. Compared to the previously reviewed cake shops, U Palych’s catalog has the most modest selection of ready-made cakes – about 50.

In addition to cakes, you can order Japanese dishes, pastries, ready-made dishes for a banquet, various drinks and food with home delivery.

Production address: Moscow, ul. a. Dikogo, 3, p. 1.


  • Optimal price
  • Network of company stores where you can order;
  • Representative offices in many Russian cities;
  • Other dishes for the banquet;
  • Order a cake of any design.


  • Relatively small selection of ready-made options;
  • You can not make an order remotely;
  • 100% prepayment.

Sweet Mary

Rating: 4.6

Sweet Mary

Sweet Mary confectionery rounds out the rating. The catalog on the site is convenient for finding the best solution: the products are not just divided into categories with the name of the holiday event (among which, incidentally, unusual – days of different professions, erotic, by sports), but also by color, number of tiers, etc. d. As a decor are used all kinds of caramel products, fondants, creams, photos and figurines.

Price per kilo starts from 1800 rubles. Not a lot, but the result is worth it, judging by the testimonials of customers. By the way, in Sweet Mary you can also realize a cake according to your sketch! However, it will cost from 2200 rubles per kilo. The order should be placed not earlier than 3 days before the celebration. If you need a cake “tonight” or “tomorrow”, the company can take the order if there is time, but for urgency pay up to 50%. Prepayment at registration of the application will be 20-50%, delivery within Moscow Ring Road will be from 600 rubles. Racks and stands are subject to a deposit of 5000…20000 rubles.

Address of production: Moscow, ul. Yeniseiskaya str.46 k.2.


  • A large selection of ready-made layouts, including unique and atypical ones;
  • Making cakes of any complexity according to individual designs and sketches;
  • High quality of decor.


  • Not always punctual delivery;
  • The price per kilo is higher than the average;
  • No free shipping.
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