27 Best Restaurants in St. Petersburg

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult with a professional before buying.

St. Petersburg is the acknowledged capital of world tourism, visited annually by millions of people from all corners of the planet. Numerous attractions are the reason for such popularity. It is impossible to list all the historical and cultural monuments that are located in the city on the Neva, because every second building there is a national treasure and the heritage of not only our country but of the whole world.

But tourists don’t come here just to see the beauties of St. Petersburg. Many foreign travelers want to try authentic national Russian cuisine and get double the pleasure of visiting the great city. Those who prefer the gastronomic delights of other countries will also find a place to their liking. In St. Petersburg there are restaurants of Italian, Oriental, Japanese, Chinese, Caucasian and other cuisines.

Where to spend time, relax and where to go for lunch, we will tell you in this article. In this rating we have selected 22 restaurants in St. Petersburg, where they offer a variety of dishes of the national cuisine of the world, prepared by the best chefs of the northern capital. Not only professional experts’ opinions, but also the reviews of real visitors were taken into consideration while making the selection.

Best Restaurants in St. Petersburg

NominationThe placeNameRating
Best Russian Restaurants in St. Petersburg1Block5.0
3Mari Vanna4.8
5Dostoevsky F.m.4.6
Best Italian Restaurants in St. Petersburg1Gi
3Il Milanese4.9
5Bona Capona4.7
7Toscana Grill4.5
The best eastern cuisine restaurants in St. Petersburg1Barashki5.0
4Chaikhana Pahvala4.7
Best Caucasian restaurants in St. Petersburg1SpiceRenjoys5.0
Best Japanese cuisine restaurants in St. Petersburg1Sintoho5.0
Best Chinese restaurants in St. Petersburg1Made in5.0
3Mi Fan4.8

The best Russian cuisine restaurants in St. Petersburg


Rating: 5.0


“Block is rightfully at the top of our list. Perfect location, excellent cuisine and high-quality service – these are the main secrets of success of the brainchild of famous restaurateur Alexander Rappoport. The interior is not only relaxing, but also offers incomparable aesthetic pleasure. The works of famous avant-garde artists decorate the hall. Giant crystal chandelier creates a special atmosphere of chamber. The restaurant is located on the roof of “Leningrad Center” with a panoramic view on the Tavrichesky garden.

This place is made for meat gourmets. The menu amazes fans of gastronomic delights and consists of such sections as “Cold meat”, “Roast meat”, “Chopped meat”. Meals are cooked according to the classic and author’s recipes, many of which you can try only here. There is also a special attitude to the choice of products. The meat is bought from a farm in Voronezh Region where bull-calves are fattened according to a special technology to get a unique degree of marbling: the average between Choice+ and Prime.

There is a parking lot. Many visitors noted that this is one of the best places in St. Petersburg, where you can taste Russian cuisine and celebrate an important event in life. The restaurant is located at: Potemkinskaya Street, 4 and is open daily from 12:00 to 01:00. Phone for reservations: +7812415 40 40.


Rating: 4.9


The second place in the rating is taken by a well-known restaurateur who opened the first tavern in 1785. “Palkin” offers dishes of traditional Russian cuisine that can amaze not only foreigners, but also our compatriots with exquisite dishes and tastes. The menu offers beluga and sturgeon caviar, venison and wild boar dumplings, beatki with buckwheat porridge, stewed cabbage stew and sour cabbage stew. You can finish your dinner with desserts made by author’s recipes of our chef.

The restaurant attracts attention not only with its cuisine but also with its convenient location in the city center, as well as with the atmosphere that has been preserved since the times of the pre-revolutionary institution. It became one of the most popular places in St. Petersburg for different events: weddings, anniversaries, conferences. Banquet hall can seat up to 250 guests at a time. The interior is exquisite, designed in calm colors.

Clients appreciate the high level of service. Those who visited this place for the first time, said that they would definitely come again. No parking for cars. This place is open from 12:00 to 00:00. It is located at Nevsky Prospect, 47. Contact phone number: +7812703 53 71.

Mari Vanna

Rating: 4.8


The third place of the rating belongs to the network of restaurants located all over the world: Los Angeles, London, New York, Washington, Moscow, Baku. But it was in St. Petersburg that the first restaurant opened more than 10 years ago. Cozy interior recalls authentic Russian home atmosphere. Here you can find a cuckoo clock and a samovar with platters, handmade lampshade, retro buffets and a gramophone. The kitchen reminds one of dishes one cooked with love by his mother or grandmother: appetizing pies and pastries, thick cabbage soup with chicken, thin fish pancakes and puffy thick pancakes.

Foreign guests can be surprised by roasted suckling pig, stuffed sterlet, pikeperch with horseradish and, of course, Russian drinks, which accompany any feast. The choice of seating is yours: either in the common room on the first floor, on the second level on the balcony, or in a private room.

Retrosalon offers to take advantage of special offers and celebrate the birthday or bachelor / bachelorette party favorably. It opens its doors for visitors at 12 p.m. and works till 01.00. Mari Vanna is located on Mytninskaya Embankment, at number 3. Book a table or order a banquet by phone: +7812640 16 16.


Rating: 4.7


The restaurant, included in our rating and located on the fourth line, completely eliminates the concept of “minimalism” in everything, from the kitchen to the interior. The house in which it is located was built more than two centuries ago and is named by the architect Andrei Ivanovich Stakenscheider. The best representatives of the cultural intelligentsia of St. Petersburg used to gather there. Today the restaurant is also a place where come not only to have dinner, but also to socialize with famous people from all over the world.

Luxury is evident in any, even the most imperceptible details. Guests are surrounded by stucco on the ceilings, preserved since the time of the building, leather, velvet, natural wood, crystal and bronze. The porcelain tableware is an undeniable source of pride that emphasizes the aristocratism of the place. Russian dishes cooked according to old recipes and technologies became the visiting card of this place. Besides the main menu you can find business, banquet and hunting menu, where every gourmand will find something to his taste.

You can visit the restaurant at: 10 Millionnaya Street. It operates every day from 8 am until the last visitor. Phone for more information: +7812401 69 19.

Dostoevsky F.m.

Rating: 4.6

Dostoevsky F.M

The fifth-ranked restaurant of Russian cuisine is a chamber place that offers a memorable evening or a celebration in a circle of friends. The interior is exquisite, executed in light colors, creates a special cozy atmosphere, conducive to gastronomic enjoyment. The name is reflected in design. In the main hall there are bookcases with the great works of the writer. Russian cuisine will please you with its variety. They are prepared according to old Russian recipes, including the author’s findings of the chef.

The menu offers hot and cold appetizers, salads, fish and meat dishes, drinks. Veal jelly with horseradish, sterlet cakes, schiutoshi, pike-perch cutlets, onion buckwheat, are worth a special guest’s attention. Guests will love the dishes from the menu “Russian avant-garde”, named of the great artists Kandinsky and Malevich. For a more pleasant pastime a variety of board games will be offered here.

The restaurant is chosen for weddings and anniversaries. Banquet menu is compiled on the basis of customers’ preferences and in addition to Russian cuisine can include dishes of European cuisine. Opening time: from 07:00 to 23:00. Location: 9 Vladimirsky Prospect. Phone number to book a table: +7812334 22 44.

The best Italian cuisine restaurants in St. Petersburg


Rating: 5.0

GI<ul></div><p>IETTA.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/46316666195741-8527.jpg” height=”447″ title=”GI</p><ul>IETTA.webp”><p>First place in the rating in the category of the best Italian restaurants in St. Petersburg goes to Gi</p><ul>A restaurant with an interesting history of appearance. After opening “Romeo’s” near the Mariinsky Theatre, the founders had the idea to create a beautiful “Juliette” as well. Thus a popular place for both residents and guests of the northern capital to relax and enjoy the national European cuisine loved by millions of gourmets around the world appeared.<p>Morning breakfast in a small cozy room right at the door includes an aromatic cup of coffee and homemade desserts made according to traditional recipes. Further the guests get to the main hall which interiors completely reflect a spirit of the Mediterranean country. Small cozy tables are for a company of four people, but you can always join them and enjoy the company of a large friendly group.</p><p>The menu is varied and includes simple dishes as well as more sophisticated gourmet ones. The advantage for many parents is the kids’ room stylized like a circus where kids play under the tutelage of an experienced nanny while adults relax and enjoy their meal. Opening time: from 9.00 to 00.Opened 1 hour later on Saturdays and Sundays. Address: 13 Inzhenernaya St. Phone: +7812443 83 45.</p><h3>Italy</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Italy

On the second place is a large family restaurant Italy on Moskvoskogo across from the Victory Park. This is a large restaurant with high ceilings, panoramic windows and lots of light, different guest areas with cushioned furniture, a children’s room with a babysitter and a shower.

The concept of the restaurant is a modern take on traditional Italian cuisine. The main menu includes the most popular dishes among tourists and Italians themselves to date: pizza from a wood stove, homemade pasta with classic and author sauces, national desserts. To better recreate the taste of the original dishes, the chefs use authentic products for cooking – Caputo flour imported from Naples, farm cheeses, vegetables, meat, sea fish. The wine list is also unique in its kind – it was compiled by a native Italian, Sophia Brocaglia, who made an emphasis on Old World wines, in the restaurant you can taste the real wines from the Sicilian winery Judeka, including an exclusive drink from the grape variety Frappato.

In addition to the Italian cuisine the restaurant Italy serves dishes from the menu “Buongiorno, Asia” – rolls and sushi, and for children there are delicious dishes from meat, fish and vegetables in an interesting design, burgers and fries. Every morning, the chefs prepare breakfast cereals and pastries, puddings, eggs Benedict, and a variety of smoothies. BAMBINI DOLCI cooking school for kids works on weekends. Master class participation costs only 300 rubles. The family restaurant is located on Chernyshevsky Square and is open from 9:00 to 23:00 from Tuesday through Thursday and to 00:00 on Friday and Saturday. You can reserve a table by phone +7 (812) 900-64-44.

Il Milanese

Rating: 4.8

Il Milanese

On Liteyny Prospect there is an interesting restaurant Il Milanese whose founder and chef are native Italians who keep the culinary traditions of their people and integrate them into the menu. By the way, Il Milanese is on the list of the best Italian restaurants outside Italy, according to the Gambero Rosso guidebook. This place is like an island of Milan in the northern capital of Russia, inside there are red brick walls, classic furniture, reproductions of Caravaggio paintings, home accessories – everything is tastefully decorated.

Cooks prepare dishes to classic recipes from products brought from Naples, Rome, Sicily, local farms. The menu is similar to the one in Milan – meat and fish delicacies, cheeses and appetizers, soups and risotto, homemade pasta, gnocchi, a great bar and wine list, including the real Italian wines. You shouldn’t be surprised if the guests are welcomed by the restaurateur himself and the dishes are served by the chef – this is a manifestation of true Italian hospitality. By the way, there is no pizza on the menu – a somewhat unexpected decision for a restaurant with national cuisine.

Il Milanese is located at 7 Liteiny prospect, open from 12:00 to 23:00 on weekdays and from 13:00 on weekends – no breakfasts and night snacks. Phone for reservations +7 (962) 724-89-40.


Rating: 4.7


Visitors get into the cozy atmosphere of Italian culture and way of life. The interior features antique furniture, massive candlesticks, cupboards with dishes, upholstered sofas. We are especially proud of our menu which includes both traditional dishes and author’s ones created by chef Francesco Barbato. These are pastas, risotto, carpaccio, tagliolini, several kinds of homemade cheese. Good wine from the best vineyards of sunny Italy will lift your spirits and enhance your relationship with your friends.

In the restaurant you can not only have a good meal, but also spend time with benefits. Here you can regularly organize master classes, tastings of beverages and broadcast sports competitions. Francesco’s meets the demands of all Italian food lovers. Vegetarians and fasting people will find a dish to satisfy their needs.

Free parking for visitors. Kids can play in a special room and then have a snack from children’s menu. The facility is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.The menu is presented at noon and on weekends from 12 noon.00 to 01.00. It is located on Suvorovsky Prospekt, 47. To reserve a table here, call +7812640 16 16.

ona Capona

Rating: 4.6


The next place is taken by a chain of Italian restaurants that are located in different districts of St. Petersburg, but keep the same concept. The chef from Toscana could realize the dream of the founders of the restaurant and let the guests touch the wonderful world of this country. Author’s technologies are added to traditional recipes, improving taste and aroma and attracting more and more new guests. Ravioli and lasagna, risotto and pizza, pasta and frutti, and, of course, a wine list with the best drinks from the sunny country.

Many reasons contribute to the success of Bona Capona. One of them is using of the freshest natural products which are bought from the checked suppliers. They are ecologically safe and offer maximum nutrition and health benefits. The establishments often organize real Italian festivals, where you can taste the pasta of the day or taste the new wine.

The main difference between the restaurant and similar institutions – it’s democratic prices. That’s why whole families come here to enjoy the unforgettable flavor and the hospitality of the staff. Modes of the chain establishments differ from each other. You can learn exact schedule of opening and closing, order a banquet or make a reservation by phone: +7812655 05 00.

Toscana Grill

Rating: 4.5


The restaurant specializes in Tuscan cuisine. It is the first in the northern capital to offer dishes of this part of European country. During their travels the founders were charmed by the hospitality of Tuscany and especially by the national cuisine the main concept of which is built on naturalness and maximum preservation of the natural flavors of ingredients.

Products imported from the Italian region are used for cooking. The rest is bought in the farms of our country that are located in ecologically clean areas. Only here guests of the restaurant can taste traditional Tuscan cheeses, appetizers, bread, wine. Meat-eaters will love the steaks and other dishes that are cooked on the grill. Recipes and serving of soups fully correspond to Tuscan. The original authentic interior allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of a sunny country, even when it’s rainy autumn or frosty St. Petersburg winter outside.

The restaurant will be a perfect meeting place for a big company, where the kids will have a lot to do, too. It is easy to find, located in the city center on the embankment of the Griboedov Canal at 64. Open daily from 12:00 to 00:00. Contact phone number: +7812310 64 54.

The best eastern restaurants in St. Petersburg


Rating: 5.0


Barashki, located on the 5th floor of PIK shopping mall, takes the first place among the three best restaurants of Oriental cuisine. Magnificent view on the sights of St. Petersburg lifts your spirits even more and encourages you to socialize. The room is divided into several zones, so every guest will find something to his liking: a quiet cozy table for conversation or a place for a noisy party. There’s a lounge area, bar, separate booths and a playground for kids.

Lots of wood and decorative oriental details in the interior. The cuisine offers traditional dishes based on old recipes. There is also a children’s menu with interestingly designed desserts, soups, salads and hot dishes. Variety of tea list attracts connoisseurs of strong drink. The guests are offered hookahs on water, milk, juice and fruit.

The guests can relax in the karaoke zone, in summer sit on the terrace outdoors and cheer for their favorite team during sports broadcasts. You can enjoy Oriental and Asian cuisine every day from 11 o’clock. The institution is closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at 01.The menu is served at 12 noon, Thursday 1 hour later, Friday and Saturday at 5 a.m. Location: 2 Efimova Street. To reserve a table call: +7812903 66 99.


Rating: 4.9


Chaykhana “Thyme” is a brainchild of CHE GROUP. The restaurant is located on Aptekarskaya naberezhnaya, 20 in a building with a two-storey panorama overlooking Bolshaya Nevka and Vyborgskaya naberezhnaya. The restaurant has all the oriental coloring: plenty of greenery, textile with traditional ornaments, lots of wood, light, architectural elements of interior design. There is free Wi-Fi, separate VIP and banquet hall, plasma screens for sport and culture events broadcasting, table soccer. Noisy feasts and festive events are often held in Chabrets, so you should reserve a free date for a banquet in advance.

The main menu includes lots of traditional oriental dishes – great choice of meat and vegetables, pastry, European and Japanese cuisine is also widely represented. But no matter what the dish is, it is prepared in the tradition of the people it originates from. During Lent the chef presents an additional menu for believers, he shows that meals without meat and other “forbidden” products can be healthy, nourishing and very tasty. There is also a separate menu with cheerful design of dishes for children. The bar list is abundant in teas, specialty and classical cocktails, soft and strong drinks for all tastes.

Thyme” works from 10 am every day till 2 am Sunday through Thursday and till 4 pm on Friday and Saturday. You can reserve a table by phone +7 (812) 291-31-11.


Rating: 4.8


The next rated restaurant impresses by its interior with the big panoramic windows with a splendid view of the city, arches with Eastern ornaments, floor panels of ancient glazed tiles, chandeliers of bronze and brass. The menu will please fans of national cuisine with traditional recipes. Gourmets will be delighted with Moroccan tagine that is based on any meat on the bone, and the obligatory ingredients are nuts, raisins, herbs, cinnamon. The chef also offers his own specialties.

In two halls you can sit at a table for two or for a big company. If you want to be alone for a romantic meeting or to hold business negotiations, you can use the VIP booth without video surveillance. The institution develops various actions for the benefit of guests. For example, after 6 p.m. and before closing time there is a 25% discount on the entire bar menu or you can have dinner after that time for 990 rubles per person by choosing one of the offered sets of dishes.

You can park your car free of charge. The restaurant is located on Marata Street, house #55. It is open daily from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. Phone for additional information and booking: +77812764 73 33.

Chaikhana Pahvala

Rating: 4.7

Chaikhana Pahwala

In a restaurant-chayhana “Baklava” the emphasis is made on the meat dishes prepared on oriental traditions – on a grill and in the present clay “tandoor”. The kitchen zone is open, so guests can watch how a kebab or shish kebab is made, how lepeshkas and other dishes are baked, which stimulates interest and whets the appetite. Those who want to eat tasty meat in St. Petersburg choose “Baklava.

Chaikhana has a very cozy room with soft couches and chairs in oriental style, interestingly decorated interior with ethnic motifs and successfully combining stone, textile, and wooden textures. On Fridays and Saturdays, guests can enjoy live music and the children’s play area is always open.

The success of the restaurant chain “Baklava” in St. Petersburg is obvious: the restaurant is popular with tourists and locals alike. There are three places in the city – in the SC “Zhemchuzhnaya Plaza” on Peterhofskoye Shosse, 51a, in the SC “Ohta Mall” on Vladimirskaya Str. The restaurant is situated on two floors, on Brantovskaya Street, 3 and in Leto Shopping Mall, 25, building 1, Pulkovskoe Shosse. a.

The best Caucasian cuisine restaurants in St. Petersburg


Rating: 5.0


First place in the rating in the category of the best Caucasian cuisine restaurant goes to the institution which is not only beloved by locals but also by tourists coming to St. Petersburg for a long time. Here you can fully experience the true hospitality, which you can feel right from the doorway. The menu is build in such a way that everyone can choose a dish to his taste. The facility offers both Caucasian and European cuisine. Special pride are the dishes from the Georgian region of Mingrelia, which are little known even to many gourmets.

The interior combines European minimalism and oriental chic. The restaurant has two floors, so visitors can find a suitable place for themselves. Panoramic windows offer a great view over the city street. There are daily discounts and special offers for guests. You will never get bored with various programs: master classes, tastings.

Parents can relax and enjoy their meals while their kids play in a specially equipped play area under the supervision of a professional nanny. There is a special menu for kids. The restaurant is open every day from 9 a.m. till the last guest. Location: 191 Moskovsky Prospekt. The best way to book a table in advance by phone: +7812640 16 16.


Rating: 4.9


Second place is taken by “Erivan”, a restaurant that brings a bit of sunny Armenia to the cold Northern capital. Everything in the interior is not chosen by chance, and there is not a single detail that is superfluous. The furniture, dishes, candlesticks, chandeliers, carpets are all created by talented Armenian craftsmen. The menu includes dishes that are prepared according to ancient techniques with the inclusion of original ingredients.

All forgotten recipes were collected by local historians of the country. Despite the complexity of cooking, chef Armen Pinachyan embodies them into exquisite dishes that preserve the taste qualities of products and their useful properties. You can cheer for your favorite team during sports broadcasts in the institution. Thursday through Sunday, guests enjoy live music. In the warmer months, there’s a summer terrace with a great view. Banquets are held in both the common room and the VIP room.

The children’s room is equipped with everything you need to occupy the little ones, while their parents are having a rest. Hospitable place is waiting for visitors every day from 12:00 to 00:00. It is located on the embankment of the Fontanka River, 2, Vysotskaya St. 51-53. For more information you can call: +7812310 51 53.


Rating: 4.8


If you have not been to Georgia, but you want to get acquainted with the color, customs, national cuisine of this country, then you in St. Petersburg opened the doors of the restaurant “Tbiliso”, which daily welcomes its visitors with warmth and hospitality. The interior resembles a street with sidewalk and houses lined with shell rock. Lots of authentic details: antique engraving, lamps, metal ware… The booths are separated from each other with semi-transparent organza with pictures of the famous artist Niko Pirosmani.

The menu includes more than 100 dishes, some of which are cooked strictly according to the old techniques and some of which are a finding of the chef. There are recipes of long forgotten recipes of Ajarian, Kutaisi, and Imereti cuisines. Large selection of Georgian wines further lift your spirits. Live music in the evenings. At anniversaries and weddings here they dance the lezginka and sing beautiful folk songs.

The restaurant opens daily from 12:00 p.m. and close Monday through Thursday and Sunday at 00:00 a.m.Cemchil at 7:00, on Friday and Saturday it is one hour later. Address: Sytninskaya St., 10. How to reach the administrator: +7812232 93 91.


Rating: 4.7


Next to the rating, we include another restaurant specializing in Georgian cuisine. Visitors can choose any convenient place for themselves on one of the two floors or on the summer veranda. Although they are decorated in the same style, the interiors are different. The first floor reminds you of a street cafe with cobblestones and lots of flowers in big tubs. On the second level there is a more chamber-like atmosphere with soft couches and textiles.

The menu is very diverse. Here you can also enjoy traditional barbeque dishes, and you can also taste mchadi, tsitsila, phaleuli, achma. For those who like to have breakfast outside the house, both usual kasha and oriental variations of the first snack are offered. Live music in the evenings for the guests. Regular master classes give a glimpse into the Georgian cuisine and help you learn how to cook delicious hot dishes, appetizers and soups.

Kids are offered a game room and a special children’s menu. Free interior parking is available for visitors arriving by car. The restaurant is located in 2 Degtyarny Lane. Open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m., on weekends from 10:00 a.m. The restaurant closes at 01:00. To order a banquet or book a table, please call: +7812917 20 04.

Best Japanese restaurants in Saint Petersburg


Rating: 5.0


First place in this category is occupied by the restaurant that took its name from the union of the letters of the cities: Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. It is located on the first floor of the respectable Four Seasons Hotel. The panoramic windows offer a beautiful view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral. You can appreciate the interior immediately at the entrance, where all visitors are greeted by stone lions. Luxurious design allows you to plunge into the Japanese and Asian flavor.

Celebrity chef Leong Tan of Singapore is in charge of the menu. All dishes are created for real gourmets, unusual in taste and prepared exclusively from the ingredients that are used in the homeland and brought from all corners of Asia. The vegetarian menu is well-represented. Wine list includes alcoholic drinks from all over the world. Pretty serving and design will create not only gastronomic enjoyment but also aesthetic pleasure.

Children are offered a variety of entertainment programs and more familiar tasting dishes. All visitors noted the high class of service and polite staff. Address: Voznesensky Prospect, 1, Litera A. You can enjoy Japanese cuisine from 16:00 to 00:00. Contact number: +7812339 80 00.


Rating: 4.9


In second place in the rating of the best Japanese restaurants is MEGUmi. Chef, who is president of the Country of the Rising Sun Chefs Association in Russia, prepares national dishes according to traditional old recipes. It uses products that come from Japan and Asia. National cuisine is rich with fish and seafood dishes. You can taste oysters, shrimps, monkfish in this place. For those who do not eat meat, will offer vegetarian rice.

The restaurant is divided into two zones. Three separate rooms suitable for business and romantic meetings. The interior is designed in oriental style and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a far-away country and appreciate the value of dishes, their presentation, taste and flavor. The menu features a large selection of drinks. The menu includes traditional sake, plum wine, beer, as well as vodka, whiskey and a variety of cocktails.

According to reviews the prices in the institution are high enough, but they fully correspond to the high-class service. The restaurant is located at: Antonenko Lane, 2. It is located in a luxury hotel “Lotte” and is open from 12:00 to 23:00 on weekdays and from 14:00 to 23:00 on Saturday and Sunday. You can book a table by phone number: +7 812336 10 00.


Rating: 4.8


There are three restaurants of Miso in St. Petersburg united by one concept. Their main difference is quite democratic prices in comparison with other establishments of Japanese cuisine. The interior is laconic enough, in it nothing distracts from the main purpose of the visit – to get acquainted with new unusual dishes and also to enjoy the classics created by the Country of the Rising Sun chefs. Comfortable sofas and soft chairs invite you to relax with a glass of European wine or a cup of sake.

The menu offers soups, salads, desserts, snacks, vegetarian and fasting dishes. You can not only try them in our restaurants but also order them to take away. Business lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and costs 290 rubles. Simultaneous capacity of guests at various celebrations – up to 60 people.

The venues are located at the addresses: Moskovsky Prospekt, 48; Nalichnaya Street, 15, building 1; Suvorovsky Prospekt, 15. They open at 11 a.m. on weekdays, 1 p.m. on weekends, close Monday-Thursday and Sunday at 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 1 a.m. You can learn about the availability of tables in one of the restaurants by calling: +7812 325 55 50.

The best Chinese restaurants in St. Petersburg

Made in

Rating: 5.0

MADE IN.webp

Restaurant Made in, which offers national dishes of the Celestial Empire at a very democratic price. All of them are cooked according to traditional recipes from fresh natural ingredients. A guest chef from Hong Kong brings complex ideas to life using his own techniques. Of course, Peking duck is on the menu. The gastronomic pleasure will be presented by wood mushrooms, fern, bamboo shoots.

The bar list includes original author’s cocktails, so during the visit you can enjoy not only a meal, but also drinks that have interesting names: “Fire-breathing Dragon”, “Tiger”, “Panda”. The restaurant prepares dishes for those who fast, stick to gluten-free diet, for vegans, vegetarians. At lunchtime you can take advantage of the business lunch offer, which includes several sets to choose from.

The interior is designed in Chinese style and fully conveys the color of the country. The dominant color of red draws diners in from the very threshold. The restaurant is located at 14 Shkolnaya Street. Daily schedule: from 12:00 till the last guest. Contact the administrator by phone: +7812929 56 06. You can book a table on the official website by filling out the guest card.


Rating: 4.9


In a restaurant of Chinese cuisine “Ditai” a unique atmosphere of the Celestial Empire is created and national Sichuan menu in the original execution of national dishes is presented. Chef Jia Hongwei is Chinese and keeps the culinary traditions, in the menu he made an accent on the original fusion-cuisine, but regularly updates the assortment of dishes. Of the popular ones, let’s note the titanes – roast cooked on a sheet of iron, delicious bok choy cabbage, baked rack of lamb and pork ribs, seafood and fish in Chinese sauce. There are a lot of items on the menu that the chefs cook really well – guests note this. Hogo, a traditional dish cooked in a cauldron of the same name, is especially praised. There are several guest rooms at the restaurant, all decorated in unique styles, and you don’t have to pay extra for booking a room.

Ditaa often hosts banquets, for which there is a special menu, and the administrators offer ready-made solutions for 5, 10, 15 people. You can order a meal with delivery to the house.

Chinese restaurant Ditai is located at 4, Lesnoy Prospect. Open daily from 12:30 to 00:00. Phone for booking a table +7 (812) 504-88-64.

Mi Fan

Rating: 4.8

Mi Fan

Lovers of authentic Chinese cuisine in St. Petersburg must visit the restaurant Mi Fan. The menu is full of colorful traditional dishes served in big portions. Among the leaders are salad with pork ears, calamari with bell peppers, meat slices, noodles. The menu is quite extensive – always on sale traditional snacks and salads, hot meat dishes, seafood. It’s easy to orient in the assortment of dishes – they are grouped by components and ways of cooking, and the presentation mostly corresponds to the presentation photo.

There are often promotions on ordering food and drinks, and birthday boys get a 10% discount. Another plus of Mi Fan – the possibility of ordering food to your home or office, and the menu is not particularly different from the restaurant.

The interior of the hall is in a strict style with a lot of mahogany, leather, light, traditional cultural elements.

Mi Fan is located on 27 K Bering St. in Novosibirsk.1. The establishment is open from 12:30 to 11:30 p.m. every day. Phone number for booking a table and ordering meals for delivery +7 (812) 498-91-98.

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