15 most popular toys for kids

*Editor’s Review of the Best. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and not a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before buying.

Today there is no shortage of children’s toys. They’re made for babies and toddlers, for boys and girls, and versatile. Manufacturers compete with each other by releasing new products that immediately become popular among the country’s little inhabitants. What are the most popular toys and what is the best present for a child to make him really happy??

Many adults mistakenly think that the more expensive the purchase, the better it is. But that’s not a criterion for the little ones. Therefore, our experts have tried to understand this issue and analyzed the market for children’s products. The review got 15 toys that are the most popular, cause a genuine enthusiasm among kids and occupy their leisure for a long time. The selection was based on the feedback from moms and dads.

Nominationplaceproduct nameprice
The most popular toys for girls1Baby Born Interactive Baby Doll 43cm3 199 €
  • Ttle Pony Singing Rainbow Dash
  • 1 431 €
    3Soft interactive toy Furby Connect8 400 €
    4LOL Surprise Balloon1 090 €
    5Cash Register ABtoys Helping Mommy1 082 €
    The Most Popular Toys For Boys1Rastar Mercedes G55 AMG 304001 660 €
    2Big Flying Toothless Dragons Figurine4 950 €
    3Smoby Black+Decker 360700 Workshop with Tools5 200 €
    4Longshore Xtrem Bots interactive robot toy Agent1 740 €
    5Track 1 TOY Megapolis1 306 €
    The most popular universal toys1LEGO Duplo 10835 Family Home1 899 €
    2Ravensburger Crazy Maze board game1 650 €
    3Fisher-Price Think and Learn Moi interactive educational toy3 379 €
    4Jurassic World figurine dinosaur in an egg1 125 €
    5LEVENHUK LabZZ M4 Microscope3 090 €

    Baby Born interactive doll 43 cm

    Rating: 4.9


    In first place is the dream of all girls. This doll-doll looks just like a baby. That’s why it’s so interesting and fun for girls ages 3-8 to play daughters and mothers. Baby Bourne cries real tears when touched. It closes its eyes when it sleeps. After drinking water, she will go to the diaper, and after feeding – to the potty. You have to press the belly button once or twice for the potty. The doll can be bathed.

    The improved model has Soft Touch property, which means that now a light touch activates all functions. The set includes a potty, a feeding bottle, a nipple, a diaper, a plate with a spoon, food. Paired bracelets to make you feel like a family: one for the doll and one for the girl.

    Baby Born wears colorful body and hat, which can be easily removed and put on. It is made of materials that meet international safety requirements, so parents do not have to worry about children’s health. It’s plastic, vinyl and premium textiles. That’s why the price of the toy is quite high – in the range of 5000 rubles. The doll is sold in a beautiful package, so the gift will be even more joyful and delight every girl.

  • Ttle Pony Singing Rainbow Dash
  • Rating: 4.8

    MY<li></div><p>TTLE PONY SINGING RAINBOW DASH.webp” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/86216666195751-7515.jpg” height=”409″></p><p>On the second line is a toy pony, which will become a real girlfriend of a girl from 3 years old. She will shine as soon as she sings. Just put on glasses or press a button and you hear fabulous music. The repertoire is made up of 5 pieces. The pony talks to your child in Russian, pronouncing phrases from popular cartoons. Includes a microphone, so you can sing along with your Rainba Dash.</p><p>If a girl wants to perform a song on her own, this function is also provided in the toy. You must switch to solo mode and then a melody will be heard from the speakers inside the figure and the microphone will be ready to play. Cute toy design catches the eye. The mane and tail are painted in bright rainbow colors. They can be brushed and braided. The interactive pony runs on 3 AAA batteries, which are included in the set.</p><p>According to parent reviews, the toy remains a favorite for a long time and does not get bored. It helps develop imagination and creativity. Rainbow Dash is a perfect birthday, New Year or just for fun, to please your child who loves the characters from the animated movie “Friendship is a Wonder!”.</p><h3>Interactive soft toy Furby Connect</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Interactive stuffed toy Furby Connect.webp

    The updated version of one of the most popular interactive pets – in third place in this category. The funny animal will become a friend of the child and teach him how to take care of pets. He speaks two languages. In English he counts and pronounces phrases. The mechanism is very mobile, but unlike its predecessor the toy has fewer sensitive areas and unnecessary functions.

    To activate the pet, you need to shake it or turn it upside down. He sings, dances and plays popular tunes. The mouth opens, the ears move and the eyes light up in time with the conversation, which makes the game more interesting and fun. The furry baby reproduces the voices of animals and helps to recognize them.

    The materials used to make Furby correspond to safety standards. High quality plastic, soft textile coat does not cause allergic reactions, it does not get dirty, if necessary, can be easily cleaned with a sponge moistened in water. The wool is very pleasant to the touch, you can comb it. The toy functions from 3 batteries. Many parents note that such a surprise causes a storm of positive emotions. The child is not just playing, but developing.

    Surprise doll in a ball LOL Surprise

    Rating: 4.6

    Surprise Balloon LOL Surprise1.webp

    The fourth prize is a child’s surprise that girls look forward to on any holiday. Opaque bright ball hides the contents, so it’s impossible to guess what doll model is in there. The toy is considered a collectible, and it is necessary to collect the entire series, which consists of 45 dolls. Each sample is different in its functionality. In the balloon there is an instruction manual, in which you can learn about the features of the doll. It can belong to a rare, very rare, fashionable, popular and even secret type.

    The balls consist of two parts. One serves as a coaster for a toy, the second is used as a bath. Each doll behaves differently when in contact with water. Girls can feel like little mothers, taking care of the dolls. Especially everyone likes the bathing procedure that activates LOL.

    According to adults, it is the unexpectedness and individuality that attracts children to these toys. You want to dress up and bathe the doll, that is, constantly engage in it. It was also noted that the girl could be very much interested in buying the next copy, and in return she could be offered to perform some duties which were not very interesting for her.

    Cash register ABtoys Helping Mommy

    Rating: 4.5


    In fifth place is a game that girls really like. It makes them real hostesses, like their mothers. The set includes 42 items. Improvised store becomes very realistic thanks to sound and light effects. The seller can type in amounts on a calculator. Cash register is equipped with scales and an illuminated scanner that makes a sound when in contact with toy products.

    Microphone will help make an announcement of new arrivals or announce the closing of the store. Plastic products simulate the real ones. It’s water and milk bottles, chicken, cream, corn, peppers, biscuits, cream, ketchup. They can be stacked in a basket with a push handle. Buyer can pay with real money (paper and coins, which are presented in the set) and even bank card. It is inserted into the reader, and after contact, the total appears, that is, just like in a real supermarket.

    The main advantage is that the entire set is made of safe, non-toxic plastic, which is painted with non-corrosive dyes. According to reviews, the toy develops fine motor skills, imagination, makes leisure more entertaining.

    SUV Rastar Mercedes G55 AMG 30400

    Rating: 4.9

    Rastar Mercedes G55 AMG 30400.webp SUV

    The leader among the most popular toys for boys was the radio-controlled jeep, which fully imitates the real Mercedes model. The detail is absolute. Every nuance was taken into account during production. The car is made of metal and plastic components with a chrome finish. It moves forward, backward, right and left. The range of control is 45 meters, so it’s very convenient to play the car not only at home. It is equipped with a shock-absorption system for driving on street roads.

    The engine is pretty powerful. “Mercedes” develops speed up to 10 km/h. The parking lights turn on when driving forward, and the brake lights turn on when driving backward. The joystick is comfortable for children’s hands. All buttons press smoothly. Even a toddler will learn to drive the G55 quickly. Sturdy, durable, but lightweight parts ensure that the car’s appearance remains intact if it hits any obstacles.

    Many parents note the identity of the toy model and the original version. The size of the car 33*15*14 cm. It’s quite large, so it’s even more fun for a child to play with. Such a gift causes a great delight and positive emotions in the future driver, which develops imagination, trains the eye, improves coordination of movement.

    Figurine Dragons Big Flying Toothless

    Rating: 4.8

    Figure Dragons Great Flying Toothless.webp

    In second place is one of the favorite boy’s characters – the dragon. The recent popular cartoon made Bezzubik very popular. It was 10 cm high and 45 cm wide. It is not just a plastic toy. This cartoon character will help transfer the whole story from the screen to life, and allow the child to become part of an exciting adventure.

    The toy looks very realistic. Every detail is meticulously crafted. All body parts are bold and expressive. The dragon is painted with non-toxic paints, so it is completely safe for the child. Innovative technology allows a very believable fire breathing. Toothless spews blue flames from his mouth. He also knows how to flap his wings and shoot arrows. Any battle with such a pet is sure to be won, and the child will feel like a winner.

    Activation is due to the three batteries, which are purchased separately. For those who love dragons, the toy will bring a lot of positive emotions and help the boy to brighten up his leisure time alone or with his friends. It will never get boring, you can go to bed with it and play with it all day long. The price of the figurine is quite high – about 5,000 rubles. But such spending is definitely worth the joy of a child.

    Smoby Workshop with Tools Black+Decker 360700

    Rating: 4.7

    Smoby Workshop with tools Black+Decker 360700.webp

    In third place is a toy that will instill diligence in the child, and he will learn to help daddy with various household repairs. There are 42 items in the set. All are realistic, and replicate adult accessories by professional craftsmen. The workbench height – 103 cm. This means the boy, starting at age 3, will be able to sit comfortably in front of it and do chores. All kinds of shelves and hooks are designed to hold tools. The game is not only educational, it teaches order and cleanliness.

    The child will be able to do different kinds of work: tightening nuts, hammering nails and many other things that a real man should be able to do. All parts of the set are made of plastic that meets safety standards. They are very durable, can withstand occasional bumps when dropped. Paint is non-toxic and does not cause allergies.

    The workbench will be a great pastime for your child. It improves fine motor skills and stimulates imagination. You can play by yourself, or you can play with Daddy, fixing and repairing broken household items together. The toy looks well in the children’s room interior, causing genuine interest among young guests.

    Longshore Xtrem Bots Agent robot interactive toy

    Rating: 4.6

    Longshore Xtrem Bots Interactive Robot Toy Agent.webp

    The fourth prize is a radio-controlled toy, which every boy from the age of 5 wants to get. Appearance is very attractive, quality and accurately detailed and stylized as a space character. The robot is painted in white and blue colors and its height is 26.5 cm. It is equipped with sound and light effects.

    Even without activating the functions it’s fun to play with, and when it starts working, then the real fun happens. The agent fulfills all commands sent from the remote control. There are 50. He can walk and drive. The robot dances and has facial expressions. Its movements can be controlled by gestures. An undoubted advantage is the Russification of the toy, so the child easily understand the spoken phrases. You can learn about all its features by pressing the DEMO button on the joystick.

    The toy runs on battery power, the remote control runs on batteries. USB cord for charging included. According to reviews, not only does it please the child, but adults also enjoy spending time doing things together with children. Clever robot becomes one of the main entertainment, does not let you get bored. Its price is quite reasonable compared to other interactive products.

    Track 1 TOY Megapolis

    Rating: 4.5


    Fifth in this category is the racing car track, the joy of getting which every child over 3 years old will experience. The set includes approximately 200 pieces (number depends on equipment). Before you start the game, it is necessary to build a playground, and it greatly increases the interest in the toy. There can be absolutely any tracks, and they can be changed all the time. The different track options are shown on the packaging.

    Bright details attract attention. They are made of safe plastic and coated with non-toxic paint. Neon components are illuminated in the dark, creating a real feeling of a real nighttime road. With the bridge it is easy to create a two-level track from a one-level one. You can buy additional machines and parts separately, and then you can play not alone, but with friends.

    The track from 1 TOY is not just a toy. It is an activity that develops fine motor skills on a daily basis. An arrow to help focus your attention, which must be switched in time to avoid an accident. Parents say that assembling the constructor is not difficult, but it is necessary to include imagination, so the track does not get bored for a long time and attracts the child again and again.

    LEGO Duplo 10835 Family Home

    Rating: 4.9


    Gold Medalist is a popular LEGO constructor that is designed for girls and boys from 2 to 5 years old. Contains 69 large pieces painted in bright, non-toxic paint. All are made of safe plastic, are particularly durable, have no sharp angles, and are easily joined together. It is an interesting pastime alone, with friends or parents.

    The game will teach certain skills: thinking, logic, attentiveness. Excellent dexterity and fine motor skills are developing in the process of assembling the construction set. Lego can be used to play countless games. You can act out real life scenes: building a house, washing a car, visiting, cooking. Both boys and girls will enjoy this pastime.

    “Family Home” teaches how to communicate with each other, interact, and help. The game takes into account both “boy’s” and “girl’s” interests, so it brings only pleasure to different-sex children in one family. Detailed instructions with pictures contain various construction options. And when you use them all, you can fantasize and create your own cozy house with people and pets living in it.

    Ravensburger Crazy Maze board game

    Rating: 4.8


    Second place is given to an exciting game that will please both boys and girls from the age of 7 years. You can spend your leisure time with your family or friends. Total number of players: 2 to 4 people. One game lasts half an hour, so no one gets tired and no one gets bored. During the break, you can rest, have a snack, drink tea, and start competing with each other again.

    “Crazy Maze” is an adventure game. In an enchanted world, you’ll have to solve many mysteries, get to mysterious objects and creatures to become the winner. Logic, attentiveness, memory, intelligence – that’s what it takes to be the first. The colorful game field, bright figures and cards are made of durable certified materials. The cardboard coating will not fade with time. The plastic always looks bright as new.

    According to reviews, the game helps to spend time not only fun, but also with benefits. It develops spatial thinking and quick reactions. Interesting for both children and adults. Each time there is a new development, and it is hard to guess which labyrinth you will get in this game. It is because of the unpredictability of the game it is so popular with children of both sexes.

    Fisher-Price Interactive Learning Toy Think and Learn Movi

    Rating: 4.7


    An educational toy for kids over 3 years of age – third on our list. Multifunctional robot will get along great with a boy and a girl. It will be fun to communicate with him. Movi can ride its wide wheels, rotate 360° around the axis, sing, dance. It is packed with 6 different games that he will play with the kids. The face display can express more than 60 emotions, from sadness to joy.

    The child will unobtrusively gain new knowledge. Learning becomes a fun game that won’t bore you, unlike the time you spend at the desk. The robot will help navigate traffic rules and lay the right safety foundation. Children will learn how to cross the road. They will be able to solve logical problems on their own, they will learn assiduity and respect for elders. And when they want to move, the robot will ask them to do a certain movement.

    Bright design pleases the eye and attracts attention. Sound and light effects increase interest and make the game more exciting. According to the reviews, children are happy with such a gift. The new friend does not get bored for a long time, remains a sought-after toy for a long time.

    Jurassic World figurine dinosaur in an egg

    Rating: 4.6


    The fourth line occupies a toy that will help your child witness the birth of a dinosaur that lived millions of years ago. Each egg contains a specific type of animal that has individual characteristics. One grows horns, another can be fed the food included in the set and imitates its digestion, the third has a toothy mouth. The dinosaur looks exactly like the giants from the famous movie “Jurassic Park. There is a small crack on the shell. It is what the child presses on to run the DNA code.

    The back legs are equipped with hinges, so the figures can easily move around on the floor. There is a button on the back, and when you press it, the dinosaur opens its mouth. The egg halves are detachable. They can be reconnected. When you’re not playing, you can store your pet in the shell.

    The toy is very useful. It helps a child to understand the types of creatures that once lived, learn about their features, what they looked like, what they ate. Kids safety is ensured as all the parts are made of certified materials. Parents note that children ask for the entire collection to be complete, and they try to comply with this request.

    LEVENHUK LabZZ M4 microscope

    Rating: 4.5

    LEVENHUK LabZZ M4 microscope.webp

    Completing our review is an educational toy that is very popular with children. It’s a small, lightweight microscope with which you can study all kinds of objects: rocks, minerals, coins, plants, insects, soil samples, and much, much more. It transmits three-dimensional three-dimensional images with up to 40X magnification. The device is very easy to operate. Young biologists at home can perform interesting experiments and learn about the world.

    The microscope has a handy attachment and a 2x magnification lens. The field of vision is three-dimensional and large enough to view elongated objects. Metal clips secure very small specimens. The body has built-in LED lighting, which helps to conduct research in the evening.

    Includes a case in which it is convenient to store and transport the device. LabZZ is able to surprise your child, it will appeal to children of preschool and primary school age, who are particularly interested in natural sciences. The microscope can be easily moved from place to place, thanks to the body made of quality plastic. The exterior design is very cute, with bright details that attract attention.

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