15 best Moscow dentist offices

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Specialist consultation required before purchase.

Today, people bravely go to the dentist’s office, even though it used to be torture for many. Old equipment and not always qualified doctors could create a lifelong fear of the institution. Everything has changed now. Many modern clinics provide services corresponding to the world quality standards. Dentistry is no longer a “scary place” not only for adults, but also for children. Not for nothing statistics show that the number of people with diseases of the teeth and gums has halved, and our compatriots are not only forced to visit clinics, but also take annual preventive examinations to take care of their health.

There is a large number of specialized institutions from large medical centers to small dental offices in the capital city. It is very difficult to choose a particular facility in order to truly receive services that meet your own requirements and financial means. According to our experts and feedback from real patients we have chosen 15 best Moscow dentist offices.

Rating of the best dentist offices in Moscow

NominationplaceDentists of Moscowrating
The Best Dentistry in Moscow with VIP Services1Dental clinic on the Arbat5.0
3ROOTT (formerly Simpladent Dental Solutions)4.8
The best Moscow dentists of medium price category1AVANSTOM5.0
The best Moscow stomatological offices of economy segment1Nova Dent5.0
2Doktor Bon4.9
3Denta Practice4.8
Best Children’s Dentistry in Moscow1RuDenta Kids5.0
2Invite Medical4.9

The best Moscow dentistry with VIP-services

Professor Dental Clinic on Arbat

Dentistry Rating (Moscow): 5.0

Dental Professors Clinic on the Arbat

First place in the rating in this category is given to the clinic, which is not inferior to the best foreign centers by the level of services provided. It is located in Old Arbat Alley and occupies three floors of a historical building. Reception are provided by specialists, many of whom have doctoral degrees. Experienced professors and their students, known outside Russia, work here.

The clinic provides a wide range of services: caries treatment, prosthetics, implantation, cosmetic dentistry. All of them are rendered by an authorial, exclusive methodology not available to many other centers. That is why the results are always better than expected. Doctors are ready to help in any situation up to complex diseases in the maxillofacial area.

Patients with a low threshold of pain and a feeling of fear leave after treatment with no more such problems. The center has received numerous awards for its contribution to the national dentistry. High prices correspond to the level. But you can always take advantage of discounts offered to your patients by one of the best clinics of the capital and the country. It is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm. Contact phone number: 8495695 88 99.


Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 4.9


The clinic opened in 2012 by the famous Professor A. Ryakhovsky. n., ranks second in the ranking. She was the first to offer her patients the use of revolutionary 3D technology, which is included in the rehabilitation package of services. Modern digital equipment allows to perform any, the most complex manipulations without any failures.

In “Avantis” pay special attention to the diagnosis of diseases, and if, after examination, require further consultation, then in complex cases gathered consilium. The price-list includes diagnostics, treatment, removable and fixed prosthetics, implantation, surgery, orthodontics, whitening and professional cleaning. All procedures are performed by specialists of the highest level. Infection control ensures complete safety. Dispensary care and monitoring.

Premium services and charges accordingly. All visitors left only positive feedback, appreciating not only the equipment, professionalism and teamwork, but also the pleasant design of the premises, which is very comfortable to be in. The center sees patients every day, except Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Learn about all the services on the website or by calling: 8495153 21 42.

ROOTT (formerly Simpladent Dental Solutions)

Dentistry Rating (Moscow): 4.8


Third place in the rating goes to the dental center which provides all kinds of VIP services. It is equipped with the most modern equipment, and the reception is provided by doctors whose qualification meets international standards, and their experience is not less than 10 years. The clinic is a joint organization with the famous Swiss brand ROOTT, which produces implants, and is its exclusive partner.

Simpladent Dental Solutions recently changed name. She is now a ROOTT. Specialists are trained in Europe. Thanks to this cooperation all materials are bought directly, so the final cost of the service is much lower than in other centers of the same level. For remote consultation, you can contact the doctors online and receive a preliminary diagnosis without visiting the clinic.

Turnkey prosthetic work within 1-2 days of treatment is an absolute advantage. The warranty period for implants is 25 years, for fillings and prosthetics is 1 year. Opening hours: daily from 10 to 22.00. Due to high occupancy rates it is recommended to make an appointment in advance. The administrators can answer all your questions at: +7495104 72 56.


Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 4.7


The following clinic included in our rating is a network of dentists. It is a real scientific center, complying with European standards. Doctors with many years of experience take regular advanced training courses not only in Russia but also abroad. Thanks to more than 25 years of experience and top-class German and Italian equipment, treatment of teeth and gums is painless.

Digital equipment guarantees diagnosis of problems at a glance. Various advanced technologies used in the clinic help to achieve excellent results even in complicated cases. Unique methods of bone augmentation and teeth preservation are used here. In our own laboratory anatomical crowns and prostheses are made in just a few days.

According to their reviews, the clinic performs implant surgeries of any complexity in the shortest time possible. Many patients come from other cities to receive premium care. There are regular promotions that can be used to significantly reduce the cost of services. Each center has its own schedule. To get more information call: +7495120 32 32.

The best Moscow dentists of medium price category


Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 5.0


The leader in this category of rating is the clinic that provides dental services, including urgent care. The doctor on duty is available round the clock, so you do not have to wait until the morning for your problem. All equipment and materials are delivered from Europe and Japan. Despite this, the price tag is quite affordable for people with average income.

Doctors’ qualification is beyond doubt. The dentists, orthodontists, anesthesiologists participate in various international programs and attend master classes to learn new technologies. The wide range of services offered includes caries and root canal treatment, fixed and removable prosthetics, dental implants, plaque removal and teeth whitening.

Taking care of its patients and attracting new ones, the clinic runs a loyalty program. All services can be provided with significant savings. So, first-time visitors get minus 30% from the price of services in the price list. 20 years of experience is appreciated by many patients, who come here with their families. The center works every day from 9.00 to 22.00. You can order a call-back on the website or use the phone number: +7495708 41 10.


Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 4.9


Second place is given to Moscow stomatology that is recognized as one of the best in its price segment. It has 6 specialized clinics conveniently located near metro stations and public transport stops. Extended range of services allows you not only to get consultation and further high-quality treatment, but also to detect dangerous diseases in the clinic’s own laboratories.

Due to the fact that all specialists have regular advanced training and participate in various programs, not only traditional but also absolutely new methods of treatment are used here. “DentoMedService” really improves people’s quality of life by applying technologies that help maintain the achieved treatment results for life. All offices are equipped with advanced dental units of well-known European brands.

In our work we use disposable instruments. Services include online consultation, where you can ask a question and receive an answer online. According to their feedback, all are satisfied with the equipment, doctors’ experience, and availability of warranty. Centers work seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.00 to 21.00. Contact phone: +7495330 19 00.


Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 4.8


The third place in the rating is occupied by a clinic with several branches in different parts of Moscow. For 27 years more than 300000 patients have been here. Multidisciplinary centers accept people with different problems and help even in very neglected and complicated cases. The price list is quite extensive, so in one place you can treat tooth decay, make hygienic cleaning and place implants.

The advantages include the possibility of choosing materials in different price categories from European and Russian manufacturers. The interior promotes relaxation, and experienced professionals can provide comfortable treatment to people with low pain threshold. Different types of anesthesia are used. Significant discounts are available during the promotional campaigns, or by accumulating them at each subsequent visit.

The patients leave only positive reviews, there are no negative ones. Therefore we can safely consider that “Novostom” is one of the best clinics in the medium price category. You can get to know the working hours of the center by calling a unified phone number: +7495640 02 03.


Dentistry Rating (Moscow): 4.7


This category is completed by a network of dental clinics conveniently located in different districts of Moscow. They provide high quality services, including caries treatment, implants, whitening, surgery. European equipment enables complex operations to be performed with high precision and without pain. Doctors are professionals with experience, therefore even people with low threshold of sensitivity come for an appointment without psychological and emotional tension.

A cosy interior welcomes patients from the very threshold, and friendly receptionists immediately make you feel at ease. Here you can get a range of services, and consultations are completely free. After drawing up a treatment program and familiarizing the patient with the financial estimate, the proposed activities begin immediately.

According to reviews, “Denta-El” employs all the conditions for professional and safe help. Prices are average, but periodic promotions allow reducing them significantly. There is also the possibility of interest free installments. Network patients rate it “excellent”. All clinics are open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.00. Registration is made by a single contact phone number: 8495662 58 85.

Best Moscow dentistry of economy segment

Nova Dent

Rating of dentistry (Moscow): 4.7

Nova Dent

First place of the rating among budget clinics in Moscow is occupied by a network of dentists, where you can come as a family and get instant help at affordable prices. All centers are open round the clock, there are 15 of them in total. The staff is selected on the basis of qualifications and experience. Each dentist has an impressive experience. Many of them have defended doctoral and candidate dissertations, participate in international symposia, share their knowledge with foreign colleagues.

Here you can use the services of prosthetics, treatment, correction of bite, restoration and extraction of teeth, also preventive care programs are offered. The dentistry can be proud of its achievements. According to independent research it has repeatedly become a leader or one of the top three inexpensive catering centers in the capital.

Particular attention is paid to each patient. The competent approach to treatment enables to eliminate imperfections and make the smile attractive in a short time. Despite the low price, all services are provided at the highest level. If you wish it is always possible to arrange an installment plan. The center works from 9 to 21 hours without holidays. You can make an appointment by phone: 8499955 42 21.

Dr. Bohn

Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 4.5


Silver of the rating goes to the clinic with the most extensive experience gained over 15 years of work. During this time more than 22000 patients were helped, and according to their testimonials they are satisfied with the quality of service and recommend the center to their friends and acquaintances. Equipment is modern. Laser equipment is used for manipulations. Innovative treatment procedures in combination with quality materials allow excellent results.

This is largely due to the professional team of specialists who, even in complicated cases, eliminate the problem and give a comfortable and quality life to their patients. Esthetic dentistry is one of the services represented in the price list, which helps to restore teeth with veneers, to restore or whiten them. Use of disposable instruments and regular sterilization of all surfaces reduces the risk of contracting infectious diseases to a minimum.

The cost of dental treatment starts from 1500 rubles. A loyalty program enables you to obtain considerable discounts. The visitors noted a cozy atmosphere, nice design, competent staff, and convenient location from the subway station. The clinic is open from 11 am to 8 pm on weekdays, from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday.00. You can make an appointment by phone: +7495021 89 74.


Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 4.4

Denta Practice

On the third place of our rating is a clinic with all dental procedures at very attractive prices. The center has been open for more than 20 years, and today people of all generations in the family receive high quality medical care. The range of services is quite extensive. It includes consultation, diagnostics, therapy, prosthetics and aesthetics. The initial visit is paid with 10% discount. The clinic staff is comprised of knowledgeable specialists who help to solve any complicated issues and eliminate all defects in a very short time.

For sterilization modern means are used, while the work is performed with disposable materials. All equipment meets high quality and safety requirements. You get into a friendly environment as soon as you cross the threshold of the clinic.

Pensioners are provided with significant benefits. If you wish it is possible to pay for the treatment by installments. Low prices and high quality services attract more and more people who want to be always healthy and active. Only good or excellent reviews have been left over the years. Reception is daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Contact phone number: 8495471 11 83.


Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 4.3


The fourth place of the rating is deservedly taken by the dentistry, which has the equipment and provides services close to the premium. The clinic has been on the Russian market for a quarter of a century and today it boasts hundreds of thousands of patients who have been helped here. The centers operate according to European standards and each of them has its own status. There is a VIP-department, but even in it the prices are quite accessible, despite the use of exclusive expensive materials.

All procedures exclude painful sensations, so people who are afraid of panic even to sit in a dental chair, do not hesitate to come here. Diagnostics and treatment are performed using the latest technical equipment. Patient infection is reduced to zero. The method of anesthesia is chosen according to the complexity of manipulation.

According to reviews, multidisciplinary clinics set low prices, which compete with other proposals in the market of dental services. Patients are attracted by the budget cost of treatment in the centers, which are not inferior to premium centers. The clinic can be visited any day of the week except Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.00 to 21.00. Information phone number: +7495921 35 37.

Best Children’s Dentistry in Moscow

RuDenta Kids

Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 5.0

RuDenta Kids

The clinic with rich experience of the treatment of even the smallest patients has become the leader in the rating of the best children’s dentistry centers of Moscow. Children with very strong fear fear come here the second and subsequent times. Maximum conditions have been created in the institution to make them feel comfortable. Rooms and waiting areas are decorated in bright colors. Cartoons are shown on TV, and you can watch them even while sitting in the chair.

Doctors are sensitive to the psycho-emotional state of patients and find a special approach to each patient. Children with various illnesses are accepted here: cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome. General anesthesia is used for complicated surgeries, and for minor procedures procedures procedures procedures are often carried out without general anesthesia or are performed using less aggressive methods. RuDenta Kids has a children’s and teenager’s office.

All parents give the clinic the highest score. Among the advantages, they highlighted the possibility of free remote consultation via photo, without visiting the institution, as well as the existence of its own diagnostic center, which makes it possible to identify illnesses at an early stage. Reception is daily from 9 to 21 hours. You can make an appointment in any convenient way, including by phone: +7495104 87 86.

Invite Medical

Dentistry Rating (Moscow): 4.9

Invite Medical

Second place goes to the clinic, which provides a full range of services and provides the necessary assistance on the day of treatment. Children visit it with pleasure, they are not afraid of doctors and complicated equipment. Specialists help to overcome fear, to adapt in an unfamiliar environment and provide high quality treatment of all types of dental and oral diseases. They attend master classes and improve their skills, so they quickly find a rapport with the kids.

The list of services includes caries treatment, teething relief, correction of tongue and lip frenulum, bite correction, elimination of enamel hypoplasia. The most advanced equipment, automatic sterilization system and modern anesthesia stations allow the most complicated procedures to be carried out painlessly. The clinic has a children’s corner where kids can play, draw, or watch their favorite cartoons while waiting for an appointment. And after it they get souvenirs and a cup of hot chocolate.

According to feedback from parents, children feel no fear, and completely trust the doctors. Among its many advantages are the cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, as well as the quite reasonable prices for high quality services. The clinic operates every day from 9 am to 21.00. To make an appointment for consultation or treatment call: +7495104 26 97.


Rating of Dentistry (Moscow): 4.8


On the third line of the rating is children’s dentistry, which takes patients from 0 to 18 years of age. It has been operating since 2002, and today it is an institution with high-tech equipment, specialists of the highest category and the latest methods of treatment. Various services are provided here, from counseling to complex surgeries with LED laser.

The clinic was the first in Moscow to specialize in pediatric dentistry. Accumulated experience helps to quickly adjust the child and provide treatment without the use of anesthesia. If he still feels fear, then the gentle anesthesia-breathing method is used. The clinic treats little patients with disabilities. Specialists are invited for psycho-emotional adaptation. Also orthopedists are involved if desired.

Among the undoubted pluses was the bright design that helps kids feel “at home. There are also substantial discounts, which increase after each visit and can range from 3 to 12%. “Zubrenok” works without breaks and weekends from 9:00 to 21:00. Recording is done online at the site or by phone: 8495182 05 59.

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