15 best credit cards

*Editor’s Review of the Best. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

A credit card in capable hands is a very powerful and convenient financial tool that helps to make purchases without overpayments and losses on inflation, to improve your “history” and rating in banks (which will prove useful in the future, for example, when opening a mortgage account), and just to live within your means, but at the same time not denying yourself anything. But it takes more than financial literacy. In order for a “credit card” to be useful, it must also be profitable.

That’s why we’ve ranked the 15 best credit cards that are both useful, convenient, and low-interest.

How to choose a credit card

Now almost every bank offers its own credit card – with different conditions, requirements for the borrower, favorable features and not too positive features. So choosing the right product can be quite challenging.

The best credit cards with the maximum grace period

The main advantage of almost all “credit cards” is the availability of a grace period (the so-called “grace period”). During this time, the bank does not charge interest on borrowed funds, and it can be both purchases and cashing out.

Perhaps the best credit card with the maximum grace period is the Alfa Bank “100 days without interest. 100-day grace period starts from the date of purchase or cash-out and is exactly 100 calendar days – regardless of the number of billing periods in between. You can make a purchase or withdraw cash on any day of the month (at the beginning or at the end) – and you’ll still get the same 100-day grace period.

Other good credit cards with a maximum grace period:

  1. “Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development” (UBRiR) offers a grace period of up to 120 days – or four payment months, whichever comes first. It is better to make purchases or withdraw cash in the first days of the month, then the grace period will be 120 days, not 100, as with purchases at the end of the month;
  2. “Raiffeisenbank” “110 days without interest” offers the same mechanisms for calculating the grace. It is ideal for those who like shopping, because the service is free of charge if the monthly payment exceeds 8000 rubles. Cash can also be withdrawn and they are also covered by grace;
  3. “VTB24” “Multikart” offers a grace of 101 days for cash withdrawal and purchases, but with some fees;
  4. “Surgutneftegazbank” “Loyal Plus” offers grace up to 100 days both for use in stores and for cashing out. It is well suited for residents of the Trans-Urals, as this bank is virtually not represented in the European part of Russia. It is worth considering that in order to obtain it, you will need to provide a certificate of income.

Other banks in the rating offer 50-60 day grace period, so it’s worth paying attention to these ones.

The best credit cards for big purchases

For lovers of big purchases – household appliances, furniture, even cars – classic “credit cards” are not suitable. More interesting than installment cards. They offer a long grace period and a fixed amount of monthly payment, which depends on the conditions of the seller and the bank.

And the best installment card is “Halva”, The one issued by Sovcombank. Its main advantage – it is accepted in a huge number of stores, not only in Russia but also in the near abroad. Installment under “Halva” can be up to 36 months, but in most cases it is equal to a year.

Other good installment cards:

  1. “Svist” from “KIVI Bank” also offers installments from 3 months to 3 years, but is still accepted in a smaller number of stores than “Halva”;
  2. “Platinum” from the bank “Russian Standard” offers installments of up to 10 months, but only in partner stores;
  3. “Platinum” from the bank “Tinkoff” offers installments of up to 10 months, but only in partner stores;
  4. “Freedom” from the bank “Home Credit” offers installment payments of up to 12 months, but only in partner stores.

The best credit cards for cash withdrawals

It is worth mentioning that a credit card is not the best banking product for those who need cash instead of purchases. Most issuers offer some pretty nasty cash-out terms.

A few banks, however, boast “credit cards” that you can withdraw cash from without incurring unnecessary penalties. And first of all it’s “Alfa Bank” with its “100 days without interest. The grace period applies to cash withdrawals, when withdrawing from ATMs of the bank or its partners commission is not charged, the only “but” – you can withdraw up to 50 thousand rubles per month. Large sums of money do qualify for the commission.

Other good credit cards for cash withdrawals:

  1. “Multicard” from “VTB24” offers grace up to 101 days for cash withdrawal and no fee when withdrawing from ATMs in the first 7 days after issuance;
  2. “120 days without interest” from “UBRIR” offers grace up to 120 days when withdrawing from ATMs of the bank, but the commission for this operation will be 4% (but not less than 500 rubles)
  3. “110 days without interest” from “Raiffeisenbank” offers grays up to 110 days without interest when withdrawing from ATMs of the bank, but the commission for this operation will be 3.0% plus 300 rubles.

Again, it’s worth repeating that a credit card is an inappropriate banking tool for cash withdrawals. It’s better to just use a credit. Most banks in the rankings have a higher interest rate on cash advances, as well as additional fees and other “penalties”.

Best credit cards with low interest

Here, it’s worth stating right away. The interest rate on credit cards from most banks varies depending on the client. For example, when signing up for “100 days without interest,” the same “Alfa-Bank” one borrower can get a rate of 20%, and another – in 40%. This is due to a person’s credit history, financial situation and many other parameters.

  1. The best interest rate offers “VTB24” with its “Multicard. It ranges from 10% per annum for clients of the bank.
  2. Other good credit cards with low interest rates:
  3. “Platinum” from Tinkoff bank. Minimum interest rate is 12.9%;
  4. “Simply credit” from Citibank. The minimum interest rate is 13.9%;
  5. “100 days without interest” from Alfa Bank. The minimum interest rate is 14.9%;
  6. “Freedom” from Home Credit Bank. The minimum interest rate is 17.9%;
  7. “Loyal Plus” from Surgutneftegazbank. The minimum interest rate is 18%.

Other banks in the list offer an interest rate from 20% per annum.

It is worth bearing in mind that, again, the interest rate – a fuzzy concept and it depends on the borrower himself. It is better to focus on the offers not with the minimum interest, but with the maximum rate.

The best credit cards with cashback

Cashback is a return on part of the money spent on purchases in the form, again, of money. In general, this is a kind of discount, but only the saved finances are quite possible to “feel” or spend on something useless.

And the best card with a cashback is the Halva. You may get back up to 6% of the funds spent! True, only if your own money, not credit, was spent on it; and only if the purchase was made at a partner store. Partners “Halva” a lot, 150 thousand stores across the country, so that with almost every purchase will return cashback.

And here is the best credit card with cashback– This is the “Multicard” from VTB24 bank. It offers a 2 percent cashback.5% on all purchases and 10% on purchases from your favorite categories.

Other good credit cards with cashback:

  1. “Loyal Plus” from Surgutneftegazbank offers cashback of 2% on all spending and 10% on spending from favorite categories;
  2. “Platinum” from the bank “Tinkoff” offers cashback of 1% on all expenses and up to 30% on spending in partner stores;
  3. “Platinum” from the bank “Russian Standard” offers cashback 1% on all expenses and up to 15% on spending in partner stores;
  4. “#CanOver” from Rosbank and “Cashback” from Vostochny Express Bank offer cashback of 1% on all spending and up to 10% on spending in partner stores.
  5. Consider that many banks offer cashback not in rubles, but with your own points, which you can then convert into rubles or buy.

Rating of the Most Profitable Credit Cards

Nominationplacecredit cardrating
RATING OF THE MOST ADVANTAGEOUS CREDIT CARDS1“Alfa-Bank” “100 days without interest” (Visa Classic)4.9
2“Rosbank “#MozhnoVse (credit)” (Visa Signature)4.9
3“Sovcombank” “Halva”4.8
4“Kiwi Bank” “Svitst”4.8
5“Surgutneftegazbank” “Loyal Plus” (Visa Platinum)4.7
6“Raiffeisenbank” “110 days”4.7
7“Vostochny Express Bank” “Cashback” (Visa Classic)4.7
8“Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development” “120 days without interest”4.6
9“Credit Europe Bank” Card Credit Plus4.6
10“Russian Standard” “Platinum4.5
11“Sberbank Gold Card4.5
12“Tinkoff Bank Tinkoff Platinum (Mastercard World)4.5
13“Citibank “Simply Credit” (Mastercard Standard)4.4
14“Home Credit Bank” “Liberty” (Visa Unembossed)4.3
15“Credit multicard” “VTB24”4.3

“Alfa Bank “100 days without interest” (Visa Classic)

Rating: 4.9


Why it: Grace is measured in calendar days, not payment terms; free cash-out.

One of the most universal credit cards, suitable for purchases and cashing out. Its main advantage is grace period measured in calendar days but not in terms of payment terms as it often happens with different banks. So, for example, if you buy something on January 1, the interest for the use of credit funds will begin to accrue on April 11.

Among other nice features of the credit card is the absence of a cash-out fee at ATMs of Alfa-Bank and its partners. There is only one limitation. The maximum amount of money withdrawal is 50 thousand rubles per month. For large sums you have to pay a fee. Servicing will cost 590 rubles annually.

Credit limit of the card is from 30 to 300 thousand rubles. No certificate of income is necessary for lending up to 100 thousand rubles. May be issued on the day of application. Interest ranges from 14.9% up to 39.9% p.a.


  • Grace is expressed in calendar days, not payment terms;
  • No penalty for cashing out – no increased rate or cancellation of grays;
  • Low interest rate for bank customers.


  • Complicated conditions of cashback accrual, in fact it is absent;
  • Credit limit of 100 thousand rubles and more can be obtained only upon presentation of income certificate
  • High percentage of fee for cashing out at third party ATMs.

“Rosbank “#MozhnoVse (credit)” (Visa Signature)

Rating: 4.9


Why is it: High cashback, transparent lending terms, special offers for frequent travelers.

This credit card was developed specially for travelers. For purchases with it the owner receives so-called

Avel bonuses that can later be spent on hotel reservations or airline tickets. However, if you want, you can switch the savings system to cashback (which is up to 10% in special categories and 1% on all other purchases), rather than traveler bonuses.

Grace is up to 62 days or two settlement periods. It applies only to purchases. In general it is better not to withdraw cash with “#MozhnoEverything” because besides the lack of grace you will have to pay a fee of 4 for such transaction.9% of the amount, but not less than 290 rubles.

The first year of service will be completely free. If the total turnover for this period exceeds 180 thousand rubles, there will be no commission for the second year as well. Otherwise it will be 890 rubles. Interest rate – from 21.4% APR.


  • Special bonuses for travelers, thanks to which you can accumulate cashback for a vacation;
  • Increased cashback on categories, not certain stores;
  • Maximum credit limit – 1 million rubles.


  • High interest rate even for loyal customers;
  • If you choose the limit of 100 thousand rubles, the documents confirming the client’s income are required;
  • Absolutely not suitable for cashing out.

“Sovcombank “Halva

Rating: 4.8


Why it: A unique banking product, a lot of partner stores.

“Halva” from Sovcombank differs from other credit cards in the ranking. It is not suitable for everyday purchases and is absolutely not intended for cashing out. “Halva” – this is an installment card, which helps in one movement of the hand, respectively, to get an installment on the purchase of a particular product – and then repay it in equal installments.

The installment payment has a term of 3 to 36 months – depending on the conditions of the partner store. According to official information, already more than 135 outlets across the country cooperate with “Halva”, in which you can buy everything.

“Halva” is interesting and increased cashback. It may be up to 35% in partner stores, while the normal value is 6%. But when you use your own, not credit funds. Also on the debit balance accrue interest – up to 7.5% per annum. The limit is up to 350 thousand roubles; the rate outside the limit is 10%.


  • Low interest rate outside the grace period – only 10%;
  • A long period of providing installments – up to 36 months;
  • You don’t have to provide proof of income when you apply for it.


  • Some stores may refuse to provide a discount on goods purchased with Halva;
  • Large cashing fees of 2.9% of the amount plus 290 rubles;
  • In most cases, installments are available for only 2-3 months.

“Kiwi Bank” “Sovest”

Rating: 4.8


Why her: Basic 10-month installment options.

Installment card “Svist” from “Kiwi Bank” is similar to the previous in the list and is a similar financial instrument, but it has a few subtleties. First and foremost, it’s completely inappropriate for cashing out or shopping at stores that aren’t partners in the program.

However, it also has a very important advantage – a paid option to extend the basic installment plan. Having paid from 599 to 1299 rubles (at the time of writing this article), you can buy goods in partner stores by installments for 10 months – regardless of what terms are offered by the sales outlet.

The basic installment term is also 3-4 months – and it is presented in most partner stores, of which, according to official information, there are more than 50 thousand.

It is worth mentioning that unlike its predecessor in the rating, “Sozvezda” has no interest on debit balance. Cashback is also not available.


  • Completely free service;
  • Services that allow you to buy in installments for 10 months;
  • A lot of partner stores.


  • Completely unsuitable for cashing out (huge commissions, limitation on the amount per month);
  • Free can be used only in partner stores, to buy in other outlets will require the purchase of a paid service;
  • No cashback, not suitable for keeping your own funds.

“Surgutneftegazbank” “Loyal Plus” (Visa Platinum)

Rating: 4.7


Why is it: The ideal “credit card” for people who are members of the payroll project “Surgutneftegazbank.

The credit card with “Loyal Plus” rate was developed specially for the clients of Surgutneftegazbank, one of the largest financial organizations in Trans-Urals, which provides services to the relevant corporation (natural monopolist).

That’s why the credit offers are so attractive. So, the interest rate – fixed, 18% per annum. Grace – 100 calendar days, both for purchases and for cash withdrawals. The annual maintenance will cost 500 rubles, but if the cost of the card is more than 50 thousand rubles per month, it will be free.

The main advantage of the card is an increased cashback. It is up to 10% for certain categories and 2% for all other categories. The bank regularly arranges additional campaigns during which the cashback is doubled.

It is worth noting that the bank has many paid services that competitors have free. For example, blocking and reissuing.

Advantages of

  • Increased cashback and loyalty program;
  • Fixed, low interest rate, equal to 18% per annum;
  • Long grace period, which is 100 calendar days.


  • Extremely small number of branches and ATMs of the bank “Surgutneftegazbank” in the European part and in the south of Russia;
  • Expensiveness of some paid services that are free of charge at competitors;
  • Issued only to customers of the respective bank.

“Raiffeisenbank” “110 days”

Rating: 4.7


Why is it: A great graze, which applies to cash-out and free service if certain conditions are met.

Loan product “110 days” from Raiffeisenbank is a good solution for making relatively large expenses. This is due to the high grace period of up to 110 days – or three payer months. Preferential terms apply to purchases of goods or services as well as to cashing out (including C2C-transfers and the so-called “quasi-cash”). After that, the interest rate starts from 27% per year depending on the category of the borrower.

The second important advantage of this “credit card” is the free of charge maintenance. To obtain it you need a monthly turnover in excess of 8000€. Otherwise you have to pay a monthly fee of 150€ plus 60€ for the optional transaction alert service.

Even if the preferential conditions also apply to withdrawals, you must pay 3% of the amount withdrawn plus 300€.


  • Long-term credit for purchases and cash withdrawals;
  • The possibility of free service with simple and feasible conditions;
  • Frequent campaigns, during which there are discounts on some services of the bank.


  • No cashback and interest on your own (debit) funds;
  • Relatively large commission for cashing out;
  • High interest rates even for loyal customers of Raiffeisenbank.

“Vostochny Express Bank “Cashback” (Visa Classic)

Rating: 4.7


Why is it: The biggest cashback on your credit.

As it is evident from the name, this credit product offers good conditions for those who like shopping – the highest cashback in the ranking. It can be up to 10% in some categories chosen by the user (e.g. “Gas stations” or “Cinemas”) – or 2% on any spending at all.

Also, this “credit card” boasts absolutely free service without hidden conditions and other “stars”. The only thing – you will have to “shell out” for its registration. This transaction costs 1000€.

The next big plus is the high credit limit, which ranges from 55,000 € to 400,000 €. All other features are very average. For example, the grace period is up to 56 days (one payment month) and after that the interest rate is 24%. It doesn’t apply to cashing out, and you have to pay 4 percent for the transaction.9% plus 499 €, which is not profitable at all. But there is a referral program with a reward of €1000 for each friend.


  • Biggest cashback in the ranking – 2% on any spend or up to 10% in your favorite categories;
  • Free service with no hidden terms or any “stars”;
  • Referral program – 1000 € for every friend who signs up for a credit card of the bank.


  • Small grays that don’t apply to cashback;
  • High interest rate for cashing out even in the own ATMs of the issuer;
  • Comparatively high annual interest rate.

“The Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development”. “120 days without interest”

Rating: 4.6


Why is it: Long grace period, cashback.

This “credit card” is good for major spending, especially in stores. Its main advantage is the long grace period which, as the name implies, is up to 120 days (3 paying months). It also applies to cashing out, which is also an important plus. After it expires, the interest rate will be 28% per annum for a loan amount up to 100,000 € – and 31% for exceeding this limit.

The “credit card” may be free of charge if the total cost of the card during the year is more than 150000 €. Otherwise, it will cost you €1,900 for the next 12 months of use. The first year is free.

Despite the fact that the grays also applies to cash-out, it is better not to use this operation – the commission for it is 4% of the amount, but at least 500 rubles. The credit card has a cashback of 1% of any expenses and there is no limit on the amount you can withdraw.

Advantages of

  • Long interest free credit use (up to 120 days), which includes cashing out;
  • Possibility of free service;
  • Cashback with no limit on the amount of money returned, although not the highest.


  • To apply for a “credit card” with a limit of more than 100,000 € you will need a certificate of income;
  • High interest rates, even for loyal customers;
  • Offices of “UBRiR” are not represented in all regions of the country.

“Credit Europe Bank Card Credit Plus

Rating: 4.6


Why is it: It has an installment plan option and a high cashback.

Card Credit Plus from “Credit Europe Bank” is different from other products in the rating. Not a classic credit card. In fact, Card Credit Plus is an overdraft card that offers the possibility to use mainly debit funds (own) and borrowed ones only for big purchases or even “rainy day”.

It has good credit terms, though. First, it can be used to make installments on goods – for a period of 2 to 12 months, depending on the conditions of the store partner. Secondly, the grace period of using credit funds spent on purchases is up to 55 days (one payment month). Finally, regardless of whether your own funds are spent or borrowed, you can get a cashback of 5% for shopping categories and 1% for any expenses.

Maintenance is free if you spend more than €15,000 per month on the “credit card” – or else 79 rubles per month.


  • 4 permanently active categories with increased cashback, 1% on any purchases;
  • Maximum credit limit of 600,000 €;
  • There is an installment payment option at the request of the client to the bank.


  • Not suitable for cashing out (fee 4.9% but not less than 399 €, no limit);
  • Relatively high interest rate on the loan funds, 25% per annum, but fixed for all borrowers;
  • Relatively small gratuity.

“Russian Standard Platinum

Rating: 4.5


Why it: Inexpensive service, suitable for installments.

One of the most traditional “credit cards. “Platinum” from “Russian Standard” works according to the classical scheme, aimed exclusively at making purchases, and has a high percentage of approval.

just like many of the other rated bank products, this one also has an interest free period of 55 days (one month), but only for shopping. After that, the rate will be 21% per annum, depending on the category of the user. In addition, the bank has partner stores where you can make installments for up to 12 months using “Platinum”.

“Platinum” is practically not suitable for cashing out, since the commission for this operation is 3.9% plus 390 roubles, although it is not charged in the first month of use. Also these amounts are not included in the fee.

You have to pay 590 rubles for the annual service.


  • High approval rate;
  • It is possible to buy some goods in partner stores in installments;
  • Inexpensive annual fee of 590€.


  • A relatively high interest rate when using borrowed funds;
  • No cashback and no interest on own funds;
  • Not suitable for cashing out – high commission and no benefits.

“Sberbank Gold Card

Rating: 4.5


Why is it: High approval rate, special conditions for “salary project” users.

One of the best “credit cards” for people who already receive their salaries on Sberbank card accounts. For so-called “loyal customers” this organization preapproves “Gold cards” and offers special conditions on them.

So, if the “Golden” “credit card” is already pre-approved, you can count on free service, 23.9% per annum for the use of borrowed funds, and up to €600,000 credit limit. Otherwise you have to pay €3000 per year for the service, the interest rate will be 26.9% per annum, and the maximum limit is 300,000 €.

Golden” has a grace period of up to 50 days (one payment month), but only for purchases. There is also a “cashback” of up to 20% of the purchase amount (usually 0.5%), but it is repaid with “Thank you” bonuses.

Bad for cashing out this “credit card” – fee is 3% of amount, but minimum 390 €, and no grace period.


  • Free service with a pre-approved program;
  • High approval rate, especially for payroll project users and Sberbank “debit” holders;
  • High maximum credit limit.


  • Poorly suited for cashing out because of the commission and lack of grace on such transactions;
  • Expensive service for people without prior approval;
  • Cashback with “Thank you” bonuses.

“Tinkoff Bank Tinkoff Platinum (Mastercard World)

Rating: 4.5


Why it is: High approval rate, adequate conditions if used wisely and carefully.

Credit card from bank “Tinkoff” called “Tinkoff Platinum” – a product for financially literate and responsible borrowers who plan not only to make the minimum payments strictly on time, but also to exceed them to repay the debt more quickly. Otherwise higher interest rates and additional penalties apply. This card is also intended exclusively for purchases, cash withdrawals, C2C-transfers, etc.d. it is strictly not recommended.

Otherwise it is an ordinary credit card. There is a grace period of up to 55 days (one month) for purchases, after which the interest rate will start from 12% per annum. Maintenance costs 590 € annually, for informing about transactions you have to pay 59 € extra per month.

There is a fee when cashing out (2.9% + 290 €), no interest rate and higher interest rates.


  • The high approval rate is for almost everyone;
  • Inexpensive service, but you should consider a fee for informing about transactions;
  • Relatively low interest rate for high borrowers.


  • A lot of fines, penalties, etc.d. for late payments;
  • Not suitable for cashing out (higher interest, commission);
  • Relatively low initial fee.

“Citibank “Simple credit” (Mastercard Standard)

Rating: 4.4

Why it is: Suitable for purchasing goods by installments irrespective of the availability of the partner stores, excellent terms of use.

“Simply Credit” card from Citibank is one of the best matching products in the rankings. Its only disadvantage is the low approval rate without proof of income. In addition, Citibank branches are quite few.

And among the positive features are: Completely free service without any additional conditions, “stars” and the need to make any number of debit transactions per month; low interest rate, which is from 20.9% up to 32.9% per annum depending on the financial condition of the borrower; no commission for cashing out (although there is no fee for it); and the availability of credit use grace period of up to 50 days (one payment month).

Also any purchase can be done with payment in installments for 12-36 months. In this case the interest rate will be lower.


  • Completely free maintenance regardless of usage activity;
  • Possibility to make any purchase in installments for up to 36 months;
  • No fee for cashing out at any ATM.


  • Relatively low grades;
  • Low percent of approval;
  • No fee for cashing out.

“Home Credit Bank Liberty (Visa Unembossed)

Rating: 4.3


Why is it: Good conditions for buying various goods by installments, including three-month installments at non-partner stores.

Home Credit Bank is presented in the Russian market as one of the major providers of consumer crediting. Therefore, the “Liberty” issued by it is, in fact, the corresponding products. This is an installment card that is intended for purchases at the bank’s partner stores.

So, you can get an installment plan for up to 12 months. Particular conditions are set directly by the partner store – for some people they are less, for others – exactly one year. In addition, with this card, you can buy goods in stores that are not a partner of the bank – in this case, the installment period is 51 days, but “Home Credit” often conducts promotions that extend it to 3 months.

If you violate the installment terms, the interest rate is from 17.9% up to 34.9% per annum. Servicing is free of charge. Cash withdrawal with “Liberty” is not possible.


  • A lot of partner stores that offer extended installment payment terms;
  • There are frequent promotions for purchases outside the affiliate network;
  • Free service, including SMS-informing.


  • No cash withdrawals (the only card in the ranking with these conditions);
  • High interest rate on overdue debts;
  • You have to make payment 3-5 working days before the date indicated in the statement-informing.

“VTB24 Credit Multicard

Rating: 4.3


Why is it: Credit limit up to 1 million rubles, free service, 101 day grace on all transactions.

According to an independent study by Banki.”ru”, “Credit multicard” from VTB24 was recognized as the best “credit card” of 2017. And that’s no surprise. It offers many attractive terms.

Thus, it has a grace period of 101 days of credit funds – both spent on purchases and withdrawn as cash. Limit, depending on the borrower’s score, is up to 1 million rubles. Additional bonuses available to increase cashback up to 10% in certain categories (or up to 2.5% on any expenses), lower interest rate, get miles or increase interest on deposits. In addition, it has free service. And when processing a “credit card” with a limit of up to 300 thousand rubles you will need only a passport.

The only “but” is that there is no withdrawal fee for the first 7 days only. In other cases it makes 5.5% of amount, but not less than 300 rubles.


  • Completely free service;
  • Increased cashback up to 2.5% on all purchases or up to 10% on certain categories;
  • Grace at 101 calendar days (the maximum in the rating).


  • A relatively high interest rate of 26% per annum;
  • Restriction on cashback of 5,000 rubles per month;
  • To receive a cashback of 2.5% will be required to link the card to Apple Pay or Google Pay.
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