13 Best Restaurants in Moscow with a Panoramic View

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a sales pitch. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

Moscow has a wealth of upscale restaurants with excellent food, service and interior design. However, even in the capital there are not so many institutions with a panoramic view, so they are definitely worth visiting at least once and find yourself “in the seventh heaven”.

The portal experts have compiled their own rating of the best panoramic restaurants in Moscow with only stars above them, adding to it the most popular establishments with good food, atmosphere, and service.

Rating of the best restaurants in Moscow with a panoramic view

Rating of the best restaurants in Moscow with a panoramic view1Ruski5.0
4Sky Lounge4.7
5City Space4.6
6Seventh Heaven4.5
7O2 Lounge4.4
8White Rabbit4.3
10Planet Space4.1
11Extra Lounge4.1
12Restaurant Aviator Bar4.1


Rating: 5.0


The restaurant with the best panoramic view on the 85th floor of the Oko Tower tops our rating. Considered to be the highest in all of Europe, at 354 meters. Ruski occupies an entire floor, you can get there with the help of 2 high-speed elevators. Ruski is best known for its panoramic view, a large Russian stove right in the middle of the room, and the “ice room” made from a block of ice. To get to Ruski you need to book a table in advance, because there are always a lot of guests, as the restaurant is aimed primarily at tourists.

The menu is an interpretation of a real Russian and European cuisine. Among the traditional dishes you’ll find ukha, stewed in the oven soup, kulebyaki (slabs of pork porridge), baked in the cauldron… Wok noodles and tartare are offered here, too. Fans of “oven dishes” can try pork ribs or Guryevskaya porridge right from the heat.

Ruski is decorated in the style of avant-garde luxury. The decor is made in calm natural colors. You get a lot of light through the big windows and at night you can light up the big chandeliers, creating a romantic ambience. The basis of the idea is the embodiment of the 4 elements. The kitchen is a fire. Ice Bar made of a block of ice embodies the water. The banquet hall with a stage conveys the atmosphere of the earth and the banquet VIP hall the atmosphere of the air.

The temperature in the ice-bar is maintained at -15ºs, here the guests in fur coats can have a drink and a snack at the ice bar. To get in “ice-bar” you should make an appointment in advance, the best time is when you book a table. The restaurant also has a children’s room and babysitting services.

In spite of the fact that there are a lot of seats, panoramic view is available from any place in the hall. In the summertime it can be hot on the sunny side. Of the disadvantages, guests note the low couches, which, moreover, are constantly booked. And to take the sofas by the window is not so easy, you must pay a deposit. Average bill 5-7 thousand. r.

Address: Moscow, 1st Krasnogvardeisky Prospect, 21 p. 2 OKO skyscraper, Moscow City, 85th floor

Phone: +7 (495) 777-71-11



Rating: 4.9


Another one of the highest panoramic restaurants in Europe takes the second spot on our list. To get to the restaurant you need to take the elevator to the 62nd floor of the Federation Tower. The restaurant’s slogan says “Only stars are higher”, though today Sixty is not the highest, alas. Nevertheless, the restaurant design is still one of the most stylish in Moscow, that’s why guests like to take selfies here and even hold photo sessions.

A beautiful view of the sights of the capital. In the restaurant, even the windows are ajar so that guests can get some fresh air. The menu consists of Asian and Northern cuisine and is divided into the main menu serving caviar, oyster bar, all kinds of soups, pasta and risotto and truffle menu offering white and black truffle dishes. Sushi is a separate menu item. Average bill for one person is 3500 rubles. Table reservations with panoramic view start from 5000 rubles.

On weekends famous DJs are invited to Sixty that also attracts a lot of visitors. The guests also like the bar card from the famous in Moscow mixologist Beck Narzi and the exquisite dishes from the chef. In general, reviews give the institution a solid “B” on a scale of 5.

Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya nab., 12 Federation Tower, 62nd floor

Phone: +7 (495) 653 83 69; +7 (915) 240 60 60



Rating: 4.8


The third place of the rating is assigned to Bono restaurant, which is famous for its panoramic view and pathos-laden interior design. The facility is located on the 29th floor of the Ukraina Hotel, one of the seven famous Stalinist skyscrapers. Currently the building is owned by the Radisson Royal Hotel. Guests are offered Italian cuisine here. The chef is a real Italian, known in culinary circles.

The decor of the place is made in classical Italian style. Most of the tables are located near the windows, where you can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view. In the heart of Buono there is a wood-burning stove made of lava stone. Upholstered chairs and sofas, colorful dishes create the effect of a luxury Italian villa in the center of Moscow. The kitchen concept is good Italian classics. Here you can try the lobster, pink tomato salad with avocado, the real risotto. Average bill is about 4000 rubles. for one person.

Buono also offers its guests an entertainment program – a large cocktail list, trendy parties, all kinds of themed events organized by a partner of Ginza Project and producer Andrey Fomin. The guests estimate the institution as an ideal place for dinner and celebrations.

Address: Moscow, Kutuzovsky Prospekt., d.2/1, pg. 1; 29th floor of Radisson Collection Hotel, (Mrs. Ukraine)

Phone: +7 (495) 540 44 10

Website: /msk/restaurantuono

Sky Lounge

Rating: 4.7


The Sky Lounge restaurant, which occupies the fourth place in our rating, is located on the 22nd floor of the skyscraper in the Building of the Academy of Sciences. This is one of the first restaurants in Moscow with a panoramic view which used to be the highest in the city. At one time it has hosted such famous guests as Tom Cruise or Justin Timberlake, Vladimir Vinokur, Alexey Yagudin, Evgeny Petrosyan, foreign ambassadors and ministers.

Sky Lounge offers fine cuisine from the brand-chef. Above all it’s author’s dishes: olivier with truffle sauce, Kamchatka crab, rack of lamb, sushi and vast Japanese menu as well as a vast wine and author’s drinks menu.

The panoramic restaurant is located on two floors, the main hall on the 22nd floor and the penthouse on the 23rd floor. Access to the penthouse is restricted, and private parties and negotiations take place there. Regular customers are advised to reserve a table in advance and be sure to specify which one. Average price of the dishes – from 1000 rubles.

Address: Moscow, Prospekt 135, Leninsky prospect, 10. Venice restaurant in Leninsky g. 32a, Building of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), 22nd floor

Phone: +7 495 781 5775, +7 903 290 70 30


City Space

Rating: 4.6


On the fifth step there is City Space, a famous panoramic bar/restaurant, which is primarily known for its signature cocktails. The bar enters the top 10 best bars in the world, winning different awards every year. City Space is located on top of a five-star hotel, 140 meters above the ground, on the 34th floor. The form of the building is like a dome, which rises above the horizon, thanks to which guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the capital from a perspective of 360 degrees.

Restaurant’s menu counts more than 250 unique recipes known for their exclusive combinations of ingredients. Here you can taste rolls, sushi, sashimi, hot and cold appetizers, specialties, dishes on the grill in the author’s interpretation. As for the cocktails, the guests who have been in the institution advise to try the cocktail that brought the mixologist and the manager of the bar Beck Narzi a victory in the prestigious international contest. City Space constantly invites well-known mixologists and offers new drinks, introducing guests to the latest trends in mixology.

Address: Moscow, Kosmodamianskaya nab. 6, Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy, 34th floor

Phone: +7 (495) 221 53 57


Seventh sky

Rating: 4.5

Seventh Heaven.webp

A panoramic complex with a restaurant, cafe and a coffee shop, located in the Ostankinskiy television tower, is on the sixth place in our rating. Guests of the institution can not worry about the fact that they won’t get an unsuccessful place. Floors of all 3 levels slowly rotate giving a full circle in 40 minutes and letting you see Moscow from a height of 330 meters. Guests of the restaurant can take an audio guide and listen to information about sightseeing.

The interior has a rather modest appearance so as not to distract from the view outside the window. The menu offers exquisite European dishes in the author’s interpretation. There are unusual dishes like black dumplings, olivier with crawfish necks, asparagus soup, veal with chestnuts in wine. Wine list includes elite Burgundy, French and Italian wines.

Administrators send sms to all guests, with time and date of visit, inform about bad visibility, quickly transfer visit without additional payments. Seventh Heaven restaurant, Seventh Heaven, is open for dinner reservations on

  • ne. The only thing the users don’t like is the fact that it is impossible to enter the restaurant without tickets to Ostankino television tower. There are also two control points with inspection of things and bags. Average bill without drinks 3200 p.

    Address: Moscow, Pushkinskaya str. Akademika Koroleva, 15, korp. 2

    Phone: 8 (495) 136-80-00

    Site: /rest.html

    O2 Lounge

    Rating: 4.4


    O2 Lounge hotel-restaurant with a panoramic view on the roof of Ritz-Carlton Moscow is on the seventh place in the rating. Facility’s main pride is the spacious terrace with views over the Red Square and the Kremlin. The restaurant is regularly rated by the world’s leading publications: Forbes, The Times, Architectural Digest. And on the roof of the lounge-café like to conduct photo sessions of film stars.

    The interior design is quite fresh and modern – the restaurant was completely renovated in 2015. Rare natural materials are used in the decoration: polished copper, petrified wood, American walnut, blue agate. In addition to cowhide and sheepskin – these details give the restaurant a South American touch. The culinary concept of the restaurant is Peruvian cuisine and sushi bar. Serves seafood, Japanese delicacies. There are also grill dishes in the menu which in summer are cooked right on the veranda before the eyes of the guests.

    Summer panoramic terrace can accommodate 200 guests at a time. Those who like to dance can do it on a big dance floor to the tracks of known Moscow DJ’s who are making regular appearances there. In general the institution is rather pompous and expensive. Average bill for one person – from 4,000 rubles.

    Address: Moscow, Tverskaya str., 3 | The Ritz-Carlton

    Phone:+7 495 225-81-81

    Web site: /en/

    White Rabbit

    Rating: 4.3


    Eighth place goes to one of the popular restaurants in Moscow with a panoramic view, under the epic name “White Rabbit”, located on the 16th floor of Smolensky Passage. This place became famous in capital’s beau monde circles from the very beginning and is a favorite place for rest and parties. In 2014. The restaurant was included into the list of the best restaurants in the world according to The Restaurants magazine and it is the only Russian restaurant presented there.

    The owners managed to combine a beautiful panoramic view, exquisite cuisine and a famous Lewis Carroll’s fairy tale. By the way, sometimes in the “White Rabbit” gastronomic thematic performances are held, where the delicacies in the form of Cheshire cat smile, rastibuloks and eggs of dodo birds are served. As for the casual menu, it’s based on Russian cuisine. The restaurant chef is not unknown Vladimir Mukhin, who has a lot of culinary awards. The guests may taste the really unique dishes, like wild boar cutlets with rowanberry jelly, tongue in birdcherry sauce, morels sauce with mashed potatoes, porcini liver ryazhenka, celery root puree. By the way, there is a specially equipped laboratory in the kitchen where the chef develops and invents new flavor combinations. Also White Rabbit is famous for its cocktails and desserts.

    As the entertainment program in “White rabbit” often are children’s parties with professional animators, also celebrities hold here mini-concerts. The price for a dinner for one person is about 3000 rubles.

    Address: Moscow, Smolenskaya Ploshchad, 2, Smolenskaya str. 3, Smolensky Passage building, 16th floor

    Phone: +7 (495) 663-39-99


    Rating: 4.2


    On the 23rd floor of the Golden Ring Hotel is the Panorama Restaurant, which was one of the first hotels to open. It’s a classic restaurant with a panoramic view and circular architecture of the hall providing a 360 degree view, thanks to which guests can see the main sights of Moscow from a height of 80 meters. In our rating the restaurant was placed on the ninth position.

    The interior is made by Swiss and Italian designers, however the classic concept looks almost like in the 90s – red carpet and wallpaper, vintage ceilings and monograms, an abundance of natural fabrics. Menu of the restaurant represents traditional Russian and European cuisine. Serving dishes is also arranged in the style a la 90s. On the whole, the guests of the restaurant say that Panorama is an ideal place for a nostalgic pastime or for acquainting foreign tourists with gastronomic preferences of old Moscow.

    The service is on the top level, at least that is what the guests say. At the entrance you will be met by the maitre d’, and the waiters will solemnly bring out the dishes, opening the lamb right in front of the guests. Tuesday through Saturday there is live music from 8 to 11 p.m.

    Address: 5 Smolenskaya St., Moscow | Golden Ring Hotel, floor 23

    Phone: +7 (495) 725-02-54

    Site: hotel-/restaurants/#panorama

    Planet Cosmos

    Rating: 4.1


    Our experts put the restaurant with a panoramic view on the 25th floor on the basis of the Kosmos Hotel, located 99 meters above sea level on the tenth line. The restaurant operates in a representative lounge format, with free and unrestricted access for hotel guests only. And everyone else needs to book a table in advance. The restaurant operates around the clock.

    The hotel restaurant complex called “Galaxy”, has many cafes and bars, as well as restaurants. “Planet Cosmos is located on the top floor at a height of 25 meters. The menu offers a wide choice of Italian and European dishes: octopus and tuna carpaccio, caprese with mozzarella or marbled beef tartare, tomato soup with seafood, minestrone, broccoli and spinach cream soup. By the way, the kitchen is on the first floor, which explains the delay in taking the food out.

    The restaurant organizes concerts, you can also play bowling, billiards, watch sports broadcasts, learn to entertain… You can leave your car in a paid guarded parking lot. Average bill: 3000-5000 rubles.

    Address: Moscow, Mira Avenue, Prospekt av. 150 rubles (Cosmos Hotel, 25th floor)

    Phone: +7 495 234-64-50

    Site: /restaurant


    Extra Lounge

    Rating: 4.1


    On the 20th floor of Korston Club Hotel, in the very heart of Moscow club life, there is a restaurant with a panoramic view Extra Lounge Moscow, which is famous for its unique selection of designer cocktails. Here you can taste dishes of Russian, Japanese and European cuisine and see the sights of the capital. If you reserve a table at the restaurant in advance you can find yourself in the epicenter of the holiday shows during the City Day and Victory Day celebrations. The location of Extra Lounge, on Vasilievsky Lane, is very convenient for both business and leisure travelers. Kosygina makes a great location to admire the fireworks and colored illuminations. In our rating the restaurant takes the eleventh place.

    Russian, European and Japanese cuisine. Chef, originally from Italy, works in the style of modern fusion. Extra Lounge offers gazpacho with shrimps, caprese, Caciucco soup with seafood, tuna tagliatta, veal cheeks with bulgur.

    The interior is made in glamorous style with pink, purple, sea wave colors. There is a lot of upholstered furniture, big panoramic windows and glass roof. The restaurant has several halls, different in purpose: Vip-hall with luxurious armchairs, karaoke-hall with equipment and stage, small hall with a hint of classicism, and also summer verandah and winter hall. Accordingly, the choice of entertainment here is large – karaoke, all sorts of shows, steam cocktails, children’s room and coloring for kids. You can park your car in the parking lot of the hotel.

    Address: Moscow, ul. 15, Kosygina Street, 15 (Corston Hotel)

    Phone: +7 495 939-82-02

    Web-site: /moscow/restaurants/extra_lounge/

    Restaurant Aviator Bar

    Rating: 4.1

    Restaurant BAR AVIATOR.webp

    The 11th place in our rating goes to the restaurant with author’s cuisine, modern interior, panoramic view located on the 52nd floor in the Federation Tower. You can only get into the restaurant by booking in advance.

    The interior of the restaurant Bar Aviator is designed in true minimalist style – there are a lot of space, light and air. Grey-and-blue walls, sofas, reminding of the airplane chairs, big windows, associating with the windows of the pilot’s cabin. The menu is based on the European traditions in the author’s interpretation. Guests here can try the tuna salad with orange, quinoa salad with honey pear, crème brûlée of porcini mushrooms with black truffle, pickled trout popsicle.

    Trendy parties with participation of trendy resident DJs of Moscow clubs take place in AVIATOR, tastings and various theme festivals are regularly held. Parking at the restaurant is not free. Average bill: 2500 rubles.

    Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya nab., d. 12, Federation Tower: West, 52nd floor

    Phone: +7 999 987-97-77

    Site: aviator.city


    Rating: 4.0


    On the roof of the 14-storey business center Central City Tower there is a restaurant with a panoramic view named “Carlson” with a terrace overlooking the Kremlin, the Moscow River and even Zamoskvorechye. The idea of the restaurant was not conceived without reference to the popular character from the book by Astrid.

    The spacious bright hall is decorated in the Tuscan style which gives it a special coziness. Checkered soft couches, a lot of greenery in nice pots, racks with jars of jam perfectly fit into the interior, creating a homely atmosphere. There is a vip-zone with stained-glass walls and in summer there is a terrace. The menu is represented by Mediterranean, Russian, Italian cuisines with the author’s sound. Meat is cooked on a wood grill, which makes it juicy and fragrant. Also “Carlson” offers to taste dishes from its own smokehouse.

    The restaurant constantly hosts events for children – master classes, matinees, festivals with animators. For adults organize theme parties, as well as gastronomic lunches from the chef. There are complaints about service and disruption of reservations. Average bill – 2500 r.

    Address: Moscow, Ovchinnikovskaya nab., 20/1 BC “Central City Tower

    Phone: +7 (495) 540 44 10


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