12 best travel insurances

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

At one time travel insurance was required only when getting a visa. Other tourists simply do not think about its necessity and choose the most economical product or refuse it altogether. Many people thought that the words “rest” and “danger” did not go together. And in fact, many have faced unforeseen situations and do not know how to solve them.

Travel insurance is a very useful financial service. It covers many risks during trips abroad, providing emergency skilled medical and dental care, transportation of the injured to their home country. It is also possible to connect and additional options: insurance of luggage, personal property for the period of absence, legal assistance, compensation of expenses in case of theft or loss of documents.

Many tourists, after paying once for insurance and avoiding unforeseen situations, are convinced that nothing bad can happen on their next trip, and if they go through a travel agency, they take the most inexpensive package, if they go on their own, they refuse such services altogether. Meanwhile, according to statistics, accidents happen to Russians abroad several times more often than at home. This is due to change of climate and eating habits, availability of traumatic entertainments. And if in Russia all the expenses will be covered by a compulsory health insurance policy, in other countries you will have to pay for the services that cost quite a lot of money there.

The cost of insurance depends on the country and the selected rate. The minimum program includes a minimum set of options. These are medical emergency treatment, transportation of the patient to his home country, in case of an accident with a fatal outcome – transportation of the body. Experts recommend expanding programs to include a relative’s visit, search in extreme situations, early return home.

To make it easier for travelers to choose, we have selected 12 companies that offer the best terms of travel insurance, which have high risk coverage, instantly compensate for losses, help in a foreign country to get medical care and other services without using your own money.

Rating of the best travel insurance

Ratedplaceinsurance companyrating
Rating of the best travel insurance1Ingosstrakh5.0
  • berty
  • 4.9
    6VSK Insurance House4.5
    8Tinkoff Insurance4.3
    9VTB Insurance4.2
    11Renaissance Insurance4.0


    Rating: 5.0


    First on our list is the largest Russian company, providing licensed services in more than 60 lines of insurance. Expert rating recognized its high level of reliability and solvency. Clients also rated the company’s work the highest. Extended programs will keep tourists safe during both relaxing and extreme holidays. Policies are suitable for all types of visas and accepted by all foreign missions. The contract is concluded in different ways: during a visit to the office, by calling an operator, with the help of a mobile application, or online on the web site.

    Company covers the cost of medical and transportation services. Tourist can choose from a variety of options, which may be useful during a foreign holiday. This is civil liability, loss of luggage, cancellation of departure. A particularly popular financial product that helps protect property while the owners are away.

    According to tourist reviews, this is really one of the best companies that is 100% committed. The website offers a lot of useful information to help you make your insurance choices. You can consult about the programs offered by phone: 8800100 77 55.

  • berty
  • Rating: 4.9

    <li></div><p>berty” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/7616666197241-812.jpg” height=”280″ title=”</p><li>berty”><p>The second nominee of the rating is an international company operating since 1912. Assistance Services provides services in more than 8000 medical centers in many countries around the world. Variety of programs allows to attract clients who prefer different types of recreation. Economy” fare is good for a relaxing stay. It includes emergency hospitalization, doctor examination, diagnosis, surgical treatment, hospitalization, and transportation of the deceased to his/her home country.</p><p>Package “Standard” provides an expanded list of risks and covers not less than 2000000. rubles (about 30 thousand EUR). These are complications in early pregnancy, returning minors home. In case of an accident you can not only get qualified assistance but also financial compensation. In addition, the rates are extended to include insurance against loss of luggage, trip interruption, and third party liability.</p><p>In case of extreme vacations the policy with larger amount of coverage is issued and covers all types of risks associated with a dangerous pastime. According to feedback, help is arranged in a very short time after application. No disputes during the calculation of the insurance sums and their payment have arisen. The company completely fulfills its obligations, as stated in the contract. Toll-free number: +7800100 2100.</p><h3>Alliance</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=Alliance

    The international company, which has been working in Russia since 1990, occupies the well-deserved third place. Travel insurance is one of the priorities. The company has achieved a high level of reliability and stability according to client and expert ratings. “The Alliance” has its own medical service. Services are provided in more than 400 thousand clinics all over the world.

    Rates include coverage for emergency care, transportation to the hospital and evacuation home, purchase of medications prescribed by the doctor, early return, when a relative arrives, sending home minors without parental care. Additionally connected are the options of public liability, compensation for loss of luggage, as well as compensation for injury, disability, or death in an accident.

    The amount of insurance coverage is chosen by the client and varies from 30,000 to 100,000 EUR. Support is provided 24 hours a day by Russian-speaking coordinators, who instantly respond to any request. The company keeps its leading position due to constant quality control and improvement of services. Operators answer all questions around the clock by phone: 8800100 58 00.


    Rating: 4.7


    The nation’s largest insurer ranks fourth. It ranks among the top ten companies annually in terms of the amount of collected premiums, it constantly develops and offers more advanced and favorable rates for travelers. The highest level of reliability guarantees maximum protection in any complicated situations abroad. Service is provided by International Assistance Group.

    Policies are valid for all visas. It takes just a few minutes to purchase insurance through the Alfa-Click online service. A visit to the office will not be required, because the document is sent to the client via e-mail. In addition to medical services, programs include coverage for loss of luggage, public liability, protection of property during absence of the insured and many other useful options.

    Russian-speaking operators are located in 15 countries around the world. In case of insured event the employees can be addressed not only by phone but also online. The main advantages of the company are instant and qualified assistance at any time of the day or night, reasonable prices, great variability of tariffs. You can ask all your questions about travel insurance by calling: +7800333 0999.


    Rating: 4.6


    The fifth nominee of the rating is in the network of the largest insurance company in Europe. A representative office in Moscow was opened in August 2006. International agency confirmed its “very high level of reliability” and forecast as “stable. Varied tariffs cover risks in case of short-term and multiple trips.

    Medical insurance includes a large number of additional options, even with a standard rate. Besides basic services a tourist will be provided assistance in case of acute condition of chronic diseases, compensation of expenses for search-and-rescue operation and flight after hospitalization. Important advantage: the company is one of few companies that provides assistance to pregnant women up to 31 weeks of pregnancy, in case of complications, premature birth and newborn baby care up to the possibility of mother and child transportation to the home country. It is possible to extend the rate for risks associated with loss of luggage, documents or extreme sports, if you wish.

    You can get advice and help from local doctors via a mobile app. According to reviews, the company has a lot of advantages. The contract is concluded irrespective of the age of the insured without any multipliers. Assistance is provided promptly in the best medical centers. Multichannel line: 8800700 63 52.

    VSK Insurance

    Rating: 4.5

    VSK Insurance House

    The company, which has been on the insurance market for a quarter of a century and has earned a high reliability rating, is on the sixth line. Among 30 licensed services a special place belongs to travel insurance. All programs are designed for various possible risks and protect domestic tourists in the most unforeseen situations. Assistance services are provided by the international service company MedAssist.

    The cost of policies is quite affordable. The cost is based on three factors: the selected rate, age of the insured person and availability of additional options. The “Basic” package includes emergency medical aid, transportation of the injured or deceased person back home, trip interruption, sending unaccompanied children home, and telephone expenses coverage. The sum insured is 30,000 EUR.

    Recommended” tariff provides legal assistance, dentistry, reimbursement for delayed flight in addition to basic services. Amount of coverage: EUR 50,000. The “Maximum” package is defined by the limit up to 100000 u.e. This additionally provides recovery of lost documents, visit of a close relative, and payment for the car evacuation if it is available. For more information about the rates, please visit the website or call: +7800100 00 50.


    Rating: 4.4


    Seventh place in the ranking is taken by a company that specializes in travel insurance. It was launched in March 2012, and was the first to offer a program for independent tourists who do not use the services of agencies. They immediately appreciated this service, and today it is used by thousands of people going on vacation to any country in the world. All programs are unique and offer world-class service. High-cost policies are reinsured with an international German company.

    In case of illness or injury tourists receive treatment in the best clinics of the host country. Exclusive limits include not only emergencies, but also services for chronic conditions and extended coverage for dental care. The “online doctor” option was created to provide advice and immediate assistance through a mobile app.

    The policy is issued within several minutes. It can be done on the website or via smartphone. According to statistics, more than 50% of customers have applied for services twice or more. Both one-time trips and annual insurance are popular. Tourists confirm the reliability and competence of the company. Consultation phone number: 8800 555 08 14.

    Tinkoff Insurance

    Rating: 4.3

    Tinkoff Insurance

    Dynamically developing company which provides services of the highest level – on the eighth line of the rating. All transactions are performed online. Insurance is arranged via the internet and is sent to the customer by email. You can get a preliminary estimate of the cost of the service by filling in the online travel calculator on the website. The programs offered are varied. They are suitable for those who like relaxing, active or extreme holidays. There are standard rates and extended rates.

    Communication with employees is carried out via messengers. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company works with leading medical centers. The policyholder receives any medical care needed, including dental care. “Tinkoff offers an extension of the package to include the necessary extras. Reimbursement is provided for the risks of lost luggage, stolen documents or trip cancellation.

    There were many benefits highlighted. Among them are prompt response to appeals, low prices for services. Many highlighted that dental care is provided in full without setting a limit. Free phone number throughout the Russian Federation: 8800755 80 00.

    VTB Insurance

    Rating: 4.2

    VTB Insurance

    In the ninth place of the rating is the company, which offers travel insurance to any country in the world at very favorable prices. Policies are issued to tourists of all ages, and are accepted by all visa services and foreign embassies. A variety of rates will satisfy different categories of travelers. The company offers short-term insurance for trips to Schengen countries, around the world or in Russia. There is also an annual policy without restrictions or a “Multi-trip” tariff.

    Standard package includes emergency aid in the best medical and dental clinics, transportation of the patient to his home country, as well as transportation of the body. Additional options include insurance against accident during a flight, loss of luggage, trip cancellation, flight delay, call for next of kin, return home for minors.

    The contract is executed online. All the necessary information and contacts for contacting the operators, who immediately respond to appeals, are included in the policy. Travelers have noted that the Economy rate includes many of the necessary services that cover risks, even during active holidays. Reference phone number: 8800707 57 87.


    Rating: 4.4


    Tenth place goes to a stable financial company, which always fulfills its contractual obligations to customers, as evidenced by its impeccable reputation and high reliability rating. There are quite a few travel insurance programs for traveling abroad. There are single trip and long-term policies. The insurance will protect those who go on a peaceful family vacation and those who engage in extreme sports.

    Medical services include emergency hospitalization, doctor on call, diagnosis, treatment, transportation of the diseased to one’s home country, and repatriation of the deceased. You can also include more extended risks. Many tourists choose the following additional options: liability insurance, loss of flight delay, damage or total loss of luggage. The cost of the policy can be calculated in the online calculator and then proceed to the site. The contract is also signed via a mobile app or by visiting the company’s office.

    All Rosgosstrakh programs are suitable for visas. According to the reviews, the services are world-class, there is round-the-clock support, and the standard program provides full health protection and covers many risks. Reference phone number: 8800200 0900.

    Renaissance Insurance

    Rating: 4.3

    Renaissance Insurance

    Trusted by many Russian insurers, the company is in eleventh place in our rating. Founded in 1997, it can compete today with the oldest organizations of its kind. Analytical agency in recent years gives the company an exceptionally high level of reliability. The programs provide for various degrees of risk that may arise when you travel. Having chosen the best rate, you can be sure of getting maximum protection in an unfamiliar country and of receiving the whole complex of medical and transportation services.

    Standard policy includes a doctor on call, outpatient treatment, emergency hospitalization, dentistry, transportation of accident victims to their home country, return of minor children home, telephone coverage, assistance in case of lost documents. It is accepted by all visa centers and foreign representations.

    If you choose an additional risk, the company will support the traveler during the temporary return, cover the losses from damage or loss of luggage, provide legal services. Russian-speaking operators accept appeals at any time of the day or night. According to the reviews, help arrives immediately, regardless of the severity of the accident. Phone: 8800775 98 09.

    Rating: 4.2


    The top 12 list includes the company with 25 years of experience on the insurance market. The high reliability rating is confirmed by the number of clients, which increases every year, and from the category of new clients they go to the permanent. A wide range of programs allows each tourist to pick the best one for himself and his family. There are economy, standard and extended packages, which are selected depending on the type of vacation and the degree of possible risks.

    In case of emergencies, the maximum insurance will cover in-patient and out-patient treatment of injuries and illnesses, emergency dental care, return of minors home, travel and accommodation of a relative, hotel accommodation after hospitalization, transportation of the sick or deceased back home, search and rescue operations, legal services, civil liability, telephone calls, flight delays and loss of luggage.

    The company has developed a convenient mobile application that can be used to perform any operations: activate or extend the policy, contact in case of an insured event, track the status of the application. Most clients are satisfied with cooperation and recommend the company to other travelers. The 24/7 toll-free number: 8800755 00 01.

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