12 best test labs in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before purchase it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Accurate and fast test results allow you to identify the causes of disease and make the right diagnosis in the shortest amount of time. Not all medical institutions have their own laboratories, so the collected biomaterial is taken to third parties. There is a downside to this, because an important indicator of accuracy is the time from sampling to testing. And in this case it is significantly delayed.

The advantages of visiting the technologically equipped laboratories on your own are many. Patient receives results in a range of minutes to hours, depending on the complexity of the analysis. Physician observes live cells, which is very important in a number of studies. It is always possible to take additional tests and double-check previous tests.

Increased demands are placed on laboratories today. The most important of them are highly qualified staff and equipment of the latest generation to obtain the most accurate results. In our review you can find 12 best laboratories, which are ahead of many other institutions in the capital, and which are recommended by Muscovites for visiting.

Rating of the best analytical laboratories in Moscow

12 best laboratories for analyses in Moscow1CMD5.0


Rating: 5.0


The laboratory of molecular diagnostics on the basis of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, which has an extensive network in many cities of Russia and neighboring countries, becomes a leader. Its experience and tradition dates back to 1963., When was the scientific research institute founded. More than 5 million treatments are performed each year. of clinical tests in all fields of medicine. CMD produces diagnostic kits and reagents and implements innovative molecular analysis technologies.

A great contribution to the science and preservation of the nation’s health is the annual development and basic research, which allows to reveal the most hidden problem and not to start the disease process. All laboratory equipment complies with international standards. Use of the best pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical equipment eliminates the risk of random errors.

In spite of expensive equipment and reagents the prices of our services are available for all categories of citizens. Discounts and rebates. There are 214 branches in the capital. The most convenient location can be found on the site or by calling the Moscow phone number: +7495788 00 01. Free number from all regions of the Russian Federation: 880070778 81.


Rating: 4.9


Second place is occupied by the laboratory, which has been operating for over 20 years, and its branches are located in 5 countries of the world. In Moscow the facilities are located in all districts of the city with convenient access to the subway stations and public transport stops. The clinic offers over 2000 types of tests: serological, biochemical, general clinical, genetic, histological, immunological, hematological, microbiological, cytological.

Popular are comprehensive medical examinations for men and women of different age groups, as well as the annual program for patients with diabetes mellitus and methods of preparation for pregnancy. Laboratories cooperate with corporate clients, of which there are more than 5500. There are 9,500 competent specialists working in all the institutions, who constantly improve their skills in operating high-tech equipment.

Service prices are average for Moscow. Discounts are available for residents of Moscow. Also the actions on different kinds of researches are regularly held. If self-testing is impossible the laboratory technicians visit the patient and take the material. All branches are open seven days a week. You can find the most convenient address on the site or by phone number: +7495363 03 63.


Rating: 4.8


The third prize winner in our review is a federal network of laboratories that provides the entire range of research services. There are 19 centers in Moscow with easy accessibility for cars and transport. All works are based on international quality standards. This is due to the European and American first-line equipment and reagents, highly qualified personnel, advanced analytical diagnostic technologies.

Long-term experience completely excludes research errors. One of the largest laboratories in the country guarantees its patients an accurate analysis from the first time. There are different ways to get an opinion: on-site, by courier or by e-mail. Organizations, when signing a contract for corporate services, are provided with a personal manager and individual programs.

Competently thought-out pricing policy allows regular customers to save on services and to attract new ones to a mutually beneficial cooperation. For example, a birthday boy gets a 20% discount on his birthday. If you provide a discount card to any laboratory in the capital a bonus of 15% of the cost. You can find out the addresses of the centers by calling the free multi-channel phone number: 8800100 36 30.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth place went to the modern laboratory, the offices of which are located not only in Moscow, but also in other cities of the country. The price list contains 2130 tests from simple (general blood test) to the most complicated (human genetic passport). For ten years of work a large number of regular customers has appeared. Up to date, 317 major companies have concluded corporate service agreements.

The laboratory is a pioneer in the field of medical testing. Some tests can be done only in its centers. Equipment is manufactured by global brands Sysmex, Biorad, STAGO, Haemonetics Corporation, Abbott, Co

    ter, SEBIA, Beckman. All analyses are processed with original reagents. Three-level quality control eliminates errors.

    “DNCOM” works both in medical institutions and at the patient’s home. Arrival of staff is possible at any convenient time. Results will be available in the shortest possible time and sent by email if desired. An indisputable advantage of the organization is its informative social networking, which provides detailed information about the research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Laboratories are located in different districts of Moscow, in the center on Bakunin str. Tverskaya street, 6. Any information may be obtained by calling: +7495540 42 75.


    Rating: 4.6


    The fifth place is taken by the laboratory, which provides services of complex high-precision analysis in various fields of research. Main focus – complex genetic tests. Many patients, who turned to Genomed, were able to identify pathological abnormalities related to heredity, reproductive disorders and oncological diseases. A large number of visits are not related to health, but to the establishment of paternity. The lab also has this type of equipment.

    The results of examinations are prepared very quickly. The patient receives not only a report, but also expert advice on the disease, preventive and therapeutic measures. The clinic guarantees high accuracy of results, since it has not only innovative equipment, but also cooperates with the American laboratory Natera, a world leader in genetic testing.

    Location of the center: 8, Podolskoe Shosse. You can make an appointment by visiting the site or by calling the Moscow booking line: +7495660 83 77. Also free calls are available from all regions of Russia at the number: 8800500 97 45.


    Rating: 4.5


    The sixth position is occupied by a laboratory, equipped with innovative equipment of international quality standard. It uses consumables and reagents from manufacturers such as Abbott, Beckman Co

      ter, Bio-Rad, Sanyo, Biomerieux. It was created in 2010 in cooperation with European specialists. Due to the proven technology, examinations are automated, so the human factor and risk of error are minimal.

      All medical personnel are competent and courteous; they have rich experience and a high level of training. The laboratory conducts all kinds of tests from simple to very complex. Opinions are provided quickly and without delay, both in handwritten form and via e-mail. Corporate customers can take advantage of particularly favorable conditions of cooperation. Outstaffing service is provision of doctors and laboratory assistants at company location.

      Prices for examinations are rather democratic. Customer support is available 24 hours a day. All questions may be asked on the website via feedback. The largest laboratory and research center of Moscow is located at 4 A Gostinichny Proezd, Moscow. Phone: 8495258 94 00.


      Rating: 4.4


      The laboratory covers all districts of Moscow and the region. The company provides diagnostic, consulting, therapeutic and scientific medical services. You can pass a single test or a complex examination. Patients are not only adults, but also children. The nurses find a common language with the babies, adjust them psychologically and playfully collect biomaterial, so all activities are painless and stress-free.

      Technical equipment allows to achieve 100% accuracy of the results. All employees undergo training and subsequent professional development. EndoMedLab” official website is very convenient and informative. Here you can call a lab technician at home, get ready results, specify the cost of procedures, order a call-back, as well as read informative articles on various topics that interest patients.

      Many people note the advantageous promotional offers, which are regularly updated and allow saving from 20% to 70%. Central Laboratory is open daily, seven days a week. It is located at the following address: 3, Segastava str. Novodmitrovskaya str. 5A, pg. 1. Single phone number for all branches in the capital: +7495481 38 24.


      Rating: 4.3


      Eighth place is given to the laboratory, which operates on the basis of the medical multidisciplinary center of the same name. All samples are taken on the day of request and the conclusion is given right away. Accuracy of results is guaranteed by high-tech equipment and European reagents. The company offers a variety of services. It may be a single test or a comprehensive examination under a specially developed program both for private individuals and corporate clients.

      If you wish you can immediately contact the clinic’s specialists to establish the diagnosis and prescribe further treatment. Patients of any age get the help they need. The most popular research programs: “Men’s health”, “Women’s health”, “Endocrinological examination”. The company carries out home visits of staff with the necessary equipment.

      According to reviews the institution has low prices for services. Prices for laboratory tests and ultrasound examinations are the most affordable in Moscow. Periodically conducted campaigns help to save even more money. The location of the diagnostic center “EvroMedPrestige”: 28, Donskaya St. All questions can be asked by phone: +7495225 52 05.


      Rating: 4.2


      Ninth place – the dynamically developing company, which is equipped with technological equipment of Co

        ter and Bayer, and its staff improve their skills not only in our country, but also in European centers. It was founded in 2003 as a Russian-German company. Tests are controlled at all stages, so the results are as accurate as possible. All kinds of tests are performed in the institution. These may be routine blood tests, or they may be specific, which are conducted in just a few laboratories in Moscow.

        Another undoubted advantage of Biotest is the shortest time to obtain a report. Even complicated multi-level examinations are performed within 24 hours. Employees make house calls when needed. Our patients are not only adults, but also children, including infants. We have all necessary for babies to feel no discomfort during the procedure.

        If desired the laboratory will conduct a comprehensive examination of the body. The program provides a significant reduction in the price of services, so it is very popular with visitors. The organization is located at Rodionovskaya Street, 3. Contact phone number: 8495972 22 44.


        Rating: 4.1


        Tenth place is occupied by a high-tech federal network of laboratories covering many regions of the country. It started its activity in 2003 and today it has branches in 40 Russian cities. Technological tests are standardized on an international level. High accuracy of results and exclusion of erroneous conclusions is guaranteed by equipment of Abbott, Beckman Co

          Ter, Sysmex, Siemens. Consumable materials and vacuum systems are made by the leading brands BD and Greiner Bio-One.

          Personnel receives regular advanced training and additional education, participates in master classes. Patients may contact the call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge, by phone. SMS message informs you of the availability of the results, which can be obtained manually or by e-mail. If desired the patient may consult with a narrowly focused specialist free of charge.

          35 laboratories in Moscow and the Moscow region. All addresses and travel directions are listed on the company’s website. If you want you can order home visits, where a medical worker will take all the necessary material for analysis. Single phone number: +7495640 06 40.


          Rating: 4.0


          The eleventh place is given to the laboratory, which is located on the territory of the multifunctional medical center. It is equipped with high-precision innovative equipment and original reagents to detect any pathology of the body. Patients can undergo simple tests or those requiring the most complex multilevel examination. Prompt issuance of conclusions allows for immediate treatment. The clinic has specialists in endocrinology, gynecology, mammology, allergology and immunology. Also, patients can be consulted about the results of diagnostics.

          Comprehensive programs help maintain men’s and women’s health at different stages of life. Many of them are discounted, so you can save a lot of money on examinations. Using special offers, you can get tested free of charge. You can learn about the start of promotions on the official site.

          The conclusion can be received in any way: in the center itself, by courier or by e-mail. Appointments are made through the website. Address of the laboratory: Kashirskoye Shosse, 24, building 8. Phone registration MedBioSpectr: 8495231 26 13.


          Rating: 3.9


          On the twelfth line is the laboratory and diagnostic center, which has 20 years of experience with tests in various fields of medicine. It uses modern equipment of European and American manufacturers. Qualified lab technicians will take biomaterial painlessly and without the risk of erroneous results due to human error. Doctors will decipher the tests and provide a handwritten report or e-mail to the patient as soon as possible.

          The most popular service is biochemical blood testing. Comprehensive programs help evaluate the condition of all functions in the body and identify the causes of diseases. Adult and young patients are offered to undergo hormonal, isoserological, hematological, reproductive studies. Everything is carried out in a stress-free mode even for very timid babies.

          Many note affordable prices, anonymity, efficiency, impeccable quality of service. The medical laboratory is open on weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays – off. It is located at: 1 A, Severnoe Chertanovo district, Moscow. All information may be obtained from the administrator by phone number: +7499499 48 81.

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