12 best sushi and roll companies in Chelyabinsk

The high demand for Japanese cuisine and food delivery has led to the emergence of a huge number of companies offering such services. However, not always the sushi and rolls meet customer expectations in taste and time of arrival of the courier. Here are the 12 best companies for sushi and rolls delivery in Chelyabinsk – order from them, you will not be disappointed.

Rating of the best sushi and roll companies in Chelyabinsk

NominationplaceThe companyrating
The best sushi delivery in Chelyabinsk1Farfor5.0
3Sushi WOK4.8
5Sushi Bye4.6
Best sushi restaurants in Chelyabinsk1Kamakura5.0


6Meet Point4.5

Best sushi deliveries in Chelyabinsk

Because of the high employment of people demand for food delivery in Chelyabinsk is high, as in other cities. Leader – Japanese cuisine, rolls and sushi are in high demand among Chelyabinsk residents. The main criteria for choosing a delivery company – the range of dishes, the price and of course the waiting time from the call to place an order to the arrival of the courier.


Rating: 5.0

  1. Website: chel./4
  2. Phone: +7 (351) 2-161-555, 8-963-4613-555.
  3. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 23:00, Fri from 10:00 to 00:30, Sat from 11:00 to 00:30, Sun from 11:00 to 23:00.

The best sushi and rolls delivery service in Chelyabinsk – Farfor. Here you can order not only Japanese dishes, but also various soups, salads, appetizers, desserts and other delicious dishes for tomorrow, lunch and dinner. And everything at relatively low prices.

Farfor has a handy site, the dishes are divided into categories. Japanese dishes sections present rolls, sushi and sets. For easy search of dishes according to your mood and taste the site has filters for price, composition, number of people and cooking method. Clients of Farfor notice good taste and high quality of the ordered food as well as mobile delivery – in the city center about an hour on average, the exact time will be advised by an operator when making an order or by the website when choosing a destination. Courier will bring prepared meals for free, but for this the basket must contain meals of a different amount by the degree of remoteness of the area. So, for almost all residents of the central Chelyabinsk delivery is free when ordering from 500 rubles., For Traktorozavodskiy and Metallurgicheskiy Districts – from 1000 rubles., for Zapadnoe and Vyshnyovaya Gorka – from 800 rubles.

There is a bonus program in Farfor: for every new customer a personal account is opened where points are accumulated in the amount determined by the customer’s rank. The greater the amount of purchases, the higher the status in the system, the more profitable to order food from Farfor! In addition, there are regular promotions, appointed the main dish of the week, which you can buy at a discount.


  • Extremely fresh products;
  • Variety in products and tastes;
  • Lots of stuffing, especially fish;
  • Small order amounts for free delivery;
  • Bonus Program;
  • Convenient site.


  • No discount for self-delivery, but there is an additional accrual of points to the account.


Rating: 4.9

  1. Site: ostrov-, ostrov.menu
  2. Phone: +7 (351) 247-0-247
  3. Opening time: daily from 10:00 to 24:00.

On the second place of our review is a delivery service of Japanese and other international dishes OSTROV. The company positions itself as the fastest delivery of ready-made food, and you can’t argue with that – the service customers confirm this fact. Another nice aspect – always a lot of filling in the rolls, rich flavor and perfect cooking technology – the rice is always in the right consistency, nori is well sealed, the fish and cheese inside the products are distributed evenly. Chefs have tried their best and over the range: you can order rolls and sushi with fish, tobiko caviar, eel, custom rolls in pita bread in the Mexican style, Caesar roll in rusks and much more unusual.

With what in the Island the problem is with the assortment of sets – for them the site does not even have a category, sets in pure form is less than a dozen, mostly in combination with pizza. This is a disadvantage for large companies.

As for the amount of the order for free delivery, it is lower than the leader of the review – only from 450 rubles for the city center, for remote areas, information must be clarified. It is possible to place an order by phone and on a site.


  • Excellent flavors;
  • Big choice of individual rolls and sushi;
  • Low prices; the minimum order amount is only 450 rubles.;
  • Many variants of payment for the order;
  • There are unusual combinations of products;
  • 20% discount for pick up.


  • Minimal number of ready-made sets.

Sushi WOK

Rating: 4.8

Sushi WOK
  1. Website: /chlb
  2. Phone: 8 (351) 755-55-77
  3. Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00 daily.

Sushi WOK chain stores needs no introduction: it has already covered all major cities of Russia, Chelyabinsk is no exception. However, no matter where the retail outlet is located, there is no free delivery – you will have to pay from 50 to 100 rubles for it. However, there is a minimum order amount for any address.

Menu. The main direction of Sushi WOK is Japanese cuisine, sushi, rolls and sets. Diversify your table with pizza and desserts; soups, main courses and business lunches are perfect for lunchtime. One of the key features of the chain is keeping the prices of goods low, so the delivery fee is not particularly embarrassing.

Sushi WOK site is very convenient: dishes are sorted by species, where you can use additional filters for composition, cost and cooking methods. In the sections you can also find promotions – dishes of the day, week, gifts when buying a certain amount.


  • Convenient menu on the site, filters to sort dishes;
  • Low prices for food;
  • Conducting contests;
  • Promotions and special offers.


  • Paid delivery if there is a minimum order amount.


Rating: 4.7

  1. Website:
  2. Phone: +7(351) 750-99-99
  3. Opening Hours: Sun-Thursday 9:00-22:00, Fri-Sat 9:00-24:00.

Another way to try delicious rolls and sushi is to order from Sushi-Do. By the way, the entire menu at “Sushi Do” is Japanese, and most importantly – it’s big. The site offers a huge selection of individual rolls, sushi, as well as ready-made sets for small and large and noisy companies. For lunchtime chefs prepare lunches combining the usual rice and nest egg items, Japanese dumplings, chukka salad and drinks. By the way, you can buy sushi in frozen form and put it in the freezer. Often there is a special offer in the network – if you buy 3 sockets, the 4th is for free. There are a lot of discounts in Sushi-Do: 50% for rolls of the week, 15% for ordering on weekdays from 10:00 to 14:00 for the amount from 700 rub., 10% for birthday guests and gifts when placing orders for 1000, 2000, 3000 rubles.

The cost of the delivery itself in Sushi-Do is 100-200 rubles, and the courier will bring you a free order if the amount in the check from 500 rubles. for dentralny district and 1000-2000 rubles. For remote addresses.


  • A lot of actions, discounts and gifts;
  • Only Japanese dishes, including nests, dumplings and salads;
  • Convenient search filters on the site;
  • Free delivery from 500 rubles. for central regions.


  • Significant not defined.

Sushi Buy

Rating: 4.6

Sushi Buy
  1. Website: /sushibuy
  2. Phone: 70-07-157
  3. Opening hours: from 10:00 to 22:00 daily.

Another delivery service, which is preferred by residents of Chelyabinsk is Sushi Bai. The cooks here make very tasty and varied rolls, and couriers quickly deliver them all over the city.

Sushi Bai rolls and sushi differ with their impressive size and abundance of toppings. So, there may be not so many items in a set, but their total weight is impressive.

If the menu is clear, the interface Sushi Bai administration has not thought through. The company does not have a website, just a group Vkontakte. And this is a big minus – it’s not convenient to navigate in the assortment in the social network, there is also no information about the discounts, there is no personal account and the opportunity to order online. Prices for dishes are not the lowest, but the quality of food and speed of delivery can turn a blind eye to this drawback.


  • Very tasty rolls and sushi;
  • A wide assortment on the menu;
  • Lots of fresh toppings;
  • Fast delivery.


  • No website, as a consequence – the inconvenience of finding information and ordering online.

Best sushi restaurants in Chelyabinsk

Not all restaurants in Chelyabinsk, as, however, everywhere, necessarily involve a celebratory exit. Many offer cozy and inexpensive lunches, business lunches, restaurateurs focus on people of different social status and desires. In our review, we look at all the major categories of restaurants, where you can try delicious sushi in Chelyabinsk.


Rating: 5.0

  1. Website: /restaurant
  2. Address: ul. 38 Tsvillinga Street

Kamakura – the most favorite restaurant of Chelyabinsk citizens. Here you can have an inexpensive lunch, pizza, rolls and sushi, and all at a delivery price, and the restaurant has it. This place has a dim light, comfortable furniture, relaxing atmosphere, a bar area, TV broadcasts. You can order a steam shake here.

For guests besides low prices there is a system of discounts and bonuses accumulated with every purchase at Kamakura restaurant and delivery service.


  • Convenient location in the city center;
  • Fast service;
  • Low prices and a large menu;
  • Live broadcasts, steam cocktails.


  • No.


Rating: 4.9

  1. Website: /kabuki74
  2. Address: 3, Seidi str. Svobody, 88

The second most popular sushi restaurant in Chelyabinsk is Kabuki. No, this is not the famous restaurant of the capital chain, but its namesake, not inferior in quality of cooking. Rolls and sushi from the chefs of Kabuki Ural receive praise, as well as other dishes of Japanese and European cuisine. Chefs don’t spare the stuffing, dishes always taste great! Prices for the restaurant are not high, and the service is at a decent level.

Kabuki hosts social events, birthdays and other banquets. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and atmosphere, there is music. At weekends and on holidays there are entertaining programs and an experienced hookah maker welcomes all who wish to try a steam cocktail.


  • Japanese and European cuisine of high quality;
  • Social events;
  • Fast and pleasant service;
  • There are specials and discounts.


  • No website.


Rating: 4.8

  1. Website:
  2. Address: Komsomolsky Prospect, 24.

You can come to Pro-Sushi express bar for a romantic date, for dinner or for a company of friends. Here the chefs prepare very tasty and varied rolls, sushi, the menu offers a variety of sets. At Pro-Sushi you can get an unforgettable taste experience from unusual food combinations – this is one of the institution’s specialties. And there is a delivery of dishes!

In addition to rolls and sushi in the cafe prepare interesting wok, salads and hot dishes with seafood, and for fans of the classics there are several kinds of pizza. Guests say the service time is short, with an average of 20 minutes from order to delivery, but the intervals can be longer if there is a large flow of customers.

For the guests of the cafe, as well as for the delivery, there are some nice bonuses: when ordering from 1000 rubles a portion of rolls is assumed completely free, as well as for the birthday boy. Also every week a new roll is determined in the menu and it has a discount up to 50%.


  • A large and varied menu;
  • Unusual taste combinations;
  • Nice prices and discounts, gifts;
  • Friendly staff and fast service.


  • Few specialty items (pizza, wok).


Rating: 4.7

  1. Address: 3, Seidi str. Truda Street, 183.

In a restaurant-bar SATORI you can make a mini-voyage and find yourself in a Japanese cafe, the special interior contributes to this feeling. Guests generally give positive feedback about the place: some like the quality of service, others like the diverse menu. It consists of Japanese cuisine: sushi, rolls, sets, hot dishes and appetizers with seafood and several kinds of desserts. The average bill is about 1200 rubles, the prices in the restaurant SATORI are adequate to the level of the institution.

Promotions are not frequent here, but if they are, the waiters tell you about the possibility of making a bargain order. They offer a wine list for a pleasant pastime, and there is free Wi-Fi throughout the restaurant.


  • The feeling of immersion into Japanese culture;
  • Small, but capacious menu;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Good service.


  • Prices are in line with restaurant level;
  • There is no site to get acquainted with the institution and the menu.


Rating: 4.6

  1. Site:
  2. Address: 3, Frunze Ave. Lenin Street, 66-a.

The next in our review is an atmospheric restaurant Asabi that became a pioneer in the world of Japanese cuisine for the residents of Chelyabinsk. Today you can taste not only rolls and sushi, but also dishes of Pan-Asian cuisine. A chef from China was involved in shaping the menu, that’s why you can try classic dishes in a traditional version and not in a distorted interpretation.

The restaurant cooperates with seafood suppliers, that’s why there are almost no stale shrimps and fish in the kitchen – only new catches. The menu is astonishingly diverse, it is based on everyone’s favorite rolls and sushi, it also includes desserts, noodles, duck, and teppan – fried rice with meat, poultry or seafood, you can only try it at Asabi!

The atmosphere in the hall deserves special attention. Modern interior, new furniture. General and local lighting, bar area and individual tables – the restaurant is cozy in the daytime and in the evening in any company. On weekends Asabi hosts parties with guest DJ’s and artists.


  • Only fresh seafood;
  • A varied menu;
  • Cozy and modern interior;
  • Opportunity to taste dishes of Oriental cuisine in the original version.


  • High prices.

Meet Point

Rating: 4.5

Meet Point
  1. Website: /kirovka
  2. Address: 4, Seppo str. Kirova Street, 143

Meet Point is a center of dance life in Chelyabinsk. The bar hosts noisy parties, dances, karaoke. Holiday atmosphere and good mood are always in the cafe.

The cuisine at Meet Point is international: there are many European dishes on the menu, as well as rolls and sushi, but in small quantities, there are several small sets. Fortunately, in their preparation chefs try: do not spare the stuffing, always using only fresh seafood and properly cooked rice.

Menu prices are high, but guests note: rolls and sushi at Meet Point are really worth trying at least once.


  • Parties and karaoke;
  • Delicious food;
  • Regular special offers.


  • Few positions of rolls and sushi;
  • High prices.


Rating: 4.4

  1. Website: /restaurant/dzedo

7 restaurants of the chain “Jodo” are located in the center of Chelyabinsk. In these cozy places you can have a good time at any time of day: you can have a good breakfast in the morning, a hearty lunch, and in the evening have a fun dinner with vaporous cocktails. The menu includes rolls, sushi, salads, soups, hot seafood and meat dishes, kebabs. For preparation the cooks use fresh products, do not spare the toppings, all products correspond to the images on the menu, which makes the guests very happy.

Every day in the network of restaurants there are actions: gifts when ordering from 500 rubles, discounts, interesting offers, though they vary from place to place. Average prices for the dishes, fully justified by the quality of performance. Jodo restaurants are designed in a classic Japanese style with an oriental feel and relaxing eating habits. In addition to streaming service in the institutions it is possible to hold banquets and events.


  • 7 restaurants in the city center;
  • Optimal prices;
  • High quality dishes;
  • Conducting celebrations;
  • Promotions.


  • Not defined.
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