12 best second hand shops in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editorial. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult with a professional before buying.

Second hand stores in Russia had a mixed attitude when they first appeared. Some people firmly associate them with a flea market and dirty, shabby and of poor quality. They thought the stores were for people with low incomes and that other people simply had no business there. Abroad, it has always been just the opposite attitude to this format of retail outlets in which you can buy not only clothes but also household appliances, furnishings and even cars.

In the first second hand shops in our country the used things were piled randomly in the general baskets and you had to look for something suitable for yourself. In an era of scarcity, they have become a lifesaver for many fashionistas. After all, only there you could buy a branded item for ridiculous money. Modern second hand stores are different from the first stores. Today they are well-organized retail outlets where things are neatly hung (many of them are not used, but brand new with labels) and where you can find exclusive brand clothing from last year’s collections at a price several times lower than their real value. And many citizens have changed their minds and made second hand stores a regular shopping destination.

In every city there are fans of these stores. Moscow is no exception. Our rating includes 12 second hand stores in Moscow, which our experts have chosen together with ordinary consumers and which are in the lead among many other similar institutions.

Rating of the best second hand Moscow

Nominationplacesecond handrating
Rating of the best second hand hand Moscow1No Wave Store5.0
2Second Friend Store4.9
4The Dream4.7
5Second Hand Planet4.6
7Nothing of the kind4.4
8The Capital closet4.3
9Krok and Zyabra4.2
10Vintage Voyage4.1
12Charity Shop3.9

No Wave Store

Rating: 5.0

No Wave Store

First place is taken by second hand, known to Muscovites, who prefer stylish fashionable clothes to mass-market goods. Its range of products will please men and women of all ages. Here both teenagers and young people can dress brightly and tastefully and save a lot of money at the same time. No Wave Store’s philosophy is to give people the freedom to choose, and if they like the fashion of decades past, they shouldn’t chase modern trends.

In the store you can assemble a closet of different styles, but it will all look seamless, and most importantly – the customer will like it. Brands are presented as popular, as well as not yet known to Russian fashionistas. The arrangement of things is very thoughtful. The review is good, all hanged by category. Second Hand accepts clothes from the public for a commission. The strict selection guarantees that the thing is clean, not worn out and in excellent condition.

According to respondents it is the best second hand where you can dress the whole family in brand clothes at attractive prices. It is constantly held promotions and discounts. Good ambiance was also highlighted among the many pluses. Open daily from 12:00 to 21:00. The store is located at 6/8 Maroseyka Street. You can contact with administration of the sales point by phone: +7966058 42 10.

Second Friend Store

Rating: 4.9


The silver prize-winner of the rating is the store which offers clothes of well-known European and American brands at a very attractive price. Small extra charge lets you buy branded goods cheaper than in other retail outlets. The range is quite extensive and invariably arouses the interest of customers. Recently it became possible to dress the whole family here. The first collections of children’s clothing are on sale.

The store takes commission goods for sale, and the terms of change are very comfortable. You need to take a photo of the thing and send it along with a description over the Internet. Then a copy of the contract is sent and the amount of the item is appraised. Customers noted the high level of online service, where you can browse the clothes and choose your favorite.

According to reviews, Second Friend Store has become for many an alternative to other second hand stores that sell luxury clothing at high prices. I also liked the good choice of quality shoes and fashion accessories. The showroom is located at: 3a, Cologne. Moscow, Novodmitrovskaya street, 1, building 1. It is open every day, seven days a week from 11:00 to 21:00. Contact phone number: +7495268 06 33.


Rating: 4.8


The third place of the rating is taken by the second hand which has become a real fashion center in Moscow. Here you can completely update your closet at very favorable prices, and things are created by famous brands, and many of them represent recently released collections. A huge warehouse receives a large number of clothes selected by buyers from all over Europe. It’s being sorted and prepared for sale. Then it comes to the store, where it is hung in categories for the maximum convenience of visitors.

Particularly popular are vintage items from the 30’s and 40’s and subsequent decades. Not a single item is repeated, so you can assemble an exclusive image and attract the attention of others with a branded coat, hat and shoes. This assortment does not leave indifferent neither regular customers nor first-time visitors. Often up to half of the items on display are sold out in a day. But operative logistics makes it possible to immediately fill up the empty racks and replenish the collection. The process does not stop for a minute.

Customers have confirmed that this is one of the best second hand shops, offering branded clothing at a very attractive price. Shop-gallery located on Shabolovka, 25. It is open from 13.00, and closes at 20.30. Phone of the administrator: +7926251 52 78.

The Dream

Rating: 4.7


Second Friend Store is located on the fourth line of the rating. It has been operating for more than 18 years and for these years has managed to gather an army of fans who among the extensive range of products find the thing they were looking for. The store accepts goods on commission. But they are not much used clothes. This is practically new coats, dresses, suits, which were worn maximum one time. Here one can find exclusive products of famous luxury brands from Europe and America.

In addition to clothing, the second hand shop offers a large selection of accessories. These are stylish handbags from the latest collections, scarves, shawls, scarves, and so on. You can choose exquisite shoes of different sizes made of leather including exotic ones to complete the whole image.

According to respondents, the store is suitable for people with average income. Here you can save a lot of money, look stylish and look expensive. Pensioners and low-income citizens can not afford even used, but still luxury clothing, and they are better to opt for other secondhand clothes with cheaper, but quality products. You can visit the store at: 1, Bernardo de la Salle, Ligue des Garçons, Rue de la Ville, Cologne, Chisinau, Paris. Moscow, Chistoprudny Boulevard, 9. It’s open from 11.00 to 21.00. On Saturday and Sunday it closes at 20:00.00. Phone for contact: +7495624 59 88.

Planet Second Hand

Rating: 4.6


In fifth place in the rating – a network of stores, which for over 18 years, please their customers a wide range of diverse clothing. And not only women can find things to their taste. The whole family can dress up here, because the weekly specials include men’s and children’s goods. The price policy is very competent, which confirms the popularity of the store not only among Muscovites, but also among tourists from other parts of the country. Pensioners and low-income people in the period of discounts can pick up a closet without affecting their budget.

Regular promotional offers allow you to buy high-quality branded goods at a price of 20 rubles. In the second hand you can buy not only clothes but shoes, accessories and home textiles. Very many products represented by American brands, but European brands also please their fans. The departments of exclusive can find trendy things for any season. The consultants will help with the choice with pleasure.

Today in the capital has 7 chain stores. They are located in Izmailovo, Altufievo, Zhulebino, Peredelkino, as well as in the Airport area and on Trofimova Street. The exact addresses can be found on the website of the brand. Working hours: from 10.00 to 21.00 without weekends and lunch breaks. Some secondhand stores close an hour earlier on Sunday. For any information, please call: +7499707 21 23.


Rating: 4.5


The sixth place of the rating belongs to the federal network located all over Russia. The huge assortment includes excellent quality clothes of European brands. Collections are updated every two weeks, so customers always find something new for the current season. In addition to clothes in the second hand you can buy shoes and accessories. The accurate arrangement of neatly hung merchandise allows you to quickly orient yourself and find the necessary one. Sales assistants are polite, interested in customers, they are always helpful.

Prices are quite competitive. During the promotional campaigns discounts are up to 90%, which allows all categories of citizens to update their closet at a very low cost. There is a two-week sales cycle in MEGA-HANDE. Discounts start to grow from the first day of stocking up and reach the maximum by the end of the second week. In the stores you can find brand new or worn 1-2 times unique brand clothing that will suit the taste of young people with a low income level, following fashion and wishing to always stay in the trend.

On weekdays, stores are open from 10 to 20 hours. Closes 1 hour early on weekends. They are located on metro stations Kozhukhovskaya, Bibirevo, Alexeevskaya (Pavel Korchagin Street, 2.) Contact phone number: + 7800250 61 68.

Nothing Like It

Rating: 4.4

It's nothing like that

For fans of American brands has opened its doors second hand with the original name, which emphasizes that similar products in other stores, you will not find, and here there is not a single recurring item. “Nothing of the kind” – on the seventh line of the rating. Shoppers already familiar with brands from the U.S. will love the large selection of clothing for all seasons. Those who have just come to get acquainted with them make sure of the highest quality of materials and cutting, as well as impeccable styles corresponding to the latest fashion trends.

The company pays great attention to accessories, so you can find here everything you need for everyday wear, as well as for festive occasions. Backpacks, gloves, belts, neckerchiefs. Military style fans will appreciate a wide range of military clothes: pilot jackets, berets, gas mask bags, coveralls, jackets and even a set of alpine gunner.

Customers noted that it is one of the best stores of this format, where you can buy vintage clothing at a throwaway price. Here you can always find goods of such brands as Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Guess, Timberland, Wrangler, Nike. The store is open from 10.00 to 20.00. It’s located on Suschevsky Val Street, Building 5, 11. For more information, please call: +7903145 63 23.

Capital Wardrobe

Rating: 4.3


If you want to look stylish and bright and not to save money for brand clothing or to take a loan for its purchase, then the eighth-ranked second hand clothes will help you with this. The shop offers European brands and among the great assortment there are some premium brands that cost much less than in the brand shops. The store offers men’s, women’s and children’s products. Large selection of accessories will delight the fashionistas and fashionistas. Especially good buy will be products made of leather and fur.

Comes in every three weeks. All merchandise is processed. During promotional campaigns discounts on low prices are up to 80%. In stores there are comfortable dressing rooms. The goods are sorted out by type and skillfully displayed, so you won’t need a lot of time to find the thing you like.

Customers appreciate the huge selection of items of excellent quality, optimally constructed pricing, and comfortable atmosphere. Second hand shops “Stolichny Wardrobe” are located all over the capital; their total number exceeds 30. One of the popular stores is located at: Odintsovo, Privokzalnaya Square, 5G. The chain works from 10 am to 8 pm.00. To contact the administration, just dial the phone number: +7968519 22 02.


Rating: 4.2


The ninth place of the rating is given to the store, which deals with children’s goods and clothes for pregnant women. The format of the second hand – favorable. It’s open to people with minimal income who can’t afford to buy new things in metropolitan stores. Clothing and toys are free or for a nominal fee.

We receive items not only from Europe. Every citizen can participate in the program and donate items to those in need. Strollers, bicycles, baby products, books, educational toys, etc. can be among them. The company offers to pick up the prepared items yourself at the indicated address. The donor need to fill out an application on the site and provide the necessary information. There, on a special page you can learn the fate of the cast.

According to reviews, this social project provides invaluable assistance to many families, giving them the opportunity to dress their children in beautiful and high-quality clothes and enjoy bright toys of good quality. Goods are also sent to orphanages, hospitals, temporary shelters and charities. Second hand is located at 4, Lomonosov Avenue. It is open from 10:00 to 20:00, but not every day. For exact working hours please call: +7926538 22 85.

Vintage Voyage

Rating: 4.1


At the end of the top ten ranking is the second hand, which pleases many Moscow fashionistas with attractive prices of vintage brand items. One can buy premium brands in the shop. All collections are divided by decade, beginning in 1930. Women will find a lot of couture dresses, jackets, skirts, blouses. For men we prepared sweaters, pants, ties, coats and suits in collections from 1980. The selection of accessories is huge. It offers eyeglasses, scarves, belts, watches, hats.

To complete the image you can buy bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings of famous jewelry houses. In addition to clothing, you can buy stylish interior decorations: flower pots, lamps, mirrors, paintings, etc. The store owners guarantee that the cost of any item will not exceed its price in other outlets.

Vintage Voyage is created for people who are willing to pay for exclusive things. It offers products of such brands as Christian Dior, Hermes, Chanel, Givenchy, Escada, Fendi, Gucci, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Prada and other equally famous brands. The store can be found at: g. Moscow, Neglinnaya Street, 9. It opens at 12 p.m. and is open until 9 p.m.30 daily. Contact phone: +7495968 11 79.


Rating: 4.0


The eleventh line in the rating deservedly takes the store, which differs from similar ones by the fact that focuses on the sale of men’s things, not women’s, although for ladies there is also quite an extensive range of. Feelosophy – it’s not quite the usual second hand. Most of the things come from the points of sale that are closing, and also sell collections of young Russian producers who are still getting acquainted with their creations and finding loyal fans among them. The store also has a commission format, taking items of excellent quality from the public.

The lay-out of the merchandise is very convenient, what is confirmed by many customers. Winter jackets, sportswear, sweatshirts, shirts, pants hang separately. To enhance the uniqueness of things in the store offer to put a color print on it. The company is distinguished among others by the convenient and accessible website where you can choose the products you like and have them delivered anywhere in the world.

People interviewed especially highlighted the convenient location and a good, constantly updated range of stylish, fashionable clothes. You can buy quality brand-name clothing at. Moscow, B. Spasoglinischevsky lane, 9, building 3. Second hand hand is open every day, beginning at 12 am and ending at 21.00. Phone for feedback: +7495624 29 13.

Charity Shop

Rating: 3.9


The network of stores which already five years allow stylish and beautiful look without damage to the family budget and to local inhabitants, and visitors of Moscow completes our rating. The Charity Shop is not a traditional commercial project. It is a charity organization that helps people with disabilities and improve the environment. Our own bases distribute clothing received from Europe, as well as goods from Russian donors. Items that are not suitable for further use are sent for recycling.

The company provides jobs for people with disabilities, thereby helping them adapt to a normal environment. The money received from the sale goes to the fund to help the needy, who receive everything they need for a normal life. Constantly held environmental actions attract a large number of people who are not indifferent to the state of nature.

The stores were able to help a lot of people. Good quality clothes at very low prices. Second hand shops are open from 11am to 9pm.00 every day without holidays and weekends. They are located in several districts of Moscow. One of the most well-attended is located at: 3, Dovney, in the heart of the city of Los Angeles. Moscow, Fadeeva, building 1. Contact phone number: +7929966 80 62.

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