12 best restaurants in Samara

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before purchase.

In Samara there are over 170 restaurants offering traditional European, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Georgian cuisine. Many of them are distinguished by excellent service, beautiful interior, original menu… Some restaurants are very noisy, others are designed for a quiet holiday in a family circle, some are an ideal place for a romantic date.

Our experts have made a rating of the best restaurants in Samara, based on such characteristics as high quality of service, pleasant interior and decoration, interesting dishes, the highlight that distinguishes the place from the others.

Rating of the best restaurants in Samara

Rating of the best restaurants in Samara1Farrini5.0
2Czech duck4.9
3Churchill Bar4.8
4Mrs. Hadson4.7
5Imperial Lobby Bar4.6
11Da Luciano4.0


Rating: 5.0


Our rating is opened by the best restaurant in Samara with the epic name Farrini, located in the elite housing estate “Ladia” on Lesnaya Street. Most of the dishes offered by the establishment belong to the Mediterranean cuisine. Also the chef of the restaurant prepares dishes of Italian cuisine for the guests. The menu isn’t extensive, but each item has its own unique flavor. The most popular dishes are homemade noodles, tapas with crab, red foie gras, salmon steak, Chilean seabass with risotto. At Farrini you can have dinner, order a business lunch or hold a party. The restaurant has one large hall, which can accommodate up to 120 people.

The interior is done in capital style – dark floors, panoramic windows, draperies, numerous floral arrangements, live music and dim lighting form a luxurious impression and create a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

Among the advantages of the institution guests note tasty food, individual approach, good location on the embankment, special private parking for 20 cars. The only disadvantage is that the restaurant does not allow fireworks, as well as the rather high prices. Average bill at Farrini is 2000 p.

  1. Address: Samara, Lesnaya, 31m. Russian, m. Moskovskaya
  2. Phone: +7 (846) 240-93-30; +7 (846) 240-93-63

Czech Duck

Rating: 4.9

Czech duck

National cuisine restaurant “Czech Duck”, located in the center of Samara, takes the second place in the rating. Here you can taste traditional Czech cuisine combined with traditional European. The restaurant serves popular dishes such as garlic soup, chop salad and pork knuckle. The guests can also be offered stuffed duck from the chef which is the symbol of the restaurant.

The interior is decorated in the traditional style, typical of restaurants in the center of Prague. Dark furniture and intricate decorations accentuate the style of the. The restaurant has three rooms – large, banquet and small. There is also an outside terrace in summer time.

The restaurant has own sausage workshop and produces more than 10 sorts of traditional sausages, also here they brew beer and work own mini-bakery. There is also a menu for vegetarians and children at the restaurant “Czech Duck”. Animated feasts are also offered here. In addition, the institution has free wi-fi and sports broadcasts, and on weekends there are discos. According to the visitors’ opinion – the atmosphere of the real Czech Republic is well represented here.

  1. Address: Samara, Galaktionovskaya str., d. 41 m. Alabinskaya (3 268 m)
  2. Phone: +7(846) 205-01-35

Churchill Bar

Rating: 4.8

Churchill Bar

The best of representatives of English classics in Samara – the restaurant “Churchill Bar” takes the third step of our rating. The guests of the institution name “Churchill Bar” the best place for a business lunch, a romantic date or a cheerful feast. The restaurant is often visited by celebrities and visiting celebrities. Every year the institution enters the lists of the best haute cuisine restaurants, so in 2017, “Churchill” won the competition


The menu offers a wide choice of seafood, fish, vegetable and meat dishes. Meat dishes are cooked on a special technology “sous vide”, that preserves natural taste and aroma of meat. Customers can choose seafood from the aquarium right in the hall. Some guests call Churchill Bar the best in Samara, others complain about the undercooked duck. Most often it is called an atmospheric establishment that has more advantages than disadvantages. Average bill at the restaurant – 2500 r.

  1. Address: Samara, Ave. Lenina, 14
  2. Phone: +7 846 979-85-25
  3. Website: perfecto-

Mrs. Hadson

Rating: 4.7

Mrs. Hadson

English restaurant Mrs.We put Hadson on Sadovaya street, the first restaurant from Hadson family, on the fourth place in our rating of the best restaurants of Samara. For breakfast they serve traditional English oatmeal, scrambled eggs and cheesecakes. Here you can order a relatively inexpensive business lunch at lunchtime, and in the evening you can have a meal at the bar.Hadson turns into a perfect place for a candlelight dinner. Restaurant “Hudson”, or as the owners call it, “beloved grandmother” is a chamber space – comfortable soft zones dispose to a cozy, family pastime, as the space is designed for only 50 people.

In the menu of the restaurant you can taste French pigeon, crocodile meat, Australian ostrich steak, filet of deer, quail, French frog legs, marbled beef steaks and many other delicacies. Especially the guests of Mrs.Hadson likes the fact that the restaurant monitors the quality and mood of the guests – it’s always quiet and cozy here, there are no entertaining events and noisy companies. Together with alcohol the average bill here is 2500 p. per person.

  1. Address: Samara, Vinograda str. Garden, 251.
  2. Phone: +7 (846) 205-02-77
  3. Website: hadson-

Imperial Lobby Bar

Rating: 4.6

Imperial Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar Imperial on Samarskaya becomes the fifth in the rating. It is a bar whose interior will appeal to fans of aristocratic and sophisticated style, and the menu – to true gourmets. European and Russian cuisine is represented in the menu. Here you can eat real Russian borscht, classical beef stroganoff, chicken breast with asparagus, salad with duck.

The interior is quite noble and laconic in color and furnishings. A mirror wall, wooden furniture, large windows with a stream of light and numerous wall lamps and crystal chandeliers create a space of comfort and luxury. That’s why in the restaurant Lobby Bar Imperial is convenient to spend an evening with friends and come for a business lunch. On weekends there are live concerts, new menu presentations, chef’s dinner and more. On average, there is 1,500 p. per person here.

  1. Address: 200A, Samarskaya Street, Samara
  2. Phone: +7 846 214-08-80

The Grape

Rating: 4.5


Capacious restaurant, total area 800 sq.m. m., located in the shopping center “Babylon” ranks sixth in our rating of the best restaurants in Samara. The restaurant has two halls – Georgian and European. Everyone has their own separate entrance. A whole team of designers worked on the interior. There are a lot of handmade details and each detail emphasizes the idea and the chosen style.

In the menu of “Vinograd” there are dishes of national Georgian cuisine – handmade khinkali, shashlicks cooked on open grill, khachapuri, mutton dumplings, dumplings, roasted egg, etc. Many guests like the wine list and the fact that the best sommelier in town works here. In the European part you can taste various pastas, salads, meat dishes. Some guests rave about “Vinograd” dishes while others don’t like their taste. On weekends in the evenings the restaurant plays live music and talented singer performs songs. There are discounts during lunch hours on weekdays. Average bill around 1200 p.

  1. Address: 18, Ulyanovskaya Street, Babylon Shopping Center, 2nd Floor, Samara
  2. Phone: +7 (846) 979 97 99
  3. Site:


Rating: 4.4

The Dresser

“Komod” is a unique coffee house on Samara Street. Galaktionovskaya, with a children’s room and a library, where you can make selfies in a special photo area, was placed on the seventh line of the rating. The project came to Samara from Belgorod and for the moment was almost the only one in this format. There are no waiters in the place – self-service is provided. By the way, in a coffee shop “Komod” there are all conditions for quiet and secluded work, which is especially liked by freelancers, as almost every table is equipped with a socket, where you can plug your gadget and work freely.

The interior – friendly and modern, fresh enough: greenery right in the middle of the hall, wicker lamps, bright walls and furniture perfectly resonates with the format of the institution. The menu offers fresh pastries, sandwiches, coffee drinks, tea, smoothies.

This place has free Internet and private parking. On weekdays they offer business lunches and breakfasts, in the evening there is live music. A play area is provided for the little ones. The Komod coffee house is hardly a restaurant, but judging by the reviews of the citizens it is one of the most popular places for rest in Samara with an average bill of 1000 rubles.

  1. Address: 130 Galaktionovskaya Street, Samara
  2. Phone: +7 927 265 56 56
  3. Website:


Rating: 4.3


Our experts gave the eighth position to Skazka restaurant with its fairy-tale interior and well thought-out menu that includes Russian and European cuisine. First of all the spacious luxurious halls are oriented on the big noisy wedding celebrations, but they accept single guests here too. Two-level room with high ceilings creates the impression of a royal ball, which exactly matches the philosophy of the institution “make the guests forget about time in the pleasure of the feast”.

The interior is a mix of antiquity and classics. Marble, antique stone, swarovski rhinestones, airy French curtains, a sheen of gold and ornate moldings fully match the fairy-tale name. The entrance to the restaurant is under a dome and the marble staircase is specially heated.

Menu is a mix of European and Russian cuisine with the author’s sauce. Every dish, even the ones known since childhood, is played up, supplemented and improved here and served with a new taste – which makes some guests delighted and others express some dissatisfaction with the unfamiliar combinations. In general, citizens and guests of Samara recommend the restaurant “Skazka” and give it 4 points out of 5 possible. The average bill here is 1500-2000r.

  1. Address: 21a Sergey Lazo Street, Samara
  2. Phone: +7 846 205-77-70
  3. Website: skazka-


Rating: 4.2


On the ninth position in our rating of the best restaurants in Samara gets the restaurant “Cool”, which serves Italian and French cuisine. The restaurant has two halls – the banquet one for 80 persons and the guest one where the institution receives guests every day. In summertime there is an open veranda.

Customers are served a separate fish and meat menu, a lot of variants of all kinds of side dishes, soups and appetizers. The separate section is for seafood lovers. For dessert offer European sweets such as Tiramisu. In the daytime business lunches are served here, and in the evening you can watch sports broadcasts on the big screen. Sometimes, there is live music in the evenings. Guests who have been to the restaurant “Prokhlada” note the stylish design in the style of pop art, a good menu and delicious food. There are some complaints about the staff and the high cost of the dishes. The average price for a hot dish is 500 rubles, a meat steak will cost you 1000 rubles. There are also dissatisfactions about the fact that you have to wait at least 30 minutes to order a hookah.

  1. Address: 49 Maslennikov Avenue, Samara, Russia
  2. Phone: +7 846 270-98-88
  3. Website:


Rating: 4.1


The network of Japanese restaurants “Tanuki” gets on the tenth step in our rating. The institution was first opened in 2004 in Moscow, since then about 70 restaurants under the brand Tanuki work all over the world. A key feature of the network is the author’s menu, which includes more than 200 items and is constantly updated. For children there is a special children’s menu.

The restaurants features unique interior design – Japanese style in a modern sound. Walls with hieroglyphs, big tables, stylized panels, staff in appropriate clothes. At the reception of guests a gong sounds as a sign of greeting. There are 2 restaurants in Samara – round-the-clock Tanuki on Dachnaya Street, with parking and summer veranda, and a restaurant on Leningradskaya Street that works from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. You can also order sushi with home delivery. Visitors like the interior of the place, many people comment on the excellent taste of sushi, but the high prices (average check 700-1500r).)

  1. Address: Samara, Dachnaya 2; Leningradskaya str.37.
  2. Phone: +7 (846) 270-2-762 (open round the clock)
  3. Website:samara.

Da Luciano

Rating: 4.0

Da Luciano

Italian restaurant Da Luciano in Samara, where you can taste the real Italian cuisine, ranks eleventh in the rating. It offers a decent range of wines, grilled dishes, salads, and appetizers and, of course, pizza made of specialty dough and handmade pasta.

The interior of Da Luciano is fully thought out, creating the atmosphere of being in a real Italian restaurant. Cozy atmosphere in warm colors with lovely details like a cage with a live canary, wooden pallets and cozy tables. Visitors on the whole praise the restaurant, though they say that the restaurant mimicked the environment of a shopping center. In Da Luciano you can order pizza with home delivery. Average bill here 700-1500 p. Business lunch – from 300 p.

  1. Address: Aerodromnaya street, 47A, 443070, Samara; Avrora mall, avenue 5, Toktonova str. 4
  2. Phone: +7 846 205-23-25

By Hanuma

Rating: 4.0

At Hanuma

On the last, twelfth step, there is a Georgian restaurant “At Hanuma’s”, which offers one of the best Georgian cuisine in Samara. This place is more suitable for fans of noisy companies, as different music bands often play here, there are dance evenings and banquets. The restaurant has several rooms with the capacity from 20 to 80 people.

The menu of the restaurant traditionally includes several kinds of kebabs, as well as many meat dishes (gresa, odzhakhuri, chakapuli) along with interesting national sauces – tkemali, baje, tsekhton. The wine list includes both traditional alcohol and Chilean, Italian, Abkhazian, Spanish. Here you can order a business lunch on weekdays as well as take-home delivery. In the summertime there is a terrace, karaoke and billiards, and hookahs are offered, because of which the room can be smoky, which is not to the liking of all the guests. Average bill: 500-1000 €.

  1. Address: Samara, ul. Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya St. 7
  2. Phone: +7 (846) 952-64-66
  3. Site:
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