12 best MRI centers in Moscow

*A survey of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not intended as an advertisement or a buying guide. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Magnetic resonance imaging provides more accurate images of internal organs than other diagnostic methods. MRI was created in 1973. And in 2003, the best MRI centers in Moscow. Chemical scientists Paul Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield were recognized by the world medical community, winning the Nobel Prize for their discovery. Tomography has made a major contribution to modern diagnostic technology.

The first machines gave low quality images. Today, it is a high-precision equipment that allows you to determine the condition of the brain and spinal cord, as well as other organs of our body without interventions and X-rays. Every time the patient is faced with the question: “Where should I go for analysis??”. Many subspecialty and multifunctional institutions are open in the capital. But which of them to choose, so that the equipment was high-tech, specialists – competent, and the prices did not “bite”, and corresponded to the services provided?

The top 12 MRI centers, which are in the lead among similar institutions of Moscow, have been selected in the rating. Our experts evaluated the equipment and qualification of the staff and took into account the feedback from ordinary patients.

Rating of the best MRI centers in Moscow

NominationplaceMRI CENTERrating
Rating of the best MRI centers in Moscow1MRI 245.0
2European Diagnostic MRI Center4.9
4The N. N. Tomography Treatment and Diagnostic Center.i. Pirogova4.7
5Medscan Medical Center4.6
6MRI Center We&Children4.5
7Diomag-M MRI Center4.4
8Moscow MRI Center4.3
9Diagnostic MRI Center Lyublino4.2
10MRI center on Tsvetnoy Boulevard4.1
11MRI Center Medexpert4.0
12Kutuzovsky Medical and Diagnostic Center3.9

MRI 24

Rating: 5.0

MRI 24

Most of the votes were given to a diagnostic center network, which assists patients around the clock without breaks and weekends. It has more than 10 years of cooperation with many insurance companies, medical public and private institutions, and their number is constantly growing. Specialists undergo an internship in Europe and annually confirm their qualification.

Patients of all ages and categories. Safe GE and Siemens equipment allows the examination of pregnant women, pensioners, young children, people with disabilities, including deaf and hard of hearing with maximum accuracy. All centers are within walking distance of subway stations, and everyone can choose the most convenient location. Various promotions greatly reduce the cost of services. You can save up to 35% with the “Benefit Hours” program.

As many patients note, you can get an appointment for a test within seconds after logging on to the website. After giving your phone number, an employee will call you back right away. See the official website for complete information, including clinic addresses and driving directions. Single number for all branches: +7495154 18 42.

European diagnostic center MRI

Rating: 4.9

European diagnostic center MRI

In the second place of the rating is the largest not only in Moscow, but also in Russia diagnostic center, which conducts research on the powerful world-class equipment. Competent doctors with extensive experience work here, which together with the 1.5 Tesla equipment allows you to identify the cause of the disease and begin treating it immediately. The clinic diagnoses inflammation, neoplasms, and chronic diseases of the internal organs and musculoskeletal system. Consultation is provided by a neurologist and orthopedist.

High speed scanning results in a quick analysis. Noise reduction system eliminates discomfort during the procedure. Patient can listen to their favorite music from their phone. Children also go fearlessly to the safe and painless procedure.

There is free parking on the premises, where even when it is busy there are free spaces. The clinic’s opening hours are very convenient for residents of Moscow and other cities. The clinic opens at 7 a.m. and finishes operations at 1 a.m.00. It is located at two addresses: at Nagatinskaya Street, 1/25, and Shabolovka Street, 34/3. And there are no weekends or public holidays. Contact phone number: 8499579 86 82.


Rating: 4.8


The capital’s clinic was among the top three centers in our rating and was a nominee for the “Leader in Radiation Diagnostics 2018” award. Powerful expensive equipment makes it possible to get accurate and three-dimensional images of any organ under observation. The doctor makes an official conclusion and makes a diagnosis, which subsequently raises no doubts and requires no additional research. All staff members have more than 15 years experience. Among them are candidates of medical sciences. Everyone, regardless of qualifications, receives regular training.

Prices are quite competitive. Discounts are constantly held, and there are discounts for repeat visits. Services can be paid for in installments, if desired. Pensioners are examined with 30% discount from the price. For people with disabilities, there are specially trained staff members who will accompany them throughout their stay in the facility.

Reviews about the clinic are extremely positive. Many patients note the close proximity to public transport and the metro, the availability of large parking lots, and the competence of the medical staff. The specialized institution is located on Derbenevskaya Str. 1, pp. 5. It provides services every day, seven days a week from 8 to 21.00. Recording is done through the official website or by phone: +7495221 04 18.

Medical and Diagnostic Tomography Center named after N.i. Pirogova

Rating: 4.7

N.I. Pirogov Medical and Diagnostic Imaging Center

A well-deserved fourth place in the ranking goes to a center that uses a powerful open-type diagnostic machine. It allows for a high-precision examination of any region of the body weighing up to 150 kg. Patients with claustrophobia can have no fear of closed space. Experienced doctors help reduce stress before the procedure and avoid fear attacks. German apparatus with maximum noise reduction will not cause discomfort for the kids and their parents, will visualize all abnormalities and give the opportunity to start treatment immediately. Children are accepted from 6 years old.

Highly qualified specialists quickly read the information and make an accurate diagnosis. The cost of services is moderate. Promotional offers up to 45%. Therefore, here you can often get a tomography of a particular area at the lowest price in Moscow, the main thing is to keep an eye out for emerging specials.

Many respondents noted the convenient location in the center of the capital, availability of free parking spaces, and advantageous pricing policy, where low-income categories of citizens can also receive quality service. The Center is located on Myasnitskaya Street, 49/22, and is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Reception is by appointment only. Phone for consultation: 8495 997 77 33.

Medscan Medical Center

Rating: 4.6

Medscan Medical Center

Fifth in the ranking – a multidisciplinary institution that takes patients from birth. It not only performs MRI scans, but also other laboratory and functional diagnostics for early detection of disease. CT equipment can support a body weight of up to 250 kg. Powerful and quiet, it will not cause panic stress attacks, as everything happens in an accelerated mode, and one can listen to relaxing and calming music during the examination.

All diagnostic doctors have extensive experience working in Russian and foreign clinics. After receiving the report you can ask for a consultation with a specialist. The center is one of the few that strictly follows scanning protocols, approved by the International Association of Radiology. The loyalty program is very extensive. For example, in the case of a night CT scan, the discount is 15%.

Services are rated “excellent” by patients. Here everything meets European standards, increased attention is paid to each seeker and comprehensive programs for a complete examination have been developed. The facility is located at Leningradskoe Shosse 47 and is open 24 hours a day. To make an appointment record online, ordering a callback, or by phone: 8495116 85 18.

MRI Center We and Children

Rating: 4.5

MRI Center We and Kids

On the sixth line of the rating is located center, which is equipped with a German-made device of open type. Due to this form, neither children nor patients with a phobia of enclosed spaces will experience stress during the procedure. Everything is comfortable and painless. The clinic employs radiologists with extensive experience and experience, which guarantees a 100% interpretation of the images. It opened its doors in 2013, and today it is considered one of the best diagnostic centers for the whole family.

The prices are acceptable and can compete with other institutions of the same level. Pensioners, disabled people and large families are guaranteed a 10% discount on all visits. Ongoing promotions give other categories of citizens the opportunity to save a lot of money.

All patients note the maximum psychological comfort, which is created by the cozy atmosphere and professional team of the clinic. Location is very convenient in the vicinity of the subway and public transport. There will always be free parking spaces in the parking lot. Reception is from 8 am to 20.00 daily. The facility is located at 32 Zelenodolskaya Street, Building 5. You can make an appointment for a CT scan by calling: +7495204 38 84.

MRI Center Diomag-M

Rating: 4.4

Diomag-M MRI center

Seventh in the ranking is a popular center among residents of Moscow, where you can undergo MRI examination at very attractive prices. High-field 1.5 T Philips equipment allows to visualize any organs, find anomalies and defects and start treatment immediately. The cost of the procedure includes examination, report and consultation of the doctor. Results are ready in half an hour.

Highly accurate machine helps to identify controversial cases and avoid repeat expensive procedures. The staff has long experience in examining even the most difficult cases. If necessary, they are ready to contact the attending physician.

According to reviews, the clinic with a high level of service, modern equipment and competent staff offers low prices for medical services. An MRI scan of the spine will cost 2,700 rubles, the same price for a brain tomography, a knee joint – 2,990 rubles. The center is located at: c. Moscow, Volgogradsky Prospect, 45. It operates every day from 9 to 21.00. You can see the exact price-list on a site or learn the cost of services by phone: 8495182 36 55.

Moscow MRI center

Rating: 4.3


Eighth place in the rating is occupied by the network represented by three clinics with convenient location in different districts of Moscow. It offers the examination on the machines of the new generation. Power of 1.5 T is enough to clearly visualize internal organs and make a precise diagnosis after one treatment. Radiologists and neurologists have great experience, regularly participate in trainings and improve their qualification level. All medical personnel are certified.

All kinds of MRI examinations are performed in the center. They also use expert ultrasound equipment and offer comprehensive diagnostic programs. Children are accepted from 3 years old. Reasonable prices. Very interesting offers attract loyal and new patients. Scan results may be copied to a USB stick if desired.

According to the reviews, the center has earned high marks from its patients. Everything is streamlined here, there are never queues, and the administrators are always friendly. People can relax in a spacious hall on soft couches and drink free tea or coffee. Clinic works from 8 am till 22.00 seven days a week. The site has all the addresses of the branches, the most convenient for visiting. Phone number for appointment: +7495980 11 55.

Diagnostic Center MRI Lyublino

Rating: 4.2

Diagnostic Center MRI Lublino

On the ninth line of the rating is the Moscow center, where each patient can have a complete and accurate examination at quite affordable prices. The services include not only diagnostics on a CT scanner, recording the official report on paper and digital media, but also free consultation with narrow specialists. An orthopedic trauma surgeon and neurologist will recommend treatment or refer you to other specialists, if necessary. You won’t have to wait long for the result. It is issued within 40 minutes after the examination.

Equipment in the clinic is modern European-made equipment. Not only MRI, but also ultrasound diagnosis is provided. Prices are low and are the same as listed in the price list. The cost of spine CT scan – 3500 rubles, knee joint – 4250 rubles., Abdominal cavity – 8000 rubles. You can save much money during special offers and get service at one of the lowest prices in the capital.

Patients have easy access to the facility. It is located on Lyublinskaya Str., 24D in walking distance from the metro stations. The Center works every day without holidays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.00 to 21.00. You can make an appointment by phone: +7495764 76 95.

MRI center on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Rating: 4.1

MRI center on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

The center, ranked tenth in our rating, performs all kinds of MRI for adults and infants on a high-precision modern machine Siemens Symphony Maestro Class (1.5 Tesla). This allows you to quickly identify problems and get a correct diagnosis. Safety during the procedure, absolute painlessness and exclusion of side effects allow the study of people of any age.

All conditions have been created at the center to make each patient feel comfortable. In case of emotional distress the doctors can calm you down and tell you about the procedure. The prices in the clinic are average in Moscow. Spine CT scan will cost 4500 rubles. The center also conducts examinations of the mammary glands, spinal cord, brain, joints, organs of the abdominal and thoracic cavities, and adrenal glands. By taking part in a loyalty program, you can receive up to 30% savings on services.

According to reviews, the center is very conveniently located near subway stations and public transportation. All the specialists have high qualification. The facility is located at 9, building 1, Maliy Sukharevsky Lane. It is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The patients are admitted strictly by appointment, which can be done on the website and by phone: 8495626 41 41.

MRI center Medexpert

Rating: 4.0

Medexpert MRI Center

Eleventh in our rating, the center has been open for 7 years, but has already earned an excellent reputation among patients and doctors alike. Today, there are 30 insurance and 150 medical companies working with it, and there is a connection between diagnosticians and specialists from other medical facilities. Due to high-speed equipment official report may be obtained 15 minutes after the CT scan. If desired, the result is sent by mail.

The clinic uses equipment manufactured in the Netherlands. 1.5 T power allows to immediately detect defects and neoplasms of locomotor apparatus, thoracic and abdominal cavity organs, spinal and bone marrow, to visualize the smallest vessels and nerve fibers. Minimal noise level and quick examinations allow even those patients who are afraid of confined space to calmly tolerate the diagnostics.

According to reviews, the center has created maximum comfort for patients. There is parking, a lounge area with soft couches and drinks, televisions, magazines. The clinic is located at: c. Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya Street, 11, building 4. All seven days a week he works according to one schedule: from 7am to 11pm. You can make an appointment for a CT scan by calling: +7495565 33 25.

Kutuzovsky Medical and Diagnostic Center

Rating: 3.9

Kutuzovsky Medical and Diagnostic Center

Twelfth place in the ranking given to the center, which is more than 15 years engaged in examinations of the whole body. During this time, several highly effective programs have been created that not only identify current illnesses, but also predict possible future problems. High-precision expert equipment is used for MRI. It is a 2014 low-noise 1.5 Tesla machine that can detect latent and asymptomatic diseases. The clinic takes children starting from 12 years old.

All medical personnel are experienced and are continuously educated. The result is given in hand or sent by e-mail within an hour. Discounts and promotions greatly reduce the cost of services. For example, if you make an appointment online, 100 rubles will be deducted from your check. On weekends and holidays the discount is valid all the time.

According to reviews, this clinic offers not only CT scans, but also a comprehensive screening and treatment program. It is located near the subway station and has its own parking lot. Patients are welcome on weekdays from 08.00 to 21.00. The center opens 1 hour later on Saturday and Sunday. Address: Tomsk, Austria. Moscow, 5 Davydkovskaya Street. Contact: +7495104 68 71.

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