12 best makeup schools in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. It is necessary to consult with a specialist before purchase.

Modern makeup schools offer a wide range of services, from master classes on drawing arrows to professional makeup courses from A to Z. In Moscow there are many training centers which teach the correct application of makeup, fine points of samoykapa, mastership of professional and everyday makeup. Professional makeup schools differ from amateur schools by the following criteria:

  1. Teaching staff. The teachers must be professionals, with extensive experience in various venues.
  2. Cost. The average price of a basic course in makeup at a good school in Moscow with qualified teachers can not be less than 40-60 thousand. r.
  3. Tools and materials.At the professional courses makeup and brushes are provided for the period of training or make a good discount for their purchase.
  4. Models. Profile centers have their own base of models to practice makeup skills on different appearance types.
  5. Practice and employment. Good schools in Moscow offer both, but at least preference should be given to the ones where there is an opportunity to practice skills in real life.

Rating of the best makeup schools in Moscow

NominationplaceThe school of makeuprating
Rating of the best makeup schools in Moscow1Moscow Club “Forum”5.0
2ArtGrimer” school4.9

rivé7 Academy

4Vladimir Ka

  • nchev Make-up Studio
  • 4.7
    5Yangildina Make Up Studio4.6
    6Moscow School of Make-up4.5
    7Chilly Dash4.4
    8BBTeam Factory4.3
    9Perfect Profile” makeup academy4.2
    10Defiparis School4.1
    12Nikk Mole4.0

    Moscow Club “Forum”

    Rating: 5.0

    Moscow Club

    The first place of the rating belongs to the Moscow club of make-up artists FORUM which was opened in 1997. “Forum” is an association of masters, with the aim of creating training programs for beginners and practicing make-up artists. At the moment the club brings together several schools, studios and professional fashion agencies, is the founder of the international championship in makeup. Training methods are regularly updated according to the latest trends in the fashion, TV, advertising and film industries.

    “FORUM” cooperates with major training centers of France, and the teachers are winners and participants of international competitions. The most talented students are offered to take part in fashion shows of Moscow club designers. Zaitsev, V. Yudashkin and others.). Students have the opportunity to participate in master classes, seminars, and after receiving their diplomas to practice for 3 months in the club’s team on different fashion sites in Moscow.

    “Forum” offers many group courses, as well as individual classes lasting from 1 day to 6 months. The most popular, according to the students, are bridal and catwalk makeup, makeup for photo shoots, face art. The cost of training depends on the complexity and duration of the program and ranges from 4000 to 102000 p.

    1. Address: 25 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street, Moscow
    2. Phone: +7 (903) 960-57-77; +7 (903) 792-48-85
    3. Website:

    ArtGrimer School

    Rating: 4.9


    ArtGrimer” make-up school is in the top list of the best training centers in Moscow. Our experts gave “ArtGrimer” the second position in the rating. The school offers courses on professional make-up of any complexity, as well as make-up for yourself. The school also teaches classes for eyebrow specialists and laminate masters.

    “ArtGrimer” has a specially equipped platform for practicing skills. Students can practice on models, using brushes and professional cosmetics. After completing the course, the school provides premises or rent a makeup artist for subsequent independent practice.

    ArtGrimer offers both individual and group classes in groups of up to 4 people. Most of the attention is given to practice. The schedule can be chosen individually, which, judging by the reviews of students, is very convenient. After you finish the course, you’ll get a certificate. The average cost of courses from 18000 to 36000 r.

    1. Address: Moscow, Armyansky per., 13, pp. 1
    2. Phone: +7 969 349-31-00
    3. Website:

    Privé7 Academy

    Rating: 4.8

    Privé7 Academy

    One of the most reputable and well-known in Moscow makeup schools Privé7 Academy takes the third place in the ranking. Opened in 2011, the beauty academy almost immediately gained popularity in the capital. The flagship of the network are courses on makeup, so most of the courses are devoted to teaching the finer points of the art of makeup. The courses last from 1 to 10 days and are held in the form of intensive classes. Students also have an opportunity to combine master classes at their discretion. By the way, Privé7 beauty salons services are used by the most famous ladies of the capital.

    To undergo training, you must sign up in advance and pay for the course. For practicing skills provided by professional cosmetics, as well as models. In addition, the school offers a loyalty program for each of its students, which includes access to private master classes, as well as the opportunity to work with the stars and participate in shootings for fashion magazines.

    Training programs include professional training, self-study courses, exclusive seminars, and more. Also make-up school offers the opportunity to buy a certificate for individual, corporate or group training. The cost of individual training with the founder of the studio Irina Mitroshkina 40000 rubles. For a 2-day master class you will need to pay 25000 rubles.

    1. Address: 24/1 Frunzenskaya Embankment, Moscow
    2. Phone: 8 (903) 508-49-52; 8 (495) 640 97 77
    3. Web-site:/academy/

    Vladimir Ka
  • nchev Make-up Studio
  • Rating: 4.7

    Vladimir Ka<li></div><p>nchev Make-up Studio” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/82916666195761-7812.jpg” height=”402″ title=”Vladimir Ka</p><li>nchev Make-up Studio”><p>Well-known Moscow beauty studio and training center at the same time “Vladimir Ka</p><li>nchev Make-up Studio” becomes the fourth in our expert rating. The studio offers group and individual makeup lessons, master classes and seminars for makeup artists and hairstylists. In the process of training all the students have the opportunity to practice on a variety of projects, get acquainted with professional cosmetics and improve their practical skills, learning from the best makeup artists of the team. The owner of the school studio cooperates with fashion editions, TV channels, and is a professional makeup artist of several cosmetic brands.<p>Students can buy cosmetics, as well as the most necessary tools for make-up artists at a discount. The best students get an opportunity to work on TV, with one of the brands of cosmetics. But in the reviews, some students point out that for practicing practical skills in the studio there are practically no conditions for the first steps.A basic 2-month makeup course from Vladimir Ka</p><li>nchev Make-up Studio costs 70000 rubles. Master class on one specific area – from 4,000 p. (2-3 hours).<ol><li>Address: Moscow, ul. Electrozavodskaya, d.21, 3rd passageway (“Marble”), 5th floor, Domini Q</li><li>Phone: +7 (916) 355-32-22</li><li>Website: ka</ol><h3>Yangildina Make Up Studio</h3><p>Rating: 4.6</p><div style=Yangildina Make Up Studio

    On the fifth position in the ranking, our experts placed Yangildina Make Up Studio School. Studio specializes in courses for beginners makeup artists, eyebrow artists, workshops to improve skills, training makeup, wedding hairstyles. The school was founded by Marina Yangildina, world champion in decorative cosmetics. Today it has a qualified teaching staff, which is a strong point of Yangildina Make Up Studio, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of its students.

    The training takes place in small groups or individually. All students are fully provided with materials for the period of classes, professional models are invited for practicing their skills. After the training all students can attend photo sessions, events organized by the school-studio and its partners. Cost of training at make-up school Yangildina Make Up Studio depends on complexity and duration of the course and ranges from 5000 to 40000 rubles.

    1. Address: Moscow, ul. Novy Arbat d.30/9, Artel Beauty.
    2. Phone: +7925518 56 01
    3. Web-site:

    Moscow school of makeup artists

    Rating: 4.5

    Moscow School of Makeup

    The Moscow school of make-up artists Mosmake takes the sixth place in our rating. The school is one of the few in Moscow that offers the opportunity to obtain the International Make-up association (IMA) diploma as it is a partner of the well-known make-up school The London School of Beauty Make-up. Mosmake offers courses for both professionals and beginners.

    According to the opinion of students, here teaches one of the best courses of self makeup where you can get not only the theory, but also thoroughly practice, first on models and then on yourself. In 10 years of work, the school has graduated more than 2000 people, and more than 1000 students received international diplomas which gave them the right to work abroad. After graduation Mosmake keeps in touch with the graduates offering them vacancies, interesting projects from partners, as well as support and communication 24/7.

    Make-up courses from scratch, the exam for which is taken together with specialists from The London School of Beauty Make-Up, cost from 60000r. up to 85,000 rubles. (Russian certificate), and from 75000 r. up to 95000 rubles. (international certificate). Master classes on individual areas are on average estimated at 10,000 p.

    1. Address: Moscow, ul. 32 Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street.
    2. Phone: +7 499 213 14 05
    3. Website:

    Chilly Dash

    Rating: 4.4

    Chilly Dash

    School Chilly Dash, founded by Daria Kholodnykh, ranks seventh in our rating. The school is distinguished by its own unique vision and offers unconventional makeup techniques, for instance using lipstick instead of shadow or eyebrow tint instead of lipstick. After completing the courses, students receive their first professional work in the portfolio. The exam includes studio professional photo shooting with experienced models.

    Brushes, cosmetics, models and teaching aids are provided for the period of training. Many students of Chilly Dash like the fact that during the training they can get brushes or cosmetics from the partners of the center as a gift. After the courses, all graduates get access to a professional community, with support, job offers and assistantships.

    1. Address: Moscow, Chilly Dash, Novodmitrovskaya 5a, pp. 3
    2. Phone: +7 985 633 26 23
    3. Website:

    BBTeam Factory

    Rating: 4.3

    BBTeam Factory, opened only a couple of years ago, and quickly became popular, is placed at the eighth position in the ranking. The school is famous for its proprietary technology of shining skin effect and author’s braiding technique. BBTeam Factory was founded by Lena Yasenkova, who specializes in Fashion Weeks in Cannes, and the makeup artist Victoria Fernanda. Here they teach how to do natural, modern makeup gravitating to minimalism.

    In BBTeam Factory you can master the profession of a make-up artist or learn to draw arrows on a master class, as well as get an idea of easy contouring, monochrome makeup, creating the effect of tanned skin. The cost of a master class 10000 rubles.

    1. Address: Moscow, 2-ya Zvenigorodskaya Street 12, p.6
    2. Phone: +7 (916) 916-34-12 (from 10:00 to 20:00)
    3. Website:

    Academy of makeup “Perfect Profile”

    Rating: 4.2

    Perfect Profile

    The Perfect Profile makeup academy ranks ninth in our ranking. School of makeup artists offers 6 author’s courses, including a course of makeup for yourself, professional makeup, eyebrow architecture. Here you can also learn the specialty of image-maker. In the development of training programs, teachers rely on their own practical experience and fashion trends.

    Classes are held both in the morning and in the evening, several times a week in groups of 6. There is also an opportunity to take an intensive with daily classes. The classroom is equipped with high chairs and makeup mirrors, and students are offered cosmetics and brushes from professional brands – Nyx, MAC, Inglot, etc., allowed to use their own cosmetics and tools. The school is quite popular among those who want to learn professional makeup because it offers high-quality training at a reasonable cost. Full course “makeup stylist” will cost 25000 r., makeup for yourself at 8500 p.

    1. Address: Moscow, Gazetny pereulok, 9s2
    2. Phone: (800) 555-95-38
    3. Site: perfect-profile.

    Defiparis School

    Rating: 4.1

    Defiparis School

    Defiparis School of Make-up Art, included in the ratings of the top 10 best courses in Moscow, we put on the tenth line of our rating. Defiparis School has been teaching since 2010. Upon completion of training, an international diploma which allows you to work abroad. Each course is taught by professional instructors with extensive experience and, judging by the reviews of alumni, the teaching staff here is quite strong.

    Specially equipped classrooms have properly exposed light. During the course students have an opportunity to work with 25 beauty brands from luxury brands to premium-class brands. Each session is in theory+practice format. Nevertheless, many people are upset by the fact that the work of the models for the period of training skills has to be paid separately. Individual selection of courses. The courses “makeup artist from scratch” with groups of 5-7 people will cost 46,500 b. 2-day make-up course for yourself in 8-10 thousand. r.

    1. Address: Moscow, m. Leninsky Prospekt, ul. Kosygina 5
    2. Phone: +7 (903) 792-12-65, +7 (925) 507-27-84
    3. Website: defiparis-


    Rating: 4.1


    At the next step of the rating school ICONFACE, which allows you to improve your skills or get a complete makeup training. The teachers of the school are qualified make-up artists, who constantly study at the famous ILLAMASQUA School of Make-up Art in London. ICONFACE is a partner of such famous brands as NYX, M.A.C, INGLOT, Burberry Beauty etc., Also produces its own brushes.

    Training at ICONFACE takes place on several directions: the course of make-up for yourself, for photo sessions, creative make-up, retro look course; special master classes are also organized. Students also have an opportunity to visit the largest cosmetics exhibition, which is almost unrepresented in Russia.

    Graduates become experts in the classic techniques of makeup – arrows, red lips, a natural nude or bright smoky. In addition, students are offered the opportunity to learn the subtleties of promotion of a makeup artist in social networks or to learn how to do makeup on paper.

    The cost of the basic 7-day course – 28000 r. Additional professional courses for the practicing make-up artists cost 31000 rubles. Also possible to study online from anywhere in the world. FACECHART (drawing on paper) lessons are sold individually and are valid for 90 days after the payment, the price for 1 lesson – 3000 rubles.

    1. Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya 12, Moscow International Business Center Moscow City, Federation Tower East, Floor 12, Offices G1 and Zh2
    2. Phone: +7 (903) 621-61-58 | +7 (495) 653-82-48 | +7 (495) 653-82-49
    3. Website:

    Nikk Mole

    Rating: 4.0

    Nikk Mole

    Our rating closes Nikk Mole – school of make-up in the heart of Moscow, offering comprehensive training with internships in Europe. One of the school’s strengths is its eyebrow courses and continuing education courses for practitioners. The school has a photo studio with professional equipment. Also within the walls of the center there is a beauty salon where the best graduates of the school work. Nikk Mole also promises its graduates employment in prestigious Moscow salons.

    Apprentices get necessary working tools as a gift. Practice skills at beauty contests and fashion shows. In the process of study, students fill out a personal portfolio, which is a mandatory part of the curriculum. Many students return here for refresher courses again to learn new skills and trends from teachers. Cost of refresher courses from 25000 p. The self-makeup course will cost up to 10000 rubles., And a master class on drawing arrows in 6700 p.

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