12 best Japanese restaurants in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying you need to consult with a specialist.

There is a large number of places for Japanese cuisine lovers in Moscow starting from cozy eateries to luxurious restaurants. We recommend everyone to visit these places to taste the mouth-watering dishes and get acquainted with the culture of another country, to feel the atmosphere, and to learn that Asian gastronomy is not only usual rolls, sushi and sashimi, but also many other delicacies that will surprise, delight and give a taste of pleasure.

Expertology editorial staff analyzed all Moscow offers and chose 12 best Japanese restaurants where guests can enjoy authentic national cuisine and inimitable Japanese rising sun country flavor.

Rating of the best Japanese restaurants in Moscow

Rating of best Japanese restaurants in Moscow1Nobu5.0
5Umi Oysters4.6
6BUBA by Sumosan4.5


Rating: 5.0


A chain of restaurants unofficially called “Asian fusion. The dining establishments attract with their delicious quality cuisine and chic that envelops guests from the very entrance. The variety of dishes and unusual combinations will conquer any gourmet. Serving is amazing as much as the rest. The menu is regularly refreshed to offer exotic dishes to our permanent customers. Master-classes from chefs are constantly held, where they share the recipes of the best dishes. The prices are higher than average, but every ruble you spend is worth it because the impressions you get will stay with you for a long time.

The first restaurant was opened by Robert De Niro in the early nineties, and the best Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhis worked there. It was this man who created Asian fusion and popularized it, making it one of the most popular destinations in world gastronomy since the 2000s. Today the chain has thirty-three locations in twenty-two cities.

This place on Dmitrovka is divided into four zones: lunch zone with a sushi bar, a lounge and two VIP-halls. The interior is cozy and pleasing to the eye. There are accents made on natural materials: walnut walls everywhere, bamboo bushes, and chandeliers in the form of sea urchins. The windows are large, but even so there is a pleasant semi-darkness in the room that sets you up for rest and relaxation.

The chain has its own philosophy that is expressed in a combination of continuing creative search with centuries-old traditions. Because of this, the cuisine is based on Japanese dishes, but diluted with unexpected products from South America. Chef Papateodoru and pastry chef Nana Shibamori are responsible for the concept in the capital.

We recommend trying the tried-and-true hits like yellowtail sashimi with jalapenos and lobster ceviche with quinoa. For the main course, get the delicious black cod with miso sauce. For desserts we suggest satandagi with chocolate, sour cream ice cream, yuzu and hazelnut praline or green tea fondant.

At lunchtime the restaurant offers business lunches and bento boxes with sets of chef’s specialties. Keep in mind that the cost of the boxes is comparable to a full meal at an inexpensive restaurant. A special menu is available for children, which is more adapted, but also has Japanese accents.

Average bill – from 3,500 rubles.

Address: r. Moscow, Dmitrovka 20, building 1, 4th floor. Open daily from 9:00 to 0:00. Phone: +7 (495) 645-31-91. Website: .


Rating: 4.9


Denis Ivanov is the owner of the restaurant, and his wife Chizuko is responsible for quality and authenticity. The project expanded gastronomic space of the capital. The owner took the safe way and didn’t want to create a mono-estaurant where they serve only ramen, but combined two in one. You won’t find it in Japan, but the Japanese living in Russia have no complaints: those who want it, eat ramen, and the rest have a drink and a snack.

The restaurant’s older brother is Ramen Izakaya. There are a lot of similarities between them in interiors, but the new bar has its own unique atmosphere. Here two halls join and form a big corner, that’s why they look even more spacious. Minimalism reigns in the design, but looking at the racks full of Japanese bowls you want to enjoy the breathtaking show without stopping.

In the kitchen there is a team of professionals, including both teachers and their talented students. It’s clear that the institution’s main dish is ramen, and it takes special effort and special techniques to make it. Noodles for ramen are made right here according to all requirements concerning quality, form and thickness. Besides specialties, the menu of the restaurant will please guests with various snacks beginning from crispy lotus chips and finishing with author salads, rolls and dainty desserts. The bar list is regularly replenished and abounds with non-trivial cocktails based on Japanese whiskey and sake. Also, the national draft beer, several wines and champagnes are available.

Besides “Gyu Shoyu” ramen cooked in beef broth with a bright combination of marinated egg “ajitama”, menma, thin slabs of beef and soy sauce, we advise you to try “Tantanmen” ramen, which has a rich sesame flavor, sweet notes of soybean paste, bamboo and leek, includes minced chicken. Vegetable ramen with spicy broth, wood mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, tomato chutney and sesame are offered to fans of vegetarian cuisine. For dessert, order the Matcha Tiramisu with savoyardi, delicate cream, a touch of bitterness, or pineapple in pepper syrup and sake jelly.

Average bill – 2500 rubles.

Address: g. Moscow, Bersenevsky Lane 2, Building 1. Open: Mon-Fri from 12:00 to 0:00, Fri, Sat from 13:00 to 2:00, Sat from 12:00 to 0:00. Phone: +7(499)702-07-80. Website: .


Rating: 4.8


The establishment of the well-known restaurateur Novikov is located on Patriki Street. The kitchen is in the hands of chef Masao Kikuchi, a real virtuoso whose work guests can watch from every corner. The name isn’t chosen by chance as it perfectly describes the place. From one of the Japanese dialects it translates as “small place,” and it’s also the name of a breed of dog native to Japan, now popular in the capital. Menu includes both ordinary sushi and rolls and non-trivial dishes like spicy edamame, mozuku seaweed, chicken parikara, shiomomi cucumbers and others. Bar list offers you to taste real Japanese drinks.

This small and cozy restaurant is worth a visit both for connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine and those who want to get to know it better. Chamber space, open kitchen, so every visitor will be able to see the work of chefs. The interior is rather minimalistic: a portrait of the dog of the same breed as the name of the institution hangs on one of the walls, a red circle is painted as if taken from a Japanese flag, a quote from Baste is written and there are no boring sakurai, origami, geisha and samurai.

The chef responsible for the traditional recipes and authenticity of flavors is assisted by Andrey Tsoi, that’s why the menu is moderately authentic and adapted to the local public. It offers delicacies that are often rejected for fear of misunderstanding, but this place has proven that this is wrong. As in Japan, here quick cooking is highly valued and elevated to the rank of art. You won’t find any preparations in the restaurant, as the chefs slice and grind all the food instantly.

Try the deep-fried amadai fish, marinated nanbazuke horse mackerel, tuna belly and scallop hand rolls, rich udon with sashimi, chicken and sea urchin roe, and Wagyu beef sushi served on a wooden board with wasabi and ginger. Be sure to order the rich but light miso soup with tofu for the first course, which you can have in classical or spicy variants. Try the “Mushizake” (salmon with zucchini and mushrooms), where tender fish meat is poured over sake and soy sauce and surrounded by oyster mushrooms and shiitake. End your meal with Japanese matcha tea and a light dessert “Kaster-matcha” reminiscent of bird’s milk.

Average bill – from 2500 rubles.

Address: g. Moscow, Bolshoy Palashyovsky Lane, 1/14, building 1. Open daily from 12:00 to 0:00. Phone: +7 (495) 276-70-67. Website: /restaurants/shiba.


Rating: 4.7


The Japanese restaurant used to be called Megu, but the owners rebranded it. Together with the name they changed the menu and fine-tuned it. Japanese focus is diluted with modern accents, so the dishes will satisfy both conservatives and fans of innovation and unusual combinations. The place is deservedly considered exclusive.

The place is cozy and decorated in black and white style with inclusions of silver. Inside, there’s a pleasantly enveloping semi-darkness. The interior is minimalist, but there’s plenty to catch the eye. The restaurant consists of two levels and is divided into several zones. The kitchen is open downstairs and combined with a small dining room, as well as a wine bar and a lounge. Two vast halls include a number of booths, which are separated from each other by glass partitions, decorated with painting.

The service is on a high level. The hostesses are polite and friendly, and the rest of the staff is friendly and competent. The guests will be pleased to answer the questions, including questions related to recipes, help to choose dishes and recommend suitable drinks. Even if you are a total stranger to Japanese cuisine they will explain you everything very well here so you can feel free to take an interest.

The menu, which has undergone changes, is full of a variety of dishes. Start with “O-toro” and “Akami” sushi, featuring quality fish and properly cooked rice. Continue with the premium beef tartare, which impresses and reveals a gamut of flavors: onions, green chili-based sauce, cherry tomatoes and, of course, top-notch cooked meat. You should try the “Crispy eel with garlic chips” roll: every ingredient is in its place and in theme. Caesar salad with shrimps. We also recommend tempura with vegetables in thin crispy breading. For the main course, order the grilled chicken with sauces and lemon slices. The dish is characterized by its softness and juiciness. Suzuki seabass will please fish connoisseurs. It’s served on a palm leaf. Bits of meat really melt in the mouth, you feel juicy and rich, and a slight sweetness envelopes the receptors.

Average bill – 3500 rubles.

Address: c. 8 Novinsky Blvd. 2, building 2, Moscow. Open: Mon-Fri from 12:00 to 23:00; Sat,Sat from 14:00 to 23:00. Phone: +7(495)287-05-20, +7(495)745-10-00. Website: /moscow-hotel/ru/dining/restaurant-megumi.

Umi Oysters

Rating: 4.6

Umi Oysters

Oyster bistro on the second floor of the Central Market. The place by brand-chef Evgeny Meshcheryakov offers a big list of Japanese dishes. The peculiarity of the place is a huge range of oysters. You won’t find a similar variety in any other restaurant in town. There’s fleshy ayoi with the texture of a good break; and lean shima from the Inner Japan Sea, which is dense and elastic; and thick, but also tender karen from Nagasaki; and salty, richly flavored matoya; and iodized uramura, as well as over twenty more exotic options at quite reasonable prices (300-500 rubles/each). In addition to oysters, guests are treated to colored hiyogai scallops and a dozen species of Pacific fish.

Serving seafood on ice, offering guests a tasting and, if approved, cooking the rest, giving birth to true culinary masterpieces. Try the deep-fried kinki with radish garnish. Try nori which is used for baskets stuffed with hamachi, eel, salmon, spicy tuna, and crab. You should order the codfish mixed with chili sauce and mango. If you want to not just taste the delicious food, but also enjoy the spectacle, then visit the institution on Thursday, when they bring a giant scallop tairagai and clam guidak. These products are then traditionally sliced into sashimi.

The concept of the institution is a unique vision. Buckwheat noodles sobu is combined here with oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and scallop is cooked completely as they do in Japan, offering the muscle in the form of sashimi and the stomach and liver pickled. Pacific herring is used for sashimi and apple mousse. Tuna toro salted and served with fruit homemade mustard.

From more usual dishes in the menu visitors will find salads, for example, dessert with mango and lemon foam, warm with eel and cashew. Tom Yam with homemade pasta and canonical ramen with smoked duck are very popular. Hits among hot dishes are fish: kinki, suzuki, kinmindai on a bed of rice. The menu is updated regularly, also depending on the season.

Average bill – from 2500 rubles.

Address: Dovzhenko. Moscow, Rozhdestvenskiy Blvd. 1, 2nd floor of Central Market. Open daily from 8:00 to 0:00. Phone: +7(903)112-88-87, +7 (925) 460-35-01. Website: .

BUBA by Sumosan

Rating: 4.5

BUBA by Sumosan

The restaurant chain knows everything about Japanese cuisine, as it has accumulated vast experience, since the first establishment opened eighteen years ago. Over the years, the quality of food and service has only improved. Chef Kim Stanislav is in charge of the kitchen. Price policy is quite democratic even in spite of the fact that the place is in the top lines of many ratings. In addition to a variety of items, the menu offers business lunches, which are in demand, as the restaurant is located in the capital center.

Recipes are developed jointly as today Sumosan is a school of Bubker Belkhit where the technology is taken from. The owners say it’s very important for them that the guests come not just to satisfy their hunger but to enjoy a balanced combination of tastes. The chain’s chefs take the preparation of the rolls very seriously, keeping the rice content to a minimum, so the customer only needs to dip it in the sauce for a second to accentuate the flavor.

Each place has its own atmosphere, but this doesn’t exclude the common concept of design. The interiors are decorated in pastel colors, the interior is not cluttered with a lot of unnecessary elements and accents, elegant decor decorates the ceilings and walls, panoramic windows let in plenty of light. All the restaurants are perfect for a fun pastime, as well as for quiet gatherings or one-to-one meetings, because the premises are zoned, so everyone can find the necessary corner.

We recommend you to try roll with seabass cooked according to the traditional recipe that gives you an advantage over other places where they make these rolls in a completely different way. The rice has a delicate flavor, truffle aroma and spicy wasabi tobiko. Order also incredibly juicy rolls with eel, where the filling prevails, and delicate sauces emphasize the delicate flavor. Be sure to try the crispy crab bags of tender meat wrapped in thin and crispy breaded crust and covered with sweet and sour sauce. Steamed crab buns make a great alternative to the burger: an airy bun filled with crab and tobiko shells. Get the “Tiradito Set” (four kinds of fresh, sliced fish) with perch, salmon, tuna, and scallop, all seasoned with ponzu sauce, which is an enduring classic in Japan. For dessert order a light cheesecake called “Green tea” with delicate taste and sour-sweet raspberry flavor.

Average bill – 1500 rubles.

Address: c. Moscow, 20 Lev Tolstoy Street. Open: daily, from 12:00 to 23:00. Phone: +7(985)999-70-00, +7(499)652-58-99. Website: .


Rating: 4.4

The restaurant of Mukhin and Zarkov is situated on the roof of Azimut hotel and is a two-storey glass pavilion. This place has a panoramic view on the Moskva River and the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The guests have a view of 360 degrees, that’s why few people leave here without taking pictures because it’s a crime not to capture such beauty. The room has eight meter high ceilings and minimalist design. The interior is decorated in white and looks expensive. From the very entrance you can feel a kind of “luxury”, but pleasingly, there is no excessive and inappropriate pathos.

The place offers a wide choice of fresh seafood of excellent quality from the Far East only, what is provided by suitable logistics. At the head of the kitchen are virtuoso chefs Kogai and Istomin, the stars of WRF Holding. The menu seamlessly combines Mediterranean and Asian motifs. The sushi here includes not only fish but also beef, truffle and French rouille sauce; tofu is served as burata and dressed with olive oil.

We suggest trying the tataki, fresh Japanese and Sakhalin oysters, tartare in avocado halves, Pacific clams, crab, turbot with potatoes. Be sure to order the dorado carpaccio with yuzu. The fish is served on a big plate, its pieces melt in your mouth, and the yuzu resembles a snowy substrate. For the first course take the Japanese soup suimono. The portion is big, but the dish is light. Shrimp, crab pieces, fish and slightly soy flavors are a real treat. Try eel with rice: this dish combines tender meat and tasty crispy crust. The scallop tartare is popular with regulars, featuring a calm oil and a moderate sweetness of papaya. Go for the spaghetti with vongole and bottarga with extra bottarga – it’s truly delicious. Of the desserts, give preference to tiramisu, which is served in a large jar of black caviar, black pearl with cloudberries and yogurt, signature wagashi with blueberries.

The restaurant is famous for its high level of service. The hostesses are friendly: they greet you, show you off, offer to choose a free table. Waiters are skilled and always ready to tell you what to order from food and drinks if you can not decide for yourself. Each guest is offered a house specialty: salmon tartare on a bed of ice with guacamole cream.

Average bill is 2000 rubles.

Address: Dvoretskaya str. 8 Smolenskaya Street, 22nd floor, Moscow. Open: daily, 12:00 p.m. to 0:00 a.m. Phone: +7 (495) 647-64-79. Website: sakha

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    Rating: 4.3


    Sushi bistro is owned by Alexander Oganezov and Glenn Ballis. This is not the first project of the colleagues, as earlier they opened a cozy place – Glenuill cafe. Oganezov was responsible for the design of the sushi bar, and Glen led the kitchen as chef. The menu is a mix of the owners’ vision and traditions. Japanese products with original flavors allow us to use our imagination and craftsmanship to create unique and distinctive combinations. The main principle of the restaurant is to accent on the product itself, emphasizing the taste, but not overlapping it.

    The room is light and spacious, that doesn’t take away the atmosphere of comfort and warmth. There are designer stucco strokes on the walls which looks original. Big windows create a contrast for visitors who are used to associating Japanese restaurants with dark spaces. Every guest can enjoy not only the delicious food, but also the stunning atmosphere of the restaurant. The facility is designed for seventy people. The restaurant is suitable for friendly and business meetings, as well as family gatherings.

    The menu is divided into two sections: grilled and Japanese. Pay special attention to the appetizers and the sushi, sashimi, rolls. Anyone can watch them being molded while seated at the long bar where drinks are ordered. An open island-style kitchen draws attention and intrigues patrons seated in the dining room.

    You’re advised to start with the hits, like crispy tuna with truffle dressing. The crunch will whet your appetite and bring gastronomic pleasure. Sweet-tasting meat, fragrant truffle sauce, and tobiko are served on a wheat chip. As an alternative, you can have salmon tartar. A dish of quality fish served on a green pillow of vegetables. It’s quite a substitute for a salad. For those who like meat, we recommend you to try the marbled beef wagyu. Guests can flip the meat strips over the cocotte with the coals to achieve the level of doneness that best satisfies them. Don’t pass by the Japanese tempura mushrooms and shrimp in batter, because it’s the house’s bestseller. To accompany your meal, try a Japanese beer to enhance the flavor, or an ale, which is plentiful here. Vegetarians will be offered eggplant cooked on a robata grill. Served with shaved tuna and topped with yuzu yogurt. For dessert, order the cotton cheesecake, which differs from the classic American cheesecake with its lightness and porous structure that makes it resemble a soufflé cake.

    Average bill – 3000 rubles.

    Address: 375 375. Moscow, Bolshoy Kozikhinsky pereulok, 17. Open: daily, from 12:00 till 0:00. Phone: +7 (926) 936-78-76. Site: /cutfishbistro.


    Rating: 4.2


    A premium restaurant with a panoramic view will amaze you not only with food. The institution is located in the “Moscow-City”, in the capital’s center, on the 84th floor, where you can see the entire city from a bird’s-eye view. Believe me, it’s a mesmerizing sight. It is worth noting that inside there is also something to see: they use technology of 3D-mapping, so guests can observe jellyfish and shimmering sea waves moving on the walls.

    The emphasis on the menu is on seafood and fish. Sushi is cooked with tuna belly, sashimi with fugu, served sturgeon caviar and sea urchin. Prices range from reasonable to quite high and it all depends on the chosen dish and its components: if there are a lot of rare ingredients, the price is justified. Be sure to try the kinki, hokigai and blue crab, which will delight any foodie. Tartare, truffle dim sum, ramen, and wagyu marbled beef. For dessert we recommend cheesecake with Brazilian mango and chocolate stone.

    As the owners assure, all seafood comes straight from Asia. To make a guest understand why the price for this or that dish is rather high, there is a sign of an airplane next to it, showing that the ingredients were brought from a faraway country. Such items take up most of the menu. Chef Raylan Alexander says that they work in the kitchen exclusively with premium quality products, as even udon is soaked in Japanese plums and for sushi they use a rare type of rice “Akita kamachi” of many years’ maturity.

    Walk to the bar and order signature cocktails, such as sparkling sake, gins on ginseng, or Japanese tea liquor. There is a choice of strong alcoholic drinks. There is also a wine list with rare varietals brought from all over the world.

    On weekends the restaurant transforms into a club where you can not only have a tasty meal and have a rest, but also to dance and have fun in company. Famous Moscow DJs play here and play popular sets. There is a brunch menu on Sundays. Parking is free for guests with private cars.

    Average bill – 2000 rubles.

    Address: zdravniy city, Moscow. Moscow, 1 Krasnogvardeisky Prospect, 21, building 2, 84th floor. Open: Mon-Fri 6:00 p.m. to 0:00 a.m., Thurs 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., Fri, Sat 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., Sat 6:00 p.m. to 0:00 a.m. Website: insight..


    Rating: 4.1

    Restaurateur Novikov’s place harmoniously combines Japanese austere romanticism and delicious cuisine. The restaurant is located not far from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, so sometimes it gets pretty crowded here, especially on weekends and holidays, so you should take care of booking a table in advance.

    The place is called this way for a reason – in Japan this is a fairly common name which translates as “sunny”. Yoko is quite consistent. The room is styled in the minimalist, inherently Japanese style, but it’s very bright and sunny. Frosted glass, light wood as the finish. The accents are in the black stone on the walls of the open kitchen. Olive-colored cushions on the seats and one-type Japanese pictures blend in with the general atmosphere. The parquet floor echoes the wooden ceiling beams, tables and bamboo booths. Live greenery in the corners and TVs on the walls. Red hanging lamps serve as a bright element, diluting the calm tones of nature.

    The cuisine is author’s cuisine and is a mix of European and Asian dishes. The menu includes Pacific dorado, Japanese halibut, squids, sea urchins, yellowtail and many more. All dishes have authentic names. The drinks on offer include Japanese beer, sake, and spirits.

    Start with the yoko roll. Small and neat circles with a crab cap will please you with warm rice and moderately creamy cheese. Be sure to order the restaurant’s hit sushi chu-toro and hamachi, though it’s not cheap. The quality of fish is high, the rice is cooked properly, and all the flavors unfold in the mouth. For the main course, get the gyoza, five miniature dumplings with richly spiced beef filling. For lovers of unusual dishes we suggest agedashi tofu – cubes of cheese in light breading with a couple of salad sprigs and a lot of nori strips bathed in a sour sauce. For your first course order the spicy and sour soup with chicken and pickled bamboo. These are true Novikov classics at their best. The spiciness and acidity is palpable but not pungent. The broth is rich and the chicken pieces are firm and soft. For desserts you can try the strawberry pie, where the berry filling is fragrant and fresh. The cheese layer is sweet, but not cheesy and light. The cake is tender, juicy and melts in the mouth.

    Average bill – 3,000 rubles.

    Address: mr. Moscow, Soymonovsky Prospect, 5. Open daily from 12:00 to 0:00. Phone: +7(495)637-13-70, +7(495)637-13-71. Website: /restaurants/yoko.


    Rating: 4.0

    The chain of inexpensive restaurants offers popular Asian dishes. The establishments are actually the usual eateries in Japan, where people come to eat for little money. That’s why there are more Japanese than Russians among the visitors. The constant flow of guests shows that “Marukame” has settled in the capital and has found its audience. The company plans to expand further, and at the moment there are seven points open in Moscow.

    The choice and ordering of food here is different from what we’re used to: in front of the guest there’s a sort of conveyor belt with different kinds of dishes and chefs cooking everything right there, like in the open kitchen. Once you’ve decided what you want, you tell the staff member what you want to order, and the latter, in his turn, cooks it. People move quickly and crowd is not formed, even if a lot of visitors. The staff is friendly and helpful and quick to explain when you don’t understand something.

    There is a large choice of dishes: appetizers, salads, tempura, rolls, domburi (rice with various additives). But the main thing here is udon noodles. Natural and delicious, it’s made with flour, water and salt. Always fresh, as it is made in front of the guest right after ordering. To ensure speed, the noodles are not made by hand, but with the help of special automatic machines. In the institution about twenty kinds of udon with a variety of additives. Noodles are served in different forms: in a hot broth, with a soft-boiled egg, in a wooden barrel without any filling, with a rich sauce. Free refills and unlimited free tea will be a nice bonus.

    You’re advised to try tempura of shrimp, squid, vegetables, mushrooms, crab sticks, and rolls. There are four types, including everyone’s favorite “Philadelphia” and “California”. On every table there is soy sauce. The price for one dish is about 150-250 rubles, which is very affordable in comparison to competitors. You won’t find luxurious interiors, perfectly trained waiters, luxury, but you will taste the right udon noodles and enjoy the genuine taste of traditional Japanese cuisine. You should drop in “Marukame” if you are looking for Japanese cuisine without extravagances.

    Average bill – 500 rubles.

    Website: .


    Rating: 3.9

    The restaurant is situated not far from the metro station “Vystavochnaya. It should rather be called a bar-restaurant, as companies often drop in to have a drink and sit at the bar. The concept of the restaurant is a harmonious blend of culinary traditions of Japan and the latest trends in gastronomy.

    Bar-restaurant offers over thirty types of drinks: sake, avamori, setu, as well as a variety of cocktails, Japanese beer, teas. The place is famous for great oysters, but mussels, clams, scallops and sea urchins are also good. Seafood comes directly from the land of the rising sun, and some from European markets. Ingredients for the dishes are bought exclusively of high quality, as the owners say.

    The menu features colorful photos of the dishes to make it easier for visitors to navigate and make choices. You should try sushi with tuna and fresh juicy oysters. Get the crab kani chawanmushi with egg cream and shrimp tempura with vegetables. We also recommend trying the eel and shrimp tempura roll. Avocado and shrimp salad is flavored with a sauce that perfectly sets off the flavors of the components of the dish. Try the steamed dumplings with pork and scallop with the most delicate thin dough. For the main course take eggplant with beef and vegetables, drizzled with sesame oil. For dessert, order Japanese-style profiteroles with delicious cream and different toppings.

    Reviews are positive about the service. Waiters are knowledgeable about the menu and always ready with tips on what to order. Our bartender can advise you on delicious cocktails. With a democratic price policy such a level is more a rarity than the rule. But this is another big plus to visit “Makoto” restaurant.

    The average bill is 1500 rubles.

    Address: Moscow. Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, 12. Open: daily, 11:30 a.m. to 0:00 a.m. Phone: +7(495)258-18-14, +7(915)198-62-13. Website: .

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