12 best dental clinics in Chelyabinsk

*Review of the best in the opinion of the editors. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is necessary before purchase.

When choosing a dentist in Chelyabinsk, there are a number of important factors to consider:

  1. The first rule is that dentistry should provide a full range of services, since many diseases are interrelated.
  2. The second nuance – it is experienced qualified specialists with many years of experience.
  3. Hospital sanitation standards are also important. Corridors and offices must be perfectly clean, and all equipment and instruments must be sterile.
  4. The best dentists are required to have quality, new and professional equipment that is in good working order.
  5. A good clinic makes a medical record mandatory for each patient, and to make the client feel safe, the doctor tells and shows him everything that happens to him during treatment.
  6. Clinic must provide guarantees and have all the licenses and documents to confirm the legality of its activities. This will protect the patient in the future from possible medical errors.

Based on all of the above factors, our experts have compiled a ranking of the 12 best dentist practices in Chelyabinsk, where safe dental and oral treatment for patients of all ages is provided.

Rating of the best dental clinics in Chelyabinsk

Nominationplaceproduct namerating
Rating of the best dental clinics in Chelyabinsk1Aesthetics5.0
2City Smile Family4.9
3Swiss Dentistry4.8
4Dental Practice4.7
6Baby dent4.5
7Giving Tooth4.4
8Da Vinci Aesthetic Dentistry Studio4.3
12Family Dental Clinic4.0


Rating: 5.0


First place in our ranking is Esthetika Dentistry, founded in 2016 in Chelyabinsk. The clinic positions itself as one of the first dental implant centers, providing prosthetics and implants, orthodontics, orthopedics, whitening and dental treatment.

The dentistry is headed by Lavin E. a. – D. in medicine with seventeen years of experience. Doctors of the clinic regularly attend advanced training courses in Switzerland. Estetica uses advanced technology and the latest equipment.

Many patients argue that the prices of implants in the dental center are lower than in other clinics in Chelyabinsk, so often the treatment of dental problems is up to 5 times cheaper.

  1. Address: Chelyabinsk, Central District, 152 Beryov Kashirinykh Street
  2. Phone: +7-351-700-71-18
  3. Website:

City Smile Family

Rating: 4.9

City Smile Family

The second place in the rating is given to the dental center City Smile, whose branches are located in three districts of Chelyabinsk – Central, Kalininsky, Soviet. The first clinic was opened in 2008 on Koshirnykh Brothers Street.

In 2018, City Smile Dental Network received the “Best Enterprise of Russia” and “Quality Star” award. The clinic has 18 offices – hygiene (3), therapy (6), implantation and surgery (3), otrodontics (2), otropedics (4). Dentistry also has 2 ZD-tomography rooms, allowing for therapy under radiographic control.

Patients note that City Smile has a cozy, unconventional design. Upon entering the room there is a feeling of home comfort, which reduces the sense of dread of the upcoming treatment. While waiting for an appointment, courteous receptionists offer clients to drink tea or coffee and browse magazines on the soft couches.

From time to time the City Smile Family chain offers its patients various promotions. There is a flexible payment system, and the full diagnosis and painless treatment of teeth and mouth is provided. A pleasant bonus is that during the treatment the doctor explains all of his actions in detail.

The hospital has a cozy children’s office. For young patients is equipped with a whole game room with a big screen for watching cartoons, children’s books and toys, pencils and much more.

  1. Address: Chelyabinsk, Sonya Krivoi Street, 85
  2. Phone: +7 (351) 211-33-34
  3. Website:

Swiss Dentistry

Rating: 4.8

Swiss Dentistry

The third place of a rating goes to the Swiss dentistry, located in the business center “Chelyabinsk-city”. This clinic was a winner in the rating of the best dental clinics 2019 in Russia according to Startsmile and Kommersant Publishing House. Swiss Dentistry has also been awarded with the “Stars of Quality” award for business excellence and the highest quality.

The experience of each dentist working at Swiss Dentistry is no less than 11 years. All dentists regularly attend advanced training at the best European centers developing and implementing innovative technologies.

The equipment at Swiss Dentistry is of the same quality as clinics in Europe and France. The founder of the hospital – Vyacheslav Kulikov. The head doctor of the clinic was the first Russian instructor of international class, who was trained at the Zimmer Institute of Implantology.

It is interesting that the famous jazz musician and composer Charlie Armstrong (grandson of Louis Armstrong) had his teeth treated at Swiss Dentistry. The artist was very pleased with the professionalism and service provided to him in the clinic, and underwent a full course of treatment in Chelyabinsk.

Also in the Swiss Dentistry other famous people were treated teeth: Honored Artists of Russia – Boris Kaplun and Valery Yarushin, Master of Sports of Russia hockey player – Evgeny Kuznetsov, head of the VIA “Ariel” – Rostislav Gepp, singer – Yulia Kurganova and others.

  1. Address: 159 Kirov Street, Central District, Chelyabinsk
  2. telefon: +7-351-750-37-50/+7-351-225-60-41
  3. Website: swiss-

Dental Practice

Rating: 4.7

Dental practice

The fourth position in the ranking belongs to the Dental Practice. The clinic took seventh place in the TOP 100 Best Dentist Clinics in Russia 2016. After treatment, patients are given pictures, confirming the quality of the work done. It is noteworthy that a network of popular clinics has developed a special program for lifelong preservation of teeth from caries.

The clinic offers advantageous dental treatment in installments. All consultations are free of charge. If necessary, any designs are made and installed in 1 day. The dentistry also provides CEREC digital restorations. Thanks to an innovative program, the installation of veneers is possible after only one visit to the doctor.

The Dental Practice offers gifts for kids from 0 to 3 years old. And children are allowed to sit on their parents’ laps during treatment. From the disadvantages patients point out too simple interior that does not match the beautiful facade, small booths, cold attitude of the staff. It was also noticed that the prices in Dental Practice are higher than in other clinics.

  1. Address: Chelyabinsk, Sovetsky district, 40 years of Victory, 36
  2. Phone: +7-351-220-75-06
  3. Website:

Baby dent

Rating: 4.5

Baby dent

The sixth position is reserved for little patients dentistry, which has been in business for more than 25 years. The clinic employs 15 qualified doctors with psychological and pedagogical training. Minimum experience of the doctors working in the clinic is 18 years, maximum – 42 years.

Bebi dent provides treatment of cavities without a drilling machine, using gel, and extractions of primary teeth. Also in the dentistry spend installation of colorful braces, silvering and deep fluoridation of teeth, treatment of dental diseases “in his sleep” (under anesthesia). Children have the opportunity to get fillings of different colors (green, blue, with glitter), which release fluoride, preventing caries disease.

Of the interesting procedures, the use of “laughing gas” during the performance of the procedures is worth mentioning. Nitrous oxide is absolutely harmless for small patients. This approach to treatment of children has long been used in Europe and the USA. The action of the gas ends in a couple of minutes, and in half an hour the substance is completely eliminated from the body without causing addiction or complications.

Cartoons are shown to the little patients during the visit. And at the end of treatment, all children receive gifts. There is a free play room in “BabyDent”, where you can read books, draw or do homework with animator, play computer games and watch cartoons. Also at the clinic operates “BabyDent Academy. Little patients are told about dental hygiene, and parents are told about the proper care of their child’s teeth and mouth.

The warranty for the work performed is 3 years. In “Baby Dent” there is a “Global Master” – a dental laboratory which covers all the needs of the dentist 100%, eliminating the need to transfer orders to Europe or to the Russian capital.

Baby Dent has a Global Dent expert council. The best doctors meet to discuss and evaluate the most difficult cases. Minus of the clinic – before the treatment they do not tell you the price. Plus – there is free parking for 30 cars next to the dental clinic.

  1. Address: 54 Bratyev Kashirinykh Street, Chelyabinsk, Kaliningrad district
  2. Phone: (351) 220-75-06

Tooth Yes

Rating: 4.4

Giving Tooth

The seventh position in the ranking is occupied by a young dentistry founded in Chelyabinsk in 2019. A distinctive feature of the clinic – low prices and high quality of services. The clinic offers comprehensive treatment from CT to digital dentistry.

“Dentistry gives extended warranty for implants. All patients receive a passport for each implant. This means that if something happens to the implant within 10 years, the doctors will fix it free of charge.

“Dentist cooperates with insurance companies and provides VMI treatment. You can buy gift certificates of 1000, 3000 or 5000 rubles in the clinic. The hospital also has happy hours that allow you to undergo therapy at a reduced cost in the near future.

The dentistry has free Wi-Fi and guest parking. It is possible to pay for therapy in installments. Clients point out that at the dentistry, everyone is treated as a VIP guest. The disadvantages are the possible referral to another dentist.

  1. Address: Chelyabinsk, Bratyev Kashirinykh Street, 131 b
  2. Phone: (351) 220-75-24
  3. Website: Zubdayu.rf

Da Vinci Aesthetic Dentistry Studio

Rating: 4.3

Da Vinci Studio of Aesthetic Dentistry

The eighth position in our rating is dental laboratory and dentistry Da Vinci, which was founded in 2005 in Chelyabinsk. Our dentists perform professional oral hygiene, teeth whitening, treatment of gums, complex implantation “All-on-ICX”, installation of brackets, crowns, veneers. The quality of therapy at Da Vinci Clinic meets ISO 9001 international standards. The treatment is performed under the KarlZeiss microscope with a special root canal machine.

DA VINCI Dentistry has its own dental laboratory equipped with digital CAM/CAD technology. This means that all crowns and prostheses are made with computer accuracy.

Children’s appointments are carried out in the studio. The clinic has a new orthodontic device – LM activator, designed to correct bite before permanent teeth appear. The trainer is made of biocompatible silicone, which perfectly repeats the structure of the child’s jaw.

The advantages of the popular dentistry of Chelyabinsk are the permanent discount system, the administrators calculate the cost of treatment in advance. Your lips are lubricated with natural oil to prevent them from drying out during the procedure. Ceramic products are guaranteed for 5 years. The first consultation with the doctor is free of charge. Drawbacks of DA VINCI – the virtual absence of surgeons, and the fact that you have to book an appointment 3-4 weeks in advance.

  1. Address: Chelyabinsk, Central District, Bryev Kashirinykh Street
  2. Phone: +7 (351) 222-33-11; +7 (963) 155-45-45
  3. Website: davinci-c


Rating: 4.2


Clinic Etalon offers a full range of services, from X-rays to surgical manipulations. Priority of dentistry – the preservation of health of gums and teeth, dental restoration. Specialists provide their patients with maximum comfort through anesthesia with effective and high-quality anesthetics. Also, each patient is guaranteed infectious safety.

The experience of doctors working at Etalon is at least 18 years. X-ray, dental restoration (GC Gradia Direct, Filtek Suprime), pulpitis and caries therapy, professional hygienic procedures on “Vector” equipment are performed at the clinic. They also do E crown installations here.max., Straumann and AstraTech implants.

In Etalon there is a children’s office with colored walls and bright interior. In the process of treatment small patients are shown cartoons. Advantages of the dentistry – beautiful, modern design of each room, fresh repairs. Cons – sometimes the waiting time for an appointment is long, bad X-ray machine, high prices.

  1. Address: Chelyabinsk, Traktorozovodsky district, Sonya krivoy street, 38
  2. Phone: +7 (351) 225-17-00
  3. Website: medical-


Rating: 4.1


The tenth position in the rating is given to Nata-dent dentistry, founded in Chelyabinsk in 2005. The clinic specializes in treatment of pregnant women and children and offers them a special program against carious diseases of the mother and unborn child. After treatment, the risk of tooth decay is reduced by 43%.

Nata-dent provides a number of surgical procedures – extractions, sinus elevators, pericoronitis, cyst removal. Other services – removable and fixed dentures, whitening, splinting teeth and more. We also pay special attention to aesthetic dentistry – professional hygiene, zirconia crowns, veneers, whitening and more.

Customers note that the cost of treatment at the dentistry is slightly lower than at other clinics in Chelyabinsk. Nata-dent offers regular discount systems to their clients. For example, relatives of regular customers and patients preparing for dentures receive a 15% discount, and cheaters of the month receive a 25% discount.

  1. Address: Chelyabinsk, Sovetsky district, Plekhanova street, 31
  2. Phones: +7 (351) 231-01-23: +7 (932) 232-32-30; +7 (932) 232-32-31
  3. Website: nata-

Family Dental Clinic

Rating: 4.0

Family Dentistry Clinic

The eleventh position of the rating belongs to the Family dental clinic popular in Chelyabinsk, where the most fearful and impressionable clients can undergo treatment. Different dental procedures are performed here under general anesthesia with minimal health risks.

This dentistry is called “family dentistry”, because it provides all conditions for painless and comfortable treatment of small and adult patients. And the clinic offers seniors a discount on implantation.

The work of the clinic has been noted by experts. The clinic entered the top 100 best dentist offices in Russia according to “Startsmile” magazine. To constantly maintain the high level of services the doctors are periodically trained and improve their qualification.

Family Dental Clinic provides dental treatment on credit, by installments or under VHI policy. All kinds of services are covered by guarantee. Many patients note that Family Dentistry provides first aid for free. From the disadvantages highlight the high prices of services.

Address: Chelyabinsk, Leninsky District, Gagarin Street, 38

Phone: +7 (351) 282-80-80

Website: fdc

  • Skif

    Rating: 4.0


    The last line in the rating belongs to Skif Dentistry, opened in Chelyabinsk in 1992. The clinic has 6 patents of its own. The dental team consists of true professionals – postgraduates of the Department of Orthopedics (South Ural State Medical University), candidates and doctors of science.

    The network of dental clinics in Chelyabinsk has three dental laboratories, where quickly and accurately produce any type of implants. All dental rooms are equipped with advanced European equipment – milling machines (ZIRKONZAHN, Cerec Premium), computer tomograph (Plannmeka Pro Max 3D), etc. Dentists, working in dentistry – from 11 years experience.

    In the clinic there is a special room, where the prevention and treatment of dental diseases in little patients are carried out. Children are shown a variety of cartoons during therapy. And after treatment they are awarded with diplomas and medals.

    For children, specialists use anesthetics and filling materials (Dyrex, Estelite). Also in Scyth colored fillings with Twinkie Star sequins are placed. These materials are completely safe and contain fluoride, which prevents tooth decay. The Pros of Scyth are democratic prices. Disadvantages – unfriendly receptionists.

    1. Address: 35 Lenina Prospekt, Chelyabinsk
    2. Phone: +7 (351) 265-76-61
    3. Website: skif74.rf
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