12 best credit cards with grace period

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Specialist consultation required before purchase.

Almost all adult population of our country successfully uses credit cards. Banks are developing more and more interesting and beneficial products. These include cards with a grace period. They assume that the customer can use the borrowed funds without paying interest. In some banks this period starts from the moment you pick up the card, in others it starts from the date of the first transaction. Some financial organizations fix a specific date of the month, marking the end of the grace period and payment period.

There are many offers today, so it is not easy to choose the best one. You may rely on the opinion of your friends and acquaintances. We offer the best alternative, ranking 12 credit cards with a grace period according to financial analysts and regular users of such products.

Rating of best credit cards with grace period

Nominationplacecredit cardrating
Rating of the best credit cards with grace period1“100 days without interest” – Alfa-Bank5.0
2“120 days without interest” – Urals Bank of Reconstruction and Development4.9
3“Element 120” – Post Bank4.8
4“110 days – Raiffeisenbank4.7
5“Platinum” – Tinkoff Bank4.6
6“100+” – Promsvyazbank4.5
7“Everything is possible” – Rosbank4.4

Russian Standard Bank

9“Gold card” – Sberbank4.2
10“Installment for everything” – Vostochniy Bank4.1
11“Just a Credit Card – Citibank4.0
12“Credit card – Renaissance Credit3.9

“100 days with no interest” – Alfa Bank

Rating: 5.0

First place is taken by the card, which combines all necessary conditions for beneficial use both during the grace period and after it. The application is processed quickly and the existing clients of the bank get an answer in several minutes. Russian citizens with an income of at least 5,000 rubles can apply for the “100 days without interest” program. per month. If you wish, you can order home delivery of the ready-made plastic carrier.

The interest-free period is valid for 100 days. During this time, you can make purchases, pay for services and withdraw cash. Limited: 50000 rubles per month – free of charge. Maximum limit depends on card status. In case of good faith performance of obligations it can be increased at the discretion of the bank. At the end of the grace period, the rate starts from 23.99% per annum. Mobile application and online banking allow making any transactions online and always monitor the account status.

The disadvantages include the lack of bonuses for shopping. But the advantages of this drawback are compensated by this disadvantage. Borrowers, first of all, singled out the long grace period for all types of transactions, including cash withdrawals, a large limit, optimal interest rate, fast decision-making on the issue, as well as free deposit of funds in any region of the country. For more information, visit the website or call: 8800200 00 00.

“120 days without interest” – Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development

Rating: 4.9

The second place in the rating is given to a credit card with 120 days of interest-free usage. This period is resumed at full repayment of the debt. If the requested amount does not exceed 100000 rubles you need only Russian passport. The age of the borrower: from 19 to 75 years old. Maximum limit – 300000 r. The card is instant, so after a positive response it can be received on the same day at the nearest bank branch or ordered to be delivered at home. Issue and annual maintenance are free of charge.

Cashback on all purchases is 1%. Not much, but nice, but the amount of repayment per month and year is not limited. Grace period is effective for all transactions. It is possible to withdraw cash in its own and third-party ATMs. Connection to Internet banking and mobile app is free of charge. Convenient options allow you to track the account status and not to forget to make payments on time.

Holders noted that without proof of income the interest rate starts from 31%. It will be considerably reduced if the corresponding document is presented. The card features are appreciated by many customers. The grace period is one of the longest on the financial services market. Same day card issuance is a definite advantage for those who need to borrow money urgently. Free of charge contact number: 8800100 02 00.

“Element 120” – Post Bank

Rating: 4.8

The third line of the ranking is a credit card with 4 months of grace period. The bank has recently started its activity, but it already managed to offer advantageous financial products, available to any category of citizens, including pensioners. The application is processed online. It is possible to receive the ready card in any post office or bank office. Available limit: up to 1500 000 rubles. It is calculated based on the individual assessment of the borrower.

At the end of the grace period, the interest accrues from 27.9% per annum. If the borrower doesn’t manage to return the amount in full within 120 days, he/she will have to pay 22.9% for the outstanding amount. Points are not credited for purchases. Cash withdrawal at ATMs of Post Bank or VTB group is free. Third-party terminals will charge 5.9% for the service.

The clients noted the speed of drawing up, the possibility of renewing the interest-free period after timely repayment of debt, protection of Internet purchases from loss and damage, changing the date of mandatory payments at one’s discretion, one of the largest maximum limits among similar proposals. Free phone number for all regions of the Russian Federation: 8800550 07 70.

“110 Days” – Raiffeisenbank

Rating: 4.7

110 days

The honorable forth place goes to the credit card, which is recommended by both ordinary holders and financial market analysts. The card is instantly issued and you can pay for any purchases at the office of the bank without interest. Servicing is free of charge for expenditures of at least 8,000 rubles. per month. If this condition is not met, 150 rubles will be withdrawn from the account. The limit is set after evaluating the client’s solvency. The sum varies from 15000 to 600000 rubles. The small limit will not require proof of income.

Minimum repayment is at least 4% of the amount already disbursed. Bonuses are credited for purchases, which can be up to 30% when applying to partner companies of the bank. The card provides for contactless payment technology. The mobile application is also available. After the grace period, the rate starts from 29%.

Borrowers were satisfied with the terms and conditions. No additional documents other than the Russian passport are required. The interest rate can be reduced on presentation of income certificate. Another plus is that the cardholder does not have to register in the region where he applies for and obtains the card. Operators will answer to any question you may have on: 8800770 75 62.

“Platinum” – Tinkoff Bank

Rating: 4.6


Fifth line in the rating is a credit card, the benefit of which is appreciated by many borrowers. The very first and undoubted plus is getting a ready-made plastic carrier at any convenient place without visiting the offices of the financial institution. Online application is processed instantly. Only Russian passport is required upon receipt. The maximum possible limit: 300000 rubles. Grace period lasts for 55 days. And it takes up to 120 days to repay loans in other financial institutions.

At purchase of goods and services in partner stores, installment payment can be made up to 12 months. Interest rate after the grace period starts from 12%. Top up the account is free of charge by cash deposit or transfer from other cards. Withdrawal of funds is possible in any ATM, but this service is paid. The mobile application is considered one of the best and understandable even to inactive users. Through it you can control the account and make any payments.

The card is very attractive for making various transactions, according to reviews. You can use these funds to repay debts at other banks with higher interest rates, or you can make any purchase by installment. The drawback is the cash withdrawal fee. Round-the-clock phone number: 880055 77 78.

“100+” – Promsvyazbank

Rating: 4.5


The sixth place of the rating is given to the credit product, which offers 100 days of interest-free use. Grace period is resumed at full closing of the debt. Compulsory payment within 100 days is 5% of the amount spent. Maximum limit – 600000 rubles. Borrower’s age from 21 years old. When drawing up to 100000 r. You need only a Russian passport; for larger amounts you need permanent registration in the region where the bank is located, at least one year of work experience and 2 contact phone numbers.

Interest rate – from 26,5%. The mobile application is very convenient to use. The updated Internet-banking system allows you to be aware of your financial matters at any time and perform any transactions without leaving your home. Service cost – 1190 rubles. per year.

Clients noted that the countdown starts with the first purchase, not the day the card is delivered to them. The bank does not set mandatory spending amounts, so the client may use the borrowed funds without thinking about limitations. The advantage is the possibility of issuing the card with an individual design. This service will cost only 333 rubles. You can ask any question on the website or by calling 8800333 03 03.

“One can do it all” – Rosbank

Rating: 4.4

Popular “Everything is possible” credit card is the seventh in the ranking. Its limit is different from many other offers and can be up to 1 million. rubles. The application is submitted online. You don’t have to wait long for an answer. In case of positive decision, the card is issued in 3-5 days in the office of the financial institution. Grace period implies 62 days of interest-free shopping. This also applies to cash withdrawal.

The rate starts from 26.9% a year. Upon receipt of the funds in hand through ATMs, 4.9% of the amount is withdrawn, but not less than 290 rubles. Cash withdrawal limit: 500 thousand rubles. per day. If the funds turnover within 12 months makes 180000 rubles., If the amount is less than this amount, then no commission for servicing is charged, if it is less than this amount, then 890 roubles. Cashback is established in the amount of 1%. If you choose a certain category of goods, it increases up to 10%. It can be altered at will on a monthly basis.

The card provides for contact-free payments. SMS-informing is paid, is 60 rubles, starting from the second month of using the credit. Borrowers pointed out that the grace period applies to all transactions, if the debt is repaid in good faith, it is renewed. Contact phone number to connect to the operator: 8800200 54 34.

latinum – Russian Standard Bank

Rating: 4.3

Platinum Bank Russian Standard

The credit card is in the eighth place in the ranking and has become one of the most popular financial products of the bank. It can be issued to any citizen of the Russian Federation aged 21 and over. Maximum sum of limit is 300000 rubles. The card may be used not only in our country but also abroad. Cash withdrawal is available at all ATMs worldwide. The grace period lasts 55 days. Afterwards the interest rate starts from 21.9%. Maintenance is 499 rubles. per year.

The card enables you to buy any goods by installments. It is valid for up to 12 months. Cacheback reaches 30% when applying to bank partners. Depositing funds is possible by any means convenient for the client. The service is free of charge. Mobile and Internet banks expand user possibilities for making transactions and controlling the account online. No commission is charged for their connection and use. Contactless payment is provided.

According to reviews, the entire process from application to receiving the card in hand does not take much time. It is possible to have it delivered by courier to the apartment, if you want. The Bank is loyal to the borrowers, does not require a large package of documents. It is possible to call from all regions of the Russian Federation a free number: 8800200 62 00.

“Gold Card – Sberbank

Rating: 4.2

On the ninth line of the rating is a credit card, the terms of which satisfy many categories of borrowers. The application is submitted through online communication and the reply is also sent. The holders of payroll and debit cards receive 100% approval. Registration takes a few minutes. Limit is up to 600000 rubles. Servicing fee is not charged. The client may make purchases, repay borrowed funds within 50 days and extend the grace period. It is not applicable to cash withdrawal.

The rate is set based on the assessment of the borrower, and starts at 23.9%. It is possible to make transactions through a mobile app or online banking. Cash-back on purchases. The “Thank You” bonus program is recognized as one of the best incentives for the client. Using points, you may pay for purchases and services in an extended network of partner companies.

According to reviews, the credit card is convenient for non-cash payments, on which you can save significantly and get back a portion of the money spent. The issue of plastic media is quick, the account management is simple and accessible, every month with the help of sms we get information about the balance and the amount of the next payment. It is possible to get detailed information about “Golden Card” by calling a free number for all cell phones in the territory of Russia: 900.

“Installment for everything” Vostochniy bank

Rating: 4.1

Installment for everything

The bank product that offers 90 days grace period for interest-free use of borrowed funds is among the top 12 best credit cards in our rating. This includes purchases of goods and services, as well as cash withdrawals. The application can be submitted online. Limit is up to 300000 rubles. Minimal amount is 55 thous. RUB. May be increased in case of conscientious adherence to contractual terms and conditions.

For drawing up to 100000 rubles. You will only need the Russian passport. If the borrower is already 26 years old, then no certificate of income is required to grant a large limit. The fee for issuing the card is 1000 rubles. Interest rate starts from 28.9%. Commission is taken for cash withdrawal via ATMs. No bonuses for purchases. Free payment technology is implemented.

Among the pluses were the ability to design an additional card for yourself or a person over 14 years of age, free connection and use of Internet and mobile banking, a long grace period. For recommending your friends and each new customer 1000 bonus points are added to your account. Call for more information at: 8800100 71 00.

“Just a credit card” – Citibank

Rating: 4.0

Just a credit card

On the eleventh line of the rating is a credit card, which will appeal to those who prefer cashless payments, and those who need to receive cash in hand. After sending the application, the answer comes within a few minutes. The maximum limit is set at 300,000 rubles for new customers. Debit card holders can count on up to 1000000 rubles. Interest-free period lasts for 50 days.

The rate starts from 20.9%. Cash can be withdrawn at all ATMs on the territory of the Russian Federation without limit of amount and without commissions. The client does not have to pay for the service of the card. No penalties for overdue mandatory payments. Bonuses up to 20% of amount are refunded for cashless purchases. A special app enables Muscovites to pay for travel on public transport. Service cost is 65 RUB. per month.

The quick execution of the card online and various ways of receipt: at the bank office, post offices or via courier were attributed to the undoubted advantages. The minus is that the income of the borrower must be at least 30,000 rubles. per month, and it must be documented. Operators will answer any questions on the number: 8800700 38 38.

“Credit Card Renaissance Credit

Rating: 3.9

Credit card

Conclude the rating with a credit card, which you can get immediately after approval at any nearby bank branch. They are located in all major regions of the country and currently there are more than 150. No commission fee for registration and servicing. Maximum limit – 200000 rubles. The client should present RF passport and other document confirming identity. Grace period 55 days. After the debt is closed, it is renewed. At the end of the repeat period, the rate starts at 24.9%.

Withdrawal fee is 2.9%. The bonus program provides for accrual of points for purchases at partner companies of the financial institution. They can be up to 20% of the amount you spend. Cash deposit is possible in any ATMs on the territory of the country. It is also possible to replenish the account by various convenient ways.

Clients mentioned the user-friendly mobile application, which is used to control the account and make transactions online. Many have commented that this is one of the best offers for fast credit with instant card on the day of application. Extended package of documents is not required. Contact reference phone number: 8800200 09 81.

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