12 best credit cards for traveling

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Many of us have dreamed since childhood to visit other countries and see the most interesting places on the planet, but not always our desires turned into reality. To raise the necessary amount, you had to save, save, put aside, and not always enough to go on a long-awaited vacation. Today this problem is quickly solved. With credit cards you can travel around the world without having to limit yourself in your daily spending.

Banks develop many types of products, among which each borrower can choose the most favorable for himself. Travel cards are an excellent financial offer for those who frequently travel by air or train on local routes and abroad and pay for purchases abroad. Many of them bring additional bonuses to the client, which helps balance the interest paid and the profit received from the use of borrowed funds.

Credit cards differ in terms of credit limit, grace period, discounts on ticket purchases and service fees. In our review, we’ve compiled the most popular financial offers. Presented banking products were highly praised by their users as well as expert financial analysts.

Rating of the best travel credit cards

avel Premium Alfa Bank
NominationplaceCredit CardRating
Rating of the best credit cards for travel1All Air
  • Tinkoff Bank
  • 5.0
    3“VTB 24 World Card4.8
    4“Aeroflot Bonus Sberbank4.7
    5Tinkoff S7 Air
  • Tinkoff Bank
  • 4.7
    6Travelpass Credit Europe Bank4.7
    7Traveller’s card Eastern Bank4.6
    8Travel Rewards Raiffeisenbank4.5
    9CitiPremierMiles Citibank4.4
    10Visa bonus “Card of the world without borders “Promsvyazbank4.3
    11#Manything Rosbank4.2
    12Travel Bank Otkritie4.1

    All Air
  • Tinkoff Bank
  • Rating: 5.0

    All Air<li></div><p>nes Tinkoff Bank” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/60416666195691-3612.jpg” height=”400″ title=”All Air</p><li>nes Tinkoff Bank”><p>The first was a credit card designed by a well-known bank for active travelers. You can inquire about the issuance decision in just 2 minutes after submitting the application. Credit limit is set in the amount of 700000 rubles. Grace period 55 days. Interest rate – from 15% per year. Borrower’s age reduced to 18 years. Only passport of Russian Federation is necessary for agreement.</p><p>Miles accrue rather quickly. 10% is charged on hotel and car reservations, 5% on tours and rail travel, and 3% on airplane tickets. Record 30% reimbursement for purchases on special offers of the financial institution. Miles can be used to pay for goods and services in different categories. Free travel insurance and luggage included in the rate. Coverage for medical treatment, medications, transportation, international calls is $50,000.</p><p>If luggage is lost or delayed for more than 6 hours, customer gets insurance payout. Mobile and online banking are free of charge. You can connect sms-notification which costs 59 rubles per month if you want. Among the bank’s many offers, users singled out All Air</p><li>nes as the most profitable for local and long-distance travel.<h3>Alfa<tr>Alfa-bank</h3><p>Rating: 4.9</p><div style=Alfa<tr></div><p>avel Premium Alfa Bank” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/21416666195691-8012.jpg” height=”400″ title=”Alfa</p><tr>avel Premium Alfa Bank”><p>The second place product will help people who constantly travel abroad to save on expenses and enjoy various privileges of a traveler. Maximum available limit – 1000000 rubles. The grace period of 60 days. It is valid not only for goods and services online, but also for cash withdrawal. Minimal age threshold – 18 years old. No registration in the receiving region is required. For the first year there is no account maintenance fee.</p><p>1000 welcome miles are accrued automatically at withdrawal. Further for the use of the resource</p><tr>avel., You can get different bonuses. 11% of the cost – to pay for hotels, 10% and 7.5% – for rail and air tickets, respectively. For other purchases – 5%. Many cardholders consider the advantage that accumulated miles are not redeemed. It is enough to use the card at least once in half a year to keep the balance.<p>The following privileges are available to holders: cards for business lounges, baggage packing, concierge service. Internet in roaming for up to 14 days is also free. A personal assistant will arrange meetings, plan visits to interesting places of interest, make restaurant reservations, and book tickets for events. Own funds can be used on a par with borrowed funds. Monthly cash withdrawal limits – 2000000 rubles.</p><h3>“VTB 24 World Card</h3><p>Rating: 4.8</p><div style=

    The third was a financial product that offers several rates for travelers. By choosing the Gold card 3000 miles are automatically accrued at once. Further, for each 35 rubles spent. 2 miles are redeemed. On Birthday the points for the purchases are doubled. Travel insurance program “Traveler’s protection” is connected free of charge. Maximum available credit limit: 750,000 rubles. Annual interest rate – 26%. Lump sum withdrawal is charged at 350 rubles.

    Platinum card offers an extended set of benefits. After the first purchase 6000 miles are credited. For each 35 rubles. – 4 miles. The limit is increased up to 1000000 rubles. The rate, on the contrary, is reduced to 22%. Cash withdrawal is charged the same way. The first purchase with miles is possible with the accumulation of 1500 bonuses on the gold card and 3000 on the platinum card. An undoubted advantage is that the miles can be used to pay for tickets in part or in full. Online banking and sms-notification in both packages are free.

    Concierge-service allows you to receive information on transport, hotels, restaurants and pharmacies in any country of the world. Once the primary card is issued, it is possible to order up to 5 additional cards for the family members. Holders note that when actively using borrowed funds it is possible to fly for miles up to 2-3 times a year, which significantly saves on transportation costs.

    “Aeroflot Bonus Sberbank

    Rating: 4.7

    Aeroflot Bonus from Sberbank

    The fourth position is occupied by the card with several packages. Accrual of bonuses and tariffication depends on type: Classic, Gold and Signature. The first is a classic card with a maximum limit of 600,000 rubles. The interest rate is set individually and varies from 23.9% to 27.9% per annum. Welcome bonuses at the opening of 500 miles. Next, for every 60 rubles spent. 1 miles refunded on air ticket purchases.

    Same limit and rate as Classic credit card. Grace period is also 50 days. Miles are credited for 1,000 miles at registration. For 60 rubles – 1.5 miles. Premium card gives the opportunity to get a loan of up to 3000000 rubles. Welcome bonuses – 1500. For every euro, dollar, 60 rubles. 2 miles refundable. The Signature card annual fee is rather high – 12000 rubles. But the holder receives increased number of options and privileges.

    Cash withdrawal up to 500000 rubles per day possible at all ATMs without any fees. Up to 1000000 rubles per day are available for online transfer. Many travelers choose Aeroflot Bonus not only because of its main reason – the reputation of the bank that deserves to be called reliable and stable – but also because of the advantage of its use.

    Tinkoff S7 Air
  • Tinkoff Bank
  • Rating: 4.7

    Tinkoff S7 Air<li></div><p>nes Tinkoff Bank” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/24316666195691-9612.jpg” height=”311″ title=”Tinkoff S7 Air</p><li>Tinkoff Bank”><p>Fifth place is given to another profitable product of Tinkoff bank. It provides for accumulating points on S7 and oneworld domestic and international flights, which together make 14,000 flights a day to 1,000 destinations . The card holder also receives double bonuses on in-store purchases . Maximum possible credit – 700000 RUB. Privileged use – 55 days. Minimum requirements for the borrower. The card may be issued to citizens of the Russian Federation aged 18 to 75 years old without proof of income. it is delivered by a courier to the address specified free of charge.</p><p>The bonus system provides for receiving 12,000 miles for the purchases during the first 3 months for the amount of 250,000 rubles. The following are the standard accruals. Every 60 rubles. 3 miles for airline ticket. Other expenses online – 60 rubles/1.5 miles. You can get up to 18 miles at a time by making use of various promotional offers.</p><p>Annual fee for the main card – 1890 rubles., Extra – 540. Travellers appreciated the advantages of Tinkoff S7 Air</p><li>nes. It offers a large number of additional options. Insurance and VIP service at airports all over the world – free of charge.<h3>Travelpass Credit Europe Bank</h3><p>Rating: 4.7</p><div style=Travelpass Credit Europe Bank

    The credit card with an extended bonus program and additional options becomes the sixth. High credit limit. With a positive history, the borrower can get up to 3000000 rubles. A grace period of 55 days, during which you can make transactions without paying a fee. Points are credited in several categories.

    “Airlines”, “Entertainment”, “Restaurants”, “Gas stations”, “Hotels, Motels, Camping”, “Car rent”, “City and Suburban Transport” – for the expenses abroad will be returned 10% of the spent amount. In our country, 7% reimbursement for expenses in groups: “Airlines, airlines”, “Transportation, parking”, “Hotels, motels”, “Travel agencies”, 5% reimbursement for expenses in “Gas stations”, 1% reimbursement for “Rental vehicles” and other categories. The maximum number of bonuses accrued per month is 7000.

    The credit program includes the possibility of interest-free installments for 2 months to 1 year. It is available for purchases of goods and services in partner companies on the territory of Russia. The amount is redeemed monthly in equal installments. The card is valued by clients who actively travel in Russia and abroad. Among other advantages: the minimum age of the borrower is 18 years old, free withdrawal of cash abroad, and the opportunity to cancel the annual maintenance fee.

    Traveler’s card Eastern Bank

    Rating: 4.6

    Traveler's card Eastern Bank

    The seventh place is occupied by the card which allows to compensate in full with the accumulated miles for the purchase of railway and air tickets, car rent, hotel booking. It is available to borrowers aged 21 to 70. At least 3 months of work experience at the last place of employment. A limit of 55,000 to 400,000 roubles is available depending on the expert assessment of the client’s solvency. The interest-free period covers purchases of goods and services and lasts 56 days.

    Card issue – 1000 rubles. Annual service free of charge. Cash withdrawal is limited to 150000 rubles. per day and 1000000 rubles. per month. Bonuses are credited subject to the following conditions: 10% for spending at vostbank., 5% in categories “Hotel booking”, “Airlines”, “Car rent”, “Railway tickets”, 2% for other purchases.

    Among the pluses were highlighted withdrawal of cash abroad without commissions, cashback on purchases, the ability to use their own funds with interest accrued on the balance (up to 4% per annum), as well as the registration of additional cards of several payment systems for yourself and any other person over 14 years. Ready-made plastic media can be ordered at home. Courier delivers it within 24 hours. The service is free.

    Travel Rewards Raiffeisenbank

    Rating: 4.5

    Travel Rewards Raiffeisenbank

    On the eighth position is a card designed specifically for travel lovers. Maximum limit – 600 thousand rubles. It depends on the client’s solvency and credit history. Interest-free period lasts 52 days. Miles accrued are exchanged for bonus tickets. More than 380 airlines of the world participate in the program. Each mile corresponds to 30 rubles.

    Bonuses can be used to pay for car rental, shuttle booking, hotel and hotel reservations in 200000 hotels, insurance, railway tickets within Russia. The bank offered additional bonuses for its clients. 1000 miles are given as a gift on your birthday. And on making purchases in the amount of at least 25000 p. 500 miles credited. For each 61 rubles spent. 15 miles are available on the site. There you can also take part in promotions and get advantageous offers.

    The fee for issue and one year of service is 2990 rubles. Cash withdrawal limit: 60% of total loan amount per day and up to 100% per month. Customers point out that, despite the rather high rate, and it is 28% per annum, it pays off with points if you actively travel. Many people liked the fast issuance of the card, its quick replacement in case of loss abroad, and the extensive program

    avel Miles.

    CitiPremierMiles Citibank

    Rating: 4.4

    CitiPremierMiles Citibank

    Profitable offer from Citibank – in ninth place. Every RUB 30 spent is credited with 1 mile. Welcome points are awarded at check-in. Maximum amount limited to 600000 roubles. The interest rate is lowered and is equal to 13.9% provided that a good credit history and full set of documents is provided. The card may be issued to citizens of the Russian Federation from the age of 20.

    Miles can be easily redeemed on your account, or you can use them to pay for flights, book a hotel room, rent a car or buy a tourist trip. The validity of miles is not limited. It does not expire even if the holder has minimal financial activity. You may get up to a 20% discount on goods when you apply to a partner company. Loyalty program provides installment payments at a reduced interest rate.

    The card is issued free of charge. Annual maintenance costs 2,950 rubles. Free travel insurance is not provided in this tariff. But policies can be issued using miles. CitiPremierMiles holders are happy with extended bonus spending options, prompt response to application, unlimited mileage validity.

    “Promsvyazbank World Without Borders Card

    Rating: 4.3

    The bank product with special privileges package necessary for travelling abroad was included in Top-10 best credit cards for travelling. Its limit is 600000 rubles. Rate – 26.5%. Interest-free period of 55 days. It is valid for all transactions, including cash withdrawals. For the amount up to 100000 rubles. It is required to present RF passport only. Up to 3% is reimbursed for every 100 rubles. This covers the following categories: “Travel” and “Shopping Abroad. 1.5% is credited for all other expenses.

    The points you earn can help you pay for up to 100% of your air and railway tickets, hotel reservation and car rental. 1 mile equals 1 ruble. One of the main advantages of the tariff is that it is possible to make shopping and order trips in any company. The bank does not limit the borrower to one specific resource.

    Annual service cost is 1990 rubles. This price includes sms-notification, use of mobile bank, card replacement. The proposal of Promsvyazbank was appreciated by many customers. With the card you can actively shop in our country and abroad and get good financial support for booking cruises and journeys. Free of charge insurance for those leaving abroad. Miles are valid for 5 years.

    #MojnoVsyo Rosbank

    Rating: 4.2

    #Manything Rosbank

    Eleventh place is occupied by the credit card, in which a loyalty program is selected based on the borrower’s preferences. For active travelers suits

    Avel, which provides bonuses for every 100 rubles spent. The higher the amount per month, the more perks. So, if the expenses for the accounting period made to 40000 rbl., you will get 1 point back to your account for each 100 rubles spent., 40000-100000 – 2, 100000-300000 – 5. With these points you can pay for travel, hotel reservation, purchase of railroad and air tickets in part or in full.

    1 bonus equals 1 ruble. Monthly accrual of no more than 5000 points. The maximum loan amount – 1000000 rubles, the minimum – 15 thousand. The rate is 25,9%. The privilege period lasts 62 days. First month service is free of charge. No commission will be charged if the amount of purchases reaches 15000 rubles in the second month. Under other conditions it will be 79 p. The cardholder can use his/her own funds and perform any operations with them.

    Withdrawal of cash is limited to 500000 p per day. Bonuses are not burned out; they do not expire. #MojnoVsyoVsyo is a great option for everyday expenses and saving in local and foreign travels.

    Travel by Otkritie Bank

    Rating: 4.1

    Travel Bank Otkritie

    The proposal from the largest Russian bank completes our review. Cards are divided into categories: standard, gold and premium. The first two cards have a limit of 500,000 roubles; the third has a limit of 100,000 roubles. Interest rates: from 19.9; 18.9; 17.9%, respectively. Beneficial credit period is the same for all rates – 55 days. Accrual is made in rubles at once. 200 rubles as a gift on the first purchase. Then for every 100 p. 2 rubles are accrued. This is the benefit for Standard Package holders.

    300 welcome rubles will be credited to the gold card and 600 bonus rubles to the bonus card. For every 100 rubles spent. 3 and 4 rubles are returned to the account. Miles accrued can be used to pay for tickets to any airline or to book hotel rooms. The Owner may use up to 100% of bonus funds.

    Premium” tariff is distinguished by extended options. It includes concierge service, free transfer service, and special offers. Many have been able to appreciate the card’s capabilities in practice

    avel. Large limit is combined with an acceptable interest rate. The charge is transparent thanks to the original conversion of points into roubles.
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