12 best credit cards for cash withdrawal

Although recently many transactions are performed by cashless withdrawal, cash withdrawal is also in demand among the population. But the customer does not want to lose out on commission fees and chooses a bank where this service costs minimal. Our ranking shows the 12 best credit cards that are the most favorable for cash withdrawal.

Rating of best credit cards for cash withdrawal

Nominationplaceproduct namerating
Rating of the best credit cards for cash withdrawal1Simply Credit Card Citibank5.0
2100 days without interest Alfa-Bank4.9
3MTS Money Zero MTS Bank4.8
4Platinum Russian Standard4.7
5Halva Sovcombank4.6
6Raiffeisenbank Cash4.5
7Low interest VTB4.4
8OTP Bank understandable4.3
9Gold Sberbank4.2

Home Credit Bank

11Summer Tinkoff Bank4.0
12Just a card from Eastern Bank3.9

Just a credit card Citibank

Rating: 5.0


The first place is occupied by the card which can be received without visiting the bank office. The order for issue is sent through the Internet-application. The decision is made within 3-5 days. Opening is completely free, as is maintenance for the entire term of the contract. An indisputable argument in favor of choosing this card is to withdraw cash without restrictions at all ATMs in the country without any fees. Maximum limit after evaluation of client’s financial solvency is 300000 rubles.

Interest rate starts from 18.9. For Muscovites the plus will be the availability of transport application which will cost 65 rubles. per month. When making purchases and paying for services by cashless method, it is possible to accrue bonuses and receive discounts of up to 20%. When processing will require documentary proof of income, and this is one small minus, although the other conditions are quite loyal and take into account the benefits the customer.

Card delivery methods after issuance were highlighted as an advantage. It can be a hand-delivery by courier, receipt at the office of the financial organization or at the post office of the customer’s choice. It was also noted that regardless of the region you can get cash at any terminals.

100 days without interest Alfa-Bank

Rating: 4.9


The second line in the rating is a financial product of the largest and most reliable bank in the country, which offers a variety of conditions for customers who actively use credit cards. The tariffs are suitable for all categories of citizens. The most popular card – “100 days without interest”. It allows to withdraw cash up to 50000 rubles per month in own ATMs without fee. This offer is valid during the promotional period.

You will have to pay 500 rubles at third-party terminals if this amount is exceeded. + 5.9% of the withdrawn amount. Card credit limit is up to 300 thousand rubles. But everything depends on individual estimation of each borrower. If used in good faith, the bank can unilaterally increase the limit. Interest rate starts from 23.9%. You will have to pay RUB 1490 for one year. Decision to issue can be sent online. Decision is made within 1-5 days.

Customers noted that Internet banking, mobile application and sms-informing are free of charge. Also, depositing cash to the account is free of charge. All highlighted that both cashless transactions and withdrawals are very profitable, so many choose this financial institution and this credit card.

MTS Money Zero MTS Bank

Rating: 4.8


Bronze of the rating goes to the card that gives the opportunity to withdraw cash without any restrictions at any ATMs in the country and is issued by a major national communications operator. The maximum possible credit limit is up to 150,000 rubles. The interest rate on the loan is 10%. Online application is considered within 2-3 days. In reality, you can get a positive response in a few minutes. The client will pay 299 rubles for issuing the card.

You can receive the financial product in a bank branch or any MTS salon. Servicing is free of charge during the entire grace period. And it is 60 months. If there is a debt under the credit agreement the bank charges 30 rubles. per day. Any purchases and services can be paid without commission.

Users of the financial product especially emphasized contactless payment. The lack of bonus program was considered a minus, but according to other criteria the card was fully satisfactory to the holders. It is one of the best offers for withdrawal of any amount of cash. You do not need the certificate of income to apply for a loan, which is a definite advantage. Issue is very fast, though there is a fee. Over the years, the financial institution has confirmed its stability and reliability.

Russian Standard Platinum

Rating: 4.7


In the fourth place of the rating card, which gives the opportunity to withdraw a limited amount of cash, but in any ATMs in our country and abroad. The registration is fast enough, as well as the decision on granting. Maximum amount to be transferred to the card is 300000 rubles. The rate is set on the basis of the tariff – from 21,9%. Opening is free, receiving – by courier or in the branches of financial company.

There is a small maintenance fee of only 499 rubles. per year. The plus for customers who make a purchase through the card is the installment plan for up to 12 months. Contactless transactions are also possible. No certificate of income is required to open the loan and the limit is set based on the data from the online application.

Clients noted quite a long interest-free period for using the card and the availability of cashback up to 15%. Replenishment of current account by any method is not charged with a fee. Mobile and internet bank are very convenient for tracking and making transactions, connection is absolutely free. Platinum credit card is quite a popular product, which is recommended not only by ordinary users, but also by financial analysts.

Halva Sovcombank

Rating: 4.6


Popular among Russian holders of “Khalva” card deserves the fifth place in the rating. Sovcombank has created a product which is advantageous for any financial transaction. The limit is 350,000 rubles. set after individual assessment of the borrower. It is possible to receive the decision in 5 minutes after the online-application. Connection and service will not be a financial burden on the client, they are completely free.

The grace period is 3 years. With contactless purchase at the expense of own funds cashback is 12%, at the expense of the credit ones – 5%. Bonuses are granted only under certain conditions. A client must make at least 5 transactions of at least 10,000 rubles per month. The maximum number of points per billing period – 5000.

Holders noted that the bank provides an opportunity to save when actively shopping, as there are about 130,000 partner companies participating in the program today. Many people liked that the organisation was loyal to all categories of citizens, the card was issued very quickly and the more they bought, the more money they received back. The tariff is convenient for various types of payments. When it is necessary to withdraw cash, it will also be beneficial for the client.

Raiffeisenbank Cash

Rating: 4.5


The sixth position in the ranking is the advantageous product of Raiffeisenbank. Although the interest rate on the loan is quite high and amounts from 31% per annum, the cash withdrawal operation is beneficial to the borrower. Maximum limit given a positive credit history and solvency of the client is 600000 rubles. The rate starts at 29% per annum. The application is sent via the Internet. Card is issued in the office of the financial company or delivered by a courier service to the house.

Opening is free of charge. The bank charges a fee of 390 rubles for delivery to the address. For one year the borrower will pay RUB 890. It is possible to withdraw cash from own and third-party ATMs. Limit is set on the basis of the limit, but no more than 60% of the amount. This transaction is not subject to a commission fee. The possibility of contactless payment for purchases makes using the card more convenient.

Among the disadvantages, many highlighted the provision of information about income, but this document is not required of all borrowers. The advantages are the possibility of delivery without visiting the branch of the credit institution, fast issue, the possibility of withdrawing large sums of cash from any ATMs of the country without fees.

Low interest rate

Rating: 4.4


The card of a reliable Russian bank ranks seventh in the rating. Its tariff includes the possibility of paying for services and purchases cashless, as well as withdrawal of funds of no more than 100,000 rubles per day, 500,000 – per month. Maximum limit 350 000 rubles. Available with excellent credit history and proof of income and employment. The interest rate varies from 23.9% to 29.9%.

The application is submitted online. It takes 1 day to make a decision. The card can be obtained in the regional branch of the bank. It was necessary to pay up to 1980 rubles for the annual maintenance. Grace period lasts for 50 days. Cash can be withdrawn in any ATMs including those of third parties. Fee is 299 rubles. plus 4.9%. The exception is a set grace period, when the operation is not paid.

Users said that when choosing this card the stability and financial solvency of the bank were the main considerations. The proposed credit rate is also beneficial not only for regular customers, but also for the first time applying to the company. Drawing up is fast enough, the answer to the application does not make you wait long either. Average credit rate. The presence of a 50-day period is very advantageous.

Clear OTP Bank

Rating: 4.3


Convenient and beneficial card of OTP Bank – on the eighth line of the rating. To receive it very quickly in branches of the financial organization after sending the data through the online application. There are no commissions for opening and servicing the account. No document proving income is needed when making a decision. The size of the maximum limit – 300000 rubles.

The interest rate starts from 26.9%. When using the operation for cash withdrawal it increases significantly. Contactless payments are not provided. There is no cashback. Cash can be withdrawn from any ATMs. Limit set by the bank – up to 45000 rubles per day. Preferential period is up to 55 days and is valid for all performed operations.

Clients noted that the card is available for all categories of citizens. Requirements to borrowers are quite fair, the maximum amount can be obtained without problems, registration does not cause much trouble. The credit card allows to perform various operations, including cash withdrawals. It can be made in any ATMs throughout the country. And although it does not have any additional features, it is very profitable and quite justifies its name.

Gold Sberbank

Rating: 4.2


The ninth place of the rating is occupied by the card, which was chosen not only by existing customers of Sberbank, but also by citizens, who applied to this financial institution for the first time. It is issued promptly and free of charge. Maintenance for one year – 0 rubles. Credit limit is set in the range from 50000 to 600000 rubles. The rate starts from 25,9%. When withdrawing cash from own ATMs no commission fee is charged. In third-party terminals it will be 3-4%.

Money withdrawal is limited up to 100000 rubles. per day. Preferential terms are valid within 50 days and apply to any operation. The Spasiboost bonus program is considered one of the best among many other programs offered by banks. It foresees payments for services and purchases with points. A large number of partner companies allows you to use them in various situations with significant benefits.

Borrowers noted that the card combines all the conditions that are optimal for using the credit and carrying out any transactions. Reliability is one of the main arguments for choosing this financial product. Cash withdrawal is one of the most advantageous at Sberbank ATMs.

Home Credit Bank

Rating: 4.1


Platinum is among the ten best cards for cash withdrawal in our rating; it gives you an opportunity to make purchases by cashless and get the cash in hand at a very favourable rate. Credit line is up to 300000 rubles. Interest rate is 29.8. The application is sent through the Internet resource. The decision may be taken instantly or it may take up to 1-3 days.

Privileged period of use – 51 days. During this period, all transactions are not subject to fees. You can withdraw cash at all ATMs. There is a fee for this service. The account will be charged 4.9% of the amount, but no less than 399 rubles. Various bonus programs are offered to clients. Cashback reimburses up to 1.5% from performed purchases.

Borrowers noted that the card is cost-effective, and the rate plan is optimal, without high interest rates and fees. No large package of documents is required for registration, the decision and receipt does not take much time. The credit can be extended with a conscientious attitude to the contractual terms. Though the rate of cash withdrawal is rather high, you can save your funds in the grace period if you make this transaction.

Leto Tinkoff Bank

Rating: 4.0


Eleventh place in the ranking goes to the card of one of the best online banks in the country. The decision is made within several minutes. A courier delivers the card to the address and hands it to the client. You don’t need any income certificate when applying for withdrawal. Cash can be withdrawn without any limits and without any fees at all ATMs of the country. Credit limit is 300000 rubles. Interest rate for the use of funds – 29.9.

The tariff is very beneficial to those who actively buy cashless. Cashback is set in the range from 1 to 5%. One point corresponds to one ruble, which is returned to the account. Bonuses can always be exchanged for money in mobile app or online banking and make new purchases. Customers can replenish their checking account free of charge by any available means. Service cost per month is 99 rubles. Contactless payment is provided. There is a grace period for all transactions within 55 days.

All borrowers are satisfied with the card tariff plan. It provides optimal conditions for all operations, and the availability of a grace period allows you not to spend money on commissions.

Just a Vostochny Bank card

Rating: 3.9


We finish the rating with card, which has favorable tariff and convenient conditions for cash withdrawal. After submitting your request, you receive an answer within minutes. If you want, you can get an instant card or a name card. The issue is absolutely free. Servicing without any fees. It will be 30 rubles per day in case of debts and breach of contractual terms.

The limit is set based on the individual assessment of each borrower. The maximum amount credited to the card – 120 thousand rubles. The interest rate is very favorable – 10% per annum. Cash can be withdrawn from any ATMs with no limit on the amount or fee. After the purchases in online stores return a high percentage – up to 40, subject to the transactions through the services of the bank. Grace period is valid for 60 months.

The disadvantages are the bank’s requirement to provide proof of income for those under the age of 26. Pluses are free execution and maintenance, fast application review, interest-free shopping, great discounts, getting any amount in hand without restrictions and at any ATM throughout the country.

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