12 best Cafes and Restaurants in Adler

*Editor’s review of the best. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Adler is a popular resort destination. Every year thousands of people go there to enjoy the warm sea, the beach, the gentle sun, carefree relaxation and, of course, delicious cuisine.

The question of where to eat usually arises before the tourists who come to Sochi for the first time. In addition to inexpensive khachapuri, resort guests want to try more refined dishes by visiting the top eateries. The choice of both budget cafes and luxurious restaurants is huge here. There are a lot of family places where you can comfortably eat with children of all ages, as there are special menus and play areas.

The editorial staff of Expertology has prepared a gastronomic rating-review, for which we have selected the 12 best cafes and restaurants of Adler, which have received the highest ratings from visitors and critics alike.

Rating of the best cafes and restaurants in Adler

Ranking of the best Adler cafes and restaurants1La luna5.0
4Royal Fish4.7
8The Prince of Wales4.3
9“Khinkali Dancing”4.2

La luna

Restaurant rating: 5.0

This place has four rooms and an open veranda and is just a few steps away from the coast, so the view is great. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of the surf while sipping your favourite drink. In the evenings in the restaurant there comes the hottest time – a fiery live music plays to which people dance from the heart.

Inside, guests will find beautiful and elegant furniture and a cozy interior. The halls are decorated with natural stone, which is in harmony with the structures of light and dark wood, as well as with forged elements. This whole picture is softened by green plants. Light spills from illuminated columns and stylish chandeliers. There is a separate children’s area.

Menu offers Caucasian, European, Asian cuisine. Try the tender beef cheeks, smoked duck breast salad and beef bourguignon. For the first course have the soup “Boabes”. You should try dolma and pork sage. As for seafood, they especially like scallops, shrimps in orange-cognac sauce, mussels and Black Sea oysters. In addition to the white and red wines, there are many other alcoholic drinks – tart brandy, vodka, champagne, and more. As for non-alcoholic beverages, we recommend ordering some tea, because there is an extensive collection of teas.

  1. Average bill: 1500 r.
  2. Adler, Tavricheskaya, 1.
  3. Working hours: every day from 10:00 to 01:00.
  4. Phone: +7 (938) 441-57-57.
  5. Site: cafe-.


Restaurant rating: 4.9


The real Caucasian restaurant is notable for meticulous approach to details. All the dishes are cooked according to the canons: char-grilled vegetables, first-class meat, fried suluguni, traditional lobio, delicious satsivi and many other delicacies of Georgian cuisine.

The interior from the first minute plunges into comfort. You won’t see any lamb skins, but there are wooden log tables and a lot of decorative elements, like dishes from Georgia and panels with national motifs. You can enjoy your meal on the terrace overlooking the majestic Caucasus Mountains.

There’s a lot to savor here. The restaurant is one of the few places where you can try the duck, cooked in our smokehouse. We also recommend tasting the lamb chakapuli, khinkali and amazing khachapuri. All this goes well with Georgian wine. For those who want to taste something original, the menu offers a bijou burger from the chef. From non-alcoholic drinks we praise teas from the blends and herbs of Krasnaya Polyana, homemade lemonades, as well as chacha.

  1. Average bill: 2000 rubles.
  2. Adler, Gornaya Karusel, 4.
  3. Working hours: daily, from 11:00 to 00:00.
  4. Phone: +7 (862) 295-65-44.
  5. Website: gosti.today/gostidze.


Restaurant rating: 4.8


The chain of family-run pizzerias, founded in 2009, has long earned the love of citizens and tourists, so be sure to put this establishment on your list of visits. The place is ideal for families with children and for friends. Over 300,000 visitors come here every month. First of all people are attracted by delicious food and loyal pricing policy. By the way, the delivery works at home, so if you can not glance into the institution, order the dishes to a rented house or apartment.

The soulful restaurant has an entourage of an Italian cottage. Above every table there are fabric lampshades which bring a special comfort. As the pizzeria happens a lot of tourists with children, developed a special menu with unusual names of dishes like “soup from Mr. Pelmenius,” and equipped with a play area. On Sundays, animators make a real holiday for kids.

Menu offers European and Asian cuisine, but the main thing is pizza. For 700-800 rubles you can get just a huge, weighing more than a kilogram. The sets, such as Neapolitano with three pizzas, are also popular. By the way, the ingredients can be changed upon guests’ request. We also recommend trying the traditional pastas, soups, seafood dishes, strudel, and appetizing cheesecakes. Regular customers recommend pizza “four cheeses” and pasta with shrimps. Bar list includes different wines, tasty beer and other alcoholic drinks. Those who do not drink alcohol should take a tea, a latte or a perfectly prepared smoothie.

  1. Average bill: 2000 rubles.
  2. 28a Kirov street, Adler.
  3. Open: Fri.-Thu.From 10:00 to 00:00, Fri.Open: from 10:00 to 02:00; Sat: from 10:00 to 22:00; Sundays: from 10:00 to 22:00.-Sat.: from 10:00 to 00:00.
  4. Phone: +7 (800) 777-08-78.
  5. Website: pizza-sici
  6. .

Royal Fish

Rating of the restaurant: 4.7

Royal Fish.webp

The successful location of the restaurant has provided a lot of visitors, as it is located at the influx of Mzmyta into the sea. From the veranda there is a splendid view of the surf and flying planes landing at the nearby airport. There’s an open aquarium with live seafood right on the veranda. You can sit on comfortable sofas and armchairs.

At the head of the kitchen is a talented and experienced chef David Corso. The team of employees united by one goal – to create gastronomic masterpieces, to give joy and surprise the guests. Modern technologies and local products of high quality are used for author’s dishes.

From the name it is at once visible, what is the accent in the menu – on fish dishes, that is the Mediterranean cuisine. The fish is cooked in different ways: on stones, fried in oil, smoked, baked, boiled, made sushi. In addition, there are a lot of viands from other products. Be sure to order the appetizer of sun-dried tomatoes, capers, olives and artichokes. Try the Camembert, baked in cranberry and almond sauce, and the mushroom cappuccino soup. For dessert take strudel or cheesecake. Taste buds will be pleased with wines from Tuscany, France and the Old World.

  1. Average bill – 1500 rubles.
  2. Adler, Bestuzheva lane, 1/1.
  3. Opening Hours: Daily, from 11:00 to 01:00.
  4. Phone: +7 (928) 458-99-88.
  5. Website: royalfish-.


Rating of the restaurant: 4.6


This place is located on the territory of “Russian Seasons” hotel. Here tourists can appreciate the traditional Russian cuisine. The restaurant is named after the patron of the arts who discovered Russian culture to the world. The Dyagilev Russian Seasons once had a great success all over the world.

The atmosphere in this place is elegant: when you enter here you immediately plunge into luxury, but without a trace of pathos. The interior is made in classical style. Spacious hall can accommodate up to one hundred and eighty people at a time. Visitors are seated at tables with snow-white tablecloths on chairs with coffee-brown patterned upholstery. A glass dome lets you admire the blue sky by day and a scattering of stars in the evening.

Chef and staff cook using modern methods and techniques. The guests remain impressed by the appetizing and exquisite dishes. It’s as if Dyagilev’s deeds are still alive here – dexterous and nimble cooks creating in the open kitchen are akin to ballet masters, and the food served here is worthy of being sent to any prestigious exhibition. The breakfast buffet is an association of the wide Russian soul.

Menu offers traditional dishes – cabbage soup, borscht, cold cuts, pickles. For cold snacks we recommend you to try pickled nelma with greens, onions and toasted lemon, or venison pate with lingonberry sauce and homemade bread. Try, for the first course, Siberian borscht with bacon, red beans and sour cream or a rich soup with greens and potato flatbread. For the main course you should try the steak muscovy with tartar sauce and potato gratin.

  1. Average bill – 1500 rubles.
  2. Hotel “Russian Seasons”, 3, Triumfalniy lane, Adler.
  3. Work schedule: daily, from 07:00 to 23:00.
  4. Phone: +7(862) 243-34-00.
  5. Website: Russian Seasons Hotel.rf/restorani_i_bari/restoran-dyagilev.

“The Grapes”

Restaurant rating: 4.5


There is a festive atmosphere in the place that makes you come back here again and again during the whole vacation. The uniqueness of the restaurant is a combination of an impressive breadth with high-class service. Several zones are available at a time for the guests: a spacious hall, a bar, a big swimming pool and a comfortable beach.

The interior is designed in a Mediterranean style. Upholstered sofas and armchairs everywhere, where you can sit cozily. Original wood finishing immerses visitors into the atmosphere of coziness and bliss, allowing you to forget about the routine and all the problems that remain behind the doors of the restaurant.

At the head of the kitchen is Chef Andrey Popov, who is responsible for the high quality and excellent taste of dishes. The menu offers Georgian and Japanese cuisine. We recommend tasting one of the most delicious khinkali, khachapuri, and kebab in Adler. Order Black Sea mussels in dor-blue sauce, char-grilled flounder, specialty salad with Kamchatka crab and avocado. For dessert take an amazing strudel and a cup of fragrant tea. The bar list is rich of various wines from different corners of the world; there is also champagne, beer and other alcoholic drinks. The best way to refresh yourself in hot weather is to order a lemonade made right here.

  1. Average bill – 1000 rubles.
  2. Adler, Bestuzheva, 1/1.
  3. Opening hours: daily, from 10:00 till the last guest.
  4. Phone: +7 (862) 234-55-66.
  5. Website: vinograd-.


Restaurant rating: 4.4


Family two-storey restaurant combines gastronomic Odessa and Sochi traditions, intertwining sea and Caucasian cuisine. The uniqueness of the place – two different, but harmoniously combining views on the cuisine of the Black Sea. Tourists with children most often come here, so a large play area with lots of entertainment for kids of all ages is organized here. The facility regularly organizes children’s parties, animators and, of course, a special menu is available.

The interior is accomplished according to the concept – the sea of light, spaciousness, splashes of greenery. A lot of decorative ornaments in the form of things that seem to be brought from a cozy home where a friendly family lives. Panoramic windows look out onto the beautiful city parks. Little guests are invited to the second floor to the game zone where professional entertainers will entertain the kids while the adults enjoy the gastronomic masterpieces of local cooks. By the way, the children’s menu also has a large selection of appetizing dishes – turkey hedgehogs, burgers, macaroni and cheese, etc.

Victor Voronin, chef, offers to order khatsilim and tulips, stuffed fish, forshmak, chicken giblets in sour cream, mussels and rapanami with rice, luffar shkara, etc. d. We recommend tasting traditional khachapuri, khinkali, eggplant rolls, baked suluguni with pomegranate sauce.

  1. Average bill – 1000 rubles.
  2. Adler, Democratic House, 52, Plaza Home, 3rd floor.
  3. Opening hours: every day, from 10:00 to 00:00.
  4. Phone: +7 (938) 888-88-37.
  5. Website: mamino-adler..

The Prince of Wales

Rating of the restaurant: 4.3

The Prince of Wales2.webp

A truly English pub, opened in 2014, still delights the visitors with a special atmosphere of the foggy Albion establishments. Anyone who wants to try Scottish and British cuisine should come here.

The interior corresponds to the idea – to transport residents and guests of the resort thousands of kilometers away, in a distant and mysterious England. The items as well as all the furniture were brought directly from London, from Portobello Road. Each item has a story, which adds interest to them.

Pub kitchen is traditional island cuisine. The menu offers many classic and original dishes. Start with the appetizers, then order the creamy seafood chowder and shepherd’s pie for main course. According to guests, the burgers here are first class, so you should try them. Sochi specialties – fried mullet, sautéed mussels, dried trout – stand out of this ensemble. The bar list is typical for English pubs – a dozen kinds of draught ale, stout and porter, a big choice of single malt and blended whisky.

  1. The average bill is 1000 rubles.
  2. Adler, Imeretinskaya Depression, 1 Marine Boulevard.
  3. Hours of operation: daily, from 10:00 to 24:00.
  4. Phone: +7 (938) 455-00-58.
  5. Website: /theprince.

“Hinkali Dancing.”

Rating of the restaurant: 4.2

Khinkali Dancing.webp

Modern khinkalya in the city center successfully combines the best qualities of traditional Caucasian restaurants and nightclubs. Lovers of Georgian cuisine will definitely like it here. Hankali is handmade here following all rules: the circle symbolizes the sun, and twenty-eight folds radiating from it represent warming rays of the sun.

The upper hall is an open kitchen with a specialty shop, and the lower hall is a bar and club sound. In the evenings there are a lot of cheerful people dancing to inflammatory music in the place. The interior is decorated in the traditional style: a lot of geometric patterns, old vases are combined with avant-garde chandeliers, everywhere national Caucasian ornaments and paintings. Coziness is added by carpets, pictures, soft couches, pillows and juicy colors: green, gold, crimson.

We recommend tasting suluguni and striploin from chargrill, eggplant rolls with parmesan, khachapuri. Khinkali is made with a variety of fillings – duck, marbled beef, etc. d. Remarkably, you’re allowed to order them one at a time, which allows you to try all seven kinds in one sitting. For breakfast, we suggest taking one of the combo boxes: “Caucasian” – potato pickles with lard and toast with baked ham; “vegetarian” – beet pkhali, scramble with beans and carrot fresh; “ladies'” – confit, cottage cheese, fruit. At the bar you can enjoy Armenian blackberry wine and homemade unfiltered beer.

  1. Average bill – 700 p.
  2. Adler, Kirov, 44.
  3. Schedule: daily, from 12:00 to 23:00.
  4. Phone: +7 (928) 450-60-88.
  5. Website: hinka
  6. -tanceva
  7. .ru.


Rating of the restaurant: 4.1


Cozy cafe offers designer Black Sea cuisine. The colorful place is hard to pass by, it attracts attention with its original exterior. There is no need to resist, none of the guests are indifferent after visiting.

Everything inside is just as beautifully decorated. The windows offer views of the sea, sunsets and passing planes, which immediately puts you in the right mood. In the hall with a dome, designed for one hundred seats, an abundance of greenery, a real wood-burning fireplace. The interior is decorated in a maritime style: striped large sofas, soft armchairs, stylized cushions. Contact wooden bar with coral lighting serves as a bright detail. The guests are immediately attracted by the showcase and an aquarium with seafood and fish of fresh catches. You can also sit out on one of the verandahs: the one with a sea view holds seventy people and the one for families with children holds sixty. While the adults are talking the little ones can have fun in the play complex with cars, swings and trampoline, staying in front of their parents. On cool evenings all the visitors are offered soft warm plaids on the verandah.

For breakfast we recommend ordering milk porridge of excellent taste. Enjoy Caucasian or European fare for lunch and dinner: kebabs, khachapuri, warm salad, crab phalanx, salmon carpaccio, tartar, shish kebabs, cheesecake, ice cream or cheesecake for dessert. Have a mulled wine, champagne or beer, or coffee, aromatic fruit tea or lemonade as soft drinks.

  1. Average bill: 700 r.
  2. Adler, Parusnaya Street, 7.
  3. Working schedule: daily, from 09:00 to 00:00.
  4. Phone: +7(862) 260-82-36.
  5. Website: parus-.


Rating of the restaurant: 4.0


The establishment combines a café, dining room, and bar. Here you can taste homemade food at affordable prices. This place has a high rating because from the early morning it is full of guests. Breakfasts are served in a typical diner, with characteristic serving and self-service.

The room in the style of a traditional cafe is decorated laconically, without any frills. Wooden tables and dark chairs, simple partitions, planters with greenery, rounded metal lampshades of hanging lampshades – all this lets you concentrate on eating and talking. Of course, there are no luxurious furnishings, but the pricing policy is completely different from that of the resort’s luxurious restaurants.

We recommend you to try delicate trout, khinkali and mushrooms with cheese, as well as meat and vegetables, prepared on chargrill. You can order salmon steak, beef stroganoff, lamb chops, homemade potatoes, Olivier or Mimosa salad, and delicious borscht for the first course. You can try one of the soups, such as pea soup. Inexpensive draught ales are worth mentioning among the alcoholic beverages, and masala tea is worth mentioning among the non-alcoholic ones.

  1. Average bill – 500 p.
  2. Adler, Kramskogo, 20.
  3. Opening hours: daily, from 08:00 till 23:00.
  4. Phone: +7 (918) 401-21-80.
  5. Website: /vermishel
  6. .


Restaurant rating: 4.0


Despite the fact that the two-storey restaurant is located in a shopping center, there is a strong sense that Georgia is very close. This impression is created thanks to national Caucasian cuisine and picturesque interior. There are wicker chairs on the terrace with a stunning view of the southern mountains and the coast.

The main hall is zoned and each part has its own design, which still does not violate the overall style of the institution, which refers to the Caucasian traditions and the southern flavor. The walls are decorated with brightly-colored woven carpets, and on large wooden shelves there are lined up jars with pickles, preserves, and beautiful pottery. Real sabers hanging by their golden hilt as decorations in the VIP-zone. Live flowers and greenery add coziness and softness to the space.

The menu is full of Caucasian cuisine with its spices, memorable aromas and bright flavors. We advise you to try mchadi and veal ojaghuri, which are made like in Tbilisi, or dolma and kharcho like from Sukhumi, or chashushuli like from Batumi. You should certainly taste ajapsandal, pkhali from spinach with pomegranate seeds, khachapuri on sajar, Ossetian pies with nourishing meat stuffing. Order pike-perch or khash for the first course, and for the second course order trout from Adler, chicken in adjika, or Caucasian pork. As for the drinks you should order tarhun or tea with thyme, which you can taste there. The bar card offers homemade wine.

  1. The average check – 1000 p.
  2. Adler, Bestuzheva, 1/1.
  3. Hours of operation: daily, from 12:00 to 00:00.
  4. Phone: +7(988) 235-55-32.
  5. Site: /restoranbatono.
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