12 best antique cafes in Moscow

*Review of the best according to the editorial board. Selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not intended as a guide to purchase. Consultation with a specialist is required before purchase.

Antikafé is a free space for ideas. People come to these places to socialize, work, read, play, or create. There are also lectures, workshops, seminars, standups, and various cultural events at the best time clubs in Moscow. The peculiarity of anti-café is that visitors pay only for their pastime. Often there is a per-minute tariff, which varies from 1 to 3.5 rubles per minute.

There are more than 80 anticafes in Moscow. The list of the best places includes establishments with a pleasant atmosphere, a lot of positive feedback, where you can meet new friends or learn something new. Service, location of the club, cost of attendance, availability of features and additional services are not unimportant.

Rating of the best Moscow anticafes

NominationplaceAntikaféprice (min./person)rating
Rating of the best anti-cafes in Moscow1Local Time1.75€5.0
2Green Door3€4.9
3Good Republic2€4.8
4Apartment 72€4.7
6Wooden Door2€4.5
812 yards2€4.3
9Bizone Anticafe2€4.2
10Lucky Lori2.5€4.1

Local Time

Rating: 5.0

Local Time

The first position of the rating of the best anti-cafes in Moscow is given to a modern institution located in a park area in the center of the capital. The club differs from other free spaces by a huge choice of pastries and a beautiful summer patio with a canopy.

“Local Time” offers its customers more than 180 kinds of board games. Tournaments, creative evenings, master classes are held here. The cafe also hosts meetings of the What? Where? When?”. Everyone can play any musical instrument in the free club. In summer, visitors of the cafe are welcome to play table tennis on the veranda.

The rooms are equipped with interactive projection systems. The establishment has a small stage where you can organize an event, there are also printers and other necessary equipment for work. Local Time patrons pay nothing for drinks and candy, internet access, movies, books. And many of them donate magazines, games, hold free lectures, master classes, wash up after themselves or participate in subbotniks.

The minuses of the anti-café include small parking lot, the lack of cashless payment. Some say it’s very cold in the halls and they don’t give out plaids.

  1. The cost to visit “Local Time” is one of the lowest in Moscow. Price of 1 minute in the cafe on weekdays is 1.75 rubles, at weekends 2 rubles.
  2. Address: Moscow, Novolazanskaya ul., 29
  3. Phone: +7 (965) 276-67-66
  4. Opening Hours: from 12.00 to 23.00
  5. Website:

Green Door

Rating: 4.9

Green Door

The second place of the rating is taken not by the cafe, but rather by the hobby club “The Green Door”. The establishment is named after a story of the same name by the American writer O. Henry’s.

At the entrance visitors are welcomed by a comfortable area with ping-pong tables, hammocks, benches and coffee tables. There are 5 halls with capacity for 160 people in the anticafe.

Depending on the theme of the area there is a TV, projector, table or computer games, microphone, books, flipchart, tea or coffee with desserts. There is a small stage in the center of the anticafe where seminars, creative evenings, and stand-ups are held. Sometimes in the “Green doors” there are concerts of famous Moscow musical groups.

You can buy a board game or book you like. There is an opportunity to buy a cooked lunch, print or xerox documents. Administrators give out free chargers for laptops, phones, as well as badges or stationery.

  1. Price per minute in the first hour of the visit – 3 p., In the second – 2 p., and on the third – 1 rub.
  2. Address: Moscow, Milyutinskiy lane, 19/4, building 1
  3. Phone: +7 (495) 532-87-58
  4. Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday – 11.00-01.00, Friday-Saturday around the clock
  5. Website:

Good Republic

Rating: 4.8

Good Republic

On the third position of our rating is an anticafe with a symbolic name. The word “good” is a word that emphasizes love, peace and kindness in the club. And “republic” means that every guest of the cafe gets a passport or a visa as a proof that he agrees to follow traditions, culture and rules of independent space.

Capacity of one room – up to 60 people. There are a lot of board and computer games, as well as helmets virtual rea

  • ty. Thanks to projectors and theatrical lighting, the anti-café is well lit. There’s a huge choice of coffee and tea and always fresh fruits in the club. Among the disadvantages of the establishment visitors single out uncomfortable sofas and chairs, for which you have to pay extra money. Also there is only one bathroom in the cafe, so there are constant queues.

    “The Good Republic” made it into the top 3 rankings because of the fact that the cafe often hosts free events of various formats. Meetings with famous people, master classes, lectures. Often the club holds evenings of live jazz, children’s concerts, and business training sessions.

    1. The price for a visit to the “Good Republic” during the first 4 hours is 2 rubles./minute. Further the price is 1 rub. per minute. Anticafe offers 5 types of discount programs for regular customers.
    2. Address: Moscow, Myasnitskaya Street, 13, building 24
    3. Phone: +7 (495) 625-48-60
    4. Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday – 10.00-0.00, Friday-Saturday 11.00-5.00
    5. Website: goodrepub

    Apartment 7

    Rating: 4.7

    Apartment 7

    Fourth place is taken by the anti-café where there’s always an “apartment” atmosphere. Light rock music plays here, fruity aroma wafts. Anticafe has 5 halls equipped for hookah smoking. Among them there are 4 small thematic rooms.

    Free services to the anticafé – WI-FI, hot drinks, desserts. For a small fee you can try some delicious steam cocktails at the club. In a home-like setting, visitors play X-box or board games, watch movies, read books.

    Separate room is available for special events and parties. The fare for the first hour of visit is 2 rubles./min, next hours – 1 rub./min. Time club administrators allow visitors to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages.

    1. Address: Moscow, Ulitsa Svobody, 10, Belyaevskaya str. Bolshaya Ordynka, d. 68
    2. Phone: +7 985 264 88 99
    3. Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday – 13:00-15:00.00-00.00., Friday through Saturday – 1 p.m.00-06.00.
    4. Website:


    Rating: 4.6


    The fifth position of the rating is taken by the time-club with a stylish fatalistic interior “Re:forma”. Except its standard function – to provide free space where visitors pay only for the pastime – the anticafe offers absolutely new view on this type of establishments.

    The club’s special feature is the separation of the space. For example, in Lounge Zone the visitors relax on comfortable poufs and sofas. Just Dance is played on Thursdays and there are movie night screenings on Sundays.

    The working space is equipped for master classes, seminars, trainings, co-working. For comfortable watching videos or working with documents the anti-café has all the office packages: 2 large screens and monitors, a copier, stationery, a scanner, a printer. In “Re:form” love board games – on Tuesdays and Fridays they play “Mafia”, and on Wednesday – poker. On Saturdays the cafe holds musical evenings.

    “Re:form” offers its visitors to try delicious and high-quality coffee. There is a professional Bosch coffee machine in the place. You can make your own drink without the help of a barista, following the advice of an experienced coffee brewer. And to make coffee especially tasty the anticafe offers the largest choice of additives and spices in Moscow.

    1. The cost of spending time depends on the zone. The price ranges from 0.99 rubles./minute. up to 3.99. rubles./min.
    2. Address: Moscow, per. St. George, 1, pg. 3, 2nd floor
    3. Phone: +7 (495) 21 29 114
    4. Opening Hours: 24/7
    5. Site:

    Wooden Door

    Rating: 4.5

    Wooden Door

    The sixth position of our rating is occupied by Antikafe where people like to communicate in foreign languages. Every day in the time club there are events where you can improve your German, English or French speaking skills. Also here they teach you to dance or sing.

    The design of the institution reminds English pub. The cafe has 4 lounges, one of which is designed for smokers. There’s a piano and guitar in the corner of the main room. The anti-café offers its visitors free internet, a large selection of English-language books and games. The club also has a kicker and x-box 360. Antipub is located in the restaurant Stool. That’s why the institution treats its customers with excellent beer at a reasonable price.

    Visitors note that there are no waiters in the club, so you have to order hookah and food by yourself. But in the antipub you can enjoy delicious sandwiches, pizza, rolls, fries or salads. Another feature of “Wooden Door” is that sports classes are held here. For example free aerobics or yoga classes.

    At the “Wooden Door” there’s a ban on the age of +18. So those who look young need to bring their passports. The cost of visiting the club is standard: the first hour – 2 rubles./ 1 minute, second hour: 1 rub./minute. There is also a night tariff. The price for a time in the cafe from 4 to 6 a.m. is 400 rubles.

    1. Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Sukharevskaya pl., 16\18
    2. Phone: +7 (495) 748-93-38
    3. Opening hours: on weekdays from 12:00 pm.00 to 00.00, on weekends – around the clock.
    4. Website:


    Rating: 4.4


    “Dial” takes the seventh position in the rating, as it is the largest network of anticafes in the world. The institution, located in the center of Moscow, was created by the “ancestor” of free spaces by Ivan Mitin. The cafe is located in a former apartment, so there reigns a cozy home atmosphere.

    Many musical groups perform in “Ziferblat”. The club’s guests often play the piano. Here you can see the birth of a new musical band. Visitors actively read books, watch movies, draw, listen to various lectures. Feature of “Dial” – a unique retro coffee machine. Here everyone can make their own favorite drink.

    Anticafe is quiet during the day. Visitors often come here for breakfast or lunch for donations. And at midnight in the “Dial” are held games of Mafia. This place will suit for those who want to improve their knowledge of French or Spanish. In the evenings the time club often hosts watercolor painting classes.

    The first anti-café in Moscow offers its customers loyal rates. The cost of 1 minute in the institution is 2 rubles. Children under 5 years old are admitted free of charge to “Ziferblat”.

    1. Address: Moscow, Pokrovka, 12, from a courtyard, 2nd floor
    2. Phone: +7 (965) 447-62-99
    3. Opening hours: 12.00-1.00
    4. Site:

    12 yards

    Rating: 4.3

    12 yards

    On the eighth line of the rating is an anticafe located on the attic of an old mansion. It’s a spacious but quiet place with a beautiful interior. These are wrought iron staircases, lots of cozy sofas and armchairs, a beautiful view of MSU outside the window.

    There’s something going on at 12 Yards every day. For example on Mondays is the fruit day in the club, on Tuesdays visitors play DungeonsDragon, and on Wednesdays – Mafia. On Friday nights in the cafe at night, and on Sundays here are staged game theater. Besides, in the institution are regularly held master-classes, tournaments, lectures or quartinars. “12 Yards” offers free services to its clients. This is a large collection of board games, cookies, hot drinks, Sony Playstation 3, ping pong, microsoft Xbox 360.

    1. Price of one minute of stay in Anticafe is 2 rubles. Anticafe has a system of discounts. The time club is not allowed to the children.
    2. Address: Moscow, ul. Brothers Fonchenko, 10, building 1
    3. Phone: +7 (903) 759 79 69
    4. Open daily from 12.00 to 23.00.
    5. Website:

    Bizone Anticafe

    Rating: 4.2

    Bizone Anticafe

    Time Club is located near the metro station “Voykovskaya. This place is the ninth in the rating of the best Moscow anticafé and is divided into two large zones. And one of them is only for customers over 18.

    The Bizone has large windows. So visitors like to read, play or work while sitting on the windowsill. All seating is padded, and there’s an outlet near every pouffe or sofa.

    Bizone Anticafe offers its customers more than 70 kinds of board games. There is a large collection of comics – from DC Comics and Marve. There is also a cinema hall in the cafe, where night film screenings are often held. It’s a great place for Mafia fans. There is a separate room in the club with masks and other attributes. On Sundays, the cafe hosts “Game of Thrones” strategy games.

    In “Bison” there are a lot of designer hookahs and a huge selection of tobaccos. Professional hood and cork charge are always working in the hookah room. The anti-café also hosts regular meetings of the Chrums Language Club. For those wishing to learn English, there are videos, games and non-academic language instruction in Pre-intermediate or higher.

    Visitors of the institution can rent a VIP-lounge with online games and virtual reality glasses. From the disadvantages of Anticafe customers noted high passability, due to which the waiters and administrators do not have time to serve all visitors.

    1. The price for the first hour of visit – 100 rubles. Then the price for a minute is 2 rubles. Every 6 visits are free of charge.
    2. Address: Moscow, sh. Leningradskoe, d. 8/2, k. 1
    3. Phone: +7 (977) 713-78-48
    4. Working hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.00 to 23.00, Friday – 11. 00.-02.00, Saturday – 11.00 – 06.00.
    5. Website:

    Lucky Lori

    Rating: 4.1

    Lucky Lori

    The tenth position of the rating is occupied by the anticafe, decorated in rustic style. Lucky Laurie’s specialty – A large number of animals. Hole in Time Club with snails, parrots, lizards, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, or hamsters. Antikafé looks like a big lawn. The floor is covered with a green carpet, resembling grass, and the role of artificial plants are books, TVs and wooden furniture.

    There are several halls in the institution with the capacity of 140 people. Thanks to the five-meter ceiling and the balcony, the cafe feels spacious. In “Lucky Lori” there are areas for privacy (up to 2 people) and rooms for large companies. Each area is separated by curtains, which provides additional comfort.

    Lucky Lori” often hosts standups, art exhibitions. Paint, printers, paper, brushes and other supplies for creative activities are available for free. There is a piano and a guitar in the center of the lobby. In addition to books on the shelves you can find sheet music. Birthdays, New Year’s parties, and graduation parties are often celebrated in the antechamber. Approximate cost per minute of admission to the club is 2.5 rubles per person. After 11 pm administrators check passports. Visitors are not allowed to feed the animals, because they have a special diet.

    1. Address: Moscow, ul. 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Str. 12
    2. Phone: +7 (905) 538-60-77
    3. Opening hours: every day from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.00 to 06.00.
    4. Website:


    Rating: 4.0


    The eleventh place in our rating is given to the anticafe with the interesting name “Gnezdo”. Previously free space was an apartment, from which in 2012 made a non-residential fund for meetings of creative and enthusiastic people.

    The anti-café constantly hosts tournaments, lectures, creative master classes, celebrations. Visitors are treated to sweets and hot drinks for free. Sixty board games, books, photocopier, office supplies, laptop, projector, scanner, flipchart, and more are available. Visitors note that “Gnezdo” has the fastest Internet in the center of Moscow. But all the rooms are quite cramped, and in the evenings the cafe gathers noisy companies.

    1. The cost of being in the club varies from 0.99 to 2.99 rubles per minute. Each visitor is given homemade slippers by the administrators of the anti-café.
    2. Address: Moscow, per. Lyalin, 8, p. 2,
    3. Phone: +7 (495) 212-14-70
    4. Working time: 24 hours a day
    5. Site:


    Rating: 3.9


    The last line of our ranking closes with Time club “Sanctuary”. It has everything that is inherent in such places. It has a cozy interior, board games, and a private movie theater. Gamers come into the anticafe with pleasure for a couple of hours to play Dandy, GuitarHero or X-box.

    Seminars, concerts, master classes, or shows are held all the time at the Sanctuary. There are different musical instruments: pianos, guitars, electronic drum kit, synthesizer. The Anticafe provides its customers with a flipchart, a large library and an arcade, a copier, a projector, a printer. If you want, the customer can even lie down in a cafe on a soft couch.

    1. The price per minute of admission ranges from 0.99 kopecks to 2.99 rubles. Loyal customers receive a club card. Cute hostesses greet visitors at the entrance.
    2. Address: Moscow, per. Arkhangelsky, r. 7, pp. 1
    3. Phone: +7 (495) 215-57-14
    4. Working time: 24 hours a day
    5. Website:
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